oh god is this dumb


everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy
playlist full of songs that make you feel like you’re in a movie

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thought i was alone upstairs talkin to the dogs but my mom texted me to b quiet cuz my dads tryna sleep

which means they were both in their room in silence listenin to me tell our dog how these 2 other dogs are her crew now because they all look the same

and then laughing a lot and mocking her. “you idiots,” i said. “youre all short n tan w black markings and youre all stupid!” i chided, as it was true and dogs do not understand insults. “the 3 small idiots crew!” i called them

the real fool was me all along

November 11, 2016 - Happy Birthday, Wally!

In which Wally reacts to his 22nd birthday exactly the same way I did.

(Also my 22nd birthday was just 6 days ago… we’re so close in age! Just another reason to love him.)

And because I know people are gonna call me out for being unrealistic, here’s an actual picture of how his 22nd birthday goes down, you sadists:

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i need something on isak in a redbull hype 😂😂😂

dfghjk your wish is my command


The bed was empty.

Even cracked an eye open, wincing against the bright light and picking his head for just a couple of centimeters to conclude that-

Yeah, the bed was in fact, empty. Even dropped his head back down and closed his eyes again. He hadn’t been sleeping well (what with a hot boyfriend and new apartment and various facets of his life being spilled in weird ways and all) and he’d take any few moments of peace he could grasp.

Of course- that’s when the crashing sounds started. 

Son of a bitch.

Even jolted. Because the bed was empty and things were crashing and that was not a good combination.

Even groaned, “Isak?” 

A few seconds of blessed silence and, “Yeah? Hi baby! Did I wake you? I didn’t mean to, but the pots and pans were stacked on top of each other- why do you do that when we have an empty cabinet- and I was going to make breakfast because if I look at the fucking notes anymore I might actually combust.”

That might just be the most Even has ever heard out of Isak in a single breath.

And he’s not done. “I’m also boiling some water for tea because apparently just putting warm tap water isn’t enough. I just watched like 7 tutorials on it, so I think I have it down now. Suck it Sana.” And then lower; a whisper to himself, “That was fucking rude, Isak. Sorry Sana.”

Even heaved himself out of bed and pads to the kitchen, where Isak was not only showered and dressed (showered and dressed before 7am what the fuck), but he had this obnoxious grin on his face and the kitchen is in shambles.

Honestly it looked like the last time Even had a manic episode when his mom walked in on him icing seventeen homemade gingerbread houses. At 3am.

“Hi,” Even said suspiciously, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, “What’s going on? I thought we were going to get some sleep because you have your test this morning.”

“Ah,” Isak snorted, “Sleep is for the weak. I had like 3 red bulls instead.”

“You what?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Isak grabbed the carton of eggs from the refrigerator and started cracking, “I googled it- perfectly safe if I’m not an avid red bull drinker. Which I’m not.”

Isak stopped in the middle of cracking an egg, before throwing the whole thing, shell and all into the little bowl, “Actually, screw breakfast.”

He turned around and started for his sleep rumpled boyfriend. “There is something else we can be doing with all of this time.”

Even backed up, “Whoa whoa, Speed Racer. You have a test in a couple of hours and honestly, I’m worried that if we get you going you might have a heart attack.”

“A heart attack?” Isak let out a peel of laughter, but dutifully backed up and pulled out another two pans, “You’re being dramatic. But I can make pancakes instead. Sex or chocolate chip pancakes- either way I’m a winner.”

“Right,” Even dragged a hand through his hair, “Okay. This is what we are going to do. You,” he grabbed Isak’s shoulders and sat him down at the table, in front of his notebook, “are going to read all of your notes to me out loud. I am going to…” he eyed the destruction in the kitchen, “salvage something. And then I am going to throw out every single can of Red Bull I find.”

“Mmmhmm,” Isak mumbled, already engrossed in his notes and tapping his pencil against the table at a hundred miles per hour, “But I have to be honest, I think I’m reading colors now. This is a trip.”

consider this: the wano group gets split up. usopp tells zoro that he needs to continue south in order to meet up with everyone else. zoro “takes a wrong turn” on wano and ends up at the reverie. he barges through the doors and into the middle of the discussion and just stares at every royal face sitting in front of him. once he sees vivi and the other familiar faces, he gives them all a short nod. 

“what’re you guys doing in wano?”

when his question is returned with blank stares, his face completely darkens with realization. 


he backs out of the room with stelly yelling threats after him. 

bonus: he ends up punching stelly for no reason other than because he “looks like an irritating bastard”. then he leaves for real 

BTS Reaction - putting his phone inside your bra

The newest online game playable on the phone of your byfriend got on your nerves. He would ignore you all the time, but you had an idea he wouldn’t be able to resist.


Confusion traced his face as his phone was taken by you, stuffed inside your bra. Blinking he tried to sound angry with you, but as you pushed him down the bed, straddling his lap all of his anger was gone.

“If you’re a good boy you can fish for your phone, but god damn don’t ignore me because of that dumb online game!”


“Oh god, I could beat the maknae-”, his voice was stuck as you took his phone, stuffing it inside your bra. “Yah, y/n! Give it back, I was finally-”

Shaking your head you touched your covered breasts, his phone cold against your skin. Jin forgot what he wanted to say as he looked at you, the way you were holding your breasts a turn on for him.


Hoseok’s eyes followed your movement, his phone casually between you soft breasts. He wouldn’t fight for his phone, taking advantage of your needy state and pushing you down the couch, forgetting the stupid game.

“I better look for that phone, right?”, he would tease you which was the start of some dirty actions.


“Where is it?”, he was angry with you, annoyed that you had disturbed his winning game. You shook your head, signalling him down your body, a smug smirk on his face at that move. “You want me to punish you? Give it back”, his voice was laced with arousal as he grabbed you by your arm, pulling you close just to see his phone between your breasts.


Jimin was shy as you snatched his phone, pushing it down your lacy bra. He would try to sooth you, but after you told him that he was ignoring you for a long time now, he would pout, pulling you down on his lap to trace his fingertips along your cleavage. “I make it up to you, if you give my phone back..and maybe I can exchange it with something better?”


Tae ran after you, his online game on his phone of most importance by now why he was quite furious as you stuffed it in your bra. “Come here, y/n! Right now!” He had chased you around the house until he got hold of you, grabbing your breasts to squeeze them heavily. “Take it out, y/n”, Tae whispered, pulling your top over your head, but he had other plans than playing his game.


Jungkook was in trance as he was able to win over the other members in the newest online game on his phone, his attention constantly down his display, even though you were around as well. Mad at your boyfriend you took his phone, fanning it in front of his face before stuffing it inside your bra. “If you want it back you better work for it”, you teased, the boy eyeing you, his expression changing from annoyance to lust.


also this part cracked me up

to be fair it apparently cracked Uraraka up too

Midoriya’s just like “HAVE YOU EVEN FUCKING MET HIM ”

but then he at least managed to turn it into an inspirational speech about how ~no one’s holding back this is about our dreams gender does not matter~


watching Legend of the Gobblewonker the first time: ah, hah ha, this moral about spending time with your older relatives is delivered in an amusingly over the top and contrived manner as befits the tone of this series but I guess it’s nice that they all had a day out together in the end.

watching it again after seeing the whole series: oh my god poor Stan he just wants to spend time with his family and he’s been rejected so much throughout his life and now this and that must have brought up a lot of painful memories thank god they did actually spend time together in the end oh and his boat is named the Stan o’ War so that makes it even worse

watching it the third time: wait wait WAIT A MINUTE they didn’t just abandon him they abandoned him to go chase an anomaly Stan just wanted to go sailing with his family and they didn’t see that as important compared to tracking down monsters THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT FORD DID “you care more about your dumb mysteries than your family” OH MY GOD STAN I’M SO SORRY

Dating Peter Parker would include

A/N: some cute follower requested this!! It made me so happy adsljskdj :) hope it’s good enough!! This ended up being pretty long, but I have so many more things that I wanted to add in here :( So probs at some point I’ll make a part two, if you guys want it :)

Dating Peter Parker would include:

Him being extremely awkward around you before you two started dating

  • Like you’d see him walking across the hallway 
  • And you’d give him a sweet smile and say hi to him
  • And he’d just stop walking, completely shocked
  • Because you were talking to him
  • And he’d try to act like he didn’t have a huge crush on you
  • Oh, h-hi… Hi, (Y/N)
  • And he’d try to look cool by leaning on the locker next to him
  • But it’d turn out to be not as close as he thought
  • So he’d probably fall over
  • And you’d help him get back up, slightly laughing
  • I’m s-sorry, oh my God I must look ridiculous right now. You must think I’m so dumb, oh my God-
  • And you’d just put your hand on your shoulder, which made him shut up and look at you in shock
  • It’s okay, Peter. I’m really clumsy, too.
  • He’d just laugh, relieved because you didn’t think he was dumb, or made fun of him.

One of these times he’d actually gain enough courage to ask you out

  • You’d happily accept, secretly nervous because you’d have a tiny little crush on him
  • And he’d be literally exploding with happiness
  • Because he got a date with the girl of his dreams
  • So you two would be having dinner when his phone went off
  • I’m so sorry, (Y/N), but I have to go. I promise I’ll make it up to you.
  • And he’d give you a kiss on the cheek before running off

So the next day at school, he approaches you, with a worried look on his face

  • I’m so sorry about last night. I hope you’re not mad. Although i would understand that. Are you mad? Oh my God, you totally are. I’m so sorry, I messed up, I-
  • I’m not mad, Pete.”
  • He’d stop his rant and give you the most surprised look ever.
  • You’re not?
  • Nah, I’m just worried. What happened? Is everything okay?
  • And he’d be still shocked because he stood you up on your first date and you weren’t angry at him, but asking is everything was okay.
  • So he quickly made something up, because he just couldn’t tell you that he was spider-man
  • Uh… Yeah, it’s just… Uh… My aunt got sick? Yeah, yeah, she got sick.
  • Okay… sounds fake but I’ll let it go, only because I actually like you and I would like to go out with you again.

Fast forward to like your third fourth date and he’s walking you home, the two of you holding hands

  • Hey, (Y/N)? I have to tell you something.
  • I have to tell you something too. On three?
  • So you’d count to three
  • I’m spider-man.” “I really like you.
  • YOU’RE WHAT?!” “You like me?
  • So you’d make him come to your room and tell you everything about being the spider-man
  • And after that there’d be this super awkward silence
  • So he’d just go “So… you like me?” with a cocky little smirk on his face
  • Oh, as if you hadn’t noticed, Parker.” 
  • You’d try to hide your embarrassment and your blushing cheeks
  • Which didn’t work
  • You’re cute when you blush.
  • So you’d blush even more
  • And Peter would just softly kiss you
  • And once he pulled back he’d have the most loving look on his eyes.
  • Will you be my girlfriend?
  • About damn time that you asked, Parker.
  • And you would just kiss him
  • Happy that you could finally call him your boyfriend
  • And he’d be over the moon as well, because he finally got to date the girl of his dreams