oh god its good to see him again with friends

Something romantic

Request by Anon: Hello!Can you write an imagine about being Malia’s long time friend and she admits she has feelings?? Please and thank you :)


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“I dont know Y/N, I’ll never learn this.” Malia said with a sad look.

“Malia dont think like that okay? I thought you wanted to impress Stiles with Lacrosse, so I’ll teach you.” you said and smiled to her, while you gave her the Lacrosse stick.

“Who taught you Lacrosse? I mean your parents are dead and you dont have any family.” she asked you.

“My older Brothers Ethan and Aiden showed me when I was little.” you smiled. “And Malia I’ll teach you to be careful with your words too, I mean I know you but others dont, you could hurt them when you say something like this.” you laughed.

But Malia was right, you had no family anymore, since the Oni killed one of your Brothers and the other, Ethan, disappeared after his death.
He said he’ll come back to you, when he learned how to control himself now, where he had no anchor. It was hard for Ethan and you had understood..but you missed Ethan anyway. You missed both of your brothers, everyday but when you where with Malia, not every second.

“I’m sorry Y/N” Malia said and hugged you. 

Malia to feel was nice, you didnt hugged much or something lately, you werent like that, after Aidens death you changed. Malia was the one who was with you and protected you, of course Scott, Stiles and the others were also there for you but you had a deeper connection to Malia.

“It’s okay, now focus you wanted to learn this. I’m already in the team.” you laughed.

“I dont want to be in the team, I want to learn how to play this stupid game and not because of Stiles.. because all of you play it.” She said.

“Oh Honey, thats cute you know that, right?” you smiled at her.

“Shut up.” Malia laughed. “The Game against Brett Talbot is today, will Liam play or kill him?" 

"I hope he will just play Lacrosse, but its Liam who knows?” you laughed. “But I’ve to go now, he is waiting for me.. because I get a new shirt for this game today, yeeey.” you had to laugh again. “I’ll teach you tomorrow again, bye see you later.” you hugged her and went to Liams house.


“And?” Liam asked.

“I think I look very good.” you laughed sarcastic. (The shirt was too big but it was okay) 

“You always look god when you’re with me, I’m your hot best friend.” he laughed.

“Oh god.” you rolled your eyes and laughed with him.

“How is Malia doing with Lacrosse?”

“Bad.” you laughed again. “But I’ll not give up on her, she’ll be better than you, Dunbar.” you said serious but with a smile too.

“We’ll see.” he said with an ironic tone in his voice. “ Y/N you know that she has feelings for you, right?

"No and you only say it to get me smile.”

“No, no she told me at the party.. yesterday.” Liam smiled at you.

“Y/N, Liam, come down Kira is here.” Liam’s stepdad shouted.

“Liam dont do this with me and you’re going to a lot of partys, maybe you where drunk.” you laughed. “Come we’ve to go and kich some asses.”

“You know that we both cant get drunk, right?” he laughed while you both went downstairs.


Malia and Lydia were already sat next to the field and wait until the game started, Malia was looking for you.

“You should tell her you know? I missed my chance to tell her brother what I felt for him, when I wanted to tell him, It was too late.” Lydia said to Malia.

“What should I say to her? Hey Y/N I love you and I want to be with you but I know you’ve a thing for Liam so no offense.” She said annoyed to Lydia.

“Not like that, romantic.” She laughed. “There she is, Malia look!”

And Malia did looked at you. She was smiling and proud that you made it in to the team, after practicing so hard with Scott and Liam.


After winning the Game, she ran into your arms and hugged you.

“You made it Y/N!” she smiled while she hugged you.

“Actually we, because it’s a team but you know what? I MADE IT!.” you laughed. “Do you want to come with me to the "after we kicked their asses” party?“ you asked Malia.

"Of course, lets go.”


While Malia was dancing with Kira, you wanted something to drink.

“Shes looking at you, dont you see that?” Liam asked at you and robbed your drink. 

“What do you doing, that was mine.” you said. “And no, she’s not.”

“Go Y/N talk to her.” he smiled at you. “Or dont talk to her and kiss her.”

“Okay, fine.. but after that you have to bring me home, because then when I said that I love her and she dont love me back. I’ll be drunk, very drunk.”

“Okay, deal. But Y/N? Maybe you should turn around.” Liam smiled.

Malia was behind you and smiling at you too.

“Malia? I- I dont know what to say.” you said nervous and embarrassed.

“You already did.” Malia smiled and got closer to you. “I feel the same, I wanted to tell you a hundred times but I thought that you dont feel the same.” Malia smiled.

“Well, I think we both should have said something.” you laughed and the music in the background stopped.

“Ladies and Gentleman, a little bird LIAM told me that our good friends, Malia and Y/N finally found each other. Applaus!” Stiles shouted from a table where he stand and smiled at you both.

“Oh my god.” Malia and you said at the same time, totally shocked. 

“I’ll kill him.” Malia said to you while she was laughing. “I’ll kill you.” Malia shouted to Stiles with a smile.

“Maybe but first, kiss Y/N!” Stiles shouted again.

And she did. It was beautiful, she was your best friend and maybe now your girlfriend, everyone was happy for the two of you. Malia and you smiled after the kiss.. and the music turned back on, but this time.. they played a slow, romantic song.

“Wanna dance? Lydia said I should do or say something romantic, I think dancing too a song like this could be romantic.” Malia smiled at you.

“Yes, I would like to dance with you.” you smiled back at her and danced with her in the middle of the room, while your friends were looking happy to you.

“I told Y/N, Malia has a thing for her.” Liam said to Stiles and gave him a fistbomb.