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Hey so uh a few month ago you reblogged something saying to tell us about your tumblr crushes and I told u about mine and said that we haven't talked just reblogged a lot of similar stuff but I want to get to know her better and you told me to go talk to her so later that day I messaged her and we haven't stopped talking since and now we're dating and so like I just wanted to thank you for giving me the courage to talk to her or else non of this probably would've happened so yea thank you :)

oh my god this is thE CUTEST aaah im so happy that i could help give u the courage to talk to her + im so glad u two are so happy together!! :**

Over two years ago I started this blog and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would gain a best friend from it. Valerie and I have texted, talked on the phone, FaceTimed, and today we got to meet face to face for the very first time! We are both so happy that this day finally came and we can’t wait to see each other again!



That is their tragedy.


Drawing Dan and Phil - 2012-2015

It always cheers me up to see my own improvement! Sure, my doodles aren’t perfect and I still have a lot to learn but I’m really happy to see how far they’ve come! I honestly wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for all of you and your support so seriously, phandom, thank you soooo much for all the love you’ve given my doodles and me personally! You’re all incredible <3

The signs react to the Johnlock kiss
  • Taurus:I can't believe this is happening, omg, it is happening isn't it, oh god.
  • Gemini:*cries* I hate them *cries*
  • Cancer:these fuckers took too damn LONG
  • Virgo:Finally! I'm so happy they are together now and everything will be okay between them :)
  • Scorpio:why aren't thEY FUCKING ALREADY??
  • Sagittarius:*SCREAMING*
  • Capricorn:*faints*
  • Aquarius:Oh hell no, nononono this is not the way I saw in my head!!
  • Pisces:*shakes fist* Moffat you fucker

My first drawing in five months.  Oh my god, I’ve been out of practice for so long, and my hand is aching.  But hey!  I finished it!  And I’m really happy with that.

I wanted to go for a sort of “selfie” thing.  Actually I wanted to make a funny piece with the hammock and the canopy bed, but I ended up with this and I’m satisfied with it.  So here we are!  Kim and Duncan taking a selfie with a chocobo in the background, from their Flux Buddies 2.0 series.

I hope this is worthy of being showed in their fanart intro thing.  That would just be so damn awesome.

Okay, so Jesse rekindles his relationship with Rachel when she moves back to New York, stars in his first musical, wins a Tony either for that musical or another one (THANK GOD, because Jesse St. James is immensely talented and I always knew he was going to be a star if RIB would just let him become one!), makes his peace with Rachel’s friends and is now on good terms with them all, proposes to Rachel, MARRIES her, is the director in a musical starring her, supports her decision to be Kurt/Blaine’s (gestational???) surrogate, can’t wait to have his very own kids with her and is there supporting her when she wins her very own first Tony. 

In short, just like he promised, he makes all her dreams come true. 

When we were soldiers || A Dwalin & Thorin fanmix

Listen to it here.


1. When we were soldiers - Trocadero || 2. Unkown Soldier - Breaking Benjamin || 3. The Enemy - Mumford & Sons || 4. Departer - Katatonia || 5. This is For - Matt Elliott || 6. Iron - Woodkid || 7. Dante’s Prayer - Loreena McKennitt || 8. The Dogs of War - Pink Floyd || 9. Farewell - Apocalpytica || 10. Remember - Josh Groban & Tanja Tzarovska