oh god i laughed omg

The Cool Dad
  • Magnus: "I'm the cool dad, that's my thang."
  • Max: "Papa please don-"
  • Magnus: "I'm hip, I surf the web, I text LOL: laugh out loud, OMG: Oh my god, WTF: Why the face."
  • Alec: "Magnus quit while your ahead."
  • Magnus: "I know all the dances to High School Musical!"
  • Rafael to Alec: "Excuse me, Dad, while I go jump off a bridge."

[MC and Shane at the bar, the former describing his last date with Hailey over drinks]

MC:  At one point, she asked me “Whisper something really dirty into my ear.”

Shane:  Oh yeah.

MC:  And um… I fucked up! I switched two very important words in what I was trying to say, that I thought was dirty and sexy, and what I said was-

Shane:  OK, OK, say what you wanted to say, then-

MC:  No. Upon me saying what I actually said you’ll know exactly what I was trying to say and how badly I fucked it up.  She was like “Whisper something dirty in my ear!”  And I responded with “I wanna see your cock in my mouth.”

Shane:  [explodes into laughter]

MC:  She goes “What?!” And I went “What?! Nothing! Never mind! Uh… let’s just move past this!” TWO WORDS!

@possessivefandomqueen OH NO, NOT THE GOAT!!

oh my god, I got the emails for these while I was walking to the kitchen, read for the first comment, scrolled down for the second. WAS NOT PREPARED

I laughed so suddenly and strongly that I doubled over, fell sideways, smacked into the wall of the hallway, and just slid to the floor, still laughing

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Request:  Weird request but do you do victorious? Because can you do an imagine where I’m Tori’s twin sister and Beck falls for me, do it so Jade doesn’t love him because I dont want to have to fight her. Jade is my best friend even though she has a like hate relationship with Tori.LOVE YOU THANKS

I ran, late as usual to Sikowitz’s class. I knew Jade and Tori would be in there and they’d cover for me so I wasn’t too worried. Sikowitz wasn’t the person who made me nervous in that classroom. Beck Oliver was one of the most attractive people I’d ever encountered, but on top of that he was nice and funny, not to mention extremely talented. How could you show that to a girl and not expect them to fall in love.

I opened the door to the class,

“Ah the other talented Vega has arrived” Sikowitz shouted,

“Since when is Trina in this class too?” I laughed sarcastically, I heard Jade chuckle,

“Watch it” Tori rolled her eyes, pulling out the chair inbetween her and Beck. I bit my lip but took the seat.

“Hey” He whispered,

“Hi” I muttered, pulling my notebook out of my bag and onto my lap. I also grabbed my coffee that I placed on the floor for a second while I fiddled in my bag and took a sip.

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Just watched Real GOT7 S4E1 and literally had to pause video to rotf. I even cried from laughing omg

Oh my god. I was watching it on mute at work and I choked on my dinner. GOT7…king of visuals only… 

  • Seulgi : I’m cool, that’s my thang. I’m hip, I surf the web, I text. LOL : laugh out loud, OMG : oh my god, WTF: why the face.
  • Yeri : * Eats her fist in despair *




wait zeref has a son for some reason

what is even going on with you two either get married or kill each other you can’t do both

why didn’t we see gajeel and levy get affected we already know



also this panel:

p.s. don’t die jellal