oh god is this sketchy

Re-sound by Strelok Audio - Undyne The Undying
Huge thanks to the homie Strelok for resounding my Undyne Animation! If I remember correctly, we talked about this resounding back in November and AHH it's f...

We’re happy to finally share the re-sound of Undyne the Undying we hope you’ll like it ^3^
Thank you so much Strelok!!!

“Good job finding Mr Holmes, Watson.”

“Actually, he came looking for me.”

Bodyguard-but-not-Sherlock’s bodyguard John and clingy Sherlock is my new fav

For the best person in the world @rniq

oh my FUCKING GOD??? I just got an email from a sketchy company on my college email about how I can learn to call people out on their “Liberal privilege” ? and like 1) HOW THE FUCK DID THESE PEOPLE GET MY STUDENT EMAIL ACCOUNT? but 2) I was like “waht the hell??? "liberal privilege??? that’s??? not what I think it is, is it????” and I googled it and it’s EXACTLY WHAT IS SOUNDS LIKE, conservatives think that because colleges and academic areas are typically more liberal that conservatives are being OPPRESSED and that people who have liberal leaning politics are more “privileged” and there are entire fucking social media movement s saying that because conservative “activists” are sometimes asked to leave when they’re shouting homophobic/ racist/ ect slurs that they are BEING OPPRESSED and HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT WORLD IS THIS

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Green heart, blue raindrops lol

💚 Oh God, that’s all of my really sketchy ships - like the inexplicable ones where I have no idea what my brain is doing. Like the two brothers in The Invisible Man (2001). I don’t do incest ships? Apparently for them I do. 

💦 i mean, are there ships between consenting adults that are taboo? I am not saying I ship this, but when I first started watching Phineas and Ferb a friend of mine sent me Doof/Perry fanart I can never unsee and it coloured a lot of their later season interactions for me.

(Oh, also, aged up Phineas and Ferb for the green heart.)



sasuhina headcanon
Sasuke nearly could deal with Hinata when they were kids. So it was a tormentous to him when the clan Hyuuga were on their house. But when he saw her playing in the mud without any shoes he frown a bit because she was a heiress! A heiress wouldn’t do that! So he went straight with her trying to teach her some manners. But later he was playing with her with the flowers… He didn’t notice when she made him a flower crown. But he was fabolous and smelled so cool! He guessed if he looked cool.

And hey! He wasn’t wearing any shoes too!


Commission are open

(Prices listed are in USD)

Production Time

One-two weeks 


  1. I work in two different styles (lineless and lined) and you can pick whatever you want. However if you want an artwork with background it has to be in the lined style. The lineless style use too many layers and I get confused by it easily.
  2. Prices are still flexible depending on the complexity of the work (they can even be lowered depending on how complicated your request is).Leave a message in my inbox if interested or for slot inquiries and if I agree to do your commission, email me at yerawizardyanee@gmail.com (also the paypal email) and we can discuss this privately.
  3. This is simple coloring, this is detailed one. The base +$10 simple bg means elements like trees or buildings, and can include large props. This does not mean backgrounds like flat colors, shapes which you can request without paying for it.
  4. Once you get the high res image please just use it for personal use. Also, if you’re going to post it in your blog, credit is much appreciated. 
  5. I can reject requests that make me uncomfortable or ones which I know I’m not skilled enough to draw (cars, heavy machinery, etc.) so you won’t waste money.
  6. References!!! Are super important!!! If I’m drawing something that isn’t Sherlock, I’ll need all the references.
  7. This my art tag. If you see an artwork there that you like and whose style doesn’t fit in with what is posted above, message me so I can set a price for that.
  8. If you have any other questions just contact me through inbox 

“heh-heh. i thought this might get a rise outta ya, tori.”

I totally headcanon that Sans would use his powers for things like this. You cannot convince me otherwise.