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If The Worst Happens

Prompt Summary: Robin and Regina are trying to figure out who would take in then kids if they die when Henry says that he’s taking care of his brother and sisters.

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“What are godparents?”

Regina pauses, the knife in her hand going still mid-swipe as she cuts up Clarissa’s chicken. She looks toward Roland in surprise as he stares at her from across the table, his brown eyes brimming with innocence as he waits for an answer. She looks over at Robin and sees he’s just as much thrown off guard by the question as she is.

It’s Henry who finally answers him.

“They’re the people who are supposed to take care of you if your parents die,” he absentmindedly answers as he continues to stealthily text from beneath the dining table. Regina’s eyes whip toward her elder son, silently trying to convey her displeasure at his nonchalant tone. Her reaction goes unnoticed.

“Oh,” said Roland, his eyes going wide with understanding. Curiosity satisfied, he simply shrugs his shoulders and goes back to eating his green beans.

His parents, on the other hand, aren’t left so relaxed. Locking eyes they have an intense silent conversation that ends with Robin clearing his throat and turning to his son. “Why do you ask Roland?”

“Because at school Freddy said that he had godparents and I didn’t know what they were,” he answers.

“Oh. Okay,” says Regina nodding her head, still a bit thrown off.

Another moment passes before Roland pops an even heavier question. “Do I have godparents?”

Regina locks eyes with Robin and sees the answer written clear across his face.

And so begins the longest argument they’ve ever had.

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Prompt Fic 7: practically a trope

@witchpieceoftoast asked for Marian or Mulan’s point of view on one of my teacher AUs. So this is Marian’s perspective on ‘Do You Ship Your Teachers?’ though actually reading that fic is not necessary.

For This.

It’s Marian Álvarez’s first day as a humanities teacher at Storybrooke High School . It’s her first day and already she knows this school is weird as hell. She’s been brought in to replace some teacher named Zelena Mills who quit part way through the semester and–so her students say–is a witch. Marian scoffs at this. “Don’t be rude.”

“No,” Ava says (and it is telling that within fifteen minutes into the first lesson she has learned Ava Zimmer’s name). “Legit. She’s Henry’s aunt. Tell her, Henry.”

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(Three words, one kiss, and a dash of cinnamon.)

My little lovebug’s (blowmiakisscolin) birthday is next week! So, being that I am poor and there is an ocean between us, I decided to make her present be little fluffy captainswan ficlets. I love her little face and I hope this makes you happy Mia Boo<3 I didn’t include Walsh in this fic because I possess too much anger towards him. (; Enjoy

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