oh god i love this movie ok


all the boys // panic! at the disco

Beauty and the Beast

THIS MOVIE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! It’s everything I wanted it to be! Luke Evans stole the show for me no matter how much of a little sour grape Gaston was!(keeping it PG) Josh Gad is perfect and I love him❤️ Dan Stevens. Dan Stevens. Dan Stevens. Oh my god he’s perfect! Emma is Belle! She is an amazing actress and she nailed this movie!! The rest of the cast were so adorable and Sir Ian McKellen and Ewan McGregor were amazing!

*PLEASE STOP READING HERE IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT! THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERS* Ok so there is a scene were the towns people come to kill the beast so everyone teams up to keep them out. Madame Armoire covers three men in ribbons and two end up running away as they’ve ended up in dresses but one man stays and looks really proud in the outfit and Madame Armoire proceeds to shout “BE FREE, BE FREE!”
He is later seen dancing with Lefou and I just want to thank Disney for finally having LGBTQ character(s)!

My favourite scene was the final scene were everyone is dancing and they’re all so happy❤️



Overall this movie was AMAZING and the songs are beautiful ❤️🌹

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Just helping out...

Prompt: Kai comforting you after you find Stefan cheating, with sex.

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Warning Sex, cursing, sex, oral (female receiving), bloodshare

Word Count: 1.3k

*Hope you like it :)

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LEGO Batman = Awesome

Gay as hell & I could hear the BatJokes shippers going off every five seconds but little robin was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen and OH MY GOD THE HUG SCENE IM DYING!!!! Don’t want to spoil it for anyone but OH MY GOD ALL HE WANTED WAS HIS HUG! AND YOU HAD TO MAKE IT SO DRAMATIC LIKE THAT WHY?!?!?!

It’s ok, I didn’t need my feelings anyway.

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(Warning: sin sin sin sin) listen I've seen so many gifs and pictures of hoseok with his tongue out lately that now all I can think about is how much he'd love going down on you. Like if you're hoseoks S/O you're constantly getting oral. Always. Nonstop. 24/7. And he'd be so chill about it too like you're just sitting with him watching a movie or smth and all of the sudden his head is betweet your thighs and you're like oh????

oMG YES YES YES YES!!!!!! gdhgshfjgdhj h elp!!!!!!! im like?????? tfw????? i kNOW! i can imagine it (oh god forgive me ;-;) but he’s hot af!!! T_T

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also his tong is???? so long??????????

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ok but serious talk, i personally think hoseok would be a very hot bf like???? he looks cute and adorable in the outside, but in the privacy he would be the most savage man (suuuuuper good) in bed, incredibly sexual (have you ever seen the way he moves his hips?? he know he does it well!!!)

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aaaaaaaaaahh i want to cry hes so rude ;-;


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: I like drama way too much for my own good hahahah here is part five guys! Sorry I let y’all waiting for too long. Now, I’m finally home and I can write as I used to. Also, please go show my beta writer Alyssa (@imyourliquor-youremypoison) some love. She is always taking time to fix my mistakes and helping me to improve. Check her fics with Chris too, because they’re incredible!! Let me know what you guys think about this part.

Part 1.

Part 4.

Part 6.

Masterlist ❁


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The Signs In a Relationship

Aries: Highkey jealous about everything/everyone. Comes off as a badass but is surprisingly overprotective of you.

Taurus: Worries about eVERYTHING they say or do. is probably always asking their friends how to reply to text messages.

Gemini: “do I really like them OR IS THIS JUST ANOTHER PHASE. Am I really ready for commitment?? do I really need this stress in my life rn??”

Cancer: “Why aren’t they texting back itS BEEN .010137 SECONDS OH MY GOD THEYRE GOING TO BREAK UP WITH ME”

Leo: “ok but we’re like the cutest couple ever”

Virgo: internally screaming 24/7

Libra: internally screaming bc they want to kiss you 24/7

Scorpio: sexts u nonstop

Sagittarius: wait a minute HOW DO YOU “RELATIONSHIP” agAIN?? I can’t do this nvm I give up

Capricorn: “Sorry I kind of suck at this whole…liking somebody…thing..”

Aquarius: “For the love of God just leave me ALONE FOR 2 SECONDS. you’re great and all but I need some ME TIME.”

Pisces: Relates their relationship to every romantic song/poem/movie/anything

A Slip of the Tongue

In case you wanted to fall deeper into the Wilde-Hopps trash bin :

This is in Nick’s POV 

I don’t do relationships. I’ve seen my fair share of mammals, who seemed crazy about each other, fall apart and I sure as hell wasn’t going to be apart of it. So why, I ask, did I let my brain trick me into getting attached? And why, why, why did I think it would be a good idea to open my idiotic mouth? She’s staring at me, eyes wide with a question forming on her lips. This is not at all how I wanted movie night to go. I stay rooted in denial, somehow believing that she didn’t hear the words I said so clearly, not even a foot away from her. The idea calms me enough to pull my expression into it’s usual disinterested stare. The soft glow of the television screen moves across her features, as “The Taming of the Shrew,” plays on, now only background noise. C’mon Fluff, Just look at the screen and pretend I said nothing, I plead within my thoughts, but she continues to dart her eyes across my face, probably searching for the expression that I’m hiding. Everything feels like an eternity as I wait for her response, and I fight the urge to play it off as a joke, knowing she’d see right through it. She takes a slow, audible breath and I’m not sure if it’s been seconds or minutes since my confession fell from my lips, but the wait is unbearable. I think I’ve made her speechless so I attempt to say something that doesn’t completely demolish the friendship we have.

“I- uh” I begin speaking but my stupid mouth can’t seem to get any words to string together coherently. Her brows pull together and she looks down, breaking eye contact. My stomach drops at this small movement and then knots up when her eyes return to mine. She already hurt me once, and I forgave her, but never forgot so I don’t know whether to hope for my words to be ignored or for them to be responded to. It feels like she has the power to crush me with a simple phrase and I hate it. Now I’m wide open waiting for an attack that I can’t defend myself from. Finally, in an excruciatingly slow exhale, she says my name and I want to run. I close my eyes, mentally scolding myself for my slip of tongue. All she did was look at me. Only a few moments ago her eyes held mine tenderly, a soft smile curving her lips, and the words just spilled out. The words I had only ever said jokingly or within my mind.  

I hear her begin to speak but my brain doesn’t want to decipher what she’s saying, and I don’t let it. I’m not ready to hear whatever she has to say, and I don’t need to anyway, since I’m already aware of what it’s going to be. Something about not wanting to risk what we already have which is a stable and invaluable friendship. It’s what I would say if it were the other way around. So why does it hurt when I imagine her telling me I already know? I allow myself one more moment of ignorance, take a breath, and listen. I stare blankly at her, letting her words register and in my head.

“Say that again,” I say, meaning for it to come out as a question, only for it to escape as a desperate demand.

My response must have been amusing because she gives her toothy smile that seems to brighten the dim-lit room. “I love you too.” She doesn’t say it in a joking or teasing way like anytime before, as friends do. Her words are sincere and now the question that’s been sitting in the back of my mind for months has an answer. I can’t fight the stupid grin spreading across my lips as Judy leans in closer to me and turns to watch the movie again, completely oblivious to the minor freak out I just went through. My whole life I’ve been so used to being let down that the warm rushes of relief hit me hard enough to make my eyes water, blurring my vision. Finally, I let myself hope that I might just have the happy life that I gave up on years ago. She feels warm and I watch the small movements of her ears as she listens to the movie, and the rise and fall of her chest that comes with her breaths. Every detail showing evidence of life that will eventually leave her before the year ends. I let out a contented sigh and pull her closer to me, unaware of this fact.

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Favorite Disney movie?

oh god

how dare you make me decide


every disney movie is a masterpiece hrghrh

theyre just all so good

but i guess i’ll go with Nightmare Before Christmas since i have a lot of childhood memories around it and since halloween is my favorite day of the year???

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Jungkook Scenario: This Love.

The Valentine’s Day Series.

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Jungkook gives you three options to spend Valentine’s Day.

It had been a long day at the university, the classes took like double the time they were supposed to, your eyes hurt and you didn’t want to think anything else, so when the bell rang you moaned but dragged yourself towards the front door to see who it was.
An impulse of energy ran through when you saw the newcomer, it was your boyfriend and not some annoying salesman. You opened the door and smiled softly, he took your hands and kissed your forehead as a greeting.

-Jungkook, I wasn’t expecting you-

He smirked. -Should I go then?-

You laughed and made him get inside completely, closing the door behind you. -Pabo, of course not, I’m actually very happy to see you-

Jungkook walked towards the little kitchen, plopping down on a chair, now observing him better you could notice he too seemed tired, he had dark circles under his eyes, his shoulders weren’t as straight as always and he had like a sulky mood. -I almost didn’t make it here today-

You served two glasses of water and offered one to him, sitting down on the chair that was closest to him. -Why? Did something happen?-

He sighed loudly and stretched his neck. -Everything is happening-

You frowned, that made you worry, maybe you had done something wrong? -Babe…-

Jungkook read your expression and took your hand. -It’s not you jagiya, It’s the things at the company, we are working a lot-

Caressing his shoulder you tried to give him support. -It’s ok babe, you can rest here, is there something you want to talk about?-

He took a long sip of his water, shaking his head. -It’s not just a thing, It’s more like we have a lot in our hands right now, there’s the upcoming concert and new choreography and the lyrics writing and meetings with the media… It’s just a lot to think about-

You squeezed his hand and smiled sweetly at him. -You can do it babe, just to things at your own pace-

He smiled back at you, reaching out to peck your lips. -You’re the best, you knew that?-

You kissed his lips again. -I know, but I don’t get mad if you remind me-

Jungkook chuckled. -Now you’re full of yourself-

-And who’s fault is that?-

You two laughed and talked a bit more about your days and how you were awfully tired and just plain exhausted of your responsibilities.

-So- he started. -Tomorrow is the famous Valentine’s Day, what do you want to do?-

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All By My Lonesome

Chris Evans x reader
Imagine: You’re best friends with Chris Evans and you’re pregnant with his baby but he has a fiancé, and his family thinks that you two should be together and deep down you both want to be together.
A/n: oh dear lord….
Genre: Drama, Angst, Family, Romance
Rated: Everyone
Warning: pregnant reader, angst, depressing thoughts, unplanned pregnancy, family issues
Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines
You felt sick when you had first saw the plus on the little stick. Pink, raging, life changing. You were pregnant and were already six months in. You fell to the bathroom floor, crying. What were you going to do now? You didn’t want to give it up for adoption and absolutely refused to get an abortion (it’s too late to get one anyways.) You had been suspicious after that one night with him. Him. The man who you were so deeply in love with and now pregnant with his baby. You rubbed your pregnant belly and called up two of your most trusted friends.
The British man sighed into the phone and simply said.
“You’re in pain, aren’t you?”
You cried and Tom said, seeming to be getting up from a piece of furniture.
“I’ll be there in a few.”
“I want Sebby…”
“Do you want me to call him?”
You cried, the emotional pain getting to you and you agreed. Tom stated.
“I’ll be right there. I’ll call Sebastian and see if he can come over.”
“Ok…see you when you get here.”
“You too, darlin. Love you.”
“Love you too, crazy Brit.”
He chuckled and hung up. You sniffled and whispered while crying.
“Why…why Chris, why!? Why did you have to leave me…?”
Chris Evans was a good man but felt that your relationship wasn’t working. After you two had break up sex and tried to move on, you found out he was engaged four months later. Was he really that ready to move on? Apparently so. It hurt you and when you found out you were pregnant, you got scared. You didn’t tell him, fearful of what he would do. Chris was unpredictable at times and you didn’t want to make him lose his temper. A text was received and you looked at your phone.
Romanian Man: Hey, are you alright, dragoste?! Tom called me and said you were hurting.
Me: I need someone with me right now :’( I’m in emotional pain right now…
Romanian Man: fuck. Ok, Tom just picked me up. We’re on our way. Hang in there, dragoste.
Me: did he bring the ice cream?
RM: lol yes he did. And chocolate covered strawberries, pie, and a milkshake.
Me: tell him I love him. Oh my glob.
RM: lmao. Done. I got your favorite movie too ;) don’t give that Brit all the credit.
Me: I love you too Sebby
RM: Thats more like it.
You chuckled and heard your front door open. A muffled voice called out.
You sniffled again and pounded the floor three times. Footsteps came up the stairs and you coughed. Tom and Sebastian walked in and Tom sighed.
“Oh, love. You’re going to stress yourself and the little anklebiter to death.”
You sniffled and Tom picked you up. You suddenly felt sad again and tears welled up into your eyes. You cried against Tom’s chest.
“Why doesn’t he love me? What did I do?”
Tom shushed you and Sebastian persed his lips. Sebastian grumbled.
“He’s an asshole, that’s why.”
“Sebastian, not helping. (Y/n), darling, it’s not that he doesn’t love you…believe me, he does-”
You screeched, pounding his chest with your fists.
“Then why didn’t he stay!?”
Sebastian rubbing your lower back when you hunched over a bit, your back cramping up. Sebastian sat you on the bed and soothed you, his hand working wonders. He suggested.
“Take it easy, sweetheart. You’re going to hurt yourself.”
You nodded and Tom continued, running his fingers through your hair.
“-As I was saying, Chris does love you. He just didn’t know how to move forward. His family gave him hell afterwards. Especially after he got engaged.”
“Was it really that easy for him to move on?”
Sebastian sighed and you grabbed the ice cream and a spoon. Eating the ice cream, Tom joked.
“You are going to get your baby hooked on ice cream, love.”
“Fuck off.”
You ate a spoonful of ice cream and Sebastian chuckled. You looked at Sebastian and told him.
“Open up.”
“No no, it-”
Sebastian sighed and did as told. You fed him a spoonful of ice cream and smiled. Sebastian rolled his eyes and Tom patted your shoulders. A knock on the door sounded through the house and Tom got up.
“I’ll be right back love.”
“Hurry back. We have a movie to watch.”
He nodded and disappeared. Sebastian asked, gently putting a hand on your pregnant tummy.
“Have you felt anything at all lately?”
You nodded.
“She or he was a little active yesterday. Kicked my bladder to oblivion.”
Sebastian chuckled and you smiled.
“He or she is really active when I sing to her or him….or they.”
Sebastian asked.
“They? You think you might have twins or triplets?”
You shrugged.
“It’s possible.”
Sebastian nodded and Tom came in, blocking the doorway and said gravely.
“I tried to tell him to go away…”
Chris walked in and you felt your breath catch in your throat. Sebastian stiffened a bit and put a protective arm and your waist. Chris was about to say hi when his gaze fell onto your tummy and his eyes widened.
“What the fuck are you doing here?!”
You yelled, fresh tears falling down your cheeks. Chris bit his lip and looked down.
“I wanted to talk to you…”
You gulped and Chris asked Sebastian and Tom.
“Can I get some privacy?”
Sebastian glared at Chris and you patted his hand.
“It’s…ok, Sebby.”
He looked at you and sighed, kissing your temple.
“I’ll be right outside if you need me.”
You nodded and Chris sat in front of you on the floor. He swallowed nervously and gestured to your swollen tummy.
“I-is….is it…mine?”
You nodded stiffly and Chris bit his lip, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He whispered.
“Oh my god…oh god, I’m so sorry…”
You cleared your throat and asked, lookinh down.
“Don’t you have a fiancé to tend to?”
Chris whispered.
“I broke it off with her.”
You gasped.
“What? Why? She was…really beautiful.”
You weren’t gonna lie. You were jealous of that woman he used to be with. She was a model in your eyes. Everything you thought you weren’t, she was. Chris said.
“Because she’s not the one I want?”
“Then why did you stay with her?”
Chris sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
“Because I thought I could…to be honest, I don’t know. I don’t love her. I love you. I just didn’t know how to move forward with our relationship and I got scared…worried you might get tired of me…but I wanna make up for it.”
You scoffed.
“Why should I give you a second chance? ”
“Because I won’t let anybody else take care of my child.”
Your eyes widened at the possessive tone. Chris continued, inching forward carefully. He cautiously lifted a hand and moved your shirt, showing your belly and gently pressed his cheek on the skin. His ear listened in and Chris cried when he heard a faint heart beat. You felt your heart skip a beat at the action and Chris cried.
“I’m so sorry…so so sorry…”
You sighed and patted Chris’s head. You said quietly.
“I know. What about your family?”
“They practically cheered when I told them I was gonna get you back.”
You chuckled and Chris asked.
“Will you forgive me?”
“Watch this movie with me, Tom, and Sebby. Then I will.”
Chris smiled genuinely and kissed your tummy before laying a sweet, small kiss on your lips.
‘I missed this so much. ’
You thought.

OH MY GOD MY FEELS……this was so much longer than expected….


part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9 / part 10 / part 11


“Is there a reason I had to walk here in the rain because you were too insistent to wait for a fucking bus?” Pidge grumbled from under a mountain of towels and blankets, a mug clutched in her hands.

“Yes.” Lance said, plopping himself down in front of her. “Tell me about multiverses.”

“Multive- Lance, what? Is this about that guy again?” She asked, looking concerned and shoot Hunk a look. Lance caught it and groaned.

“Just tell me, Pidge. Please.” He begged, and Pidge sighed.

“Well, um…..Lance, I’m more into aliens and stuff but uh, let’s see.” Lance waited patiently, not saying a word as Pidge gathered her thoughts. It took a moment, and then she started talking.

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ok i’m doing it, i’m watching skam- and yeah i get what people mean when they compare it to skins because it’s definitely got a similar vibe but there’s def more of a focus on cinematography and i love that it’s got that slow pace that’s common it european tv/cinema compared to the way british tv copies the fast pace of american tv/movies 


Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2015) - David Zellner

5 bullets on this film:

  • This film is about an awkward japanese woman who is bored by her job, doesn’t have any friends and becomes obsessed by a movie. Kumiko, the protagonist, is so weird that you end up loving her.  I could really relate to her, because I too am obsessed by movies, don’t have friends and I barely leave my bed. yay.
  • The actress is soooo good, she did a great job playing Kumiko. The rabbit who plays Bunzo is also very talented, I’m not kidding. Like, he should win an Oscar.
  • The movie is hella sad, but there are some funny scenes as well, so it’s not too dark. 
  • There are some beautiful and symmetrical scenes (I LOVE SYMMETRICAL SCENES OH MY GOD). Kumiko wears the same red jacket during the whole movie, so it gives a cool contrast between her and the background.
  • Ok, ok, that is based on a true story. Not really a true story, but it’s an urban legend about a japanese woman that went to the USA to look for a treasure. And it didn’t turn out well. 

I was tagged by @unhooking-stars (AAAHH ILY)

RULES: tag nine people you want to get to know better!

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single and arospec af.
FAVORITE COLOR: I literally can’t choose just one color I love all of them.
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra 
TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Sherlock Holmes, Enjolras, and Luna Lovegood
TOP 3 SHIPS: JUST THREE?!?!? ok um Enjolras/Grantaire, John/Sherlock, and John Lennon/Paul McCartney.
BOOKS I’M CURRENTLY READING: oh god…The song of Achilles. I absolutely love it so far but I’m afraid to continue reading because I know it’s not gonna end well. Also Les Miserables (!!!!!!!) (I’m a proud survivor of the battle of Waterloo chapter).

Okay I tag @chocolatemika@johnlockishell , @arrrrnau , @kraeuterhexchen@leylamisprouvaire , @oreosforthecaptain and whoever whats to do this! <3

Hidden- A Henry Mills One-Shot

Title: Hidden
Request: I was wondering, if you weren’t too busy of course, if you could write a one shot for me where Henry and the reader are dating, but they are hiding it from Regina because Regina is not too fond of the reader? And then there’s lots of fluff at the end and yeah.
Pairing: Regina Mills x Henry Mills x Reader

Henry looked down at his phone to see a text from his girlfriend, Y/N.
“Hey! You want to hang out today?” the text read.
“Sure! My mom’s not home so you want to come over?” Henry texted back.
“On the way :)” Y/N texted back.
Henry was dating Y/N secretly. Regina, his mother, didn’t know of the realtionship. Y/N and Regina weren’t the closest people anyways, Regina didn’t really like her much.
About ten minutes later, Y/N knocked on Henry’s door.
He ran down the stairs to greet her, “Hey Y/N!”
“Henry!” Y/N said hugging him.
“Come in. I heated up some pizza and we can watch a movie or something.” Henry said
“Ok cool.” Y/N responded.
The two went into the kitchen, got some pizza, and sat down to watch a movie.
“Can we watch Star Wars? I’ve gotten obsessed with it lately.” Y/N laughed.
“I love Star Wars! Of course we can watch it.” Henry responded, putting the DVD in.
Henry then sat beside Y/N and put his arm around her as the movie began.

Half way through the movie, Regina came home.
“Henry!” she called.
“Oh god.” Henry said looking at Y/N.
As soon as Y/N was about to run out the room, Regina walked in.
“Y/N? Why are you here?” Regina asked.
“Mom I can explain.” Henry said.
“I’ll leave Ms. Mills I’m so sorry.” Y/N said.
“Henry please tell me why she’s here.” Regina demanded.
“Mom, I’ve been dating Y/N for a few months now.” Henry said.
“You what? Henry why didn’t you tell me!” Regina yelled.
“You don’t like her! I like her a lot and wanted to be with her so I just didn’t tell you.” Henry said.
“Y/N leave.” Regina said.
“No Y/N stay.” Henry said.
Y/N stayed in the room despite Regina’s demands.
“Mom she makes me happy. I’ve never enjoyed being with someone as much as I have with Y/N! She’s amazing.” Henry said, “I don’t want us to end.”
Y/N blushed, “If it make any difference I feel the same way. He’s my favorite person to hang out with.”
Regina looked at them both for a moment, “You two do look genuine about your feelings. I’ll let you continue the date, but I’ll be in here to watch you.”
Y/N sat down beside Henry again.
“Just go with it.” Henry whispered to her as he started the movie again.
Henry put his arm back around Y/N.
“Watch the hands Henry.” Regina said.
Henry rolled his eyes and took his arm off her.

When the movie was over, Y/N was about to leave.
“Bye Y/N. Sorry about all this.” Henry said.
“So are we over?” Y/N said, her voice sounding upset.
“No.” Regina said, “You can date her Henry.”
“Really! Thank you mom. Y/N I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Henry said. He hugged her again.
“My place tomorrow?” Y/N laughed.
“Totally.” Henry said as Y/N left his house.
“Next time lay off the ‘hands off’ mom.” Henry said as he closed the door.
“Sorry. You really like her and I just don’t want you to move to fast.” Regina said.
“So you’re ok with me dating her?” Henry said.
“You seem to really like her, she likes you. I’m fine if you’re happy.” Regina said.
Henry hugged his mom, “Thank you.”


Much love!


icecreamkink  asked:

hey, did you know i've followed you since Les Mis Days and only recently realized you were the same artist i was loving the drarry art from?? lmao; ok requests: more beauxbatons enjolras! maybe blushy meeting ravenclaw grantaire? or drarry on quidditch pitch ? ty and anyway your art is great ❤️

Hi! Oh my god that’s like… 2012! I got into les mis when the movie came out (like a lot of people I guess) and it hasn’t left me since. :’D It’s weird to think it’s already been that long…..

I kinda mixed both your prompts and ended up with quidditch player Grantaire (I also couldn’t decide if I prefer him in Ravenclaw of Hufflepuff so I did both)  flirtingarguing with Beauxbatons Enjolras. Enjolras is not impressed and ready to strike. ♥  (also Grantaire’s holding a broomstick it’s just really weirdly shaped sorry) I hope you like it!! 

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Do you think MGG likes to have his hair pulled and stuff? (and my god if he groans when it happens.)

oh my god do i think he likes it. i feel like he’d love that. the lil shit has long hair for a reason. hed love to have your hand in his hair any time, be it when you’re chilling on the couch together with a movie on or driving, making out intensely or fucking like its the last time u ever do it. and when u’d pull hed instantly and groan and moan a breathy ‘fuck’ and grip your ass tighter and ESPECIALLY if you hand slightly longer nails like cat claws (which r class btw my holy grail but dont think like extreme ok theyre tame) and scratch him a little bit hmgmgm he’d literally pop a boner so quick it'f be a fkn record