oh god it looks so bad all big


Dating Sodapop Curtis would include…

- Hanging out with Steve and Soda at the DX

- Sitting on the counter while Soda works the register

- Watching Soda fix cars

- Having to deal with Steve and Soda constantly talking about cars

“But Steve did you see it? That thing was a beauty-”

“No that thing was a piece of junk. Did you miss the mustang we saw last week? That was a beauty.”

“You’re crazy. You know-”
“Would you both please take a break for three minutes and not talk about cars? I mean seriously, carry on some other, normal conversation, please.”



*sigh* “Oh whatever. You two are hopeless.”

- Hanging out at the Curtis’s house

- Soda taking you on little dates randomly

- Making Soda blush because it’s so easy

“You are so cute.”

“No I am not. I’m tuff-”

“You’re like a little puppy. You wanna be all big and bad but you just look so adorable! See, you’re blushing again! Aww you just look so cute!”

- Convincing Darry, Ponyboy and the gang that you aren’t like Sandy

- Dealing with Two-Bit’s jokes

“Hey, can you get me a soda while you’re in there?”

“God y/n, you really love soda don’t you.”

“I mean, yeah it’s alright.”

“How often do you drink soda?”

“Well, um, I mean I don’t really-”

“Shut up Two-Bit!”

“I’m just making conversation!”

“No you are trying to be vulgar so shut it!”

- Reassuring Soda that you don’t care if he’s a dropout

- Getting real nervous when the draft starts and Soda is eligible

- Saving up for years with Soda so that you two can afford a place together

- Coming home to Soda

- Seeing his bright smile every morning

“You have such a pretty smile.”

“You’ve got a pretty face.”

“You’ve got the brightest smile I have ever seen.”

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on.”

“Oh please.”

“The best view i could imagine waking up to.”

- Trying to win over Ponyboy, who is convinced no girl is good enough for Soda

- Getting angry when other girls flirt with Soda

- Him calling you his baby

- Soda singing to you when you’re sick because you made him one time and discovered he has a real pretty voice

- Sodapop loving to go down on you, just all the time. He doesn’t even ask you to return the favor

“What are you doing?”

“Good morning baby.”

“What are you- ohh, oh God Soda,”

“Just relax baby, let me get my breakfast.”

- Soda admitting through truth or dare that his favorite place in the world is in between your thighs

- Lots of morning sex because Sodapop never fails to wake up with morning wood

- Him being really demanding in bed, always insisting that you tell him exactly what you want him to do before he will start anything

“Come on Soda, please.”

“Nope, you gotta say it.”

“But you know what I need Soda, just, please, come on.”

“Not until you say it.”

- He is really passionate but he can also be very playful and lighthearted when it comes to sex

- He adores the way your legs feel around him, his waist and his neck

- Him absolutely loving blowjobs but never wanting to ask for fear of pressuring you

- You trying to get him to stop being so nice every once in awhile and really say what he wants

“Too nice?”

“Yes. I mean it’s great that you are so well mannered but, I just need for you to tell me what you want ya know. At least pretend like you want to be in this relationship.”

“What do you mean?  I want this y/n I do and you know that.”
“Then act like it. Just take something you want for a change and stop being such a pushover!”

“You want me to stop being a pushover? Take what I want?”


“I want you. I want you everyday for the rest of my life. I want to come home to you in my home. That is enough for me y/n. You are more than enough for what I want in my life.”

- Having little fights with Soda that always seem to end with long hugs with Soda whispering sweet nothings into your ear

- Fighting some of the girls who go too far

- Him never letting you alone with Dally

- Showering with Soda

- Patching Soda up after he gets in a fight with some socs who were trying to hit on you

- Trying to get Soda to stop from going to the rumbles

- Getting caught staring at Soda whenever he is changing

“What are you looking at huh?”

“Something very sexy.”

“What did you just say?”


“Did you just seriously say that? In front of everyone?”

“No. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

- Sometimes suggesting that Soda should go with pants for a while

- Soda asking you to start your life with him so that the two of you will never have to be separated.

I am so sorry.


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Psst consider Eposette with “you moved away when we were in elementary school and moved back when we’re in high school and dear lord have the years been kind to you” au

OMG!! (Thanks!!)
it’s so perfect too

just imagine Cosette (atm 7yo) living in the same building as the Thenardiers, getting to know little Eponine (also 7yo) and having a mild crush on her.

Eps on the other hand is MEAN like officially, terribly mean with Cosette and uses Cosette’s obvious soft spot for her to make her do things like put the stuff they used to play away, make her the victim in all the impersonating games etc.

NOW I don’t want Fantine dead do let’s just say that she’s in a bad place financially and Cosette moves to her uncle’s (Valjean) at some point, it’s a bad day for her because #moving trauma, but in a couple of months she’s actually enjoying her staying at JVJ’s 

fast forward 5/6 years, Cosette comes back at Fantine’s with Valjean and they are a big happy family 

and one day in high school she kind of bumps into this girl that’s so cool and perfectly soft punk and she’s heart-eyes all over her and OH MY GOD ARE YOU EPONINE THENARDIER?!

at that point Eponine just looks at her, short soft curls framing a face that’s so bright and beautiful that you could get a sunburn and her little pan heart just goes *puff*

Thank You (to Lokis like You)

A quick thing I need to say in regards to the MCU and its Loki.

Thank you.

To Taiki Waititi, of course, brilliant madman that he is. Ragnarok looks like it’s going to be a fun ride. In a more general sense I need to thank the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole for taking a pretty huge step forward for Marvel and its comics by shedding a bright new spotlight on these heroes and villains and their antics, drawing in fresh eyes and fans who might never have given the series a second thought otherwise. I was one of the latter.

I had only some hazy idea of who those spandex clad folks were from the X-Men films and the X-Men Evolution cartoon. (I was enamored with every version of Nightcrawler for a spell, got the action figure and everything.) But while I still kept Professor X’s gifted youngsters in a corner of my heart, I never really threw myself into any of the Marvel universes. They were just another cool thing to smile over, maybe record an episode, maybe pick up a back issue or two once in a while. No big deal.

Then the other kids started showing up. A number of Hulks and Spider-Men. Captain America and Bucky. Iron Man and Nick Fury. Thor and Loki.

I saw them all with my father, half from personal interest—Nolanverse Batman and some re-watchings of Blade had psyched me up for more superheroes—and half from just having something to share with Dad. It was fun.

But the one he liked the least was the one that held my attention the most, even months after it left the theater.


It wasn’t a masterpiece. It’d become obvious later in the franchise’s run that the MCU just didn’t see the need to put as much effort into it as they did with breadwinners like Stark and Rogers cavorting around with their human stories and conspiracies and intrigue. We all know that hours of additional footage were shaved off both Thor and Thor: the Dark World—supposedly for time reasons, though both films were rather stubby compared to their neighbors. As a result the movies offered to the public were missing key character moments only to be found when digging in the Blu-rays and the storylines seemed choppier for it.

Even so. I was interested.

Why? Because my oblivious ass had no idea these guys existed. Not as comic book characters, not as gods of Norse myth, nothing. This was all brand new territory, watered down as it was. I’d only had Greek myths in my head—because they are the Classic Mythology and therefore Most Important, say the public schools and community colleges—and these gods seemed more like deities I’d feel safer standing in a room with. For what little time and space they got, the Asgardians gave a glimpse of something unique. Yet even with this in mind, I might have set them on the same, ‘oh that’s nice,’ shelf as every other fandom if not for the dude with the horns.

Yes, Loki ‘Glassy-eyed, Shakespearian archetype, “TELL ME!!1!,” ‘Guys seriously we need to blur out the crotch give him a damn courtesy flap in the next costume,’ #DaddyIssues’ Odin/Laufeyson.

The character that Hiddleston put out there drew me most because, well, he was kind of a sore thumb. Here were all these big bombastic warrior gods and giants and comic book flotsam, there was him all dark and scheming, prepped and ready for a villainous cackling spell, and…

And he doesn’t cackle. Oh, he gets a proper ‘I’m so smart look at my plan coming to fruition fuck yeah’ smirk here and there, but there’s next to nothing of the original recipe asshole god I would come to know and hate-love in the comics. The Loki that Hiddleston put together in the MCU for that first film was interesting because he wasn’t just the clear cut, ‘Mwa ha ha,’ bad guy.

When he looks away as Odin lavishes praise on Thor in the coronation, when he shuts down as Heimdall cuts into him on the Bifrost, when he goes bug-eyed at the sight of his blue skin in the giant fight, when he tells the Warriors Three that he let it slip to a guard and thus to Odin where they were going so they wouldn’t be lost/killed, when he confronts Odin about his origins, when he murders Laufey in a display of fealty, when he goes into a psychological meltdown as Thor—Thor, who should be K.O.’d on Midgard after the Destroyer, after he froze Heimdall to keep him from mucking with the Bifrost, who should not be there, in his way, always in his way, suddenly lecturing him for trying to wipe out the frost giants after only three measly days on the mortal dirt ball when Thor himself went there to wage war and swing his hammer—when he cries out to Odin Allfather that he’d done all of it for him, for all of them, look, look where his loyalty lies, he is not a monster like them, not like the frost giants, he is of Asgard, he is an Odinson, Father, look Father, all of this was for you

“No, Loki.”

And then he goes quiet again. Perfectly quiet.

His grip loosens.

“Loki, no.”

He lets go.

Thor screams and Loki is quiet, quiet, dropping into the Void, expecting death—I think he expected it later when the Dark World came around too, but that’s another ramble—not caring either way.

Then he shows up in the after credits scene, clearly mangled and burnt by something, with the first hints of the warped bastard from the comics showing in the smile.

That was a hell of a thing to see in what was otherwise a very hasty B+ movie. I cared more about his story than any of the thunderbolts and lightning and pseudo-romance flying around. So I put the name Loki in Google.

And holy shit have I gone far since.

Here were the comics, a sprawling evolution for the Villain, the Child, the Magpie, and the Storyteller, the last’s tale still unfolding, marching out of the mold labeled God of Evil by pioneer writers (and by the first Christians to slap the mantle of the Devil on him).

Here were the mythos, a vision of laughter and guile, myriad shapes and ultimate despair, strange children and legendary world-ending wrath.

Here were all these people who knew of all these Lokis, all these stories, all the stories they made from those stories, these excellent fans and friends.

Since first seeing that live action Loki—a character very much pruned down from his roots, made subtler, sadder, more prone to use blades than magic—I have come to put the comics’ God of Stories and the Norsemen’s God of Mischief both on the shelf reserved for Favorite Troublemaking Fucker(s). But I would be doing a disservice to the character and the god if I did not give thanks to the version that first opened the door to the Trickster and everything they’ve gotten their sneaky fingers into.

So, thank you to the Loki of the MCU.

Thank you to Tom Hiddleston for making the character more than the sneering cookie cutter villain put down in the script. Thank you for coddling the sour green meanie as you have, for being as much a geek for him as your own fans, for making him too marketable to kill off for good, as has not been the case for so many other MCU baddies. Thank you for being the gateway jerk god to all the other iterations of the jerk god.

Thank you.

(Now if you could just talk to the directors about getting a wig that doesn’t look like it’s not been washed in three days…)

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okay but, you have a nsfw acc ((which i just scrolled through, oops too young for that haha)) but youre like this super cute n innocent artist and it even reflects on your drawings and like youre always happy and using emojis and i have to protect you from the big bad world BUT THEN AGAIN YOU MAKE NSFW BUT ITS LIKE: "oh hey guys look at this kinky smut i made :D" AND GOD UR SO CUTE!! MUST PROTECT U

Hahaha XD
But online I think I’m nicer and stuff because I can’t be as sarcastic as I really am IRL XP
I do try my best to be positive though! :3
and it honestly helps when all the messages I’ve been getting have been so lovely and kind ;w;
And fufufufufu
Honestly, even as far as smut goes I’m pretty vanilla, so, ahaha XD
But yeah, stuff and things ^w^

Daddy’s Home

Summary: Negan comes home to his dogs??? (Idk, I suck at summaries, haha.)
POV: Negan
Word Count: 1520
Warnings: Cursing, overload of cuteness
Authors note: Someone at @negans-network said “so uh, I can’t stop imagining Negan with a bunch of pittbulls/other dogs at his home base and just bubber-fluffing a big dog and laughing” and although it sucks,  I just had to write something.
Parts: 1/1 - Completed

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RFA reacting to mc who looks like a very handsome guy, but is biologically female?

Hello nonnie! I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean transgender..Just a female who looks like a handsome male *as you said*! But, just in case, if you did mean transgender, then please let me know and I’ll come and tweak these headcanons for you! 

Apologies for any typos or sentences that are a little jumbled! It’s very late here so my brain is feeling a little slow and sleepy! 


  • Yoosung makes it way more awkward than it needs to be
  • *Looks at the boobs* *looks at the face* *boobs* *face*
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing.”
  • what, nothing, I swear, it’s fine, NOTHING AWKWARD HERE
  • It really isn’t a big deal at all, but Yoosung is really surprised that a female could look that much like a male 
  • But it’s not a bad thing because his mind is just:
  • oh my god you look like some sort of gorgeous elven prince and oh my god are you real can you marry me???
  • He likes both females and males and so this is not at all a problem for him *He will of course use the pronouns that you want* *Also don’t take that to be canon information, it’s just my personal headcanon that Yoosung likes both males and females! I can elaborate in a separate post on my personal sexuality headcanons if someone would like!*
  • It’s not like “I don’t like guys so this is weird for me”
  • No this is very fine
  • This is extremely fine, he has the best of both worlds okay


  • “Wow, Jagiya~ You’re just like me!~” 
  • “Zen are you implying that you’re a girl”
  • “Huh? No! I’m saying that we’re both amazingly handsome~” (I can only think of @myetie ‘s Halloween comic strip where Zen’s in the mirror room like “These are some scary good looks” like I love Zen to death but o h m y g o d a c c u r a t e)
  • Zen describes you as having ‘actor-worthy looks’ for looking like a male but actually being a female. Not to mention, a very good looking male. 
  • You assume that’s a compliment because Zen always has good intentions???
  • If you don’t go by male pronouns though, Zen will probably get really pissed when paparazzi refers to you as one or talks about your masculine features like they’re a bad thing?
  • You try to calm him down like “Zen, you can’t really blame them for thinking-”
  • And you try, you really do but Zen is:
  • *It’s only because he loves you though, cut him some slack*


  • Jaehee can’t actually believe it, but even if you didn’t look like a male, she’s sure she still would have found you to surpass even Zen in looks.
  • And that’s a big thing for her because z e n is z e n
  • However, other than that, it..really isn’t too big of a deal for her..?
  • It doesn’t change the way she acts around you and you two kind of just go about your relationship normally?
  • She just really
  • Really
  • likes to sit quietly and admire you sometimes 
  • But that would happen even if you looked more like a female!
  • *I understand Jaehee’s is rather short for this one but I truly don’t think that this would be that big of a deal to her! Like Jumin, she just loves you for who you are and thinks your looks are wonderful in general, not because they resemble the opposite gender!*


  • “Wow..you’re very stunning”
  • He doesn’t even mention the fact that you have male facial characteristics
  • Because like..he doesn’t feel the need to? 
  • He just thinks you’re insanely beautiful and that he is one lucky man, good god
  • You bring it up to him and his response is:
  • “It doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I just think you’re gorgeous. Is that alright?” 
  • He usually corrects the media when they refer to you as a male though *If you don’t use male pronouns*
  • “Mr. Han!! What do you have to say about you and this man-”
  • “This man is actually my wife. No further comment.” 
  • He always asks if anyone gives you a hard time about it
  • “One of the security guards actually s-”
  • F i r e d


  • Okay but cosplay
  • He really thinks it’s cool that if you guys were to dress up as characters and you wanted to dress up as a male, you could pull it off really well??
  • He envies this because even though he can pull of a
  • VERY good female,
  • In his opinion, it doesn’t even come close to what you could do
  • He also finds entertainment out of the confusion that will be on some people’s faces when they’re not exactly sure about your gender?
  • They don’t ever come at you and say rude things, but Seven can just read their expressions 
  • And he can just tell that they’re trying to figure it out like a conspiracy theorist tries to figure out the history of the Illuminati 
  • Sometimes he’ll tell people that you’re a guy just to mess with them
  • “Oh no no, he’s a guy!”
  • *w i n k w i n k*
  • ‘…..what the hell was the wink for…?’ 
Things that please me in Ch. 846



But firstly, this: 

All of ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ happening. Because oh my god a female character that looks different and is merciless and bad ass. Yes please. I adore her character design. Everything about her. Yes. 

Next, this:

I remember being so afraid Big Mom, one of the four strongest pirates alive, would be reduced to fat/ugly jokes (because Oda). But here we are, several chapters after seeing her for the first time, and she’s still absolutely. fucking. terrifying. She’s only getting scarier and scarier. Nobody fucks with Big Mom. And I love it. She’s one of the best villains we’ve gotten and I NEVER would have expected it from Oda.  


Is this real life??? One of the three Sweet Commanders is a woman???? A huge woman??? With armor?? With a giant sword? With a bounty of 932,000,000??? 

I’m. so. happy. 

Thank you, Oda. Please give us more. Give us more diverse female body types and more important female characters. Give us more female characters that will kill someone slowly to torture them, that will squeeze the life out of someone, that will be as badass and disturbed as their male counterparts have always been. 

And don’t even get me started on the fact that I got to see Grandpa Bones again. 

I loved this chapter. 

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For the leaks is it just th small story board pic? Or was it the whiteboard doodles too? Cause those are on Insta too

lmao this is so so bad,,, i’m basically packing up because this isn’t looking good for things at all

honestly by the end of the week i’m expecting some big news on delays because with legal action involved season 3 could be pushed back months especially if they do end up going with another animation company which i really hope won’t be the case oh god

Riverdale: The Cast Speaks Out

Over the last decade or so, the previously clean-cut Archie Andrews has gone through quite a metamorphosis on the comic book page, as the writers have taken a decidedly more adult approach to storytelling. Some of it has gotten pretty out there, including a zombie apocalypse in Riverdale, Archie going up against the Predator and Punisher, and the character actually dying. In essence, this was no longer the guy he had been for decades.

Now the television series Riverdale promises to take things to the next level. Produced by Greg Berlanti, it reportedly has an almost Lynchian approach with its look at small town life. Premiering later this month, the series’ cast includes K.J. Apa as Archie, Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy (as in the band Josie and the Pussycats), and Beverly Hills 90210 alumni Luke Perrry as Archie’s father, Fred. Empire caught up with each of them to get a sense of the show and their characters.


How would you describe Jughead on this show?

Jughead is the narrator of this show. He is a strange, outsider type of character. Jughead’s always been anti-authority, always on the fringes of society. He’s definitely a non-conformist type. He’s also a budding writer and amateur sleuth. He’s trying to figure out what’s going on in Riverdale, especially with a recent murder, and he’s really kind of the boots on the ground, trying to figure it out.

You mentioned the murder, which is supposed to be kind of central to things. Does the pilot say how the character died?

I don’t want to spoil too much, but at the end there’s a gunshot wound, but there’s a fog around exactly what went down and what happened. That’s what Jughead is trying to figure out.

How did you become attached to this show?

I took a break from acting; I didn’t actually really anticipate coming back at all, but I really liked the project. When I was given the sides to read, there was basically three pages of just solid monologue. I thought, “This would be challenging.” And I really like Jughead as a character; I think he’s really cool, especially this version of him. This show is very film noir, which is something I’m not familiar with as an actor at all. At least acting in it I haven’t done it professionally, so I wanted to try that out. He’s a weird, creepy character, and that’s also fun.

I also come from a comic book background. I used to get really angry and incendiary when people would mess with the properties I loved a lot. One of the cool things about the Archie universe is there’s so many versions of it. Like there’s Afterlife With Archie, the Predator comes to Riverdale, the Punisher comes to Archie. There’s so many universes that it removes a lot of that incendiary dialogue that takes place with most comic properties, and I think the fans are primed for a cool, new take on a modern film noir teen drama like Archie. It’s going to be solid. I’m coming at it like a fan, to be quite honest.

What do you think is key to keeping Archie true enough to the comics that fans will be pleased?

I think the love triangle with Archie, Betty and Veronica is definitely one of the fundamental points. And the Easter Egg characters that are going to exist; they’re like a theater troupe. They’re just constantly being thrown into a bunch of different environments. You know, we have Moose, we have Midge, we have Dilton — we have all the side characters that you know and love. We have all the locations. So that’s fundamentally the same, but the tone is different, and the gravity of the drama in the town is different.

It’s got to help that the guy guiding this thing, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is also the person guiding the comics.

Exactly. It’s not like we got some schmoe off the street. We came and were, like, “Do you know about Archie? Can you write this?” This is the biggest fan of the comics, who’s also responsible for Afterlife. He’s the guy. To say this would not be an Archie property would be silly, because he’s the one in charge of all the Archie properties anyhow. It can’t be divorced.

You’re obviously a fan of the comics. Are you more Team Betty or Team Veronica?

I don’t think Jughead even thinks of that.

Forget Jughead, then. What do you look for?

Me, personally, I’m seeing Betty. Cole is definitely Team Betty; the girl next door. She, to me, has always been the one that sort of redefines the classic trope of feminism within western society. She’s like the mechanic and the tomboy. Personally, I like that side, but I don’t think that’s even a thought past cheeseburgers for Jughead.


What would you say makes your take on Archie distinctive?

One of the main things, and this goes for Archie and everyone else, is that we’re getting deeper into the lives of each of these characters. It’s the classic Archie characters, but we really go deeper into their lives and discover who they are as people. I think that makes it more appealing, more relatable.

How is it bringing this character to life given his long history in comic books?

It was tricky for me at the beginning, coming from New Zealand and playing such an iconic American character. The fans are so passionate and I was thinking, “Man, I hope I don’t get too much stick from these guys,” but the feedback has been really good, which I’m pleased by.

Were you aware of the comics before?

I wasn’t familiar with the comics before I actually started working on the project, but my dad was really familiar with it. So I gave him a call from L.A. and he filled me in. He read them when he was a kid, so that was good.

Was it tough to develop an American accent?

I don’t know. I just can kind of do it, I guess. I used to talk to myself as a kid; I was one of those weird little kids, but it was always in an American accent. Maybe that’s why?

What was it like the first time you saw yourself with Archie’s red hair?

It was, honestly, scary at the start, because they had to dye it once a week and I’m shooting for six months. They had to bleach it…I’m probably going to be bald by the end of the series.

These days, in America, the CW mostly does superhero shows. What’s it like being in this drama now?

It’s awesome. We’re getting so much feedback that’s positive. I think our show is so different compared to all the other CW shows. It’s really different to everything on TV at the moment. I’ve never seen anything like it. Everyone’s comparing it to Gossip Girl and Twin Peaks, but to be honest, I think we stand on our own, which is exciting. It’s a big risk for us as well to create this. When I first heard the idea, I wondered, can we do it? And if we’re going to do it, it’s going to have to be really good. I think we managed to kill it. In a good way.

In the show, Archie wants to be a musician. What kind of music?

After the summer, Archie discovers his passion for music, which kind of collides with his dad’s vision for him to play football. So that creates a bit of tension between me and Fred, who is played by Luke Perry. Archie creates his own band, which creates a bit of conflict between him and Josie and the Pussycats. His music is kind of John Mayerish; we actually recorded a song for the pilot.

Had you sung before?

I actually didn’t. I’m actually not confident to be singing, being completely honest, but I just had to do it. We went into the studio, smashed it out, and there was probably a bit of voice tweaking, which is alright. The song is inspired by an appropriate romance he has in the first episode.


So what are your feelings about these characters?

Lili Reinhart: I guess we’ll start off by saying that our Archie is a lot less misogynistic than the comics. There isn’t a constant rivalry between the two girls, especially over the guy. They have more to their lives than Archie.

Camila Mendes: That’s the thing, there’s more going on in their individual lives than just the obsession with Archie and who he’s interested in that week. Their friendship in the ‘40s is obviously going to be different from their friendship now. There’s more kindess between them, but that’s not to say that there isn’t going to be rivalry as well.

Reinhart: It’s been seventy-five years and things have changed. The world has evolved. We’re putting the more modern version of Archie and Betty and Veronica into this world.

Were you fans of the comics growing up?

Mendes: Not fans, no. I was familiar with it, but I have Brazilian parents and I don’t think it’s a big thing there.

Reinhart: I grew up one of three girls, and none of them were into comic books, so I wasn’t exposed to that world. I was Skyping with my friend when I got the audition and I was, like, “Oh, Archie Comics.” My friend was, like, “Oh my God, Archie! I love Archie. They’re making a TV show?” I was, like, “Yeah.”

Mendes: My agent at the time was, like, “Oh my God, I want you to play Veronica so bad.” She looked up all these pictures and sent them. There are so many people around us that do follow the comics that they were able to prep us for everything. My friend cried when I got the role. She was so obsessed. She’s, like, “My haircut is because of Veronica.”

Describe, if you can, the lives of these characters.

Mendes: Right now in Veronica’s life,she’s the new girl coming to Riverdale. Her dad just got arrested for fraud and embezzlement, and was involved in this huge scandal. It was kind of like Bernie Madoff. She’s dealing with the shame that that has brought to her family, the publicity because of it. She moves to Riverdale with her mother to start a new life. She’s really interested in trying to be a better person, taking it as an opportunity and running with it. Being positive about it. Then she starts to see that all of that shady stuff that was going on is still going on. With her, there’s going to be a lot of family problems.

Reinhart: Coming into the show, Betty and Archie are lifelong best friends. They both come back from the summer and Betty realizes, “Okay, I’m finally ready to tell Archie that I love him and I’ve always loved him.” But Archie doesn’t look at Betty that way. He doesn’t look at her as a woman yet. Betty is dealing with a lot of pressure from her mom, Alice. Betty has a sister, Polly, who is the troublemaker.

Mendes: The bad seed.

Reinhart: Betty’s mom is really trying to make Betty perfect. The perfect kid. Everything that Polly wasn’t, and so Betty has a lot of pressure on her shoulders. Betty is starting to crack, which is a good thing, because she needs to break down in order to get confience

Mendes: That’s part of their friendship, too. I’m trying to get her out of her shell. Seeing that Betty’s this talented, smart, beautiful woman, I’m, like, “Why aren’t you running things right now? Why aren’t you in charge? You should be strong, you should own up to it.

Reinhart: It’s shining a light on how much pressure women are under, and how we don’t have to conform to these things. We can be anything we want to be.


Let’s talk Fred!

He’s Archie’s dad, blue collar guy, owns his own construction company, loves Riverdale. No ambition of leaving Riverdale, just wants to stay there, because it’s always been his home. I think that’s neat, for me. I’ve always played characters who wanted to do something and were aspiring. This is a guy who’s absolutely happy where he’s at. Living his blue collar life, he wants to share it with his son and he runs into the naked ambition of a kid who wants to other stuff. And he can’t quite figure out why that is.

Apparently he wants to be a rockstar and you want him to play football?

It’s not that I want him to be a football player, but I think him playing football is his best shot at getting in college. With a college education I think he’d have more opportunities. He’s got stars in his eyes, like Jimi Hendrix. So the kid’s going to do something. It’s funny, I don’t exactly remember how it went down, because I had always told my parents I wanted to be an actor. “I’m going to Hollywood.” I don’t think they believed me. One day I just picked up and left and you realize your kid’s not playing. That this is what they want to do. As Archie’s dad weighs through this, I think it’s going to be interesting to see how that goes down.

Were you a fan of the comics?

I read the Archie comics. Was I, like, “Can’t wait to get my next Archie” kind of thing? Wasn’t quite that, but when I was a kid buying comic books, I’d buy three of them in a package and it would be Green Lantern or something on the front, Superman in the back and they’d slip an Archie in the middle. They’d always slip an Archie there, or sometimes even inside the book there would be a pull-out three-page Archie. You could not escape Archie. Don’t try! Resistance is futile.

Like everybody else, when I first heard that this was gong down, I was, like, “I don’t know. Really?” And I was told that I had to read the script, which was fair enough. You’ve always got to read them, so I kick it open and start reading it. By page five, I’m in. I’m just, like, “Wow, wow, wow.” It’s so good for me to truly be here, because I loved the script. Loved the writing. So it was easy for me to jump in. The best stuff happens when you take a chance. When you risk something and do the thing that they’re taking a chance on, on a network kind of level, they will be rewarded. You know, risk-reward.

The CW loves crossovers. Any buzz about you guys doing crossovers with any of their other shows?

Not so much that, which I’d be happy to do, but I know characters from the Archie universe will be coming to our show. Sabrina [the Teenage Witch] is coming at some point. Cheryl Blossom is already with us, so that’s fun.


How would you describe your character?

I play Josie McCoy and I’m the front woman of Josie and the Pussycats. My take on Josie is she’s kind of like a reincarnation of Josie and the Pussycats from the past, but dealing with the same kind of things that we deal with now in 2016, and how far we’ve come as women. We don’t have space and time to be ditsy; everything that I do and want is very purposeful. I’ll do whatever I need to do to get there. And I’m not going to let anybody get in my way, especially boys. That’s s not necessarily the same sentiment that my Pussycats share. We’ll discover why Josie is so driven, and why she feels like she needs to succeed, and can’t have a man specifically get in her way. When Archie comes into play, we’re going to bump heads, because I am Beyonce and Archie is Justin Timberlake.

He comes asking for my help and I’m, like, “Nah, dude.” He goes to create his own band and we’re going to have a battle of the bands. I’m going to have some crumbling in the empire, because Archie is really cute. My girls are going to see that. That’s going to be her strongest point and how she evolves as a character in season one.

Any concern that the die-hards are going to complain about the fact that she wasn’t a woman of color in the comics?

You know, for a hot second I did. For two minutes, right before the network test. And I understand that, because I’m a big nerd. I’m a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, so when they were trying to make a live-action movie, I was, like, “No!” So I understand that sentiment, but I think what’s really important is that I’m not trying to erase the original Josie. I grew up loving her. What’s really great about the Archie Comics as a whole is that everybody is relatable. I didn’t have to look like Jughead to have him be my favorite character. I didn’t have to look like Archie or Betty or Veronica to understand the situations that they were going through. I feel like if people can go into it with an open mind, or just be, like, “Oh, this is a girl that happened to be born with the name Josie and wanted to be a rock star, and came up with this band the Pussycats. Let’s see what she’s got.” I’m not trying to undo or erase anything that’s already happened.

Had you done any music before, or was this your first time?

It’s my first time recording original music. I mean, we didn’t write it, but it is original composed music. I did musicals. It’s funny, because I can hide behind a character and a voice, but when I have to bring myself and my own voice to it, it’s very nerve-wracking. It’s exciting, because it’s pushing me to really make Josie, this new Josie, stand out in a way. She’s going to be kind of rockish, she likes to get the party going. Whenever anybody wants to leave, I’m, like, ‘Psych, I’ve got another song!”

Most importantly, does she wear ears like she did in the comics?

Yes she does, and you’re not even ready for what the ears are. It’s going to be so specific and pointed. It’s great, because Toland Krieger, the director, and I came up with the notion ourselves. He asked me a question. I was, like, “Give me twenty-four hours and I’ll come back with something.” We did, and that’s going to be the through line of Josie and the Pussycats’ trademark. It’s so fly.

Ed Gross

2 Jan 2017 

I’m going to kiss you okay?

Aleks x Reader / Reader + Stefani friendship / 1,990 words / SFW

Y/N – Your name Y/GT – Your Gamer Tag or Online name 

You’re a new creature with a crush on Aleks but you don’t even think he likes you, at all. Your best friend Stef tries to help you get things going. 

This is the first thing I’ve ever put out there. It’s been over a year since i last wrote anything and would love feedback. If anyone can bring forth any mistakes i have made or give me any advice i would love to hear it. 

Also: If you make edits that i can use for my sidebar, icon, or banner, please send an ask linking me to your work. Credit can be given in my about page that should be up soon. Thank you!

Keep reading

  • If there was one thing Jason was grateful for his stint in Arkham for it was the ability to freak Tim the fuck out.
  • Tim: *sipping coffee during patrol*
  • So, what was it like? Arkham?
  • Jason: Oh not too bad. Like they had this rule right? After 9pm no caffeinated drinks were allowed. Good bye coffee, hello warm milk.
  • Tim: *eyes widening* No!
  • Jason: *sprawling back against the rooftop casually* Oh yeah. I ain't kidding ya kid. Arkham is big on the sleep hygiene thing. TV is off by 10 pm, in fact no technology is allowed at all until morning.
  • Tim: *looking pretty terrified* Oh my God Jay!!
  • Jason: What? Made no difference to me -oh!
  • *sly smirk before patting his brother's head*
  • Well you just carry on being a good boy and maybe B will let you keep that latte and your mobile.
  • Bruce: *over coms* Hood! Are you winding Red Robin up again?
  • Jason: ain't winding up if it's the truth!
#10 He Tells You to Kill Yourself (Part 1) *Trigger Warning*

omg i found a ton of old prefs i wrote a loooong time ago (hence why zayn is in here like it’s no biggie) so i thought i’d post some of em. enjoy! p.s i did not proofread these so i am sorry for any typos!

also, please do not read if you think it will trigger you. i have this post up because it has been greatly requested in the past, but i understand it is a hard subject. please, please, please refrain from reading if it will cause you any dark thoughts. i also know that none of the boys would ever say things like this in real life. xx

Harry: “Goddamn it, (Y/N),” he seethed. You knew he’d be mad, but you at least thought he would be more empathetic.
“Harry, I’m sorry, it just gets to me sometimes,” you whispered, looking down at your bloodied wrists.
“Fuck, (Y/N), you think I don’t know that? Do you think it’s not hard for me?” he said strongly, teeth clenched. You kept your head down with your eyes focused on your wrists. “Do you?” he said, louder this time, but you remained quiet. “Fucking answer me, (YN)!” he yelled.
You jumped, eyes wide, in fear of his angry demeanor. “I-I know it’s hard for you, Harry, but—”
“No, I don’t think you know. I get hate every fucking day, (Y/N)! It’s annoying as all hell, but fuck, I don’t slit my goddamn wrists! You think that’s going to make anything better? Hurting yourself? It’s not going to fucking do anything except leave ugly scars.”
Your stomach churned. You hated that he wasn’t comforting you when you needed it. He had always been so concerned about your well being in the past; why was he getting angry at you now? “Harry, I didn’t say it would make it better. It’s just a good distraction from everything else going on right now.”
“Oh, please, (Y/N),” he scoffed.
“What do you want me to do, Harry? I can’t come to my fucking boyfriend when he’s halfway around the world! Jesus, Harry, you’re never here! How am I supposed to go about this any other way when you’re never here?” you finally yelled, at your breaking point.
“Oh, no,” Harry chuckled darkly. “No way in hell are you putting this on me, (Y/N). It’s not my fault you cant hold your own for a few fucking weeks. It isn’t that hard! You’re not a child, (Y/N). You need to learn to not be so fucking clingy and dependent on me.”
Clingy? Harry, all I want is some comfort when I’m down. I’m not asking for much. Just some reassurance that everything is going to be okay in the end!”
“Well stop fucking whining to me.”
“What the hell do you think I should do, Harry?” you hissed.
He looked at you with dark eyes and balled fists. “Cut deeper.”
You gasped. You instantly felt your walls crumbled around you, your heart caving in on itself. You mustered up enough courage to hold in your tears. Though it was difficult, he would not see you cry. You turned away from him, to the front door. Not giving him another look at your face, you whispered, “Fine.” Then you slammed the door behind you.

Liam: “(Y/N)?” you heard him call.
“In the kitchen!” you replied giddily, pulling the lasagna out of the oven.
“What’s this?” he asked calmly, setting a magazine on the countertop.
You took a quick look and sighed. “Liam, it’s just paparazzi trying to make a quick buck. I didn’t even know that guy.”
“You’re holding his hand,” Liam said.
“I fell and he helped me up. It isn’t a big deal.” You rolled your eyes.
“You look pretty happy in the picture,” he continued.
“Um, because a stranger was being kind to me?” you said, beginning to get frustrated.
“When was this?” Liam asked, not leaving it alone.
“Liam, will you stop being so dramatic? Just leave it be; nothing happened.”
“I just don’t like when my girlfriend gives me a bad image, that’s all.”
You raised your brows, placing a hand on your hip. “A bad image? Oh my, God, Liam!”
“You look like a whore, (Y/N).”
Excuse me?” you shrieked.
“You heard me, (Y/N).”
“I cannot believe you!” you yelled, crossing the room and entering the living room. “You’re being such a dick!”
“At least I’m not a cheating skank!”
You gasped. “Get out!”
“No, it’s my house. Take your car, and leave!” he yelled. He grabbed onto your house and dragged you to the door, opening it with the other hand. “Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll come to your senses and drive off a damn bridge.” With that, he pushed you out the door, slamming it behind you, leaving you stranded, angry, and heartbroken.

Louis: “Louis,” you sobbed as he walked through the door.
“What’s wrong, love?” he asked, taking you into his tight embrace.
You pointed to your open laptop, and he immediately knew what had you so upset for the fourth time this week. He sighed, “Love, you have to stop reading that shit.”
“I c-can’t… it’s everywhere… I can’t help it,” you cried.
“Well, you can’t keep running to me.”
“What?” you asked, shocked. Taking a step back from him, you whimpered, “what does that mean?”
“It means… you need to start being an adult, (Y/N). You can’t keep crying to me, because I can’t make it better. No matter what I do, you’ll still get hate, and there’s nothing I can do. I’m sorry. You have to learn to deal with it.”
You were dumbfounded. “But… But they’re so cruel, Louis, I—”
He groaned. “I know, I know. They are. But you have to deal with it.”
“But Louis—”
“God, (Y/N), stop moaning! It’s so goddamn annoying! All you do is complain about how hard life is when your life is fine! Grown up and deal with it!” he growled.
Your eyes widened, then you furrowed your brows. “Louis, I try to deal with it, but it’s hard! I just want some comfort from my boyfriend! Is that too much to ask?”
“Yes! It is! I’m so fucking busy, (Y/N)! You know, if you can’t handle it, then maybe you should do us all a favor and just—” He stopped himself. Louis knew when he was mad he wasn’t able to shut his mouth, and he didn’t want it to cost him the girl he loved.
“Just what, Louis?” you said. He remained silent, which made you grow impatient. “Say it!” you yelled.
“Just kill yourself, fuck! Just fucking kill yourself!”
You took a step back, as if you’d been hit. You covered your mouth, in attempt to muffle the sobs shaking your body.
Louis heart dropped. He reached his hand out to you. “(Y/N)…”
You shook your head, racing out the door as quick as you could.

Niall:  You had one of his arms around your shoulders, while Liam was hoisting up his other. “Careful,” you said gently as Niall nearly tripped over his own feet.
You got him settled on the couch before heading to the kitchen to fetch him some water.
“Do you need any more help?” Liam called.
“No, I got it from here. Thank you.” You gave Liam a small smile, walking back into the living room and trying to hand Niall the glass. He wouldn’t take it, so you sighed and set it on the coffee table.
“Alright, just call if you need anything,” Liam said, giving you a sympathetic smile. With that, he left the flat, closing the door gently behind him.
“Alright, Niall, let’s talk,” you said, sitting beside him. He didn’t acknowledge you. You sighed. “Tell me why you were drinking.”
He shrugged his shoulders, not looking at you.
“Niall, we have to communicate.”
“Fuck, stop being so annoying,” he snapped.
“Niall, you have to talk to me or we won’t be able to work things out.” You tried to remain calm but your stomach was churning.
“Maybe it’s because seeing my girlfriend act like a whore makes me a little angry,” he seethed.
“What?” you gasped.
“You fucking heard me,” he quipped.
“Niall!” you scolded.
“God, (Y/N), leave me the fuck alone for once!” he yelled, his words slurred but his eyes piercing.
“Fine. I’m going to bed. You’re sleeping down here tonight. Tomorrow, we are talking about this.”
“God, you’re such a bitch! Just fucking off yourself, will you?”
You were speechless. Never in a million years had Niall talked to you that way. This was not your Niall. This was a stranger.
You ran upstairs to your bedroom and began packing your things.
Niall would not wake to see you in the morning.

Zayn: He was so angry. More angry than you’d ever seen him. It was scary.
“Zayn, calm down,” you tried, placing your hands on his arm in attempt to stop him from throwing another vase.
“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down, (Y/N),” he seethed, eyes dark and face red. He looked beyond frightening. He picked up another vase and threw it.
“Zayn, stop! You’re going to ruin our home!” you yelled, trying your best not to drop to the ground in fear, though your buckling knees proved that hard to do.
“This is your fault! You fucking kissed that bastard right in front of me!” he yelled, the veins in his neck prominent.
Your eyes welled with tears, running down your face before you could stop them. “I know. I know I did, but I was drunk and angry with you! I thought you were cheating on me!” you yelled, trying to defend yourself but not doing a great job.
“Well I fucking wasn’t! I’m not a cheater, (Y/N), unlike you!” He tugged at his hair, and it looked as if he was losing his mind. He nearly was.
You sobbed harder, “It was a mistake! A drunken mistake and I’m so sorry!”
“Sorry doesn’t fucking cut it, (Y/N)!” He turned and punched the drywall behind him, making you jump out of your skin. You knew he wouldn’t harm you, but deep down you began to question yourself.
“What do you want me to do, Zayn?” you cried.
“Fuck, I just wish you’d…you’d…” He was going crazy, unable to form coherent thoughts.
“What, Zayn?” you whispered.
“Kill yourself!” he yelled. “Fuck!” With that, he walked out of the house, slamming the door behind him.
You dropped to your knees, hugging your stomach. You lied down on the floor, surrounded by broken glass and crumbling drywall.


The Ab Doctor

Notes: This is my first smut ever with Namjoon as the Ab Doctor, enjoy ;) (sorry for any mistakes XD) Namjoon x you

You were scrolling through pictures on tumblr that were not suitable for looking at in the living room. There were many pictures of shirtless men with perfectly chiselled abs that you wish your were drinking water off of. You were able to avoid any unwanted stares on your phone from your family members who were in the same room as you. Or so you thought…

“Your name!” Yelled your mom. “What are you looking at?”
You quickly turn off the phone and turned to your mother, shocked.
“Young Lady! You should not be looking at photos like those. You are way too young for this stuff.”
“Mom, chill it’s just ab pictures.”
“I think you have a problem.”
“What? No!”
“That’s it we are going to the doctor tomorrow.”
“That’s final!”
You huff and walk out of the room and went into your bedroom. Your mom does’t understand. It’s so completely harmless and you only crave chocolate after seeing pictures like that because their chocolate-like abs look so tasty. You sigh and hit the pillow since it was late at night that this happened. You dreamt of shirtless men becoming more naked as you drifted off to sleep.

*The next morning*

You wake up from the sun hitting your face. It turns out that your mom opened the blinds for you and is ushering you of bed. It was time to go to the doctor! You really did’t want to go but your mom never listens to you. And she will not stop until she gets what you want. Luckily it was a Monday so you get a day off of school for going to some stupid doctor. So you dragged your ass out of bed and slid on a dress.
Your mom was waiting for you downstairs in the car. You get in and she lectured you the whole trip to the doctor’s office. You rolled your eyes more than once. Just day dreaming about beautifully chiselled kpop stars and imagining what you could be doing in the backseat if your mom was’t in the car with you. You tried to hide the thirst in your eyes but your mom saw.
“THAT’S IT. I knew it was a good idea to bring you here.”
You guys have finally arrived and your mom checked in for you. She was not leaving your side until you were fixed. You guys waited a while until the nurse said that they could meet the doctor. She lead you to a small doctor’s office in the back of the building where a desk (with a chair), a patient’s chair and an examination table. The walls were bare except with a few “Doctor’s are the best medicine” posters placed around the room. Your mom sat down in the chair and impatiently waited while you propped yourself up on the examination table/ It was comfortable since it was almost like a mattress.
It took a while for the doctor to show up. Your mom kept jigging her leg with impatience and you asked her to stop but she was too mad to listen to you. Man your were annoyed. If only some kpop prince would whizz you away right now and make you feel all better in all different kinds of ways.
The door opened in and in walked in the most beautiful doctor you have ever seen. His platinum blonde hair was combed back and his rectangle rims made his face look even sexier. Hi body was not bad looking form what you could tell from his jeans and plain white t-shirt with his doctor coat dropped over him. He turned to face you and your mom and smiled. Oh my god, his has the most amazing dimples ever.
“Hello I’m Dr. Namjoon, nice to meet you both,” He said with a nod. You could’t help but stare at his flawless face. And his lips were so big and kissable…
“So, what seems to be the problem here?” He asked.
“So,” your mom spoke up. “I think my daughter has a problem. She keeps looking up bad photos that are not suitable for a lady at her age and I need your help to help fix her addiction. It is not healthy! She could be helping me clean the dishes but instead she wastes all her time and even her study time on looking up naked men!”
“Mom!” You whined. Not in front of the doctor! You thought.
Namjoon held back a chuckle and thought that the mom is the one that need to be treated with a cold dose of reality. But instead he kept a straight face and told the mom that he would do anything to help fix the problem. He told her that the best way to solve this problem is if he and you were alone without any parental interference. And your mom obliged because he is after all a doctor and trusts him. Your mom left and it was just you two left. You decided to stop slumping and straightened your chest to appear more confident in front of him.
“So let’s pretend we are having a therapy session and chill here for an hour or so okay?”
“Wait,” You said. “You don’t think I have a problem?”
Namjoon let out this cute and adorable laugh that made you smile and want to laugh too.
“No!” He said. “Of course not. Your mom is the one that needs help. It’s perfectly normal to look a t stuff like that.”
“Oh okay,” you said. “So what do we do for an hour?”
“Well we can talk about stuff, like for example what your were looking at that freaked your mom out?”
You laugh. “Oh it was just a picture with this guy with the most amazing abs that I just wanted to gobble up.” Wow that was pretty honest you thought, then again my mom already embarrassed me enough so I can’t get any more embarrassed than that.
Namjoon let out a chuckle but then got a little serious. He realized that this girl seemed so innocent but the fact that she likes to see dirty things can’t help but turn him on a little. She’s a naughty little girl he thought. “Are you sure they were amazing abs?”
“Duhhh Yeah!” You replied.
“What if I could show you better ones?”
You were taken aback by his statement but you were so down to see some nice abs. “Oh really?” you said trying to be all flirty.
“Yes really, I’ll show them to you.” He said with a wink. He got up from his chair and looked at you with a sexy eye stare as he dropped his doctor’s coat on the chair. Now you could really see his biceps and they looked so fine and muscular that you wanted to grab on them and stroke them even. He kept looking at you with his lowered lids as he took his t-shirt off over his head and oh… my… lord… Those… abs… You had to hold yourself from lifting your hands and try to reach for them. He saw you twitch and decided to play with you. He casually picks his doctor’s robe back on and walked over you. You were mad that the coat was blocking your view but the teasing is making between your thighs a little moist. You try not to show that your are affected because you are a good girl. But Namjoon knows you are bad and wants to toy with you. He settles in front of you in front of the bed and finds a way to place himself between your legs that were dangling off the bed. Luckily the dress was still long enough to cover the most important part. You took a deep breath and started to pant a bit now that your legs are open and ready.
“Do you want to touch them?” He asked in a low voice. You gulped. You have to be strong.
Come on naughty girl thought Namjoon. I know you want me. He gave her an intense eye stare with his head titled back.
That was it for you. You reached up and sneaked your hands under the coat and touched his abs and lord you almost drooled. You rubbed both hands up and down the lines and traced the lines to the sides. You feel his sides downwards until you hit the upper corners of his V line and traced them down towards the center. He smirked, he has finally convinced you to be bad.
“You are not supposed to do that remember?” He said. “We are supposed to be curing you of your problem. You have failed your test.”
“Oh no, what do I do now?” You asked innocently. Damn thought Namjoon. She is such a tease, it’s not fair.
He leans in and comes close to kissing you but leaves you with a little brush of the lips. He decided that you are the one that needs to be punished now. “Get off the bed,” he whispers in your ear seductively. You obliged and got off the bed. He spins you around so that you are bent over the bed and your rear is propped up away from the bed. He started to place his hands on your thighs and stroked them up and down under the dress constantly creeping closer and closer towards your slit. Namjoon finally rested his finger ontop of your panties and felt that you were extremely wet. He hummed with pleasure, he’s got you where he wants you. He takes off your panties and lets them drop to the floor. You wanted him to touch you again. You want him to rub his hands there so badly. But no instead he lifts your dress’ bottom over onto your back, leaving your butt and vagina exposed for him to see. He grinned at the sight of your dripping wet pussy, he felt his cock twitch with excitement. He could’t wait until he could have you, but first he must punish you for your addiction.
“Did you like feeling my abs?” He asked.
“Yes,” you say.
His hand came hard on to your ass with a loud smack and made you gasp. It hurt but you kind of liked it. You were being spanked for being a bad girl. Namjoon liked your shocked face and asked again: “Do you like my abs?”
“Yes” you said waiting for another slap and when it came it felt so satisfying. He wasn’t too hard but firm enough to get his point across. “Are you going to keep challenging me?”
SMACK. Your ass was getting redder and redder by the minute. Your pussy was also getting wetter and wetter. Namjoon is really into this now and decided to up the game.
“Call me daddy”
You gasped but your pussy quivered and so you said “Daddy.”
SMACK. *Gasp* “Daddy” you said again.
SMACK. A little bit of pussy juice started to drip down your thigh. “Tell me your sorry,” he said.
“I’m sorry daddy.”
SMACK. “Damn right you are,” he said. Your clit was throbbing to be touched and played with. You moaned with desire.
SMACK. His hand lingered after the last smack. He rubbed your ass and trailed down to your slit and slid his finger through it. He hit your clit and you convulsed with his touch. He smirked as his cock was bulging to get out of his pants. He slid one of his fingers inside you and slid it in and out. “Hmmmm,” he said. “You are so tight.”
You noticed his bulge and decided to help out and reached for his belt as his inserted the second finger in you. You man in pleasure and unbuckled his belt and ripped the zipper open. Namjoon wasn’t wearing underwear, What a naughty doctor you thought. He stopped finger you was you pulled down his pants and got onto his knees to suck him off. His cock was long and rock hard and sprung out of his pants quite so. You lick up the shaft and teased him a little before you took the whole head in and swirled it around your mouth. Namjoon was impatient, he placed his hand on your head and started rocking his hips forward and started fucking your mouth. You bobbed your head up and down while you gave him eye contact that drove him insane. You had to push yourself off his cock to keep him from cumming. He gasped when you let go a whined for some more before he snapped back into character and pushed you over to the bed.
He leaned you against the bed, but no on the bed as he takes of your dress along with your bra and started toying with your nipples. He placed his mouth over one and played with it with his tongue as he pinched the other. He switched nipples and slightly nibbled on the other nipple. You gasped it felt so good but you wanted his cock inside you, now. He noticed your impatience and swung you around. He bent you over the bed like before and came behind you with his cock in the air, ready to insert itself in your dripping wet cunt. He smacked your ass cheek placed his cock in your slit, sliding it up and down teasing your clit before he finally inserted himself. You gasped as he inserted all of himself inside you, it felt so good. He though your tight pussy was so good too. He started thrusting slowly to tease you because you needed to be punished for being so impatient.
“Go faster please,” you pleaded. He ignored you and kept slowly thrusting inside you. He was having fun watching you squirm.
“What is the magic word?” He asked. It took you a while before you got what he was asking for.
“Daddy,” you sighed. He started going harder after he heard her say his name.
“What’s that? I did’t hear you?”
“Go faster please daddy!” He thrusted even faster but not fast enough.
“Please daddy! Fuck me harder!” You whined. He started thrusting at full force and you were in heaven. His hard cock felt so good in your wet cunt. He pounded you hard as you tried to hold onto the bed for some leverage. You eyes lolled to the back of your head as well as Namjoon’s.
“Please daddy, I want you to go deeper,” you said and he wanted the same. He propped your leg up on the bed for better access and that did the trick. You were moaning and whimpering from how good it felt as Namjoon was grunting with all his might to feel all of your pussy with his cock. He was going to come soon and you were on edge. Couple more thrusts and…
“Ah!!” You moaned loudly. “Ah, daddy!!” As you said as you were cumming. “Daddy….”
Namjoon grunted as we released his seed inside you. He moaned as he found his release. Both of you collapsed forward towards the bed and breathed heavily. He kept thrusts a little bit of whats left of his cum inside you. Then he came out with a squishy noise that made you both smile. That was some good fucking. You both smiled at each other but then there was a knock on the door. It was your mom.
“Is everything okay in there?” She yelled through the door.
Both of you panicked and started putting your clothes back on as both of you replied that you guys were fine.
“He was just curing me of my problem mom!”
Luckily they both had their clothes back on in time for her to open the door and walk in to see the progress.
“So, do you still like naked men?” She asked you.
“No,” you said innocently. “I don’t like them at all.” Namjoon’s lips twitched.
“I think I did my job for today,” said Namjoon. “But I’m going to have to give you a prescription.” He quickly turned around to his desk and scribbled some notes on his paper.
“Okay I’m glad it all worked out!” Your mother said.
“Here,” Namjoon said as he gave you the prescription paper with his number on it. “Take this whenever you feel like you may like half naked men with abs.”
“Okay,” you said.
“Thank you so much doctor!” Your mom said to him.
“No problem! They don’t call me the ab doctor for nothing!” He replied with a wink in your direction as both of you walked out.

Vernon as your boyfriend:
  •  When you first start dating you both probably won’t be into much skinship bc shy and like awkward and nervous 
  • As you guys get more comfortable in being in a relationship together he’s always looking for your hand to hold 
  • Whether you guys are just alone watching tv or the guys are all talking about work and he’ll grab your hand under the table 
  • Him being teased by the guys because he’s so in love with you
  • “Stop it you guys are so annoying" 
  •  Watching movies together and him laying his head in your lap with the bowl of popcorn on his chest completely zoned in to the movie 
  • You getting bored easily and full of popcorn so you decide to start braiding his hair 
  • When the movie is done he’ll see the mess you did and whine saying he thought you were gonna make him look sexy 
  • "You are sexy baby” you say trying to hold back a laugh bc he’s looking at you, pouting with a bunch of braids sticking out from his hair 
  • Taking pictures with him 
  • Your camera roll is 95% you and him and 5% pics of him sleeping on your shoulder 
  • Him being a blushing mess whenever you kiss his cheek 
  • Tickle fights 
  • Chasing each other around the house +pillow fights 
  • Playing video games together with you in between his legs 
  • Him pouting when he loses 
  • Kissing him to make him feel better and him being unable to stop himself from smiling so big 
  • “THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE YOU’RE SO CUTE” pointing at his blushing cheeks
  • “Oh my god leave me alone” him pushing you away
  • “Awwwwww you don’t like it when I tease u” “I just do it to see you blush baby" 
  • Even though he’s hella embarrassed whenever you tease him he LOWKEY loves it and wants u to continue 
  • You telling him bad puns before bed and him shushing you because he just can’t handle how bad they are 
  • "Pls stop”
  • “But-”
  • “Noooooo”
  • Laying down together in silence for a bit
  • “Rap for me" 
  • "Babeeeeeee stop” he’ll be all shy and embarrassed because he doesn’t usually rap for you when you’re by yourselves and even though you can’t see his face in the dark you know he’s blushing 
  • “Pls pls pls I’ll do anything" 
  • "Ugh fine”
  • After he raps for you, you’ll have the biggest smile on your face just looking at him and he’ll know it but he’ll be super embarrassed still
  • “Will u just go to sleep now”
  • “Okieeee”
  • 5 minutes of silence later you start imitating his rap 
  • “Oh my god don’t start”
  • Never getting any sleep bc you both are hella annoying constantly bringing something up 
  • “IT’S 4AM WHAT?”
  • “Quick go to bed fast" 
  • You both closing your eyes quickly cuddling up to each other trying to fall asleep as fast as u can because you know you’ll both get shit for staying up too late when he has a bunch of meetings starting at 6am
  • Waking up confused af as to when you both fell asleep 
  • Him waking up to see you only in his shirt and no shorts on and he’ll start blushing 
  • "I definitely don’t remember you changing” he’ll mumble while admiring your exposed legs 
  • “What? I got hot sometime when we were asleep" 
  • You getting up to go wash your face and him leaning up on his elbows biting his lip watching you walk to the bathroom
  • "Stop staring” you say without even turning around to look at him 
  • “I-I wasn’t I swear” him stuttering looking away pretending he was looking for a shirt to wear 
  • Brushing your teeth in the bathroom and him coming up behind you trying to fix his bed head in the mirror as you watch him unable to contain your giggles bc he can’t get it right 
  • After brushing your teeth you turn around and start fixing his hair perfecting it and he’ll just smile looking down at your concentrated look and he’ll put his hand on your hips and kiss you 
  • “Thank you babe”
Baked Alaska AUs

A bunch taken from my older posts

Neo is a college professor who treats her top student Yang like an idiot. Shocker it’s out of sexual tension and the two end up making out on her desk. Bonus Neo gives her back a paper the next day with “you tore my favorite blouse. C-” at the top.

Yang is a chef and someone sends back one of her hard worked on meals saying it was “burnt”. But???its clearly fine???? So naturally Yang storms back out ready to give them a piece of her mind, but oh no…its her exgirlfriend Neo.

Neo wakes up to find her neighbor Yang passed out on her couch after drunkenly mistaking Neo’s apartment as her own and breaking in the night before. Bonus Yang is naked and appears to have eaten all of the pop tarts in the kitchen.

Neo just wanted to end her shift in peace. But of fricken corse some dumb blonde has to come in. WHO COMES INTO A SEX SHOP AT 3 IN THE MORNING?!

Neo is startled to find that she is not the only one who is ridiculously jealous in her relationship. Not that it’s a bad thing per say but CHRIST YANG YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO PUNCH HIM. He was just being POLITE!!!!

Yang is a zoo keeper who trains all of the birds and puts on performances. One morning her best hawk drops a dead rat treat on a visitor and OH MY GOD SHES COMING THIS WAY NOW. Wait oh look shes pretty…BUT SHE LOOK SO MAD-

Angry Neo is a big no no for Yang. Her solution???? Tickle the anger out of her girlfriend. The hard kick to her chest is worth forgiveness! Bonus if Neo plays nurse and apologizes for hurting her after.

Yang is alone on New Years and gets stuck in her car during a snow storm. When out of no where a small angry woman runs into the passenger side and demands (cough begs) for Yang to let her wait out the storm. Forced small talk, two dorks gayly flirting, bonus they kiss at midnight.


I fell today. It was pretty bad. And unfortunately in front of my kid. He looked terrified so I started laughing and called for my husband while laughing. Hubs came in and realized I was laughing so he wasn’t scared. We played it down so we didn’t make a big deal at all. I just made it seem like I made a silly mistake and tripped. He bought it and was happy was ok.

But oh my God am I in pain now. And the truth is, I fell bcs my leg went numb.

Sorry if this isn’t your jam, I have to stop hiding though. So I’m just jumping in head first.

[PLP] All your perfect imperfections

Genre: pure fluff, drabble

Word count: a tiny bit over 1k (soz)

Warnings: some language, nothing too drastic. Also extra sugary fluff!

Doodler: @flippin-phantastic‘s beautiful art is HERE (go see it after u read omg it’s like a cartoon version of the fic I’m gonna cry)

Beta: @randomdraki (thank you so much for stepping in and saving the team and to all the others who tried to help, since our beta dropped out at the last minute)

Summary: Dan often can’t believe Phil is even real, with all the sunshine and happiness he seems to project. What happens when he decides to confront Phil about it? Will he realize that, despite the aggravation some of his endearing faults may bring, Dan actually wouldn’t have him any other way?

A/N: This is not a songfic, but the title is from John Legend’s song All of me. Excuse the very cheesy title (omg I’m the worst)… Uh, it doesn’t get much better during the fic, I’m afraid. Hope you like it <3 (can be read as platonic or romantic, depending on your own pov, have fun!)

Now posted on Ao3 as well

“How do you do it?” Dan blurted out as he stepped into the room, after contemplating Phil from the doorway.

“Do what?” He asked, confused.

This!” Dan gestured in his general direction, encompassing all of Phil’s body with the movement. He frowned, squinting at Dan and turning his head to the side in a silent question.

“I’m not sure I get what you mean…” Phil asked, prompting a sigh from Dan. He seemed to deflate before throwing himself on Phil’s lap, forcing the other to scramble to protect his laptop, once propped where Dan now laid his head.

“You’re like…” He paused, seemingly looking for words to explain it, as Phil patiently waited. “Perfect! Like, the fans keep saying you’re sunshine and I was like” He scoffed “Yeah, sure! But, like, they are totally right, Phil! I mean, you… EXUDE happiness”.

Exude?” Phil jokingly repeated, imitating Dan’s “articulate” accent.

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Morning Bigby. “Damn light’s out again…”

This was meant to be quick, it wasn’t! So tumblr I heard you like Bigby. I thoroughly enjoyed abusing the gradients and filters in PS to make it look decent~ I’m officially sinking into the Fables/The Wolf Among Us fandom. HALP. EDIT: Forgot a layer! Updated to a newer version~

anonymous asked:

Oh shit , bad is coming and is that a jungkook Harry potter au I see ;) God I am no ready at all ! I am not really a big fan of happy potter irl, but I just freaking love reading Harry potter au so much :D Btw take as long as you need with everything <3

I’m glad you look forward to it! :D <3 <3

Firsts For Everything - J-Hope

@seekinginlove asked:
Hey. I was wondering if you could make an imagine with the boys, were they tell you that they love you and they kiss you for the first time after you guys have been dating for a while. Would absolutely love that! Huge fan of your work btw :)

“Just do it”
“But why??”
“Because, he’ll love it”
You sighed as you took the clothes into the fitting room. You and your best friend were out shopping at the mall. Your main goal was just to buy some new shirts to replace the “half ripped ones” and the “too small ones” that were already in your closet. But, your friend being who they are, decided to sidetrack you from your goal, dragging you to try on all of these different styles of clothing that you didn’t even know existed.
You put on a silky blue and black dress. You had to admit, you liked this one quite a lot. It hugged your curves, and made your legs look really good as you stood in front of the mirror, admiring yourself.
“Let me see!” You friend shouted from outside, “I also got you something else to try on” You sigh again before opening up the door, “I want to go home though” You tell her. She says nothing, she just stares at you with her mouth hanging open. She walked up to you and placed a headband on you, “perfect” she mumbled to herself, “You look absolutely amazing. I think you should buy this one. It’s sure one to impress the guys”
“I have a boyfriend, remember?”
“yeah yeah, I know. Anyways, you’re buying that. And here, try this one on” She hands you something fuzzy, like pajamas. It feels like heaven to touch. You noticed it had a hood, and ears. It kind of looked like a panda, “What is this?” you ask, unfolding it
“It’s a onesie” She laughs
“Why would you give this to me?”
“because. One, they are comfortable as fuck, two, Hoseok really likes cute things right? I’m sure you’ll capture his heart with this one” She smiled as she pushed you back into your change room
“What? But-”
“Ah ah, try it on first, then you can complain afterwards” she closes the door on you. You roll your eyes as you unzip the front. It was too big. It engulfed your small size. You looked like you were swimming in it. You put on the hood. Besides it being too big, it didn’t look half bad. And your friend was right, it was really comfortable. You opened up the door and shyly stepped outside. This was embarrassing.
“oh my god. You look so cute! Like I just want to run up to you and give you a hug!” She squishes your face, “I Don’t care what you have to say. You’re getting this”
“Nope. Quickly, go change, then we can purchase all of these things, and you can go home to your boyfriend”
She quickly rushed you out of the store after buying a handful of clothes and you both walked back to her car. Your friend was practically jumping in her seat, “Are you okay?” You laugh, “You seem more excited about this than me”
“That’s because I am! I’ll drop you off at his house. You have to promise me you’ll wear this. If I died on the inside by cuteness, then I can’t even imagine what’ll happen to him”
“Okay okay, now you’re scaring me”
She dropped you off at Hoseok’s house. You said your goodbye’s and she departed. You carried your bags to the front door and rang on the doorbell. You didn’t mean to come home so late, you just got carried away, shopping. A warm smile greeted you as the door opened, “Hi Jagi!” he pulls you into a hug before noticing all of your bags, “What’s all this?” You quickly hide the bag from him, “It’s nothing!”
You were staying over that night. You stared at yourself in the bathroom as you looked at your panda onesie. You could’ve at least gotten a smaller size. Your face grew hot when you heard Hoseok tapping on the door, “You okay? You’ve been in there for a while.”
“What? Oh, uh… Yeah” You put on the hood and unlock the door. He stares at you with wide eyes, “Y-Y/n?”
The hood covered your face, so you had to look straight up in order to see him, “Yes?” You answer. His stomach flipped, you were so cute. He pulled you into a tight embrace, “You did this to kill me, didn’t you?”
“W-What? Of course not! I don’t want to kill you”
“But-But you’re so cute!!” He nuzzled his face into you, “I love you so much, it literally hurts. You’re too cute for me”
“wait, you love me?”
His eyes widen, “W-What? Well.. Uh.. Maybe… Yes” You just smiled. Maybe you did get something out of wearing that onesie, “I Love you too Hobi”

~Admin Luna