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Re-sound by Strelok Audio - Undyne The Undying
Huge thanks to the homie Strelok for resounding my Undyne Animation! If I remember correctly, we talked about this resounding back in November and AHH it's f...

We’re happy to finally share the re-sound of Undyne the Undying we hope you’ll like it ^3^
Thank you so much Strelok!!!

all right y’all are gonna have to suffer through me liveblogging my experience of this entire show

- i relate to mayor milford more than i have ever related to any character ever
- did robbie block the tube?? robbie is panicking while stebb tries to unblock the tube. did robbie run 9 out of town? THIS IS SUSPICIOUS AS FUCK
- he’s acting real distressed. listen, i’m in the middle of reading catch your breath; there are no breaks, in which 9 was fucking evil and robbie did his fucking darnedest to stop him, so THIS WHOLE SCENE IS MAKING ME NERVOUS (kids, don’t read a dark fanfic before watching the lighthearted children’s show it’s based on)
- sportacus signed his letter “10.” is sportacus a new name for him? when did he start going by this?
- he just……sent his letter off in a fucking bowling ball oh my GOD SPORTACUS COULD YOU BE ANY MORE EXTRA
me: *almost cries when sportacus lands on the ground* (i love him too much this is becoming a problem)
- stephanie: are you number 9?
sportacus: nope!
me: *banging hands on table* WHAT HAPPENED TO NUMBER 9
- trixie Just Wants To Watch The World Burn and i love her
- robbie: i’m the laziest person in lazytown
also robbie: *digs a 6 foot deep hole in 10 seconds*

For the best person in the world @rniq

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Heyo, I'm gonna be in Japan starting next month ^u^ How do you like it so far?

a few general impressions (though i’ve spent most of my time in/around the central Tokyo area, and i am a white, financially stable American here on a short-term tourism visa, so if one or more of these things do not apply to you your mileage may vary):

  • everything is pretty oh my god. everything. sketchy poorly-lit alleyways? pretty. suburban backstreets? pretty. everything except maybe train station bathrooms is just pretty somehow, either in that surreal, vaguely decrepit urban way or like a studio ghibli landscape. 
  • this is a country world-renowned for its cleanliness, and a culture in which finger-food makes up a large percentage of a person’s daily diet. yet many (most?) bathrooms do not have soap. なぜか
  • shopping is either amazingly simple or incredibly stressful, depending on how much you mind sales clerks breathing down your neck. no matter where you go or what you’re shopping for, every employee is furiously intent on helping you spend money. also, i still do not know how to respond to いっらしゃいませ. i just go with a nod and a smile but that doesn’t… seem… right……
  • if you look/act even remotely like a tourist, people will sort of treat you like a deaf-mute on the assumption that you don’t understand Japanese. and once they have this impression (i.e. if you fuck up your Japanese within the first 30 seconds of meeting them), it’s basically impossible to “prove” to them that you’re bilingual. i think this is generally well-intentioned and they’re just trying to be helpful, but being communicated to exclusively in hand gestures and prefab phrases gets infuriating after a while. most people know at least a tiny bit of English (as most Americans know at least a little Spanish), and most signs/menus/etc are also in English (though translations are often dubious at best).
  • on the bright side though you can get away with obscenely huge breaches of etiquette if you’re visibly foreign; people are generally pretty forgiving of gaijin, and failing that, a sincere すみません or 申し訳ありません has been enough to get me out of some Shit ™
  • even knowing a little Japanese is surprisingly helpful, so start cramming now
  • prepare to spend a stupid amount of money on soft drinks, unless you have good impulse control

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It was made today?? Oh god even more sketchy. I mean she seemed nice but the fact that she brought up New Man and Taylor to him?? Like dude if you really are a fan you wouldn't be bringing up exes or offensive jokes (I love ed but new man is like toxic masculinity in a nut shell)

yeah, you can hover over ‘joined in april 2017′ in the bio and it was made an hour before they posted the encounter story. make of that what you will!

sasuhina headcanon
Sasuke nearly could deal with Hinata when they were kids. So it was a tormentous to him when the clan Hyuuga were on their house. But when he saw her playing in the mud without any shoes he frown a bit because she was a heiress! A heiress wouldn’t do that! So he went straight with her trying to teach her some manners. But later he was playing with her with the flowers… He didn’t notice when she made him a flower crown. But he was fabolous and smelled so cool! He guessed if he looked cool.

And hey! He wasn’t wearing any shoes too!