oh god i'm gonna regret this later

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oh my god jumping off that other ask of them saying "I love you"; them in a fight for the first time and Jesse just has to walk away for a bit, calm down and come back later and he explains to hanzo "im really mad so I'm gonna walk away before we both say something we regret, but I'm coming back so we can talk about this like adults okay? I'm not leaving u; I love u but I'll be back in a little bit" or something like that just jesse making sure hanzo knows he's not leaving him for good

jesse walks away after saying that to cool off and hanzo just sort of stands there for a minute in shock and then probably starts crying, because no one’s done that for him before, telling him that they’ll be back, that he won’t be alone, that he’s still loved even when jesse’s upset. it likely was the opposite in the clan. jesse finds him later still a bit shocked and rattled by this and he’s just overcome with worry and they have a rlly deep conversation and they both probably cry. jesse never really had that either, but he saw it in gabriel and jack before things got bad between them, and he wants to make sure that he and hanzo have a healthy relationship no matter what happens