oh god i look huge compared to her

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How big did you brother end up growing to and do you have any more stories about him shaming you and fucking girls way too hot for you?

My brother is now 9.5 inches. 

Here is another story:  one day we were at the gym, him completely shirtless, showing off his incredibly well muscled body and me trying to conceal my weak shape. Then this incredibly hot girl Cindy, from my class walked up to him and they started flirting. He grabbed her ass and her boobs and she reached down his shorts and gasped at his size. Then they went to the bathroom and had sex for about 30 minutes. 

About a week later she came over when our parents were away. She knew that i was his older brother. She said that she couldn’t believe how big the gap between us was. He laughed and said “Yeah, why don’t we find out just how big it is.” She agreed and i had no chance denying both of them. So first we measured heights and found that he had grown to 6'3.5" and i was still 5'3". Then we took off our shirts to compare our bodies. He was (of course) incredibly muscular and looked like a god. I was (and I am) a skinny and weak nerd who looked like a 13 year old. Finally, the most important test of penis size. Cidy let us grab her boobs to get us hard and then she measured. I came out at a whopping 2.1 inches, while he had grown even larger to 9 inches even. She said “Oh my god” when she saw his and she stripped down and they had sex right in front of me. It was incredible, her huge boobs bounced like crazy and her ass was so perfect riding on his big dick

Ending Unplanned - Michael Part 2

Part 1

Cute pregnancy moment

Word count: 252 

Being heavily pregnant was hard work, so you and Michael were having a lazy day watching movies in bed. 

Although he wasn’t paying any attention, he was more focused you. His cute lil fingers tracing patterns and signing his name over the exposed skin on your belly. 

“Ow!” you groaned, feeling your baby move suddenly.

“You okay babe- oh my god!” Michael exclaimed loudly, sitting up straight and staring wide-eyed at your huge bump. 

“What, Michael, what is it?” you asked, your voice full of panic. 

“Y/N, look, you can see her little hand!” he said excitedly, brushing his fingers gently over the tiny hand print that was showing through your skin. 

“Oh my god!” you whispered in disbelief. That was your baby, and you still couldn’t get your head around it. 

“Where do you think her head is?” Michael asked a few minutes later (you know, after taking a few pictures and comparing her hand to his own). 

“Um… here?… I think” you said, feeling your stomach to try and work out where abouts she was. 

Michael laid down in his stomach next to you, once again beginning to trace over your skin as you watched. He stopped and smiled to himself before looking up at you. 

“Did you just draw her a tiara?” you laughed, although the whole thing was insanely cute. 

His smile only grew as he nodded at you, “she’s my Princess”. He leaned up to place a gentle kiss to your lips, “and you’re my Queen." 

Luke Part 1 

Ashton Part 1 

Calum Part 1

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caryl prompt: sex toys

Daryl had always been a compact sleeper: taking up as little space as possible and moving as little as possible. This had come in handy during the first winter, when the group would pile together in a heap to share heat, and wriggling away to take watch had required stealth in order to avoid waking everyone up in the process.

Yet, for some reason, since they had escaped Terminus and Carol had rejoined them, he had slept like he fuckin’ owned the place. He’d wake up stretched out, limbs akimbo, usually rolled up against Carol’s back or with an arm around her or a leg thrown over her. He knew she was awake when he woke up in that position, but she had mercifully not said anything.

So it wasn’t a shock when Daryl rolled over in the middle of the night and felt his head slide off of his bag, which served as makeshift pillow, and onto Carol’s bag. She had curled into a ball facing him, and he shifted backwards to avoid smothering her against his chest, but something moved in her bag. He lifted his head away from it, squinting one eye at the weird feeling, and then the bag began to hum.

“The Hell—“ he muttered, popping up on one elbow and swatting at the bag.

The humming continued, and he frowned, pawing at the bag until his hand made out a rod-like shape. Perplexed, he glanced down at Carol, who was still out like a light, and he sat up fully, tugging the bag toward him and shoving his hand down into it. He wasn’t snooping, he told himself. He just needed to find the cause of the buzzing and make it stop.

His fingers wrapped around the rod-like object, and he froze.

In one horrified motion, he pulled the vibrator out of Carol’s bag and stared at it.

It was HUGE.

Well, compared to…

“Fuck,” he breathed, fumbling with the dildo as he tried to find the off switch. “Dammit.”

His fidgeting and cursing had Carol stirring, and she opened her eyes. The sight that met her was the image of Daryl, both hands around her bright purple vibrator, staring straight into the rubber one-eyed snake as if it was some obscene telescope. Daryl froze again and looked down at her, realizing that she was awake.

“Oh my god,” she barked out a laugh, reaching for the sex toy. “What’re you—“

“It started buzzin’ and I don’t—Help!” He shoved the thing at her like a hot potato.

Carol took the thing and turned it off quickly before looking at him again, blinking sleep from her eyes. “Look, Daryl, I know we share everything, but this one is mine.”

Daryl sputtered. “I wasn’t—Why do you have that?!”

Carol eyed him flatly. “Why do you think? It’s not exactly multi-purpose.”

“I mean…” he huffed, looking embarrassed and flustered. “Why is it…so…big?”

Carol sat up with a gentle smile. “It’s not a threat to you…or a slight. It’s just a vibrator, because my fingers get tired after a while.”

“Oh God.” Daryl put his face in his hands.

“Will you two—“ Glenn sat up from his sleeping position a few yards away, woken by their mutterings.

He went still when he saw Carol pointing a purple penis at Daryl. They both looked over at him: Daryl in horror, Carol is amusement.

Glenn’s face twisted. “I didn’t see this,” he muttered to himself. “This is a nightmare. I ate a weird mushroom and now I’m having a nightmare. That’s all.”

He lay back down, and Carol snorted, looking to Daryl, then to the vibrator. She slowly shoved it back into her bag. Daryl glanced down at her bag, then abruptly back to her, eyes wide.

“Shit…I was lying on it…It touched my face!” He immediately started rubbing at his cheek.

“I’m sleeping,” Glenn said in a monotone voice. “There is nothing kinky going on. I’m sleeping. This is a nightmare.”

Abraham snarled from his spot across the camp. “Either fuck or shut up. M’tryin’ to get some damn sleep!”

Carol rolled her eyes and lay back down, smirking when Daryl very carefully stayed on his own bag for a pillow.