oh god i miss this show so much


Get to know me meme: 4/5 tv shows
The Secret Circle

Honestly Call the Midwife is such a special show. Every episode is so rich. It furthers the plot and main character arcs while also always having a pregnancy-of-the-week with real depth and poignancy, usually adding to the main characters’ plot both directly and through subtle parallels. It’s light and funny as well as dark and real. It’s one of the few shows that makes me sob pretty much every episode. It has wonderful characters, mostly women, each with flaws and pasts and hopes for the future. It also doesn’t use the time period in which it’s set as an excuse for a lack of diversity; it has characters from all walks of life and even a loving lesbian relationship between two main characters. I just can’t express my love for it enough. It’s always such a treat at the beginning of every year to get a new series.

Q: Do you guys watch your own movies and tv shows?

BJ Novak: “With The Office it’s like, they’re playing you know uh, old home movies. ‘Cause that was such a long, big part of my life, you know so it’s like they’re playing your sentimental home movies there on television all the time and it’s just too much of a ride to watch– like, oh my god that was that day… and I miss her…and you know what about that…and so-”

“Do you wanna talk about Mindy Kaling?”

BJ: “No.” *slight chuckle* “But thanks.


Sirius XM Town Hall with The Founder Cast on Jan 18, 2017. 

(interview available with Sirius subscription)

Dating Park Jimin would include:

Okay…so this is my first time ever doing one of these! I do hope you like it, if you do comment and I will start taking more requests! 

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·         Getting called every morning and night because he wants to hear your voice.

·         He’d be face timing you while he is at practice and the other boys would be there teasing him!

·         He’d send you pictures while he was at the gym working out…just so he could show off.

·         Once he got back from practice there would be a heap of cuddles!

·         Like oh my god, he would just wrap you in his strong arms and kiss your forehead and mumble about how much he missed you today.

·         Movies until like three am.

·         You two would always be blasting music and singing your hearts out 24/7.

·         He’d always be talking about you to the other members! He would never shut up!

·         Endless amount of cuddling. There would probably be a time when Jungkook walked in on the both of you pretty much glued to each other.

·         “Hyung…we have practice now…”

·         “Go away Kookie, five minutes.” And then you would have to convince him to get up but he’d just pull you closer and hold onto you more tightly.

·         HEAPS of little innocent kisses!

·         You wouldn’t even expect it! Like he would come up from behind and kiss your cheek and then go back to whatever he was doing.

·         Coffee dates!

·         You’d just have those super cute dates where you are out all day and then you don’t get home to around 10 pm.

·         BaCk HuGs!!! SO MANY BACK HUGS

·         Like you would be doing something and then out of know where he would come up from behind and wrap his arms around your waist pulling you into his chest. Then he’d kiss the top of your forehead because he is a bloody sweetheart!

·         Either short and sweet pecks or long and passionate kisses, both are totally awesome!

·         Overall Jimin would just be showering you with love 24/7 and that is really all anyone needs!

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What I Think About During Long Rests
  • me: 1-2-3-4, 2-2-3-4, 3-2- god the clarinets sound awful
  • me: *hums trumpet part in my head*
  • me: i could play that better
  • me: where are we? oh well
  • me: *covertly eyes person next to me to see if they bring their flute up*
  • me: nope not time yet
  • me: this song would be so much cooler if it were something else
  • me: i miss our marching show.
  • me: why is the director pointing at me?
  • me: shit
Teen Wolf 6A Finale

I’m so happy, I’m crying, I’ve been blessed, my soul has ascended. THANK YOU JEFF DAVIS YOU AMAZING MAN.
-Of course he shows up in the freaking jeep, you scared the shit out of me
-Sheriff is so brave it hurts, look at the love this man has for his son
-Liam you so smol and I’m so proud of you
-“I’ve missed you so much, oh god Liam I missed you too”
-Scott and Stiles are such dads, liam is so lucky
-Peter Hale’s character development, look at this man who would do anything to save himself is now staying back to save his daughter
-Lydia you sassy little shit
-Malia love your father, he’s trying
Stiles: were we this bad
Scott: worse
-Liam bb you genius
-I actually love the dynamic between Liam and Theo
-Look at Mason, he’s so happy to see Liam and Hayden together
-Lydia stepping in front of Malia
-Malia pulling Lydia out of the way
-Scott dodging them bullets like I dodge my responsibilities
-Look at Lydia being a badass banshee, saving Stiles
-Lydia: I never said it back
-Stiles: You don’t have to
-You know what Nazi you can go fuck yourself
-Hell yeah Argent you suave little shit
-Melissa is so infatuated
-Lydia is so in control of her powers, I’m in love
-Can I say this again, Lydia is a badass
-“You’re not my mother”
-“Fire again”
-Look at Sheriff Stilinski and how he protectively holds Lydia as the school shakes
-Theo “he has a pack”
Malia: “He’s not in it, but I am"
Peter: “I’m not, but no one likes a nazi"
-These fight sequences are so cool
-AW Corey
-Mason you so cute
-Lydia looking lovingly at Stiles and Stiles smiling, “Everything’s changed”
-oh my god Stiles passing on the bat to Mason
-You actual dad
-“I need you”
-“I need you too” Scott McCall with actual tears in his eyes.
-Stiles is gonna study for the FBI
-Thanks papa McCall
-Scotty gon be a vet yay
-Lydia is gonna drive Stiles to college this is so cute
-6A ended the way 1x01 started, Stiles and Scott in the Jeep, but this time, they don’t need to look for the dead body
-Someone kill me this was too pure

Mick very much misses his best friend and still feels so much pain. He’s depressed, upset and angry, he tries to cope with all this, by eating and by drinking all the time. But he can’t and he wants his friend back. You see what he did with Ray. Thanks for showing us this and  not ignore this part. But it was like hitting a knife in my heart. Especially when Mick turned on the radio.

“Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight.”

For God’s sake guys

i wasted two months for this drama

there was no kiss

and the ending sucked so fucking much oh god

they just redeemed tae ho at the end and everyone started to be friend with him again??? like???

i never was so dissapointed with a show before

fuck this i’m so angry i want to cry



Isaac sat in his car and waited until the school bell rang. He looked into his rearview mirror and saw you coming out of the massiv school doors. You were talking and laughing with Lydia. How he loved your beautiful smile. He was so nervous. After all this time he finally could you hold in his arms again. He could finally smell your sweet scent again and the best he could kiss you again.
The tall curly haired boy got out of the car and got his suit in place. He made his way towards you.
Lydia spotted him first and smiled. She tipped onto your shoulder and you turned in the direction Lydia showed you. Instantly you grinned and ran towards Isaac.
“Oh my god, Isaac. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in france?God, I’ve missed you so much”
“I missed you too”

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anonymous asked:

Hey why is Carl your favourite character ?????

oh god, i’m so awful when it comes to explaining this and i’m pretty much likely going to miss some of the reasons why i enjoy his character so you may see this post being edited at one point, but oh boy i’ll try and make this short and sweet since i’m known to waffle and ramble on.

i think for me, i’ve always been fascinated with carl as he is a child within the apocalypse. i love the idea of how the show have explored carl growing up (especially at the awkward age of being an adolescent) in a world that has rejected the social structure we all have grew up in. for carl, he had to learn different skills and experience things we would never consider to happen to us in our lives and i always find that so interesting. he had to adopt and learn morals that reflect this new world and you can see that he takes this on board by mimicking the people around him and their actions. he is still a child and is still trying to form his own identity and sense of morals and you can see this through his constant shift in character throughout the seasons.

i also like him because of a lot of people hating his character. for some reason, i always like to support the underdog as i like to take a different perspective and because of this, i saw carl as a likeable character in the sense that he was complex, that he did do questionable things, that he could be seen as annoying, etc. and to me, that seemed almost the most humane thing, especially for someone his age who is experiencing all these new emotions and developments. 

as well as this, i feel like carl is just so bad ass like he has been through so many traumatic experiences at such a young age that i admire his strength and understand his actions. like if i was in his shoes i would be the complete opposite to how he has responded and i think that is just such a great element to his character. 

i am sure i have missed out so many great reasons, but these are the ones i had floating in the top of my head. thank you so much for asking me and i hope you’re having a lovely day!

colourful-dots replied to your postShow Me The Sky

This is so fucking AMAZING i think you could post them just reading a paper or something and it would be incredible. I really really love all of these snippets. I can’t wait for the whole thing :)

a-eliz replied to your post “Show Me The Sky”

OH MY GOD. This is incredible!!!! You guys write emotion so well and it’s somehow not cheesy and I’m stupid jealous but also THIS IS SO GOOD. UGH!!!! And I think I missed five somehow, not sure how that happened. Shall have to remedy. YOURE AMAZING.

Ahhhhhhhhh these made me all squeaky and happy and I had to bury my face in my hands to try to contain myself. Thank you so much!!!!! I really can’t tell you how much this means to me- I love them so irrationally and intently, so seeing that other people love them too makes my heart want to fly! You’re too sweet, thank you :) And @colourful-dots, ha, that is so exciting to hear and sounds like quite the challenge, I want to take you up on that! It’ll definitely end with them fucking on the newspaper though- they have terrible self control :)

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im really uncomfortable bc of the blackface shit w iasip and i know that its really awful but is it bad to continue watching? like if i admit yeah its a trash show there is no justification for what they did, is it alright to watch? its just a hyperfixation for me right now because all of my mutuals were posting it and got me to start watching (from s2, i missed the "gang gets racist" fuckery) so im just. Stuck on it. if not like i understand ill get over it i dont want to be an asshole

lvmlkvs;mls g ogd i hate these asks so fucking much. yes you can watch the show oh my god im not gonna stop you. you dont need permission to watch it

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♪♒❦✿✬ here u go tol bean!~

After this i am letting myself take a few hours of nap because i deserved it after studying for 12 hours. 

♪ - music you like?

In The Music-KONGOS is my fave right now but

Grenade-Bruno Mars is good for emptying your head and

Believe-Imagine Dragons

Friction and Gold by Imagine Dragons are also cool, 

oh oh oh there is Sick Of Losing Soulmates by Doodie Clark if you like something more calm and emotional and idk good

♒ - fave animes?

Noragami is my all time fave i guess, Yoi is great obviously, Ao no Exorcist man i missed that one gotta rewatch sometime, i havent watched anime or new shows generally in a loooong time dude idk i dont even remember what i watched last?? Ahahahh Cuticle Tantei Inaba was so funny i watched it years ago and im still not sure what it was about???

❦-.fave characters?

Yato from Noragami is my fave son. Very god, much war, lot worship, very shrine, wow. What a nerd. 

✿ - fave kind of clothing?

I used to be a basic tshirt and jeans kinda person but now i got two sweaters that i like to wear along with some black jeans so any kinda clothing that makes me look like the mess i am but sorta more stylish and comfortable.. like sweaters and black jeans and cool boots, anything wintery….

✬ - photo of me?

can you see the death??? i am dying. not slowly. i have an exam half a day later and i spent literally an entire day sleeping yesterday instead of studying. not to mention the entire month i spent procrastinating without studying. honestly to pass i need at least 2 weeks of studying per exam and what i do instead?? 2 days of study and hope things will be fine and the carelessness of the burning apartment dog with a hat that says “This is fine”

my favourite part of the downton abbey finale was that part where after Thomas resigns himself to living alone in a house full of people who have hated him for years, the postman shows up with an entire bundle of letters for him that had all gotten misplaced, all from Jimmy, telling him everything about his new life, working in one of the fanciest nightclubs in London, how much he misses him, London is so great, and oh god he might be queer, the nightclub needs a new manager, wouldn’t it be a great job for you Thomas, I might love you, Thomas why aren’t you answering???

and before he has even finished the last letter Thomas is on the train to London where he reunites tearfully with Jimmy who’s sort of embarrassed over the letters but too happy to see Thomas again that he doesn’t care, and they kiss (a lot), lead the entertainment scene in the city, acquire a child somewhere along the way and live happily ever after

that was my favourite bit:) that :) totally :)) happened

anokhi07  asked:

Oh my god the gala was so amazing 😍😍 can you tell me when is part 11 coming out? I am going to binge read the whole series till then 🙈

Ummm part 11 should be out relatively soon. Hopefully within a week. I have to fly to North Carolina a week from today for a big horse show, but that means soooo much practice this coming week + regular homework levels + makeup homework for what I’ll miss when I’m gone. So… my life is slightly stressful currently. BUT I will do my best to get part 11 to you guys in a decent amount of time.