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Sorry I didn’t do a one-shot!

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Your POV: 

Why did this ever have to happen? It was Arthur’s birthday and well the Knights and him had decided to play a little game. The one game I dreaded - Spin the bottle. If it landed on one of the Knights it would be messed up. But If it landed on the prince - my feelings would be blown. Why? it was all I could ask myself. “You’re Turn!” Lancelot spoke giving the bottle to me. “Oh god.” I muttered spinning the bottle -  crossing my fingers. It went past Merlin, past Gwaine past Leon and straight landed at Arthur. I couldn’t tell if I was nervous or completely relieved. “Alright, enough with the love eyes lets go” Leon teased pulling you and Arthur into a cupboard. “Arthur you don’t have to.” before I could finish his lips were on mine. I pulled away gasping out of surprise.Without thinking I pulled Arthur closer kissing him once again. Many minutes passed. “Oh my god don’t you ever need air?” Gwaine teased. “Times up!” Merlin said his eyebrows up. I pulled away from Arthur blushing. Arthur chuckled above me and took and hand as we walked back to the circle letting the next person go.

Smoothing Out the Creases

Pairing: Levi x Eren

Under the cut: Fluffity fluff fluff.

I mostly wrote this fic as therapy for me and flanecitoghei because we were upset after seeing this post.

I have this headcanon where, despite the fact that beating up Eren was for the good of humanity, Levi secretly feels guilty about it and is super gentle and nurtures him. And even though Eren is already healed Levi is like NO I MUST TREAT U LIKE A FLOWER NOW.

So here is a little thing I wrote about one of those nurturing instances (idea courtesy of jazz who is a cutie).

UPDATE: Now with breathtaking fanart by said cutie who never fails to blow my mind ♥

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Hello there~ here’s my first AkaKuro ever C: Oh, yeah, non-native english speaker, sorry in advance :C 

I didn’t want to risk much, so… nothing really big. Oh, it was aimed for AkaKuro week but I don’t know what posessed me to think I could finish on time, ha ha. Sorry… (I’m so nervous, God)

Anyway, dunno if it could really pass for akakuro since, well, is just Kuroko pointing out that freaking haircut, but my mum, whom never has watched any of them before, ask me if Kuroko was in love with Akashi because, quote, he’s looking at him with undying love, that’s not normal, unquote. So… something must be there, right?

Any suggestion, correction, advice, etc. please do tell (I suck at shading). And thanks!