oh god im creepy

My Boyfriend’s Shirt

Rating - T

Pairing - Sasusaku

Summary - Sakura finds an old shirt, and curiosity gets the better of her~

Random, spur of the moment one-shot, please message me if there are any errors and feel free to send me prompts, au’s, other pairings etc!

Hmm… “Whats this?”

“No, it couldn’t be!”

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anonymous asked:

ok i dont know if this is creepy of whatever but i kinda saved all your pictures of your art to a google drive folder (just so i can idk see how you draw stuff and like use for own reference) but if you have completely lost all of your art and its not saved to your computer or something i could give you a link or something so you can get back the pictures of your art idk just saying (i hope this wasnt too creepy omg, i promise the art is just for my own reference im not stealing it or anything)

Oh god no its not CREEPY IT MEANS U LIKE MY ART N STUFFAND THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY ;////; yeees please send me the link to it please please I love you

anonymous asked:

I would love to message you without anon, but idk, i dont want you to think that im some creepy girl thats stalking you, oh my god im so shy, like i had to think about 4 days, just to write to you with anon

NOOOOOO! Don’t be shy haha I love talking to my followers just ask anyone, you have nothing to be afraid of.