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I often wish to write lyrics or poetry (but esp lyrics) but for some reason i just really struggle with inspiration, and always have. it's like i know what i want to say but lack the ability to convey such through words or in an artistic manner.

You just gotta do it. Try. Put your pen to paper and just see what comes out. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t have to be pretty. You don’t have to fill the page with flowery metaphors or big complicated words to convey what you’re feeling. Maybe it will come out incredibly cliché, or corny as hell, or maybe you’ll write something and think “oh my god I am a fucking genius” only to realize it’s a lyric to a julian casablancas song that you’ve listened to so many times that it’s permanently ingrained into ur brain. Who knows!!! The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!

Look, writing is very difficult. Writing does not come naturally to me either. Most of the time I do not have much to say about anything. (Unless of course it’s 3am and I’m laying in bed drunk after a long night of embarrassing myself, or it’s 11am and I’ve had 4 cups of coffee but no food and my hand won’t stop trembling. During those times, I’ve got about a hundred things to say and they are all Super Important)

My advice: do not make art because you want to be a good artist. Do not write because you want to be a good writer. Do it because you’ve got something burning a hole in your throat and if you don’t open your mouth and voice it you might just fucking die

Overcome With Jealousy

Characters: Pietro/You

Description: Hey can you do an imagine where the reader is very close with Tony, like if you didn’t know them you’d think they were dating and Pietro really likes her and gets super jealous when he sees them together? Thank you! I know you probably have so many requests! ❤️❤️ (requested by gerardisnot38)

A/N: Sooo, I haven’t seen Age Of Ultron yet. But I’ve seen so many videos and read so many imagines about Pietro, so I feel like I’m able to write this?? If I need to, I’ll come back and revise this after I watch AOU. Hope you like it anyways!

You and Tony walked into the kitchen, laughing.

“Did you see the video where the guy put spaghetti on his head and started singing-”

“Oh my God, I think I know what you’re talking about!” Tony interrupted you, shaking his head and grinning. “That was great.”

It was then that you realized that you weren’t alone in the kitchen. Steve, Clint, Natasha, and Pietro sat there, just staring at you and Tony.

“Oh, hey. What’s up?” you asked, smiling at them.

“Nothing much,” Steve shrugged. “Just talking and eating. The usual.”

You chuckled and nodded, reaching into the refrigerator and pulling out a yogurt. “Talking about anything in specific?” you wondered, sitting down in a chair next to Pietro.

“No,” he said simply, before standing up and walking away without saying another word.

You tried to mask the hurt that came onto your face. Apparently you didn’t do that so well, though, because Natasha said, “Don’t worry about him. He’s been acting strange recently.”

“Okay,” you mumbled, taking a bite out of your yogurt and trying to forget what had just happened.

The next day, you were walking down the hall and heard that the TV was on. You started making your way there, smiling when you saw Pietro sitting there.

“Hey! What’s up?” you asked, sitting next to him. You made sure to give him some space, though, remembering what had happened yesterday.

“Not much,” he replied flatly, not even looking at you. “Trying to watch this.”

You were silent for a moment or two before sighing, “Fine, I’ll let you do that, then. Maybe Tony will wanna hang out or something.”

“Maybe he will,” Pietro snapped, turning his head and glaring at you.

Surprised at his tone, your eyes widened. “Whatever,” you muttered, turning around and walking away, not giving him a second glance.

Finally, after 3 days, you were fed up with Pietro ignoring you. On the rare occasion that he spoke to you, he was always rude. And you were going to confront him about it.

That night, after most people had already retired to their rooms, you wandered around the floor, looking for Pietro.

You found him sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen, drinking a glass of milk.

“How are you?” you asked, sitting next to him.

“Fine, thanks,” he rolled his eyes, picking up his cup. You could tell that he was getting ready to go away, so you grabbed his arm. He looked at you with confusion, but you didn’t care.

“What has gotten into you lately?” you wondered, still holding his arm to make sure that he didn’t go anywhere.

“I’m not sure that I know what you mean,” he said, but you could see in his eyes that he knew exactly what you were talking about.

“Bullshit,” you spat. “You’ve been being so distant and..and rude recently, and I want to know why.”

Pietro didn’t say anything for a bit, and you were beginning to wonder if he just wasn’t going to answer you. After some time, though, he said, “I figured you were already with Tony so much, you wouldn’t want to see me.”

What? you thought, scrunching your eyes in confusion. Was he…was Pietro jealous?

“Tony and I are just friends,” you told him, taking your hand off of him. You figured that he wouldn’t be going anywhere now.

“So the two of you aren’t…dating?” Pietro clarified.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “He’s nice and everything, but God, he can be so annoying.”

Pietro chuckled a bit before saying, “Well then, I apologize.”

“Why did you act like that, anyways?” you asked.

“I wanted you to not be dating Tony,” he replied, shrugging.

“So you were jealous,” you smirked, your suspicions being confirmed. When he didn’t say anything, you leaned forward a bit and continued, “Well, I’ll show you that there’s no reason for you to be jealous.”

You tilted your head and pressed your lips to Pietro’s smiling when he began to kiss you back. You had thought that he liked you, but it was still a relief to know for sure.

When you pulled away, he smiled and said softly, “You and Tony have never done that, am I right?”

“You’re most definitely right,” you laughed, wrapping your arms around him. “Never.”

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-I'm the anon that asked you about your travels- yeah, just curious. I love traveling, to be honest I'd spend my life traveling if I could (I'm trying to make that happen actually), and you have been to so many places !!! that's amazing, you're so lucky, I feel so envious of you! and, sorry, but I HAVE to ask, what happened in Hungary????

Oh God. I feel you. Travelling and writing are all I really want to do. I never got to travel before college and then got lucky enough to have a scholarship that shipped me all over the friggin’ place. 

So. Hungary. Here’s what happened. 

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if any of you guys had to rec one, and only one, fic, what would it be?


My choice for Kaisoo would have to be The Lines and Spaces between us. I am IN LOVE with this fic. It is in my top 10 maybe even top 5! My favorite genre of fics to read is homophobia! I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE IN THE WORLD So I have a huge soft spot for fics where they aren’t initially gay or fics where it takes time for them to fall for each other. Those are my favorite to read because you can actually see them falling for each other or like change just for that person. Those moments are really special and its great being able to read and /experience/ it with the character themselves. And that’s exactly what The Lines and Spaces is all about! I’ve read this fic like 3 times already and oh god I just get soo many feels its great. So I would 100% rec this fic I HOPE MY DYING WORDS WILL BE TELLING PEOPLE TO READ IT

I don’t have a non-kaisoo one cause I have so many sobs T_T

- Admin V


Oh my gosh alright this was actually really difficult ;;; After much internal struggle I think I have chosen.

Athanasia is my choice for Kaisoo. I FREAKING LOVE THIS FIC WITH MY ENTIRE BEING. It’s absolutely beautiful. The writing is incredible and the characterization is so perfect. I am in love with plot and the way everything comes together oh my god. I find it so unique and I honestly don’t think it cold have been written any better. I have nothing but extreme admiration for the author. I just I can’t even express myself properly. I love how this fic leaves your heart in this delicious state of pain and happiness all at once. It’s just incredible. It’s so well thought out and stunning. The way chance and infinities are described and how the entire plot revolves around them holy shit it’s amazing. And the ending makes you feel so hollow but then the author gives you a little glimmer of hope. You have to read this fic. 

There Will Come Soft Rains is what I would pick for non-kaisoo. JFC THIS FIC ITS A PART OF MY SOUL. It’s Hunhan and it’s honestly a work of art. The writing is so descriptive and intriguing oh my god. It is the absolute best apocalyptic!au I’ve ever read, and it might be one of my favorite fics ever. The characterization and the descriptions of how the world is crumbling down are so vivid you can completely imagine everything that’s happening. And the plot twist at the end I was freaking incoherent. I was so shocked and impressed. I will never be able to properly express my feelings for this fic, it’s just too freaking amazing. Everything about it is perfection. You absolutely must read this. 

- Admin T <3


Hi Admin G here and:

Kaisoo: I’ll Never Let You Go. Literally my favorite fic ever, because I just love Jongin’s characterization. He’s so innocent and precious and his life kinda sucks. Kyungsoo’s also really precious too. It’s just holy moly heartwrenching in it’s innocence and realisticness and oh god oh yodsf

Non kaisoo: To End a War (The Last Command) It’s a hunhan fic and it’s historical and mulan ish au and holy maaan super romantic and super sad and awesome just hofdjks.

Non exo: Dark Angels It’s Jongkey and just like I cried a fuckin lot wow really tragic and angsty mm m m mm  yes also angel!au 

oh fuck fuck I can’t do this can I do a top 2 kaisoo pls pls i just

Kaisoo: Seven of Swords (literally the first kaisoo fic i’ve ever read it’s fucking amazing it’s written by my friend just wwowjkfw)


Admin G is a CHEATER but we will let this slide.


Annyeong Admin A imnida. Okay here goes

Kaisoo: HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY FUCK FUCKFUKFXUKG it’s my favorite kaisoo fic ever eve r ve rv e ver i love it so much it’s amazing so many feelings so much angst but the good kind that keeps you reading and i just /sniff i really love this fic.

Non-Kaisoo: OKAY I LITERALLY HAVE RECOMMENDED THIS FIC TO EVERYONE I KNOW SO THIS IS MY REAL ANSWER LIKE I’VE MADE MY SISTER READ IT AND MY BEST FRIEND READ IT AND MY FRIEND WHO DOESN’T EVEN LIKE KPOP OR FANFICTION READ IT and this fic is Take it From the Top by my favorite author on earth maayacola. I cannot even explain how amazing this fic is it’s fucking amazing it’s so goddamn fuNNY and it’s chanhun but DON’T LET THE PAIRING SCARE YOU YOU’LL LOVE IT ANYWAY ISTG sigh in conclusion this is my favorite fic ever. I have previously said that it was How to Pet: A User’s Guide but then I reread Take it From the Top and I realized I was a freakin liar READ IT PLS okay bye


This is really hard OTL. I would recommend a classic but ugh OTL YOU DON’T DO THIS TO ME ;__;

Kaisoo : Anyway I think mine would be Abstract Affection by my snowbae. Why this hmm probably because for a fic it’s not really that angsty nor is it too fluffy. It’s just the right amount of both and it was a happy ending. The characterization/ character development was done well and the flow of the story was smooth. The feelings were raw and somehow it’s a fic where people can relate I guess? At least for me. It’s not overly done and I think if a new reader of fanfics it wouldn’t be too overbearing, like they wouldn’t get a phobia for angst lol, this of course depends on the person.

Non-Kaisoo: As for non-kaisoo rawr. We talk about Then Came You a lot so I’m not going to put that. I would recommend Fragile Eternity it’s hunhan. And idk why I chose this because I loved this fic but not up in my favorites?? OR IS IT. IDK ANYMORE WHO AM I, WHERE DID I COME FROM, WHAT DID I HAVE FOR DINNER. Anyway the fic was very well written and wow I’m gonna reread this now. 

OT12: I’M GONNA CHEAT OKAY. ZODIAC you do not understand the amount of love I have for this and Summer Children. 

-Admin C

Okay, so Kayla @narrymusings and I have been discussing this story for a while. And, when I say ‘a while’, I mean it. This story started off in July as one of our many random conversations about the Narry plot-bunnies that spring into our heads. 

Unfortunately, I am an easily distracted mess of a human being. I was still working on MMU MMY at the time, and I was also knees deep in TBiaM. Then I got distracted by CGBtY, even after I’d signed up for the BB. There have also been a few other distractions along the way.

Luckily for me, Kayla is gracious and patient and kind. She puts up with my shit better than anyone, and I love her all the more for it.

This fic is the result of her patience and my rambling mind. So, I’m going to put up the first 3.6k, with Kayla’s blessing. Here you go.

Living in Wonderland

“So, like – What should we do?” Harry asks, shifting around on the couch and tucking a stray lock of hair behind his ear. He seems nervous, fidgeting with his rings and darting his eyes around the room. Someone off-screen says something that the microphone doesn’t quite pick up, and Harry rolls his eyes before responding with, “I know that we’ve done this a thousand times before, you arse. It’s never been just the two of us for something like this though. Like – A documentary is different than a five minute interview.”

“Well it’s not exactly just the two of us now, is it?” Niall laughs, walking into the shot and pressing a fleeting kiss to Harry’s cheek before taking a seat on the other side of the couch.

The meaning of his words is made apparent right away when three more bodies throw themselves into view, scrambling over each other to take their places on the couch as well. The two eldest, twin boys who look just like Niall, crawl up on either side of him. Their faces and outfits are identical, but they couldn’t look more different.

The one that sits in the very center of the couch, James, seems eager and bold for his five years. His hair is styled up in a faux-hawk, and his arms are adorned with an array of temporary tattoos that match as best as they can to Harry’s. His eyes are bright, and his smile wide, and it’s obvious that he’s eager to do this.

His brother, William, is far more reserved, wedging himself under Niall’s arm and hiding most of his face against Niall’s chest. He wears glasses, unlike his brother, and there are no traces of any tattoos, temporary or otherwise, on his arms or legs. His fingers curl into Niall’s shirt, and the arm around him tightens until he relaxes.

The last member of the trio pats impatiently at Harry’s knee until he lifts her up to sit in his lap. She’s got a mess of straight black hair pinned away from her face by purple bows, and her light blue-grey eyes contrast strikingly with her dark skin. She doesn’t look like the rest of her family, but she fits into the picture like a missing puzzle piece, and everyone visibly relaxes once she turns to face forward with a brilliant smile. It’s clear, even from the outside, that she’s a charmer of epic proportions.

“Alright.” comes a deep voice from off camera. “Now that we’ve got the whole clan gathered, how about we get the introductions out of the way? We can start with Harry, and work our way down to Willie.”

“William.” the shy boy pipes up, face turning red while he pushes his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. “I’m not Willie. I’m William.”

“Yeah, he really doesn’t like that.” Niall chuckles, his face incredibly fond as he strokes his thumb over his son’s shoulder. “Stick to calling him William.”

“Sorry.” the off-screen voice says gently. “Won’t happen again, William.”

“Thank you, Ben.” William says with a small smile before tucking his face back against Niall’s stomach.

“Since William decided to start it off, why don’t you go the other way?” Ben asks.

“Well I’m Niall Horan-Styles, and if you’re watching this documentary, you probably already know that.” Niall hums, nodding for James to go next.

“I’m Jimmy.” he says proudly, with just a bit too much swagger for a five year old. “Call me James, and I’ll kick you in the leg.”

“You will not!” Harry hisses, a stern expression crossing his face while Niall claps a hand over his own mouth to stifle a snorting laugh. “Behave yourself, for god’s sake.”

Jimmy just smirks and settles back against the couch, rolling his eyes at the camera the moment Harry turns away.

“I’m Harry Horan-Styles, and I won’t be as presumptuous as my cocky husband is, and just assume that you know who I am.” Harry says with a captivating smile. “In two-thousand-ten, on a show called The X-Factor, my husband and I were put into a band with three other lads. We called ourselves-”

“Shut up.” Niall giggles. “Ben’s already adding that whole part in, aren’t you, Winston?”

“We have a segment dedicated to it, yes.” Ben confirms.

“Well, fine then.” Harry huffs. “Ava, can you introduce yourself?”

“I Aibhlinn!” she announces enthusiastically, looking off camera towards where the interviewer is presumably seated. “I two!”

She holds up her fingers, showing everyone just how old she is, and all four lads on-screen absolutely melt. William smiles brightly at her, and Jimmy holds his hand up for her to high-five, which she does eagerly. Harry and Niall have twin looks of adoration on their faces, the pride of parents radiating off of them palpably, even through the lens of a camera.

“So that’s it.” Niall says, looking back towards the camera. “This is our family. The Horan-Styles household in its entirety.”

“Nuh-uh, Dad.” William interjects. “You forgot Wolf and Bastet.”

“Those are our dog and cat respectively.” Harry explains. “We got them at the same time, and the twins each named one.”

“Bet you can’t guess who named which pet.” Niall laughs, rubbing his hands over both of the twins’ arms. William flushes a bright red, and Jimmy rolls his eyes again, but he doesn’t shrug his father’s hand off. “We had a bird that Ava named Tweety, but Bastet – helped her escape.”

“I thought that she ate-” Jimmy starts, Niall’s hand clapping over his mouth just in time.

“Quiet.” Niall hisses. “She helped her escape. Understand?”

Jimmy looks over towards where Harry is distracting Ava by pretending to munch on her fingers, and then nods. He mumbles something against Niall’s hand that the microphone can’t pick up over Ava’s shrieking giggles, and Niall moves his hand away from the boy’s mouth.

“As you can see, we’re generally just like any other family.” Niall hums, looking in a sweeping motion from William on his right all the way over to Harry and Ava on the opposite side of the couch.

“Except we happen to be musicians.” Harry adds. “Who happen to be about to start a small world tour with our family along for the ride.”

“No big deal.” Niall grins.

“Well, I guess I should start with the obvious question.” Ben says, clearing his throat. “How did you guys come to the decision to do a tour?”

“You mind if I take this one?” Niall asks.

“Go ahead.” Harry nods.

“They’re down.” Niall sighs, collapsing on the bed. He doesn’t bother kicking off his trousers. He doesn’t have the energy. The twins didn’t go down for a nap until late, so they needed to be worn out a bit first. Half an hour of chasing them around the living room later, Niall is remembering that he isn’t in his twenties anymore.

“You look like hell.” Harry chuckles.

“Well, dear husband of mine, that’s because you’re a bloody useless oaf.” Niall grumbles, smacking his hand out against Harry’s thigh. “Why do I always get stuck putting the twins down?”

“Because I put Ava down every night.” Harry hums, placing his hand on top of where Niall is too exhausted to pull it back away from.

“How the hell did you con me into this racket?” Niall huffs, rolling onto his side to glare at Harry. “Ava falls asleep at the drop of a dime. The twins practically have to be wrestled into their sleep clothes, let alone their beds. Not that they bloody stay in separate beds for longer than five seconds once I leave the room. The door barely closes before Jimmy climbs into William’s bed.”

“They’re rowdy.” Harry agrees. “Must be that Irish blood.”

“You used to be quite rowdy yourself.” Niall scoffs. “Humping mic stands and everything else in sight.”

“Including you.” Harry grins.

“Among many others.” Niall snorts.

“Hey.” Harry whines, jutting his bottom lip out in a pout that’s long lost its efficacy.

“Do you miss it?” Niall asks.

“Anonymous sex? No. No I don’t.” Harry huffs angrily. “Do you? Because if you’re telling me that you want to shag other people, I will cut off your-”

“I meant music.” Niall interjects before Harry can get started on an asinine rant. “Do you miss performing? Do you miss writing songs for yourself, instead of other people? Do you miss recording a song and hitting it perfectly after running it so many times that you’re ready to give up?”

“Oh – I, uh – Do you?” Harry asks.

“Every single day.” Niall admits.

“Me too.” Harry breathes out in a sigh of relief. “God, I fucking miss it. I love this life, love our life, and the freedom we have, but I miss it. But I feel like-”

“Like you can’t say it.” Niall finishes for him. “Because it feels like it’s wanting too much.”

“Because we’ve been blessed.” Harry says quietly. “We have three beautiful kids, and success, and a great marriage. Wanting more on top of all of that seems – I don’t know – greedy.”

“I know.” Niall sighs. “I just – I miss being exhausted because I’m coming down from adrenaline. I miss singing somewhere other than the shower. I miss watching you grind on rails and shit just to get me riled up.”

“I could have a pole installed in here by tomorrow night if you want to watch me grind on something.” Harry smirks.

“And watch you fall on your arse and break your back? No thanks.” Niall snorts.

“Well obviously I’d take a class before I tried to do anything too adventurous.” Harry huffs.

“Walking is too adventurous for you sometimes.” Niall grins. “You twisted your ankle last month getting the mail. You and a stripper pole is a recipe for a trip to the A&E.”

“I only twisted my ankle because your damn dog lunged at me.” Harry grumbles.

“He’s not ‘my dog’.” Niall hums. “The bloody mongrel only likes the kids.”

“You’re the one who wouldn’t stop pouting until we brought him home along with Bastet.” Harry argues. “The kids weren’t even there.”

“He seemed sweet back then. I had no idea Jimmy would turn him into a weapon of mass destruction.” Niall sighs. “I don’t have a single pair of shoes left that aren’t chewed to hell.”

“Maybe he can go the same way Tweety did.” Harry says thoughtfully.

“I’m not sure that Bastet can eat Wolf.” Niall snorts. “He’s four times her size.”

“What can we get that could eat Wolf?” Harry asks, looking legitimately curious. “I don’t think you can own an alligator big enough to do it, and I don’t think you can own a bear at all. Oh! Has it been long enough that I could call and ask Siegfried and Roy about their pet tigers?”

“No.” Niall scoffs. “It will never not be too soon to ask someone who was assaulted by an animal, about owning that kind of animal.”

“So – Ask about the lions instead?” Harry questions.

“How did I ever fall for such an idiot?” Niall chuckles, scooting closer to plant a soft kiss against Harry’s cheek.

“I believe it was because of my relentless pursuit of you over the course of several years.” Harry hums, tangling his legs with Niall’s.

“Wore me down, you did.” Niall laughs. “Pummeled me into submission with your endless comments and stupid come-ons.”

“You took ‘playing hard to get’ to a completely new level.” Harry huffs.

“Well, if memory serves, that’s because you took ‘being easy to get’ to a pretty new level too.” Niall snorts.

“You weren’t exactly an innocent little angel yourself, Niall. And if you keep calling me slutty, I’m going to have to go chaste for a while to prove you wrong.” Harry growls.

“Good. I could use a rest.” Niall snorts. “Between you, and the kids, and work, I can’t get a minute to myself anymore. I could get some decent sleep for once.”

“Oh really?” Harry asks incredulously, taking his tongue between his teeth and narrowing his eyes dangerously. “You’d rather sleep than make love to me?”

“Especially when you call it ‘making love’.” Niall nods. “When are you going to stop calling it that like you’re living in some chick-lit novel? Call it ‘shagging’, or ‘fucking’, like a normal bloody person.”

“Never.” Harry hums, closing the space between them until their noses are rubbing together and Niall can’t see him properly without going cross-eyed. “Because it’s more than ‘shagging’ or ‘fucking’ with you. So much more. It was ‘shagging’ and ‘fucking’ when I was in my slutty phase. It’s making love when I’m with you.”

“Ugh, such a fucking soppy arsehole.” Niall giggles, butting his forehead against his husband’s. “That’s it though. It didn’t have anything to do with your relentless pursuit, or your endless comments, or your stupid come-ons. It’s your stupid, soppy heart.”

“You must be exhausted if you’re admitting to that.” Harry smiles.

“I am.” Niall admits. “But I think I have a bit of lovemaking in me if you’re interested.”

“Mm, very.” Harry hums pulling Niall closer and cutting off his giggle with a hard kiss.

“Why’d you let me sleep so late?” Niall grumbles, scratching his stomach with one hand while he pours his coffee with the other.

“Because you needed the sleep after last night.” Harry chuckles, pressing a kiss to the back of Niall’s neck. “You expended quite a bit of energy.”

“Well how was I supposed to deny you round two when you started it by sucking my-” Niall starts, only to be cut off by Ava’s loud squeal as she runs through the kitchen.

She’s got something gripped in her chubby little fingers, but Niall barely catches a glimpse of it before she rounds the island and heads off towards the living room. Jimmy bursts into the room, wild-eyed, and Harry just points towards where Ava ran off towards. They learned a long time ago that it’s easier to let the kids work things out between themselves as long as neither blows nor harsh words are exchanged.

Jimmy takes off, following Ava’s trail, and William stumbles into the room a moment later, blinking and squinting while he tries to follow Jimmy and Ava. Niall reaches out and catches him before he walks straight into the corner of the counter.

“She’s got my glasses.” William sighs.

“I can tell.” Niall chuckles, pulling William against his side. “Jimmy will get them back. You just wait here, buddy.”

“How did she get your glasses?” Harry asks.

“We were helping her get dressed, and she wanted to try them on, and then she decided she wanted to keep them.” William explains.

“Got ‘em.” Jimmy announces, walking in with William’s glasses in one hand, and Ava on his hip. He’s big for his age, and she’s small for hers, but Niall still reaches out and grabs her as soon as Jimmy comes close enough, for fear that one, or both, of them might get hurt if he keeps carrying her. “Here you go, Willie.”

“Stop calling me that.” William pouts, taking his glasses and wiping the lenses with his shirt even though they all already know that Jimmy would have done that in the other room.

And Niall gets it, he really does, because Jimmy owns the role of ‘big brother’ pretty well, despite the fact that he’s only actually fifteen minutes older than William, and Niall remembers how annoying it can be to be the little brother. He remembers how shitty it felt to be the powerless kid who needed to be protected. He didn’t have asthma or myopia like William does, but he was small and sensitive, and his own brother did his fair share of being almost condescendingly overprotective.

That doesn’t mean he approves though, so he squeezes William’s shoulder until the boy mumbles out, “Thank you, Jimmy.”

“Whatever.” Jimmy mutters, stomping out of the kitchen.

Niall sighs, because he can already tell it’s going to be a long day, and they have a meeting here in the house at two that Niall absolutely cannot mess up. They’re pitching a song for Ed that he knows can get them their second ‘Song of the Year’ Grammy. It’s been three years since they got their first, and even though they’ve gotten nominations every year since then, he’s been craving another win, if just to have a reason to make Harry move this horribly ugly sculpture he bought that’s been sitting on the mantle.

“Why does he have to do that?” William asks quietly. “I could have gotten them back myself. And he knows I hate being called Willie.”

“Even if you could have gotten them back yourself, which we both know would have probably ended with you hurting yourself because you’re blind as a bat without your glasses, he wanted to help you.” Niall says gently. “He likes helping you, William.”

“I don’t need his help.” William huffs, heading off in the opposite direction.

“Christ.” Niall sighs, rubbing at his temple with his free hand while he shifts Ava on his hip with the other. “They always do this on important days. Can’t they at least save the row for until after the meeting?”

“Yeah, um – About that.” Harry says sheepishly. “I cancelled the meeting.”

“What?” Niall asks angrily, turning on Harry with a glare. “We’ve been working for two weeks just trying to find a time that fits with Ed’s schedule in order to pitch him this song, and you cancel the meeting without even consulting me?”

“I – I was thinking about what you said last night.” Harry mumbles.

“Refresh my memory on what exactly I said that could possibly make you reconsider one of the biggest meetings in the history of our careers!” Niall hisses.

“About us and- And performing.” Harry says softly.

“I’m trying really hard to follow your train of thought here, Harry.” Niall sighs. “But I can’t believe you’d cancel this meeting just because you want to talk about the good old days.”

“I didn’t.” Harry assures him, grabbing Niall by the hand and leading him over to the table. They both take a seat, Ava climbing off of Niall’s lap as soon as his bum hits the chair so that she can run off after the twins, and Harry adds, “I need you to keep an open mind about this, okay?”

“I swear to god, Harry.” Niall growls. “If you are trying to convince me to move our family out to New York again, I will murder you.”

“It would be better for business. More serious musicians live in New York than Los Angeles anymore.” Harry huffs, making Niall’s eye twitch. “But no, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. I – I don’t want to give the song to Ed.”

“And why not?” Niall asks. “It’s bloody brilliant. I know you were having doubts about the bridge, but I thought that we-”

“I want to keep it, Niall.” Harry cuts him off. “For us. You’re right, it is bloody brilliant. I think it could be absolutely huge, and I think we could make one hell of a comeback with this song.”

“You can’t be serious.” Niall breathes out. “Harry, we – We aren’t performers anymore.”

“But we could be.” Harry urges. “Niall, you said it yourself. You miss performing. I do too. Every damn day, I miss it.”

“We have kids, Harry.” Niall points out.

“So we bring them with us.” Harry argues.

“We’ve built a life, Harry. A good, solid life.” Niall says quietly. “The twins are starting kindergarten in a few weeks. We can’t just write, record, and produce an album, and then go on tour.”

“Why not?” Harry asks. “We have an entire library of songs that we never gave to people. We can record and produce it over the course of the next few months, release it in late spring, and tour come summer when the boys won’t be in school. Nothing massive. Just a few dozen shows spread out over four months in America, and maybe Canada and the UK.”

“You’re insane.” Niall mutters, digging the heels of his hands into his eyes. “Completely bloody insane.”

“Tell me you don’t want to do it then.” Harry murmurs, grabbing ahold of Niall’s hands and pulling them away from his face so that their eyes meet. “Tell me you honestly don’t want this, and I’ll drop it. I promise I won’t say another word about it if you really don’t want to do this.”

“How many shows?” Niall sighs.

“Louis and I were thinking thirty six.” Harry tells him.

“You – You brought Louis into this delusional head-trip before you talked to me about it?” Niall asks incredulously.

“I had to see if he thought it was even possible for us.” Harry mumbles. “And he does. He thinks we could have a real shot, just from the demo of our song. He said that he’ll sign us right away if you want to do it. One year, one album. Limited tour with plenty of time between shows to focus on the kids. He’s even willing to let Liam help produce the album.”

“He must be serious if he’s willing to talk to Payno, then.” Niall says quietly. “After – You know.”

“Yeah, he is.” Harry nods. “Ni, I really think we could do this. Please, at least say you’ll think about it.”

“There’s no need to think about it, Harry.” Niall sighs, standing up from the table. Harry’s face crumples immediately, hurt taking the place of cautious enthusiasm so easily it makes Niall’s heart clench. “We’ve got work to do.”

“I’ll call Ed and see if he can reschedule.” Harry mutters, turning away from Niall and squeezing his eyes shut. “Can you go check on the kids?”

“No.” Niall answers. “I’m going to be too bloody busy trying to rearrange this song into a duet.”

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I met all of my heroes except two, (Michael Bohn & Sky Acord.) I ended up getting to meet all of OM&M. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. They helped me so much, and they mean everything to me. I shook Austin’s hand, and high fived Aaron.  I went to the Issues bandhappy class. They are literally walking ray of sunshines oh my god. It was the best feeling ever being able to hug the people I look up to most. They taught so many awesome things about music, and song writing! I walked up to Ty after the class, and hugged him so tight. Aj was so cute and sweet & I couldn’t get my phone to take the picture so I have like 5 pictures of me & him laughing. & Josh wasn’t even in the bandhappy class, but he came up with his scooter and just stopped by. I went up to him and asked for a picture and obviously he said yes. I then hugged him, and he knocked a sign over lol. Then came Tyler. I didn’t think I would get to hug him because everyone was obviously surrounding him like normal. I yelled at him and was like “Tyler!!” and I asked for a hug while I was crying. Best day ever, they are my sunshines. It was an amazing experience. When I was in line for the OM&M signing, I saw that Fronz was doing photos. I freaked out because the line was so short and his was almost over. My friend saved me and my best friend a spot in the OM&M line, and we ran over to meet Fronz. He was so nice and sweet and I’m so glad I met him. We were the last two to go to his, so thank god we went then. They all mean the world to me and it was a dream come true, aka the best day of my entire life.
Realize Reality (707 x MC)

It was past midnight when the his phone exploded.

The South Korea skyline is one of his comforts on lone nights like these. Staring out of the window and seeing the city lights gives a sort of comfort you’d never expect. There’s a certain calmness in the air, a certain silence despite the bustling down the road that you’d never expect from an urban city like this.

His golden eyes surveyed the area below him. There aren’t a lot of people unlike in the morning, but there are enough to be called a crowd. Most of them look like college students, if not for the fact they just came out of a club and are howling in laughter and loud voices. Seeing them reminds him of a certain blond, he knows is still awake at this time.

There’s another type of people around and they look ready to drop on the ground already, if not for the baggage they’re holding. He snorts at the one that tried to flag down a taxi, only to be mobbed by the group of college students he noticed earlier. 

He’s thankful that he isn’t like that. The stress of work piling up and then bringing it home would sooner drive him insane than the stress of his work right now. At least with his work, he can control the things he do and the breaks he’d take.

“Ahh… 추워” he said as he sipped his can of Dr. Pepper. Normally, he’d go back inside once the cold settled on his skin, but tonight felt different. It was as if there was some sort of calling that made him stay longer than usual, and that was unsettling.

A calling like this usually sent alarm bells ringing inside his head, screaming to pack the bags, erase the traces and get the hell out of there as fast as he should. Something was going to happen. Something is bound to happen. He was sure of that. The last time this happened… well, let’s just say that it never ended well for him nor for the people around him.

There’s just a little problem. What was heavy on his conscience was that this time, he didn’t want to leave. Not now that he had his life already settled in. He hadn’t found peace like this for a while and all he wanted was to stay there longer before running back to the reality he lives in.

“Ah… this is bad.” And indeed it was… he was becoming too attached. Attachment means longing. Longing means emotions. And emotions means death. “I shouldn’t feel this way.” he muttered as he continued to stare at the scenery below him.

So many lives… so little time.

He sighed once more before finishing his drink. After the last gulp, he watched his breath fly up to the night sky before disappearing completely. He wished he has the ability to do that too; to disappear completely. It would have helped him a lot back then and maybe he would’ve been living in a completely different life now.

He was startled out of his thoughts when his phone suddenly buzzed and rang like there was no tomorrow. “Ohh shit!” he said as he fumbled to catch the can of Dr. Pepper that was now dropping off his window.

“What the…” he quickly turned and grabbed the phone before it falls off the table.

Ahh… it was just them.

The RFA members.

He smirked as their maknae*, Yoosung, complained about his midterms and their workaholic CEO, Jumin, reminding him of his possible future if he studies well. The conversation began to be hilarious as the narcissistic melanin-less haired actor, Zen, insulted Jumin and his work.

Jumin: “Whatever. I couldn’t care less what you say.

Zen: “What’s the difference between recruitment and nepotism?”

He quickly typed out his response.

707: “Thought they r the same? O_O?”
707: *707 Question Sticker*

One thing he absolutely loves in this messenger are the stickers. If there is anything else he is proud of, other than reaching the expectation of V when he made the messenger, it’s the stickers. To him, the stickers felt like hope and trust and everything good in this world (which is only three, really). It’s only been _ years since they all met thanks to Rika and V, but he had never felt more complete than ever.

He watches the conversation unfold when he noticed something strange. On the top bar, the name of the members currently in the active chatroom are displayed for everyone to see. Jumin Han, ZEN, 707, Yoosung★, Jaehee Kang, Seungmin, V.



707: “Wait!!

Yoosung★: “Why?”

ZEN: “??”

707: “Think someone entered the chat room;;”

He couldn’t believe it. What’s with this? Why is a person named Seungmin here? No one should’ve been able to hack in this messenger. No one.

Heart thudding loudly against his chest, he quickly went to work. On his computer, he opened the file that would give the most clues about this incident– The Logs. Once opened, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Fuck.” his hands flew as he quickly called V and navigated around the log. Someone had been able to change the algorithm of the system and referred this Seungmin in. Whether this was the work of an organization after him like the Hackers Chasing Hackers (long story) or someone else, he doesn’t know but he will find out.

That is what he does best after all.

First things first, however, he has to reach V and change the whole algorithm again for them to be secure… and find more things about this “Seungmin” while he’s at it.

He can already feel the migraine kicking in.

Hyung, we’ve got a problem.”


추워 means cold.
Hyung is an honorific used by the younger male to address an older one (that is within his age bracket. There is a separste one if you are 20 and the older man is 40, etc.)
Maknae means the youngest.



I’ve recently been hooked into this otome game called “Mystic Messenger” and I have to say it certainly helped my creative juices to flow. I’ve got so many ideaaas for this particular game and oh my god the characters are just ;;_;;

Anyway, 707 will be one of the main character of this story. “Seungmin”, originally, was supposed to be ____________ or Y/N because I wanted it to be a reader x 707 feel. However, I decided to put in a name because I feel that I’m going to mess up with the whole _______ or Y/N thing in the near future. Nevertheless, please be reminded that “Seungmin” will be your character name :)

Do leave me a message about this story. I would like to know how you thought about it and what I can do to improve. :)

Thank you so much!