oh god i have such a crush on babs

yj post s2 au: so the team has to run a mission against queen bee, and kaldur’s running low on people to send up against a villain who’s powers are based on attraction to women. artemis has just started dating zatanna, babs just came out as bi, and karen has taken time off of the team to focus on her studies, and there just aren’t enough straight girls on the team to make up for their absence anymore. 

so kaldur, very awkwardly and stiltedly, asks if any of the guys on the team are gay. artemis laughs really hard, and says, “you’ve got quite a way with words, kal.” he glares at her. bart and jaime have both been in a weird state of “oh god i’m totally crushing on him but i don’t know if he even likes guys” for months, and bart takes a breath, sends jaime a look, and then says, “i am!” and jaime just kind of freezes like, “oh gosh bart’s gay i have a chance how do i talk how do i do things-” 

and he just kind of blurts out, “i’m bi!” and everyone looks at him funny and kaldur is like, “i thank you for the information beetle, but that does not help us. queen bee’s powers are based on attraction to women, so attraction to both does not solve the problem.”

artemis looks between jaime, who looks like he’s going to sink into the floor, and bart, who looks like he just won the lottery, and she starts laughing even harder. whatever stories zatanna has from the league today aren’t gonna top this

aiixie  asked:

hey c:

1. First impression: “hell yea bisexualpercy thats a lit url i love that headcanon this looks like a good place to be”

2. Truth is: oh my GOD ur so SHORT i cant believe it also ur an adorable bab and ilusm
3. How old do you look: 17 tbh but sometimes younger 
4. Have you ever made me laugh: many times tbh ur a dang meme
5. Have you ever made me mad: mmmm i dont think so??? only sad bc i didnt have the time to hang out with u more before i moved
6. Best feature: how tiny u are but also how sweet and cool u are
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: naahh
8. You’re my: short bud who i miss a bunch