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“Oh, the wine. The wine, Costis, is to help hide the truth. It doesn’t work. It never has, but I try it every once in a while just in case something in the nature of wine might have changed.”

“The truth, Your Majesty?”

“I’m not going to tell you, Costis, you idiot. I’m trying to bury it, remember? Hide it from myself, hide it from the gods. Because not wanting the prize the gods have arranged for you—that just might offend the hell right out of them.” He shook his finger in admonishment. “You can’t let them know that you hate being surrounded every minute of every day by people who think you should be acting like a king, and that you cannot possibly stand one more day listening to prating idiots tell you how lucky you are while a man you hate is laughing his guts out on the far side of the Black Straits, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about that because you are trapped in the only disaster you’ve ever gotten yourself into that you absolutely cannot get out of.

“Do you know, it’s the first time I’ve ever been caught in something I can’t get out of?” His laughter was bitter. “Because I don’t want out of it, Costis. I’m terrified that if they know how much I hate it, they might take it away.” He stopped then, as if realizing what he’d just said, all that he’d admitted out loud. “Oh, my god,” he said, “the wine isn’t working, is it?”

Here’s a brief fic for Queer Dean Month: The phone number.

A brief summary: Dean finally admits to himself that, yeah, he does think dudes are attractive, particularly that one at the table on the other side of the bar. One thing leads to another and Dean is left with the conundrum of how to give his phone number out the next morning. It can’t be as simple as just giving it. There’s like…rules to hooking up with guys or something…right?

He definitely didn’t regret it. What was the opposite of regret? Relief? Relief didn’t sound right. He wasn’t relieved that he had at last managed to work up the guts to ask a guy back to his motel room. He was….okay, words were not his strong suit, but there were definitely no regrets. Dean Winchester did not regret hook ups.

It was just….how did he….did he just….did he just say, hey, that was cool we should do that again the next time I’m around, here’s my phone number? Did he steal the guy’s phone while he was in the bathroom and secretly program his phone number in? Actually that was kind of creepy. Who did that? Should he do that ridiculous thing he sees in movies where you write your number on the guy’s hand- ha, he should totally write his number on his butt. …maybe not. It’d be funny but…he kind of suspected he wouldn’t get a second round if he went that route.

Okay, so stealing the phone was out, writing on him was out (but it would be goddamn hilarious)…what did that leave? Just…say it? That seemed too easy. Weren’t there rules to giving out your phone number to guys? What were the rules? Why didn’t anyone ever tell him what the rules were!? How the hell was he supposed-

The bathroom door rattled open. Dean froze. He still didn’t have a plan for this. He watched…oh shit, what was his name!? Now he was really going to screw this up. Fuck!

He watched…guy who had been a lot of fun and was actually kind of funny get dressed. Shit. Shit. Shit. What was his name!?

“Well that was fun…ah…Dean right?”

“Yes.” Dean said trying to look like he wasn’t the biggest dork in the room. How did he just forget his name? What if he had said the wrong name last night? What if he had been calling this guy Jeff all night and his name was really Brandon or something? Oh god this was horrible. He rubbed at the back of his neck. “Yeah it was…uh….”


“Aaron.” Dean repeated. He felt the back of his neck heat up. “Really… Fun, I mean.”

Aaron laughed a little.

Dean knew he was blowing his chances here.

“Right…well…” Aaron glanced at the door then back to Dean like he was…waiting for something?

“Right.” Dean repeated because he was an idiot and couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Okay, well…” Aaron gave a half wave and headed for the door.

Dean realized he was totally going to miss his chance, “Wait! Hold on.”

Dean scrambled to find a pen and paper in the nightstand. He scribbled his phone number down, marched across the room to a waiting Aaron, and thrust the paper at him. Oh god, what was he doing? Who did this? Who marched across the room and shoved a piece of paper at someone and didn’t say anything? He should definitely say something.

Aaron took the piece of paper, looked it over, and smiled, “For a moment there I was starting to wonder if we were remembering the same night.”

Really he should say something. Dean worked his mouth open and close a few times but nothing came out. He lunged forward and planted a kiss on Aaron’s lips because that was a great substitute for words. Oh god, what was wrong with him today? He was definitely breaking some unwritten hooking up with a guy rule but no one had ever told him what the rules were! It wasn’t fair.

Aaron smiled again then leaned towards the door, “I really do have to go but…this was nice….I’ll talk to you later.”

“Right. Later. Talking.” Dean nodded vigorously. Okay, now he needed to stop talking if all he was going to do was spit out words like a robot but nope, he kept going, “On the phone. Because you have my phone number.”

Aaron chuckled, “Yeah, on the phone. Nice meeting you Dean.”

Dean nodded again and watched Aaron smile and chuckle as he went out the door. The door closed. Dean realized he hadn’t actually said bye or anything like that he had just stood and nodded like weirdo. Dear god that had been a disaster. What happened to Dean Winchester, smooth ladies man? Man’s man. Whatever. Point was Dean Winchester was smooth and that had not been smooth. Aaron was never going to phone back. Well at least he’d have a ghost hunt to distract him from his epic failure of an adventure into picking up guys. He packed his things and hurried out to meet up with Sam.

Sam of course was taking forever washing his hair. Dude needed a hair cut as of yesterday if it took this long to wash it. So Dean sat at the table in Sam’s motel room, trying to get one of the motel pen’s to stand on end. He almost had it too when his phone went off. He dug his phone out of his pocket and checked it. It was a text. Sender unknown. He opened it.

Thought I’d text first, now you have my number too.