oh god i made a mistake

Making art is such a wonderful experience. Here are some of the thoughts I have while creating:
• I am an inadequate talentless being
• this tiny unnoticeable mistake ruins the whole drawing
• I tried to fix the mistake and I made everything worse
• oh god what have I done
• :^(
• I am garbage and is so is this drawing
• I am suffering™

the signs as Arrested Development quotes
  • Aries: You must teach me. You must teach me the ways of the secular flesh.
  • Taurus: Marry me!
  • Gemini: She calls it a "mayonegg".
  • Cancer: I've made a huge mistake.
  • Leo: We have unlimited juice? This party is gonna be off the hook!
  • Virgo: Oh, my God! We're having a fire... sale. Oh, the burning! It burns me! Evacuate all the school children! ♪ Amaaa—... This isn't a fever! ♪ ziiing grace... I can't even see where the knob is! End scene.
  • Libra: I was made to understand there were grilled cheese sandwiches here.
  • Scorpio: I don't know what I expected.
  • Sagittarius: I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.
  • Capricorn: Get me a vodka rocks. And a piece of toast.
  • Aquarius: I suppose I'm, uh, buy-curious.
  • Pisces: It's a great day... for being sad.
Imagine Being Chucks (aka God’s) girlfriend and being on your period and blaming him for it

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“Y/N calm down.” Chuck tried to appease his girlfriend.”CALM DOWN!!! YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!” “You have to understand I had to punish Eve somehow!!!” “OH YEAH?! HOW ABOUT THIS FOR A PUNISHMENT?!!” *slams door in Chucks face* “I may have made a mistake…..”

Dear Mom,

I’m sorry.
Oh if I only could express how sorry I am!
You always wanted the best for me.
You’ve made mistakes but not on purpose.
All these years you’ve been and you still are my biggest support.
Even now, when I honestly do not deserve it.

I think of you as a person that is just too kind for this world.
And so am I.
We’re so similar in many things and, oh god, did we laugh about things that no one else understood.
I know that I sometimes can’t really show it.
No, honestly. I’ve done you wrong so many times just because I couldn’t handle a stupid mood swing or had no cigarettes left.
You do not deserve this.
You deserve so much better.
But i love you, I love you so much.
And I need you.
I’m an awful daughter and i don’t know if I can change but you’re my world, mom.
You’re everything to me and I’m proud to say that because you’re the best thing in my whole life.
You were the one that rubbed my back and dried my swollen eyes when i was crying my eyes out over a guy that I met secretly.
You were the one that forced me to go to the hospital when all i wanted was an overdose.
You cared for my cuts.
And i know that seeing them broke your heart.
And knowing that breaks my heart.
You wouldn’t say it but you hate blue hair and black clothes and all the piercings and stuff. And I have all of it.
But you still hold my tattooed hand.
I don’t know where my life began to turn wrong and everything crashed and the burning pieces fell down on me.
But one thing I know for sure: it isn’t your fault.
You did so good, really.
You warned me about the older boys, the drugs that take you to heaven but then to hell, all of it.
I didn’t listen.
I guess I just had to experience it myself.
My heart explodes in my chest when I think about what I put you through.
I made you cry.
I made you feel helpless.
I made you get so exhausted mentally that you had to seek help yourself.
I can never make that up to you.

You’re the best and I honesty don’t know why you’re still by my side.
But I love you, I love you so much it hurts.

—  Love letter to my mother.
Dialogue Prompts

1) “Face the facts dammit, they’re never coming back!” 

2) “I haven’t moved on yet.” “I know, I can tell.” 

3) “Tell me what happened? When did I lose you?” 

4) “I loved you like a fool.” “You weren’t the only one.” “This was a mistake, wasn’t it?” “I never said that.” 

5) “I don’t remember … I’m so sorry.” 

6) “That wasn’t how it was supposed to go! I thought I could fix this!” “Well you just made it worse.” 

7) “Oh god, no, I didn’t mean that. Forgive me, please.” 

8) “I’m not here to make amends, I have no regrets for what I did. I’m just here to help.” “Get out.” 

9) “Can you help me?” “I can try.” 

10) “I wasn’t going to try to fix us but dammit now you’ve got me thinking there’s a chance.” 

11) “Stop calling me cute!” “Stop doing cute things!” 

12) “I’m not going to apologize.” 

13) “I was being truthful.” “You can’t just tell someone’s mom that they look like a troll!” “How was I supposed to know they were only half troll?” 

14) “I thought I should give this back.” 

15) “Let me help with this? I owe you that.” 

16) “You told me you wanted to let go. That night … I was coming over to tell you I wanted to try and fix things.” 

17) “Okay so maybe I lied! Maybe I’m not over you! Maybe I still have feelings! Stupid, stupid, uncontrollable, feelings!” “Well what made you think I don’t feel the same way?” 

18) “I don’t want to do this. I can’t leave her behind.” 

19) “I would say this cake was baked with love but I had a bad day so it’s baked with chocolate and hatred.” 

20) “I just want to go home …” 

  • what i say : i'm fine
  • what i mean: oh my god can you believe that kim namjoon actually exist in this world, he is such a thoughtful human being and every little thing he shares with us is so meaningful. he knows that he made mistakes in the past and he is aware of that, and he is willing to improve himself. and damn i wish i could see whatever is happening in his mind because those words he gives to us, the support, the encouragement, is only a part of his mind that he let us know. he could be rambling philosophical shits forever and i would always stay by his side making sure that he knows that i listen to him, that i care for him, that i love him, that he is loved. i hope he knows that.
AWOLNATION Sentence Starters Pt. 1

Hollow Moon

  • “I’ve been running from it all my lifetime.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with you.”
  • “I’m searching for my right mind.”
  • “I’m-a make a deal with the bad wolf.”
  • “Motherfucker I’ll be back from the dead soon.”
  • “Oh my God I think I might’ve made a mistake.”
  • “Waiting patiently was waiting taking up space.”
  • “We are waiting taking up space.”
  • “When copy cats and the lazy brats are the last thing I want to see.”
  • “No, my enemy is a friend of mine in a friendly place to be seen.”
  •  “They will never find me here!” 

I Am

  • “These friends of mine will come and go.”
  • “I’m the first to leave, the last to know.”
  • “I’ll be swimming in a face of flames.”
  • “For these friends of mine don’t know my pain.”
  • “All of these things make me who I am.”
  • “Maybe, all of these things make me who I am.”
  • “And I am only looking on it with my hands down.”
  • “Things are glistening.”
  • “So thanks a lot for listening.”

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Imma give you a cracktastic prompt: in a world where were are the norm, Stiles is a were!bunny. He is not impressed but he makes do. Derek on the other hand has a new past time in the woods :)

This… became long. I also know much more about rabbits now. Here’s what I imagine werebunny!Stiles looks like, though! So enjoy 4k of cracktastic fluff!

(9/10 prompts for my 1k followers thingy!)

Oh god.

Oh god, oh god, oh god.

Stiles hops over a tree root, his tiny rabbit lungs burning as he sprint-hops over the forest floor. He makes a mental note to lay off the curly fries.

Not that he’ll probably be able to do that.

Because he’s going to die.

His hind paw catches on a rock and he goes down, crashing onto his stomach, the wind abruptly forced from his lungs. He tries to scramble to his feet – paws, whatever – but he can already sense a large figure hovering over him, trapping him in. He makes a break for it anyway, though, desperately trying to escape, but a large muzzle with rows of sharp teeth is already descending on him and –

– and Derek Hale is going to eat him to death. And not even in a sexy way. Then Derek finally will become a murderer, and his dad will have to identify his body by scraping bits of his rabbit intestines off of Derek’s wolf-y canines.

All because he didn’t warn his werewolf friends off from their usual late night hunts, because then he’d have to admit that he’s a fucking wererabbit.

Oh god.

Stiles squeezes his eyes shut and waits for the kiss – or in this case, the painful, agonizing bite – of death.

Only it never comes.

It never comes, because for some reason, instead of swallowing him whole like a normal wolf, Derek’s decided to rub his face all over him. Gah, Stiles doesn’t even know where that muzzle’s been. Derek’s probably getting rabbit-guts from his previous victim all over Stiles’ carefully maintained coat.

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“You killed all of those guys surprisingly quick though. What was that?”

“That was my panic response! You know I don’t like Separatists, I told you specifically I wanted to avoid confronting them if at all possible!”

“I got curious, I wanted to see what would happen. …Oh my gods you actually are panicking. That is adorable.”

“…I hate you. So much.”

“You’re free to go your own way any time.”

“I don’t hate you -that- much.”

More fanart for @kiqo-gw2-corner !

Just a funny scenario that came to mind - Kiqo’s character Kara somehow ends up travelling alongside Chaz Targrin. How? I dunno, maybe they just happened to be taking the same route and decided to stick together for safety’s sake. Maybe Chaz heard rumours of Separatist activity and ended up paying Kara to accompany him on his journey.

Either way, Separatists happen, Chaz made the mistake of telling Kara he’s afraid of Separatists, and now he’s paying the price.

Fic: Come Home Soon

Title: Come Home Soon
Fandom: One Punch Man
Pairing: Saitama/Genos
Rating: M
Contents: University professor Saitama and student Genos, teacher-student relationship, dirty talking, Engrish
Disclaimer: This work is a fan creation with no affiliation whatsoever with ONE, Murata Yusuke, etc. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended. 
Summary/excerpt: Saitama pressed his phone to his ear, one hand cupped in front of the phone’s receiver. “Genos, what the fuck! I’m in the professor’s lounge, oh my God.”
Note: This was not beta-read so apologies for the mistakes, as English is not my first language. Also this was just an attempt™ to fill this empty, dry space in my heart where my saigenos crops are dying. 

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There are people who just., Drink sparkling water. as if it is Refreshing.? I just tried to give sparkling water one (1) chance but I’m suffering. except I gotta tough it out bc I’m in public and I can’t tarnish my honor,,, this is literally the very same bitterness of mortality referenced by Lord Elrond. I have made a terrible mistake

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Moments that happened in your life that you regret doing it? Sakamaki

((I couldn’t thing of any, so heres things they regret NOT doing…. oh god..))

Shu- Well… Whatever I did to Reiji, I guess..

Reiji- Not being an only child. Not smothering Shu when I had the chance. There’s many things. 

Ayato- Once Laito stopped me from pants-ing Subaru in the middle of his class. I regret it deeply. 

Laito- I once stopped Ayato from pants-ing Subaru. And then later that day Subaru broke my mirror. I wish I made him do it..

Kanato- Not… saving Teddy in time.

Subaru- …. There’s too many to list. And it’s pointless to dwell on such things.

Kino- Nothing? I’m perfect? I make no mistakes, honey.