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Okay, but how did Shiro and Keith start dating? And how did the camp find out? (Or did everyone just know because "Come on, it's obvious" and Lance's jaw is on the floor)

Voltron PJO AU: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Betting Pool Gods Version)

How Shiro and Keith Started Dating.

Ever since Shiro and Keith met, Keith had always been drawn towards the son of Zeus. He couldn’t really pinpoint what exactly it was, but he just knew he was comfortable when he was by Shiro’s side, he felt safe—despite the fact they battled way too many monsters than any other demigods should’ve before they get to camp, simply because they were apparently BOTH children of The Big Three. 

Being a child of Zeus and child of Hades made them more delicious (Keith cringed at the term but there was no other way to put it) also because they were very rare. The gods made a law that The Big Three: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, not to have anymore children with mortals because they tend to be really powerful and destructive, they have the ability to destroy the world and the gods would like to prevent that. All the World Wars were caused by children of The Big Three fighting. Keith would’ve found it amazing but he couldn’t imagine starting World War IV if he and Shiro would have an argument. 

Keith made his way to forest since Shiro told him to meet him there. He saw his best friend’s back sitting on a tree branch. Sensing his presence, Shiro turned around and waved at Keith. Keith smiled back. It must be Shiro’s friendly aura, his caring personality or the way he simply smiles softly at Keith. 

Shiro summoned the winds to lift Keith up to the tree so he could sit beside him. “Thanks,” Keith muttered as he sat properly, holding onto the branch. “So what’s up?”

“I got you a cake,” Shiro pulled out a slice of cake from his picnic basket and handed it to Keith. “Well, Hunk baked it cause you know how awful I am at things like this.”

It startled him, to be honest but he smiled and accepted it. “What’s the occasion? Not that eating cake on a normal day is bad.”

Shiro frowned. “You don’t remember.” A fact, not a question. Keith shook his head as he took a bite, seeing Shiro getting a slice of his own. “It’s your birthday, you silly goob.” 

Keith gaped. His birthday? “What? My birthday?”

“Yeah, Happy 18th Birthday, Keith!” Shiro chuckled and then softly stared at Keith who seemed to have a hard time processing it. He took the son of Hades’ hand and started caressing it softly, an obvious attempt to bring Keith back to the present. 

Keith’s heart was beating so fast and before he could stop himself, Keith grabbed Shiro’s shirt and pulled him close so he could give him a peck on the lips. It was really brief but Keith felt like he could’ve died, so when he realized what he did, he quickly detached himself and noticed that Shiro had his eyes wide open in surprise.

“What was that all about?” Shiro whispered, still not taking his eyes off Keith.

Oh gods. Keith felt terrible and absolutely awful. He let his feelings get the better of him and now… “I… I’ve always been meaning to tell you before my 18th birthday without realizing I was running out of time and oh gods. It’s fine if you don’t feel the same way, Shiro.” Keith forced a laugh. “Think of it as like, uh, my um… birthday gift? Selfish birthday wish gift.” Keith was blabbering, he knew that as he stared at his hands that were clenched on top of his thighs. His hands started to shake and then suddenly his plate started to slip and he couldn’t process what happened next but…

1. His plate fell. He went to grab it out of reflex.
2. He fell off the branch with no such grace.
3. Shiro panicked and summoned the winds.

And that was how Keith found himself holding his now empty plate, floating in front of Shiro who just gave him a very amused smile.

“It’s not funny,” Keith grumbled, fist still clenched. “Put me down.”

Shiro shook his head and cupped Keith’s face to return the favor: a soft peck on Keith’s lips. “Now we’re even.”

If his eyeballs could only pop out of his eye sockets, they probably would’ve done it now because what the hell just happened?

“Keith?” Shiro asked worriedly.

“D-do that again,” Keith squeaked.

Shiro laughed and Keith could’ve sworn he saw the clouds parting, giving ways to the rays of the sun to shine down on Shiro, providing him the golden halo that Keith knew was always there. He reached out for Shiro who gladly pulled him and Keith hugged him really tight. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he buried his face into Shiro’s neck. 

“What did you say?” Shiro asked.

“I said this is the best birthday ever,” Keith leaned away for a second to look at Shiro. “Also, you are allowed to hold my hand in public whenever we walk side by side.”

“Oh, thank the gods. Cause that’s what I’ve always been dreaming of if I ever got myself a boyfriend.” Shiro sarcastically said then he softened and kissed Keith on the cheek. “I’d love to hold your hand in public, Keith.”

That was how the camp found out because they went back to the dining pavilion, holding hands.

“Oh thank the gods it worked,” Hunk sighed in relief as he saw the new couple passing by. “I hope they enjoyed my cake.”

“WHAT?” Lance screamed. “Are you seeing this?!” he pointed at Shiro and Keith dramatically. “What the heck? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?? I?? WHAT?”

“C’mon it’s so obvious, Lance,” Pidge rolled his eyes.

“OBVIOUS? OBVIOUS???!” Lance raised an eyebrow. “I THINK NOT! Since when did Shiro go for guys? AND KEITH OF ALL PEOPLE???”

“Lance, close your mouth. Your jaw could reach the floor,” Shiro commented as they went past his table. 

There were a lot of groans and devastated cries because not only was the son of Zeus was no longer available, even the son of Hades! Even worse! They just started dating each other.

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I work at a McDonald's that's right next to a skate park and whenever skater kids come in they're super polite, well I was getting yelled at by some older guy and after he left a skater kid came over and comforted me and it was so sweet


I had a middle aged woman start screaming at me and ask to speak to my manager in the middle of a Hot Topic a few weeks ago because “you are not doing your job, you’re just sitting there texting, and you’re ignoring me even though I’ve asked you three times to help me get a shirt down”. … I don’t work at Hot Topic. Like lady. I’m ignoring you because I don’t work here, I’m not even aware you’re talking to me (because I DON’T WORK HERE), and you can demand to speak to my manager all you want, all they are going to do is tell you that I don’t freaking work here. So I go, “You want to speak to a manager? Go fucking find one and do it”. 

So this lady, she actually goes and finds the manager currently in the store, and tries to complain about me. And the manager is really confused as to who she even means, until she points at me, and the dude goes, “That person…?” and the lady keeps pointing anf insistig that I get written up, and the manager goes, “That person does not work here, ma’m. There is nothing I can do to make them help you. They are not an employee”. And this lady gets really pissed, and storms out. Like I can’t even believe it happened but at the same time I kind of do,, because every single time I go into a Hot Topic, I get asked if I work there, or people just assume I do and start tallking to me as if I do.

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How would Cobra and Laxus act around their crush? How would they confess? I just discovered this blog and oh my god my heart is dead bOI

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  • i can’t believe pining! cobra is canon, seriously he totally acts like he doesn’t really care about you, but trust me he does okay; he makes sure you’re 100% safe
  • he doesn’t really see you a lot, but when he does he spends a lot of time with you because he’d rather spend time with the person he cares most about aka you
  • super embarrassed when people ask about his crush or say how he’s making it really obvious oh my god, he gets super blushy and beats the person in the ground
  • okay so he doesn’t really know how to confess and he’s so sure that he doesn’t want to because what if you dont like him?????? then he’s screwed
  • but dont worry, he does and it’s totally a cliche scenario where he helps you on a job and saves your ass before confessing, dont point out how cliche it is though he gets really embarrassed by it

Laxus Dreyar:

  • surprisingly enough he’s actually more soft to his crush and less harsh meaning if you were to do something someone did ten seconds ago instead of yelling he’d just say your an idiot
  • he tries to be really quiet about it and make it like the crush doesn’t exist, but he’s really bad at that and a lot of people know because they just watch him act around you
  • natsu asked about his crush once and laxus beat his ass to the ground okay, laxus gets really embarrassed about it when people ask about it, he can’t help it!
  • has one or two ideas on how to confess, but always checks with the squad to make sure that they make sure it’s also a good idea, if they don’t. he scraps it
  • scraped all his confession ideas and took evergreen’s idea and made it really cute and romantic, but got really embarrassed when you laughed about it saying he didn’t need to put so much effort into it

Okay so my brother was playing overwatch one morning and he saw a lizard in the corner of the room. He grabbed a sword cane that he has, and beat the shit out of it with the cane part until the cane snapped in half.
He just stood there and watched it bleed out onto the carpet gasping for air. And I quote he said “I was so high i wanted to see its life force escape its mouth”
After school i came home and noticed his cane was snapped in half. I didnt pay any mind until later when he talked to my dad asking about the lizard. He left the lizard there on the floor but when we looked in the corner where it was there was no signs of a lizard period. No blood no nothing just the smashed cane. My dad and my stepmom stared at him while i was laughing till i cried because he was so obviously high when telling us this.
Long story short we think he was so high he imagined a lizard and smashed his cane against the ground till he broke it.



“So Bits, how does it feel to be tall for once?”
“Your chirps can’t reach me up here, Jack.”

There’s a Culinary Arts museum in Providence and you can’t convince me that these dorks would not have a date there


stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening

imagine if it’s actually “apple tree yard” that airs tonight and the producers and writers get all happy because of the great viewer ratings and then someone’s like
“…sorry but no one was actually excited for your show. it was just the whole sherlock fandom hoping for a 4th episode”

Man, I can’t believe Makishima’s dead #rip

I wonder if anyone has told Toudou yet

Me: I should tag this post with all my disorder tags think of all that attention

Also me: Yes but someone will read through all your tags and know what an attention seeker you are

Me: Jeez well when you put it that way…Damn, guess I’ve got to feel guilty now. I better go make a post about how ashamed I feel and tag it so everyone knows


“you’re going to love the school, piper!”
“yeah, but if you’re not in slytherin we’re gonna have to disown you.”
“…w-wait, what?”
“drew, no.”

this was originally gonna be part of a huge comic but i don’t have the time/patience to draw the sorting hat that many times :/ so here’s silena and drew, welcoming their lil’ sister piper to slytherin! 


he’s weak