oh god i look ugly in this pic

SHINee had the most variety of suits in the history of kpop

i mean they go from classic

to wedding suits

to formal suits

to even ugly suits with crazy colors

and the 70s gosh those 70s feels

let’s not forget this one

and oh god this

and those god damn velvet and leather suits

bottom line is SHINee saved those looks and no one can argue with me

Jessi: I thought I make a face reveal after I hit 165 Followers. (Thank you all, I appreciate everyone from you.) I post it on our twin blog, because Jenny and I won’t make another pic of ourselves.

Jenny: seriously I was looking the whole time like “please someone kill me” but ey congrats Jessi. I am so proud of you.

My mother. Benedict Cumberbatch. And a lot of photographs

(My mother went to see August: Osage County…)

Me: “[…] And what did you think about Benedict Cumberbatch?”

M: “Oh, such a great actor! A bit ugly, but a great actor!”

Me: “… I’m sorry, what?”

M: “Well yeah, he was very good, but he’s not good looking at all.”

Me: “… now let me show you something.”

*pics from Hawking*
*pics from Parade’s End*
*pics from The fifth estate*
*pics from Star Trek*

Me: “You were saying?”

M: “Oh. Well, maybe I was wrong, he’s not that- ..oh my God, is he naked ?”

Me: “Not exactly, he was having a shower in a cut scene in Star Trek and-“

M: “ Cut scene? You mean we can’t SEE it?”

Me: “Well, actually we can, it’s on youtube and-“

M: “Hurry up then!”

Me: “…ooookay, but-“

M: *sees some pics from Sherlock* “Oh god, is he wearing nothing but a SHEET?”

Me: “Mum…”

M: “Those cheekbones are not human. They’re not, they can’t possibly- A purple shirt? Why isn’t he always wearing a purple shirt?!”


M: “He’s not married, is he?”

Oh God, what have I done

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so get this, my friend says that she thinks misha collins is ugly and that he only looks good on pics that are srsly photoshopped, and my heart is breaking do you feel my pain?!

OH GOD! I do feel your pain, lol! Then again, we can’t all be attracted to the same people… Imagine like millions of people all going after one single human being, that would be a very big problem. :p

But anyway, jokes aside; especially when it comes to pictures (talking about the ones without photo shop), we all have flattering and not-so flattering angles and facial expressions. Like, sometimes I see a picture of myself and I’m like ‘hey, not bad’, while other times I see a pic of me and I’ll be like ‘holy crap, I will put a paper bag over my head and hide in a cave forever’. 

Talking about Misha though, if you’re gonna look at gifs (purposely taking gifs as an example because outside of the lighting/color they rarely have specific features photo shopped or adjusted, unlike most pictures)

(Taking three different settings at random; An actual photoshoot where he’s supposed to look ‘pretty’, a random gif of him laughing at a con, a gif of him while he’s acting on a show.)

I think the guy is very attractive, obviously, but again, it will always be a matter of taste. On the other hand, even if he’s not your type, I’d have a hard time calling him ‘ugly’ by ‘regular’ beauty standards. 

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OMG DID YOU REALLY MEET TOM HIDDLESTON?! How was it? Did you take a pic or something? Ommgggg

Oh my god, yes I saw him! haha Well it was very very quick because he was leaving the bbc studios and had to go somewhere else so I just had time to take a pic with him 

#fab and yeah I cut myself off the pic because I was talking while the pic was taken and my mouth looks weird (the person who took the pic should go to jail seriously) and he is so tall omg i’m 5′7 and he looks like a giant next to me :’)) That’s pretty much it, It went all so fast…

Chapter 42: Baby


“You look so grown now, ion’ like it.” Chris mugged me as he looked me up and down from head to toe. I’m so glad that I don’t have to hear Chris bitch every moment about who I’m seeing, what I’m wearing and etc. It feels so good to be legal. 

“Well you gone have to deal with it.” I smiled as I almost fell because my little brother Christian was hiding behind me. Oh, I forgot to mention that I recently found out that I have a little brother named Christian and my ‘mom’ is sick so I have to take him in. Well, I don’t have to I volunteered to because he’s a sweet kid and I’m good with Ri and Ro. So why not? 

“Where he come from? I thought that was Ri, I still can’t find her ass man it’s been an hour.” Chris sighed stressfully as I laughed. I knew where she was but she told me not to tell. I can’t snitch on my baby. 

“That’s why I came here. You’re gonna get to know your brother and I’m gonna go to the club tonig-" 

"How you just gone sign me up to watch him? I don’t even know him and what if I had something to do?" 

"Oh please, you always do that to me when I have to go to my classes and stuff. You can’t do this one thing for me? I haven’t been out in months, all I’ve been doing is studying." 

"Where Myles at?" 

"Ugh Chris, he’s coming with me duh so he can’t watch him." 

"Fine, I’ll watch him." 

"You short as hell, he bout the same height as you.” Chris chuckled, making fun of my height. I was pretty short, but it’s all good I like my height. 

“Damn baby, where yo keys? it’s hot as fuck in that car.” Myles said as he came into the house fanning himself. “I’m not about to waste no gas for your ugly ass, you better stay in here with me.” I said as he sucked his teeth and sat down on the couch.

“Aw nah, you let her tell you what to do? You a pussy, Bruh. Fuck her, I would’ve took them keys.” Chris laughed as Myles waved him off. Myles knows not to play with me or its gone be on. 

“Nah man if ion’ listen to her she gone be mean as hell and she ain’t gone give me the ass. I guess I’ll just be a pussy then.” Myles shrugged as I rolled my eyes. 

“Amarie baby, come out. Yo daddy bout to cry!” Myles yelled out as we all heard her smack her lips. I swear she was so cute. Just wait til Royalty starts walking and talking. 

“Daddy stop being a punk.” Amarie smacked her lips as she revealed herself from the closet. She makes me want a little girl so much. I’ve been thinking about having one, but I’m too young. I think I should wait for that. 

“Oh, so I’m a punk?” He asked as Amarie slowly nodded her head, because she didn’t know if she was about to get in trouble or not. 

“Well that’s what Ima tell you when you ask for ice cream cause ima say no.” He teased her as she started she started whining.

“It’s okay twin, I’ll buy you some ice cream.” Myles smiled at her as she ran to him and hugged him as she stuck her tongue out at Chris while he did the same thing to her. These two were something else. 

“Where’s Raye?” I asked as he looked around before shrugging his shoulders. I really wanted to talk to her, but I guess I will another day. “I should get going though. Christian, be nice to your.. nieces?” 

“Aint he your brother?” Chris asked as I nodded. “WEll yea, that would make Ri and Ro his nieces then.” Chris said as Christian started smirking, before I gave him a look. His bossy ass. 

“Alright, I love you all. Come give me a kiss.” I smiled as I puckered up my lips and before they knew it, Chris pushed them all out of the way and hugged me. 

“Chris move.” I sucked myeeth, as I pulled the kids towards me. “Byye you guys, I love y’all. I promise the next time I come overhere, I’ll take you guys out, ok?” I assured them as they all nodded. 

Myles said he goodbyes to them and afterthat, we both left. While I was in thecar, I started to miss Christian a little bit. We’ve gotten close these past few weeks. 

Scrolling through the pictures of us, I posted one of the best ones on instagram.

chrissywithdacakes: miss my lil munchkin 

After I posted it,I put my phone away and laid back,because this drive to the mall was about to be long. 


“Oh my god, I’m gonna turn my volume off.” I rolled my eyes as I got a new notification every second from Chris sending me snapchats. Ever since he got this new update, he don’t know how to act. 

He keeps sending me ugly ass selfies every minute. Not only that, but he complains about how I should look when I snap myself and how I can’t be looking good. I swear he’s about to get blocked.

chrissy😍😂😎👌🏽💘🔑: hold up, what u got on? just watched yo snap. send a pic 

Me: just going out with my friends. chill out, this outfit is not major.

chrissy😍😂😎👌🏽💘🔑: ARE YOU OUT YO FUCKING MIND?! Bring yo ass home right now and change. “Going to lunch with my friends” my ass. you got some fucking nerve. you bold then a bitch. What u need to look that good for Lani n em for? You never look that good for me, you be ugly asf & all busted up now all of a sudden you wanna look good. Who is he Raye? Just gone and tell me. 

Me: no bc I’m already on the freeway and I can’t be late. so you just gone have to wait homeboy & wtf are you talking about 😑 and that’s not even funny, that really hurt my feelings. Is that what you really think of me? I’m ugly? Ok I’ll remember that

That was the last thing I said because he had just read it which pissed me off a little, but I just shrugged it off. 

When I pulled up to the Mexican restaurant, I spotted Chris leaning on his car but he didn’t know I was here yet. Quickly trying to hurry up and get inside, he ended up seeing me.

“Nah bring that ass here.” Chris said as he grabbed me by the waistband of my skirt. I didn’t even get to sit down yet. How the hell did he get here before me?
“You thought I was playing? Oh nah, you gone change or go back home.” He said, holding up an Adidas hoodie and matching sweats. He could’ve at least brought shorts. It’s too fucking hot for sweats. 

“What 7head doing here?” Keeis asked as he was about to walk in with Kehlani. They were so cute. 

“Somebody need to change they outfit.” Chris said, making me roll my eyes. He was overreacting. 

“Ah chill out Chris, it’s cute. You act like she’s naked.” Kehlani said as I silently thanked her. She gets it. 

“Might as well fucking be!" 

"Nah I see what he mean. All I see is nipples. You my lil homie and all but I think you should change too.” Keeis stated as I sucked my teeth before rolling my eyes.

Snatching the car keys out of Chris’ hand, I made my way to his car and drove off before he could even tag along. He can ride home with Kehlani and Keeis for all I care. 

The ride home was really short, which surprised me because there was usually traffic in this time of the day. While I made it into the house, I saw August sitting on the couch with Ro in his arms and Ri in his lap sleeping. 

“When did you get here? Where Bri go?” I asked, because Bri was supposed to be watching the kids. “She said some shit bout y'all’s mom. She texted you.” He spoke as I nodded. I had turned my phone off so that’s why I didn’t get it. 

“Here, let me go put them upstairs for you.” I said carefully picking up Royalty as he volunteered to pick up Amarie and Christina’s brother. He looked a little like Chris and Christina. 

“Earlier, Ri was looking at my tattoos and she noticed some shit. She was like 'I got this too uncle aug’. It was my birthmark. Look at her arm and look at mines.” August said as we both put them down in the bed. Eyeing him weirdly, I looked at both of their arms and the birthmark was a complete match. 

“So? What’s your point?” I shrugged, not understanding why he was telling me this. Okay cool, they have the same birthmark in the same place. I have the same name as my cousin. His point?

“Amarie could be mines. Get a DNA test.” He said as I scrunched up my face and fell back a little bit. He got me fucked up.

“What?! August are you out your mind? Amarie is Chris’ child ain’t no denying that." 

"Dude, she don’t look shit like Chris. If she was Chris’ I think she would’ve at least been a little brighter. She more on the caramel side like me. Why you lying to yourself Raye?” He sucked his teeth. She didn’t, but that didn’t mean anything. I know a lot of people who look more like their mothers than their fathers. 

“Okay? She looks like me. And Bliss was dark skinned, but royalty’s Chris skin tone… August can you just drop this? The last time we had sex I could’ve sworn you pulled out. Either way it goes, I am not getting a DNA test so stop asking me!” I said, realizing that I didn’t have to explain myself to him. 

“Is you scared of what Chris might do? It ain’t like you cheated or nothing so what can he do?” He said in a more calm tone as he looked down at me. 

“August please.” I sighed, because he was starting to work my nerves. I don’t know why he thinks he’s amarie’s father just cause of that damn birthmark. A lot people have the same birthmark. 

“Whatever Raye, you full of shit. You should be happy that I’m even trying to claim her. Chris ain’t want shit to do with her while you was pregnant.” He said, pushing my buttons. He really wants to take it there.

“August stop fucking talking to me. Just leave, you’re pissing me off." 

"What the hell y'all arguing about?” Chris’ voice boomed throughout the living room as I jumped. He got here faster than I expected. Lani, Keeis, and Alexis was with him too. 

“Nothing.” I mumbled as I shook my head at August before storming up the stairs to my room. I didn’t hesitate  to slam the door either. 

August is fucking petty ass hell to even bring that shit up. I don’t care how old it is, it makes me mad every time I think about it. 

“What you mad for?" 

"None of your fucking business.” I accidentally snapped. I didn’t mean for it to come off so harsh but I didn’t wanna be bothered because of August. 

“Maaaaan, stop being a goddamn bitch." 

"We’ll leave me the fuck alone!" 

"Alright, that’s a fucking bet then. Don’t come in my face crying when I ignore yo stupid ass either. You must be on yo period, you been bitching all fucking week. I will gladly leave you the fuck alone. Ion want yo cooties anyway.” Chris mugged me as he grabbed his charger and left the room.

Screaming into my pillow, I felt tears slide down my cheeks after that. I dont even know whatthe fuck is wrong with me. Why am I so emotional?


“What were they arguing about?” Nae asked me as she twirled her loose curls around her fingers. She had text me earlier and said she needed to talk and shit and I’m down cause I ain’t talked to her in a minute. 

“Ion know but she just pissed me off with her cry baby ass. All I was doing was trying to help.” I rolled my eyes, picturing everything that happened earlier. I swear I was about to cuss Raye the fuck out, but I can’t revert back to my old ways. 

“Maybe August really said something that made her mad, Chris. She’ll tell you when she’s ready." 

"Fuck that, we supposed to tell each other everything as soon as we find out about it. Ain’t no waiting.” I spat as Nae put her hands up in defense. 

“Or maybe it wasn’t even that bad, it’s probably just hormones. Is she pregnant?” She asked as my heart dropped at the mention of being pregnant. 

“Nah.. She can’t get pregnant.” I mumbled, not wanting to speak on this topic. It hurt me just as much as it hurt Raye. I wanted Raye to have like 1000 of my babies. Nah I’m playing, but I really wanted plenty of kids and it sucks that it can’t happen. 

“Wassup with you though? You been distant.” I asked, changing the subject. I could tell she’s been trying to avoid whatever she had to tell me. 

“Ty cheated on me that’s why I’ve been so distant. I haven’t been myself ever since he told me, Chris. I met this guy and started talking about all my problems to him and he introduced me into this…” She explained pulling out a little baggie, that had some white shit in it. Not Nae..

“Nah Nae.. I know that ain’t what I think it is.. You better than that.” I shook my head as he put hers down in shame. 

“I’m sorry Chris, I haven’t been using for about 2 weeks.” She apologized as she sighed. 

“Why you still have it?" 

"Cause I thought about using it before I came here.." 

"Give me that bullshit.” I sucked my teeth as I held my hand out. She hesitated at first but eventually gave it up. Going toward the bathroom, I poured it in the toilet and flushed it before throwing the little Baggie away. 

“Now how you find out he was cheating? I swear, I’m gonna kill Ty." 

"King and I were out celebrating his birthday and he really wanted Ty to be there but Ty couldn’t make because he was supposed out of town. So while we’re at King’s party, I realized that I forgot the cake so King and I go back.. and Ty’s having sex with some girl in OUR bed. It hurt a lot to see that, Chris. 

Especially since it was King’s birthday. He blew his own son off for some girl..” She explained as a few tears started running down her face. Ty’s bold as hell for that bullshit. I ain’t know Ty went down like that.

“I’m sorry, Nae..” Was all I could say. 

“Come to find out, he’s been cheating on me with her ever since I was pregnant with King. It was just too much for me to take in, Chris.” She said as she wiped her tears away. “Come here, Nae.” I sighed as I pulled her into a hug. 

“I understand that, but you know better. You got a son, you can’t be throwing your life away like that. Fuck a Ty. You could’ve came to me, you know I'ma always be there for you.” I told her as she nodded and a few of her tears soaked my shirt. 

“You’re right, thanks Chris." 

"Has he even tried to apologize?" 

"Yea, but before we broke up he swore up and down he never messed with her now they’re together.. It hurts so much to see him with her that’s why I distant myself from everybody.”  

“I know, that’s how I felt when Raye broke up with me and got with August. Shit hurts like hell. Don’t distant yourself from me though. You can always come to me.” I remember exactly how I felt when Raye got with August. It felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. 

“Alright Chris, I should get going. I’m kind of sleepy.” She yawned as she stood up. I noticed that she did loose a little weight from that dumb shit. She ain’t as thick as she used to be. She don’t look sick or anything though. 

“You could sleep here if you’d like.. It’s kind of late.” I offered, because she already looked sleepy as hell like she hasn’t slept in days. Damn, Ty got her stressing for real. 

“Where?” She asked as I led her to the other guest room next to the one I was in. “Here, I’ll be back in to check on you later. Get some rest, aight?” I assured her as she nodded and shut the door. 

Walking back to the guest room that I was sleeping in, I got back in bed and stared at the ceiling. I wanted to just go back in the room with Raye, but she pissed me off. I couldn’t sleep alone, though. 

“Baby?” Raye called out as she peeked her head in the door. I looked up at her but I didn’t say anything. I told her I was going to ignore her ass and I meant that shit. Her eyes were red from crying but ion’ care. Let me stop stunting, hell yea I care but I can’t let her know that. 

“Chris, I’m sorry.” She sighed as she shut the door behind her and climbed into the bed next to me. “Chris..” She mumbled as she laid on top of me with her head on my chest. 

“Chris can you please talk to me? You’re gonna make me cry. I promise I won’t ever shut you out like that again, just please talk to me. I’m sorry.” She begged as her voice started to crack. Damn why I gotta have a soft spot for her? 

“Alright, alright chill out Raye.” I sighed as I sat up and held her in my arms because I knew that would somewhat make her feel better. 

“I’m really sorry Chris, you just caught me at a bad moment. I was already mad about the whole outfit thing and August didn’t make it any better.” She explained as I was more anxious to find out what the fuck her and August were talking about. 

“You ready to tell me now?" 

"When I got back to the house, he was saying how Ri noticed they had the same birthmark and that if Ri was yours she’d be our color, but she’s a little more tan so he wants me to get a DNA test. Then I said she’s yours, no doubt and he started saying I wasn’t shit and he brought up when you didn’t believe Ri was yours and that really pissed me off." 

"Why he want Ri to be his child so bad? I ain’t questioning Ri or anything, but did yall use a condom the last time y'all got together?" 

"No, but ri’s not his, Chris. When August came back I was already 6 months pregnant & he wasn’t even in California during those 6 months.” She explained as I put my hands up in defense. 

“Wipe them ugly ass tears away.” I said as she gasped before turning her head the other way. “I’m just playing Raye.” I chuckled as she still stayed in the same position. 

fuckyopictures: she’s mad at me 😫😂

“You don’t have to put every moment on Instagram, Chris.” She rolled her eyes with a smile on her face. I liked showing her off, letting niggas know that her fine ass was mines. 

“I just like showing off my girl..” I chuckled as she mumbled an 'aw’ and starting blushing again. It feels just like how it did when we were in high school. 

“I know you don’t like talking about this, and I don’t either… if I drop the kids off at my moms, you wanna try make another-” I started to say but she sucked her teeth and cut me off. 

“It’s not gonna work Chris..” She sighed, putting her head in her hands. “We won’t know until you try." 

"We have sex almost everyday without a condom. I think there’s been a lot of trying." 

"How you know you not pregnant?” I asked as she got quiet. 

“The doctors said I cou-" 

"Have you had your period this month?" 

"No, but that does-" 

"You been kind of bitchy lately too, no offense. I know when a female is pregnant Raye. You got that glow too. Fuck what the doctors said, you pregnant." 

"Oh, the glow thing you’re seeing is just this new highlighter I bought. It’s works good doesn’t it?” She asked chuckled as I mugged her. 

“Foreal Raye, I know this. Let’s just try one more time and we gone get a pregnancy test in a few days.” I said holding my hand out so she could shake it. Our childish asses still made bets. 

“Whatever Chris, if you say so.” She smiled as I cheesed back at her. A nigga was cheesing hard as he. Heart was skipping beats. Just imagine how Ima be when I know she’s actually pregnant. 

“If you’re pregnant, what if it’s a boy?” I asked, because I wanted a little Chris running around here. We already got 2 girls, that’s enough. They always be ganging up on me. Need a lil man around here. 

“I’d be excited, I really want a boy. Ri gets on my nerves with her attitude sometimes but that’s still my baby. Just wait til Ro gets older, I hope she doesn’t have an attitude like Ri. A boy would be nice though." 

"Nah, her attitude gone be like mines. And no shit, she gets it from your stubborn ass.” I said as she rolled her eyes and looked at me like 'bitch please’.
“I am not stubborn." 

"Yea ok..” I said sarcastically as she playfully hit me. 

“Oh well, you love my stubborn ass.” She smiled as she poked my nose like I was a female or some bring. 

“I sure do.” I smirked as I poked her tiny button nose before giving her a quick peck on her soft, juicy lips. I was about to speak until I got a message from Christina. 

Christina: omw out, cute or no? 

“Look at christina lil grown ass.” I said,showing Raye my phone. Raye gushed over the picture before sending Christina a message and handing me my phone back. 

“Chris, don’t hate me after I tell you this.” She said, as she sat up on my lap and bit her lip. “What now?” I sighed as she hesitated before telling me. 

“I’m thinking about getting a breast reduction…” She mumbled as I pushed her off of my lap and stood up. 

“A WHAT?!" 

"A breast reduction…” Was all she said before I fainted.