oh god i'm going to be so late for everything

I made a list of things I can remember you saying and
i go back and read it when it hurts and
lately it always hurts like
holy fuck what am I doing?
this is finals week I have better things to do than write shitty poems about someone who won’t fucking talk to me someone who I really need to fucking let go of
i can’t shake this feeling in my chest, everything is so wrong lately oh god oh god oh god
just show up at my door and tell me you still feel something
when people say your name in conversations I don’t know what I’m supposed to do
so usually I just leave the room and come back ten minutes later
with tear stains and a terrible job of hiding them
thankfully everyone is kind enough to pretend not to notice
or they’re just tired of seeing this kind of pain
being felt so loudly.
—  Cross faded or something– Lily Rain