oh god i'm scared

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Nekoma as more things people in my year have said.
  • Kuroo: I too have spent many a night pondering how my legs can be quite this wonderful.
  • Kai: No I don't intend to grow my hair out, it looks a damn sight better than yours this way.
  • Yaku: I'm not your mother! But I will give you until the count of five...
  • Yamamoto: Okay but would you rather date a human with a snake dick or a snake with a human's dick.
  • Kenma: To be honest the only reason I'm still here is Cake Friday.
  • Fukunaga: I do exist, I just don't do things that get me noticed a lot... you know, like dicking a box of grapes...
  • Inuoka: I am literally going to steal all of your dogs.
  • Lev: I got an E? Oh thank god.
  • Shibayama: Oh no! I'm not scared, it's just that everything makes me ju-- *bell rings* *death scream of terror*

anonymous asked:

IT'S OPEN OH GOD,, soo my finals are next week and I'm HELLA scared... comfort words from erwin, maybe?? love your blog! <333 all hail mama!

There is no need to be scared, soldier! You have fought hard to come so far and you will make it! This is the last battle for now and you can be glad to stand here, with the others. Don’t throw this away, prepare well, but fight the battle! Even if you fail you will still have won, because you’ve tried! 

an-order-of-fryes  asked:

ahhhh oh my god, I'm honestly a bit scared for the Netflix series? I really don't want The Witcher world to get screwed up, especially since the game did so great. I'm obviously going to have positive hopes for it (since I love the Witcher so much), but there's always that little part of my mind that's scared 😳 😂

I get it LIKE OK I LOVE THE GAMES BUT they did a pretty meh job at getting what is in the books because the books are just MIND BLOWING!!!!

I just want this Netflix show to give us what the games never did (Ciri + Yen and Yen + Triss relationships) and like I HOPE THEY DO GOOD IM NERVOUS A