oh god im a boat i think

hey guys so i don’t think i’m going to have any imagines up today, mostly because i have none written that im happy with and also because i’m gonna be on a boat all day with no wifi (and plus leafs later oh god)

so i don’t really want to quickly write an imagine just to post one i’d rather actually take my time and make it better so yeah anyway i’m sorry!! and i’m gonna miss the first half of the leafs game😩


So, you know how in the Pacifist True ending, Toriel potentially brings up a conversation about how she has a hard time believing that anyone could ever flirt with her? And the way that Alphys reacts and says “You have NO idea.”—which can be interpreted in numerous ways, but… honestly, what about this:

She could very well have video evidence of not just their puns and knock-knock jokes shared at the door and ALL OF SANS’ VISIBLE REACTIONS, but as I like to think (biased Soriel shipper that I am, I admit), maybe when Toriel hadn’t yet arrived there when Sans comes at the door for pun-times, as he grows more attached to spending time with her there, maybe he practices lame, punny pick-up lines at the door too.

And Alphys could have it all recorded.

“––do you ever just sit down and think ‘fuck… i’m on a boat’? Like, we’re in the middle of the ocean… We could be in the fuckin’ bermuda triangle sailin’ out to neverland to see us some Peter Pan, y’know? Someone’s just steerin’ this ship… Our destiny… Dude, our destiny… It’s being steered by someone else… Oh my god… Anyways, I’m already poundin’ these beers down, so today should be killer.