oh god it looks so bad all big

Things that please me in Ch. 846



But firstly, this: 

All of ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ happening. Because oh my god a female character that looks different and is merciless and bad ass. Yes please. I adore her character design. Everything about her. Yes. 

Next, this:

I remember being so afraid Big Mom, one of the four strongest pirates alive, would be reduced to fat/ugly jokes (because Oda). But here we are, several chapters after seeing her for the first time, and she’s still absolutely. fucking. terrifying. She’s only getting scarier and scarier. Nobody fucks with Big Mom. And I love it. She’s one of the best villains we’ve gotten and I NEVER would have expected it from Oda.  


Is this real life??? One of the three Sweet Commanders is a woman???? A huge woman??? With armor?? With a giant sword? With a bounty of 932,000,000??? 

I’m. so. happy. 

Thank you, Oda. Please give us more. Give us more diverse female body types and more important female characters. Give us more female characters that will kill someone slowly to torture them, that will squeeze the life out of someone, that will be as badass and disturbed as their male counterparts have always been. 

And don’t even get me started on the fact that I got to see Grandpa Bones again. 

I loved this chapter. 

  • If there was one thing Jason was grateful for his stint in Arkham for it was the ability to freak Tim the fuck out.
  • Tim: *sipping coffee during patrol*
  • So, what was it like? Arkham?
  • Jason: Oh not too bad. Like they had this rule right? After 9pm no caffeinated drinks were allowed. Good bye coffee, hello warm milk.
  • Tim: *eyes widening* No!
  • Jason: *sprawling back against the rooftop casually* Oh yeah. I ain't kidding ya kid. Arkham is big on the sleep hygiene thing. TV is off by 10 pm, in fact no technology is allowed at all until morning.
  • Tim: *looking pretty terrified* Oh my God Jay!!
  • Jason: What? Made no difference to me -oh!
  • *sly smirk before patting his brother's head*
  • Well you just carry on being a good boy and maybe B will let you keep that latte and your mobile.
  • Bruce: *over coms* Hood! Are you winding Red Robin up again?
  • Jason: ain't winding up if it's the truth!

anonymous asked:

so get this, my friend says that she thinks misha collins is ugly and that he only looks good on pics that are srsly photoshopped, and my heart is breaking do you feel my pain?!

OH GOD! I do feel your pain, lol! Then again, we can’t all be attracted to the same people… Imagine like millions of people all going after one single human being, that would be a very big problem. :p

But anyway, jokes aside; especially when it comes to pictures (talking about the ones without photo shop), we all have flattering and not-so flattering angles and facial expressions. Like, sometimes I see a picture of myself and I’m like ‘hey, not bad’, while other times I see a pic of me and I’ll be like ‘holy crap, I will put a paper bag over my head and hide in a cave forever’. 

Talking about Misha though, if you’re gonna look at gifs (purposely taking gifs as an example because outside of the lighting/color they rarely have specific features photo shopped or adjusted, unlike most pictures)

(Taking three different settings at random; An actual photoshoot where he’s supposed to look ‘pretty’, a random gif of him laughing at a con, a gif of him while he’s acting on a show.)

I think the guy is very attractive, obviously, but again, it will always be a matter of taste. On the other hand, even if he’s not your type, I’d have a hard time calling him ‘ugly’ by ‘regular’ beauty standards.