oh god i passed out before i could finish it

Hello there~ here’s my first AkaKuro ever C: Oh, yeah, non-native english speaker, sorry in advance :C 

I didn’t want to risk much, so… nothing really big. Oh, it was aimed for AkaKuro week but I don’t know what posessed me to think I could finish on time, ha ha. Sorry… (I’m so nervous, God)

Anyway, dunno if it could really pass for akakuro since, well, is just Kuroko pointing out that freaking haircut, but my mum, whom never has watched any of them before, ask me if Kuroko was in love with Akashi because, quote, he’s looking at him with undying love, that’s not normal, unquote. So… something must be there, right?

Any suggestion, correction, advice, etc. please do tell (I suck at shading). And thanks!