oh god i loved this one

Bright Eyes

Pairing: (Stan x Reader)

Movie: It (2017)

Warnings: Swearing. Slight loneliness.


Maybe it was the way he blushed when he was around you, or the way his eyes glistened like diamonds when he stared at you. Whatever it was that revealed Stan’s mad love for you, even when he said he had no feelings, Richie caught on very quickly.

On a hot summer day in the peculiar town of Derry, the Losers club relaxed at the quarry. They all sat around, listening to cool music and eating snacks, and talking about life while cracking meaningless jokes.

Everything seemed perfect for everyone else, but today was not a decent day for you. You agreed to hang out with your fairly new friends today, but ever since you arrived, you wanted to be alone. Your presence seemed to make everything awkward with the other Losers. They whispered to each other and silenced themselves whenever you would approach. All of them did, except for Stan. He made you feel welcomed and wanted, which is the only reason you came to the quarry. But instead of hanging out with everyone else up on the rocks, you stayed low in the water, floating and letting off steam.

“Bev, if you could spend the day with Gretta or Henry, who would you pick?” Eddie asked, smirking at Beverly.

“Ew!” Beverly exclaimed, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Richie laughed and said, “Come on,” amusingly. He rolled his eyes, and to his curiosity, he caught sight of something.

“What’s this?” Richie swiftly reached down into Stan’s bag, and grabbed a folded piece of paper.

Stan looked up, heat rushing to his face.

“Nothing- give it back!” He reached for the paper.

Richie held his arms outward, and quickly unfolded it. Even while fighting Stan off, he speed-read the entire thing.

“Oh my god!” He laughed. “Guys listen to this,” Richie started.

“Richie you better not!” Stan struggled to snatch his paper back, but failed miserably.

“When she opens her bright eyes, the stars twinkle.

Her smile is happiness that she gracefully sprinkles.

One day, I hope I can call her mine,

because I think about her all of the time.

I have a feeling that I can’t comprehend,

In my deepest thoughts, Y/N’s more than just a friend.”

Minutes passed without one sound. Everyone looked at Stan, who hung his head low with


“You like Y/N,” Ben stated.

“No, he loves her!” Mike laughed happily.

They looked down the cliff at you, swimming by yourself.

“I bet you’d never tell her,” Richie teased. He placed the poem back into Stan’s bag.

“I don’t know,” Stan mumbled. He looked up at Richie, furrowing his eyebrows together.

“Scared of getting rejected?” Richie laughed,

“I bet her ‘bright eyes’ won’t seem so bright anymore!”

Stan chewed on his bottom lip. Before he could change his mind, he decided to prove Richie wrong. He looked down into the water, and flickered his eyes to you. Taking a big breath, he leaped off of the cliff.

His friends gathered at the edge, sharing expressions of confusion with each other.

The splash startled you. You looked around for the source, and saw Stan swimming towards you. A few moments later, he was right in front of you, staring deeply into your eyes.

Softly, he touched your wet face with both hands on your cheeks. His nose brushed yours as he leaned in. He embraced you in a warm kiss. His lips made you feel love that was absence in your life. The kiss glued your broken pieces back together, and created new pieces that were missing all along.

All too soon, Stan pulled away, gasping for air. He turned around and looked up at his friends.

“They’re still bright!” He shouted.

The Losers laughed, all except Richie.

“Well I’ll be damned,” Richie smirked.

Me after every 5 seconds of silence by myself: oh? I love katya. she’s great. she’s lovely and kind and she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my god damn life. I love her and my heart is bursting. oh katya? yeah I know her. I love her!

This time there would be no witnesses.

This time there was just the dead earth, a rumble of thunder, and the onset of that interminable light drizzle from the north-east by which so many of the world’s most momentous events seem to be accompanied.

The storms of the day before, and of the day before that, and the floods of the previous week, had now abated. The skies still bulged with rain, but all that actually fell in the gathering evening gloom was a dreary kind of prickle.

Some wind whipped across the darkening plain, blundered through the low hills, and gusted across a shallow valley where stood a structure, a kind of tower, alone in a nightmare of mud, and leaning.

It was a blackened stump of a tower. It stood like an extrusion of magma from one of the more pestilential pits of hell, and it leaned at a peculiar angle, as if oppressed by something altogether more terrible than its own considerable weight. It seemed a dead thing, long ages dead.

—  Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Chapter 1)

Okay so I saw the Spongebob Musical

To all of y'all who try to berate this without seeing or listening to it


Ikfekds okay but no I was shaken throughout the whole show and afterwards


So some highlights were

- every single one of the character’s introductions

- the heckin ensemble rocking the harmonies

- the entire stage shaking (omg rOUGH)

- perch perkin’s b a s s

- PLANKTON RAPPING LIKE NO TOMORROW (sNORT haha sorry) BUT SERIOUSLY! The show is so different from the soundtrack and lemme tell you,.,., plankton raps the same speed as Lafayette in guns and ships. Maybe even faster. sHOOK!!


- Ethan slater can Ethan SLAY ME DJDJ


- everything about Super Sea Star Savior

- I love patchy help him please



- “MY L E G”

-sandy can step on me


-balloons bubbles flashing lights and streamers being thrown everywhere

-the theme song

Oh my god I can go on forever but crikey that was the best day ever

It was so magical!!!

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What's your favorite fic that you have written? And what’s your fave fic that someone else has written?

Mod A:

favorite fic we’ve ever written is one that we will probably never publish, and the premise is touka after aogiri traveling in the past when japan was full of tribal ghouls and ken is the incarnation of the past one eyed king and they proceed to have really wild sex. Favorite fic by someone else is The Centipede’s Sting.

Mod K:

Favorite fic we’ve written is also not posted. It’s probably the wolf tribe AU, as well as the one that Mod A mentioned above. Oh! Also, one that we might post called the dragon god’s wife. that was lit. Favorite fic written by someone else? The Centipede’s Sting. It was never finished though and that breaks my heart.   I also really loved backburner by pseudocitrus.

I was tagged by @danamercers (thank you! 💕)


Always post the rules.

Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.

Write 11 questions of your own.

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1. What would you do with an infinite amount of money?

I’d buy like 10 sports cars for myself, a mansion, all the video game merch I want, all the clothes I want, an art studio, and I would spend it on my friends and family. Oh! And I’d go travelling all around the world 😎

2. If you could be The Best In The World™ in one thing, what would this thing be?

Art is one of my favourite things, so I’d definitely love to be the best at it! God knows I try :o

3. What did you think of the last game you played (last movie you watched if you don’t play vidya gamz)?

I haven’t started anything new lately but I’m replaying dark souls 3 again and ya’ll know how much I love that game and the series itself. I could talk about them for hours gotdamn. I love the co-op, love having good ol’ 1V1’s, love the world design, npc’s, the aesthetic is amazing, gotta love gitting gud™ too.

4. What’s your favorite school-related memory?

I had a huge squad throughout my years in high school who I’ve got great memories with. I miss them all sm. There’s also that time in primary school when I won an award for best artist. I still have the art set they gave me. Man, that was a long time ago.

5. The most bizarre gift you’ve ever offered or received?

My friend once got me a 7UP for my birthday. Boy I die.

6. What food are you craving right now?

Cravin some ice cream right about now 👀

7. What’s the song that resonates with you the most?

‘You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood’. I think that’s what it’s called. What a bop.

8. The first movie that made you cry?

I think it was The Fox and the Hound. Broke my heart, that movie did.

9. Your favorite Pokemon?

Is it bad that I’ve never played Pokemon?

10. Is there an album you would recommend to literally everyone, regardless of their music taste?

The only album I’ve listened to fully is Bastard by Tyler the Creator but I wouldn’t know who to recommend it to, it’s a pretty dark album.

11. An advice you would like to give to your younger self?

I’d say to stop being so shy, I would’ve loved to have been more outgoing when I was younger. Maybe things wouldn’t be as awkward now lmao

My questions: What is your favourite video game/tv show/movie/band and why? | Favourite fictional character? | What YouTubers do you watch, if any? | What’s your current obsession? | Biggest inspirations? | Do you have any hobbies/pastimes? | Worst game you’ve ever played? | What did you aspire to be when you were younger? | What do you think about tumblr (lmao)? | Favourite actor/actress? | Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world?

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Was just out on a dinner date and the waitress saw my ‘Treat People With Kindness’ phone case and was like “Oh my god, I LOVE your phone case” and gave me the most pointed look and I literally froze and looked at her then looked at my date who was very confused then looked back at her and I think she was trying to tell me that she KNEW that I knew that she knew and we were very much on the same page. So after wayyyyy too long of a pause I cleared my throat and was like “thank you so much” and then she nodded and WINKED at me before waking away. Wildt.

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(history teacher anon) okay but honestly he and his wife are just goals. he's in his fifties but talks about her like they're infatuated teenagers. one day he was showing us pictures of his family and one of her clicked up and he went "God, look at her. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I still don't know why someone like her married a guy like me. I'm so lucky. She's so beautiful." and like he just goes on about her like that all the time and they are all I want in a relationship.

Oh god that’s so beyond cute. I don’t know them, but I love them and their love.

Sam tho, total goals

Have you heard anything yet?


(GoT) Sandor Clegane || True Knight

If anyone asks me, why the hell I love Sandor Clegane so much, I will send them this video.  Because OH MY GOD.

If you are one of my TBBT friends on here, before you roll your eyes at this post…just watch. 

trinasongreprise  asked:

25, 50, and 43 for the asks! :D

thank you for the asks!!! ilysm <333

25. role model

HONESTLY it’s probably andrew?? he’s just so iconic and i strive to get to that level

43. favourite song ever

this one is so hard omg?? i really love christmas music?? idk it just always manages to put me in a good mood and i luv it

50. favourite picture of your idol


shambhalala  asked:

Top five problematic faves? 😂

Oh god, okay I’ll try haha. Idk who would class as problematic tho? Is it like villains you love but they’re villains? I’ll just go with what I think haha:

  1. Sam Drake (he’s my all time fave and he is just one big mess ngl haha) - Uncharted
  2. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader - Star Wars
  3. Billy Loomis - Scream
  4. Peregrin Took (he makes a lot of mistakes okay? He is classed as problematic to me haha) - Lord of the Rings
  5. Lets just go with Rafe Adler - Uncharted (easy one because he’s a hot headed anger bean but he’s a cutie too haha) actually make that Harry Flynn as well!

Thank you my darling, I think I did this right? <33

put “top 5” anything in my ask

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Grey Hat and William sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, second comes married and then comes a baby in the baby carriage!

“What? Oh, satan no. I would never. Not with him.” Grey Hat frowned.

William actually gags. “Me?! With a demon?! Like the one in my head?! God no!”

stormyparker  asked:

Oh my gosh! Yes! I love Sam so much! I've sent this idea to someone else before but I just fucking love it. The idea of Sam teaching your kid to play piano is just so fucking cute! Like your child is just sitting on his lap with their tiny fingers one the keys with his hands over theirs. Whatever note they play he just says like sweet little encouragements to them because he would be such an adorable dad

oh my god he would be. the sweetest dad???? the purest and best!!!! he’d have them on his lap and he’d be so encouraging and picture him helping them plunk out a little song while you watch and he’s smiling at you and. ugh. i need it!!!

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hello!! I'm considering making a separate tumblr for fanfic (specific to the holland boys and haz) do you have any suggestions getting started? this is my first time writing fanfic so i doubt it will be any good. thank you!! i adore your writing and admire how kind you are to anons!!

hi honey love!! thank oh SO much for those compliments oh my god, i Iove you. 

and tbh my advice is to tag things correctly (if it’s a tom holland piece, tag with only tom holland things, and etc), and add a couple of tags!! like i know some people only search through one tag. like they’ll only look through “(so and so) imagine” or something. so add things that pertain to your writing, like “(so and so) blurbs” and “(so and so) x reader” or whoever you’re writing it with!! you can tag me in your work, and i’ll check it out!

also, patience is key when it comes to writing. it took me a little bit to get out there. it may the same amount of time, or not! but don’t be too sad if your work doesn’t get big at first. most of my early things have few notes, but that doesn’t discourage me!!

and the last thing: write because you want to. write the way YOU want to, and write because YOU want to. play around a bit, see what style you like. you can go like me, and do an hc but write a whole story on it. or you could do a full blown imagine!! it’s whatever you prefer.

p.s. take breaks when you need to!! you don’t have to keep shoveling out works for people, give yourself time.

i hope this helped!! let me know when you’ve got this up and running, and i’ll check u out. if you need anything else, let me know! good luck with this, babylove. 💌

the-fangirl-arrived  asked:

Oh my god April, Juju's To Mourn is the scariest and saddest one so far to me. I'm not afraid of going into flights but jfc if I imagine, even for a second, an accident like that happening, I'd run out of the plane and never board one ever again 😭

Thank you for reading lovely, I hope you enjoyed it even though it was rather sad and honey- me too. I’m a bad flier to begin with- if something that horrible happened and i lost someone i loved? Screw it. I can keep my ass on Australian soil. 

^”lemme off lemme off lemme off lemme off!” literally me now- imagine me if that happened TT__TT

itsmootothecow  asked:

2, 5, 8, and 10 for the wlw asks?


2. i told my mom i was bi when i was 17 so that’s… gotta count for something? nobody knows i’m a lesbian though

5. oh god i don’t even know?? i think one of my favorites is that if a girl loves me back, it won’t be the way a guy loves women. i like that women love women in a way that’s unique!!! does that make any sense?

8. i have a crush on this girl that works at this weird mom and pop joint by my house? like she’s kinda mean and she has a purple bang and she’s straight, but every time i go into that store and see her i forget how to be a person jsdkdfjldsf

10. nothing is hotter than a girl who can make me laugh tbh?? like i love to make other people laugh so anyone who can return the favor is a 10/10

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My weirdest encounter with drunk people was the time when that old dude got really close to me and started telling me why he has one of those benefit cards and. I was so scared but luckily my colleague (who's about 15 years older than me) got him to leave god I'm glad

oh my god thats bad
luckily dudes have not being too weird? i mean one asked for a hug and i said no and walked back and he was like “ok”.
another (i don’t know if he was drunk) asked me why i was wearing shorts and i told him “it’s like 40 degrees (celsius) and i have to constantly move around??” and he was like “no i was just appreciating” and of course i replied “well you also are 20 years older than me so” and all his friends started screaming like i totally roasted him oops i loved that moment so much