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Wrong Person- Alex Nylander

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Ok so there’s a lot of the brothers Nylander today so I’m breaking it up a little with switching the second Willy one with a second Mitch one tomorrow (I’m terrible with planning sue me). So enjoy Alex!

Warning: mentions of nudes and mentions of sexting (NOTHING IS OVER PG PROMISE)

Anon Request: Im here requesting all the time imagines about the nylanders 😂 anyway could you do one where youre dating Alex and then Will accidentally sees a Nude you sent ? Love your blog❤️❤️


              You couldn’t take that back.

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Me, watching Riverdale 1.05
  • Hey mrs Bloosom, aint ya a bitch. Please join mrs Cooper in Bitchy Mothers Club
  • Archie at it again with unnecesary fanservice
  • MURDERBOARD!!! YASSS. But where are your colored strings Stiles?
  • Love how Veronica talks loudly about Grundy on football field where anyone can accidentially overhear it. And did Kev even know til now?
  • Valerie is an angel. Screw all the other ships. Archie x Valerie for life
  • Sleepover with Cheryl? ITS A TRAP!
  • Wasn’t Jason kinda thin for football captain?
  • OH MY GOD! Val is in his room! and no personal space… this ship is sailed
  • Fred “wannabe cool dad” Andrews ships it
  • Riverdale, town of shitty Mothers… im so glad Betty’s dad is ok dude
  • Betts hears bout her sis trying to kill herself and who she tells first? Her babe Juggy 😍 My inverstigating bbies
  • Andrews… you are sooo bad at football
  • “Grundy, she must have connected with you in some way I don’t see us doing” Oh she did, sexualy.You Interested?
  • When you try to show your gf to your parents and it gets awkward #cherylproblems
  • So Cheryl brought V to sleepover, because she is lonely and has no other real friends… legit crying
  • But you deserve better family too Cheryl
  • Adios Alice Cooper, Bloosom-bitch just stole your Bitchiest-mother crown
  • WTF Archie? Its memorial and you have your football jacket? Where are your maners. Even Jugg has a suit
  • Bloosom-Bitch touching Archie hair…psycho alert
  • Val is Archies date 😍
  • Shadowhunters funeral colours.. my babe Cheryl knows her stuff.
  • I’m crying… and kinda shipping Cheryl and Veronica
  • For second i thought she was Jason’s ghost or something
  • Jughead hiding behind Betty 😂 Like man
  • Jason actually loved Polly, I’m kinda shocked
  • OH hey.. I have perfect name for this episode: “Cheryl Blossom’s never ending suffering”
  • What’s with this Romeo and Juliet crap?
  • Awesome.. now papaCooper in an Asshole too..
  • Give Reggie the damn jersey. Archie sucks at football

i hate when intelligent ppl are arrogant and pretentious because im like #great you’re so fucking smart and it’d be nice to be friends but oh look you have a terrible personality and are oh so aware of you’re own intelligence, like some ppl on this website i swear to god their head resides in their own ass 99% of the time

it’s just sad to see someone so intelligent be so stupid in how they present that intelligence to the world like

no one wants to hear about how much better you think you are than anyone else

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jercy and solangelo are my OTP, but i have this guilty pleasure of turning Jason and Will into an abusive monster (but mostly Jason)

Will: wha- me? Why me? I’m a good noodle!

Jason, panicking: Why? I’m not mean, am I? Percy, I’m a nice guy, right?!

Percy: You can be a little scary sometimes..

Jason: oh gods im a terrible person aren’t i

Nico: Neither of them are bad guys, honestly. 

i cant believe i was so brainwashed and “in love” i couldn’t see what a disgusting fucking human being you actually are. i tried to convince myself you were still a good person even after you did all those terrible things to me and treated me like COMPLETE shit over and over again but who was i kidding oh my fucking god i have never met someone so self centered and completely fake and GROSS. everyone has said the same thing about you so i know this isn’t just me….. i would feel bad about everything ive said but the thing is d’angelo you aren’t a good person. not at all. not even a little bit. and im allowed to say what i want especially to my friends. you made me change so much but you were the one who needed to change. you made me believe that i was the worst person ever and none of my friends cared about me and that i didn’t deserve you ? who fucking says that. you’re the one who needs to get over yourself. write as many shitty songs as you want it changes nothing. goodbye d’angelo do whatever you want it doesn’t affect me in the slightest i will NEVER let you control my life ever again i hope the next girl in your life is smarter and doesn’t make the same mistakes i did 

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oh? my god? i'm crying. you are a terrible evil person who likes to wreak havoc and pain on the innocent destiel shipper. ( pfffft im not innocent and also I enjoyed it it was awesome good work love it)

Thank you so much <3 I don’t mean to inflict so much misery I just have a lot of feelings!!! 

I feel like some sort of pagan deity today - so many people offering up their tears. The more you cry the stronger I get, fyi. 

(read this disaster here or here)

Oh god its honestly been a while since we’ve had a chapter focusing on Dipper and I just… he’s my favorite. Not just my favorite character in general (ya’ll already knew that) but my favorite character to write for. He’s such a nerd and he gets so passionate about stuff and it just… makes me so happy. Go forth, my nerd son, go forth into relative angst and awkwardness for the rest of this chapter. 

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i sent the pacrim anon on accident i didnt mean to have it on anon but oh my god im 2 hours in and ive cried 3 times this is wild id die for newt Whom, Let Me Tell You, Has ADHD 100000%

fun fact! newt is either bipolar or bpd according to his dossier, “borderline manic personality”. He’s also my terrible chaotic good boy and mako is my daughter who i would protect with my life.

i love every single character in this movie, and chuck has a very soft place in my heart.

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28, 31, 50

28. Organized religions and their place of worship are heavily taxed so to discourage them from forming, because restricting peoples beliefs and freedom is morally wrong to me, but god do i despise organized religion and how it seems to run a large amount of our countries politics. Somehow they dont even get taxed. 

oh and uuuh before i get people hitting me with anons saying im a terrible person…i just dont think organized religion is a good thing to have in society anymore…it was for a while helping us evolve and now its time we moved passed it. I dont have anything personally against anyone who practices christianity, judaism, Islam, Shintoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and so on. Just the massive collective of it all.

31. Probably the first time I ever saw porn. Shit fucked me up sexually for life and thats never going to be completely gone. Was too young and learned from it before anyone else could teach me what sex really is. yeah definitely would be this.

50. Hmmmm, probably when an old friend of mine went to a petplay meet-up (God why is that a thing???) and told me about it later….or the threeway she set up between friends who were into some abnormally kinky stuff. Honestly that girl had a lot of really weird topics to bring up at anytime, god bless her sinful heart.

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headcanon request: marauders playing twister ft. ridiculously tall lanky-limbed remus

  • so remus shoots up about four inches over the summer before fifth year
  • and when he returns everyone is very indignant. sirius especially. “moony….ur tall and…….. tall… this isnt allowed” “ur just jealous bc ur the second shortest now” “mE?? sHO r tT?? N e  vER !!”
  • when they get back to the dorms though remus is unpacking his trunk and he finds his twister set stuffed in a corner. 
  • “the fuck is that, GiantMoony” “stop calling me that prongs but… twister” and that sounds Wild and Exciting so naturally they’re staying up late for this
  • remus keeps getting his elbows in everyone’s eyes tbh james’ glasses broke about five times before he takes them off
  • which also means he can see approximately 0 things. so he’s falling on top of everyone basically and if if they have to have an Entire James Potter sprawled over them one more time they might scream
  • okay can we be real here wolfstar!!! wolfstar!!!!!!! sirius tripping over remus’ Newly Extended limbs not-so-accidentally and them taking not as long as they should to get off each other 
  • sirius is literally hyperventilating the whole time because okay remus has liked him for years but sirius? oblivious as a hardwood floor. so like….. What Is Happening To Him? is he sick???? did he imagine remus kissing him lightly that one time???????? ??? ??
  • however….  remus has absolutely no idea how to move around with his new height
  • so instead of Successfully Wooing the Object of His Affections he breaks his nose with his knee
  • which results in five minutes of screaming because THAT NOSE IS THE ONE THING I’M GLAD TO INHERIT REMUS, WHO AM I WITHOUT IT???? until james takes pity on him and casts a healing charm. then the game is back on again
  • james is absolutely that one person who tickles everyone and okay, sirius black is the most ticklish person to ever exist. so one moment he is straddling remus and the next he is laying on top of him weeping because oh my god james not the stOMACH WE MADE A PACT IN SECOND YEAR
  • when remus props himself up by jabbing his elbow in peter’s ribcage he is Absolutely Done
  • the moral of the story is that the marauders + twister is an amazing  but terrible idea
  • (bonus: the mental image of prongs, padfoot and wormtail playing twister as their animagus forms while remus referees)

cis person: now give me a mature, relevant explanation for why cis people are terrible

me, a trans: *gives a calm, detailed explanation telling them the standard reasons while also explaining how to be a “good cis”*

cp: *ignores all that*

some other person: lmao people on tumblr are just whiny

cp: oh my god ty for being so understanding youre a revolutionary

this girl i met seems cool i guess, idk we don’t really have the same sense of humor… Wait did someone just say she, likes girls…? and that she’s,, kissed a girl before?? omg wait did. did she just get a pixie cut?? it looks so cu- i mean. did she come out as a lesbian????? i think im just. gonna. talk to her. i just really want to Talk to her but she makes me feel weird idk why. why am i so nervous about talking to her? is that homophobia? oh my god im a terrible person. i should just avoid her whenever possible so she doesn’t have do deal with my prejudices. i will make this sacrifice Because I’m An Ally™ and i don’t want Her to feel uncomfortable why am i blushing

i just cut the grass and i accidentally ran over an anthill and i just cant help thinking that maybe a little baby ant was just born or maybe a little nerdy ant finally got up the courage to ask out the popular ant or maybe some other ants were about to get married but then i ran them over and now they have to deal with the deaths of loved ones all while rebuilding there home that they all worked so hard on and oh god i just caused a great ant depression