oh god i have feels everywhere now

“Their relationship started off a little rocky, but they grew to become life-long friends.

Best friends”

*cries* Zukaang Brotp feels have resurfaced again because of the recent Korra episode. I can’t ;A;


Hey look at that I drew @niduss because he’s awesome

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In the voltron family is Keith grateful that pidge was the only one to not grow taller than him?

[The Voltron Family]  “Yes, please. That’s Shirogane. S-H-I-R-O-G-A-N-E.” Shiro spelled out nicely to the British lady by the desk.

“Ah, here it is. The Queen Victoria Family Suite,” the hotel desk clerk smiled. 

“We’ll just sit in the hotel lobby, Daddy Keith,” Pidge waved as she and her brothers walked towards the red sectional sofas at the center, leaving him and Shiro by the front desk.

Keith was stood behind his husband with the rest of their suitcases. This year’s family trip was in England, all the three kids suggested it and the remaining two were clearly outvoted. So, to England, they went.

“Family vacation?” A lady asked, causing Keith to turn back. She eyed the three kids laughing by the sofa and then back at Keith.

“Yeah, about time we set foot here really,” Keith gave her a thoughtful smile.

“Usually I’d be annoyed at how long the line is but considering the one in front of us is such an attractive man, I don’t seem to mind.” She winked at Keith and before he could even react she added, “So is the wife here somewhere?”

He knew she meant no harm, but as he was about to answer, Shiro turned around and called for him. “Hey, love. Do you mind giving me your passport and the kids’ too?”

Without wasting any second, he handed Shiro the documents to which his husband said, “Thanks, babe.” Then Shiro returned his attention to the front desk lady.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” the lady Keith was talking to apologized, her eyes full of guilt and a hand covered her mouth.

“It’s alright. You couldn’t have known,” Keith shrugged.

“No, no. I feel awful for assuming. And I said those things about your husband too. I’m so sorry. It’s just—”

Keith placed a hand in front of him to signal the lady to stop. “It’s alright. My husband tends to get that reaction everywhere we go,” he let out a fond huff. “It’s part of my job description now to tolerate the attention he’s getting.”

“You say that as if you don’t make people turn their heads,” a light chuckle came from Shiro as he joined him, putting his hand around Keith’s waist. He looked at the lady and smiled, “Don’t you agree?”

The lady chuckled, looking flustered. “I have to admit, he caught my eye that’s why I started talking to him.”

“I know the feeling,” Shiro winked as he leaned down to kiss Keith’s head. “Sorry, it’s a bit late now and we have to get to our room. It has been a very long, exhausting flight and the kids would love to sleep already.”

“Oh, of course, of course! Have a good rest!” She waved.

“Hunk, Lance, Pidge,” Shiro called. “Get your suitcases now. We’re going.”

The three teens rejoined them and gathered their stuff. Keith was last to make sure they didn’t leave anything. He was about to say goodbye when the lady spoke once again.

“Your two sons sure are tall,” she observed Hunk and Lance who were almost the same height. They weren’t as tall as Shiro but they were definitely taller than Keith. He tried not to get annoyed about it because he knew both of the boys could still grow taller, towering over him and Pidge. He joined his family and Lance was already bickering with Hunk who would get the biggest bed.

“That belongs to me and your Daddy Keith,” Shiro smirked, causing their sons to frown. “You three have similar beds.”

The three walked ahead of them, leaving him and Pidge behind. Keith grabbed her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I hope you remain the same, my little bird.” He leaned down to kiss his daughter on the forehead. Pidge looked up at him, confusion painting her face and it just made him chuckle, kissing her again in delight.

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My birthday is February 27.

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Happiest of birthdays to you @bandathebillie!! To help you celebrate in style, the always sweet and generous @thegirlfromoverthepond has written this bit of Everlark fun, just for you. Enjoy!

Districtvision - Part 4 - Jitterbug

rated M

A/N: Happy birthday, @bandathebillie !!!

My huge thanks to the always awesome @xerxia31 for her betaing skills !

She heard his laugh as soon as she entered their apartment - rich, in his deep voice, with something childish still, reminding her of their time at school when she would pretend he didn’t exist. Try and fail.

She followed the sound until she reached their bedroom, leaning on the doorjamb, taking in the scene in front of her.

On the bed, several bags were lined up, all with “The Green Room” signature on them, a sure sign that Effie had succeeded in her mad project. After getting away from being an escort for the Districtvision Song Contest, she had helped Cinna in the marketing of his and Portia’s brand, all the while wanting to create her own touch. The result of which was now spread on the bed, Peeta opening bag after bag and taking the clothes out.

Katniss walked silently, putting her arms around Peeta’s waist, a small smile tugging her lips as she felt him jump in surprise as she encircled him, resting her head on his shoulder.

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I wrote a thing.
Osomatsu and Karamatsu get stuck in an elevator and Karamatsu panics a bit.

A little drunk, maybe a little too drunk the oldest two Matsuno brothers stumbled into the small elevator, laughing and chatting.
This vacation was fun and also.. free drinks. Free drinks were also a lot of fun. Maybe a bit too much fun.

“What.. was our floor again?”, Osomatsu giggled. “I dunno..Not 69, don’ say that..” “You’re no fun! A..alright.. I think it was like.. this one? No this. Ah, this. Mmhhh… Karamatsu, help me.. was it seven?” “S-stop pressing all the buttons, Osomatsu.. ‘tas not good.. And I think.. I think it was… yeah, probably the seventh floor – hic!”, Karamatsu mumbled. “Yeah, okay…” Osomatsu pressed the silver button with the blue-glowing seven on it.
The elevator was already on it’s way up and every time it stopped Osomatsu just pressed the “Close Doors” button.
And it all went good until suddenly the lights went out and the elevator stopped harshly. Both of them fell.

“What the hell? Hey, I don’t see a thing!”, Osomatsu exclaimed. “Ow.. hey, Karamatsu, you alright?” “Ugh.. ow.. What.. what happened, Nii-san?”
Karamatsu didn’t use “Nii-san” often, not even when he was as drunk as he was now. So this was fairly.. odd.

“Ugh.. Fuck, did the elevator just.. crash?” “What, we crashed? Oh – o-” “Nah, not like how you mean it. I think it ran out of power or something?” “A-are we.. gonna get out of here?” “I think every elevator has some.. emergency phone thing..”, Osomatsu said. “Hey, do you have your phone?” “N-no, it’s in our room.” “Oh. Well, fuck.”

Osomatsu sat up and sighed. He wanted to wait a minute until his eyes adjusted to the darkness and then he’d be able to find the phone.
Karamatsu was still lying on the ground, he didn’t dare to move. Were they going to die here? Oh god. This was the end, wasn’t it?

Breathing was fine for Osomatsu. The elevator wouldn’t run out of air, there was still some coming in from the ceiling. Osomatsu had been trapped in an elevator before, he knew this.
For Karamatsu, though, breathing wasn’t fine at all. He couldn’t breathe. Where did the air go all of a sudden? He wasn’t panicking, was he?

The rapid gasping, coming from Karamatsu, caught Osomatsu’s attention. “Huh? What’s wrong?”, he asked. No response. His eyes were still adjusting but he could see Karamatsu’s face well enough to notice his anxious expression.
“Are you afraid?”, he asked into the darkness. It took Karamatsu a bit to answer.

“Yes.”, he forced out. “You don’t have to be.”, Osomatsu laughed. “C-can you call the receptionist already? I – I can’t stay in here for long.” “Yeah, I’ll.. Uh, hold up. But calm down, Karamatsu. We’re not going to die in here.”

Osomatsu searched for the emergency phone.
“Yeah, hi, uh.. My brother and I are stuck in one of your elevators…. Yes, it just stopped. The lights went out too..  Ah, okay.. Yes.. Thank you.”
He hung up and looked at Karamatsu, who was still lying on the ground, breathing heavily. He was making some weird sounds Osomatsu couldn’t quite recognize.

“Karamatsu.. Are you.. crying?” No answer. Just slight whimpering. “They’re gonna repair this thing in thirty minutes.”, Osomatsu said, unsure what to do.
“Thir- thirty minutes?” “Yeah.” “Oh god. Oh – Oh my god, we’re going to s-suffocate, I -” Now Karamatsu was sobbing. Violently.
“Hey, no, it’s alright, you can’t suffocate in an elevator. I know that.” But that didn’t change Karamatsu’s thoughts.

“Come on, sit up.” Karamatsu shook his head. “Nothing is going to happen, it’s okay. Come on now, sit up, so I can hug you, okay? You’re safe.”, Osomatsu said, pulling on Karamatsu’s arm to get him in an upright position.

Sitting was a hard thing to do, for Karamatsu at least. He was dizzy. Dizzy and afraid.
“Oh god, we’re going to die, we – “

Osomatsu put his arms around his little brother, softly embracing him. “We’re not. We’ll just wait for the maintenance people to arrive and they’ll fix this thing.”, he whispered. Karamatsu’s answer was more sobbing and some mumbling Osomatsu couldn’t understand.
“Ssshhh.. shhh..”, he said. He had absolutely no idea how he could help Karamatsu to calm down. “It’s gonna be okay, we’re safe.”, Osomatsu whispered, running his hands through Karamatsu’s hair. He was so sweaty and warm.

“I don’t w-want t-to die, I..” “No, Karamatsu. Think rationally. The elevator is attached to strings and - “ “Osomatsu-nii-san, I don’t wanna die!” “I-” “I just wanted to enjoy this vacation, oh my god, and now we’re going to suffocate in this goddamn elevator, I – I – I”

Osomatsu squeezed Karamatsu’s hand tightly until Karamatsu stopped talking. He had done this a lot of times before; it was some kind of ritual he did when Karamatsu was panicking. He didn’t know why it worked, but it did.

“It’s gonna be okay.”
“There’s no need to worry, you hear me? I’m with you. I’ve been through this once, I know how horrible this is. I know you’re afraid of things like this.”
“Nothing bad will happen. Calm down, okay? I’m here.”

Karamatsu nodded softly. He was still crying, even sobbing, but it was okay. He was anxious, he was afraid, but Osomatsu was doing his best and it helped. At least a bit.

“I don’t.. uh, have a tissue, right now, sorry.”, Osomatsu laughed. “I- it’s okay, I – I have my sleeve..”

It wasn’t long until the lights went on and the elevator started running again. Osomatsu held Karamatsu’s hand the whole time.
“Thank god.. Oh god, your face. Oh god, Karamatsu.. ew.” Yeah, Karamatsu didn’t really look.. good right now. Snot and tears everywhere, his eyeliner smudged.

Getting out of the elevator also wasn’t very easy for Karamatsu. His legs were shaky and he was still dizzy. Osomatsu had to hold him steady. “It’s okay, I understand you’re feeling a bit off now. It’s okay.”

Karamatsu leaned against his older brother. “Thank you, Nii-san..”, he mumbled.

Keychains - Part 1

Pairing: Liam x MC

Book: The Royal Romance Book 1 & 2

Rating: T


The guard to your left is arguing with someone on the phone, in a language you do not understand (you’re guessing it’s Greek*). On occasion you can catch a few staccato words in English - something about shoes and toothpaste and leftover pasta. You breathe in the cold, dry air of the airport, and try to imagine a pasta dish in toothpaste sauce served over a plate of shoes. At this point, really, you really do deserve to laugh at something. Anything.

The guard pockets his phone now, looking over you to the one on the right. His smile disappears into his handlebar moustache. “I gynaíka mou**,” he says by way of explanation.

You stop, mid-giggle. Your gurgle of laughter stays stuck in your throat. You’ve heard those words before. Somewhere. You must have. It sounds way too familiar. Where?

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes before it strikes you.

It was the last thing he said before he came. When he moved in you, his breath coming out in short spurts, his mouth raining kisses over your face and neck and everywhere, not caring if his toes were getting caked in mud or the grass was tickling his knees. I gynaíka mou. You had opened your mouth to ask him what it meant, but all that managed to come out was his name. Liam. Liam. Oh.

And now you’ll never be able to ask him anything.

For all you knew it could have been Greek for O God. Or “I’m going to come”. Or “Christ this feels FUCKING AMAZING, Riley.” (allow me this one ego-boost, Liam, she thinks)

You don’t want to, but suddenly you miss him.

You take out the only thing you have that could possibly remind you of him. Just before leaving the airport gift shop tonight, you grabbed another keychain from the racks, the one shaped like an apple. He didn’t give it to you, granted, but when you held that and the Lady Liberty keychain in your two hands, you’d grinned at the sweet, sweet irony.

I’ll forever keep a part of his home with me, and he’ll forever keep a part of mine.

Your smile dims when you realise that he’s probably thrown your gift in the trash long before he’s reached his bedroom. Why would he want it? A useless gift from a faithless suitor. What value could it - you - have to him anymore? The tears make their way against your will once again but you manage to stem them this time. Not in this place, not in front of these people.

You’ll find the time to cry. Soon. At home. The only home you have left, the one that will never feel like home again, not really.

You’ll mourn. You’ll eat tubs of ice cream. You’ll mope in your old apartment to your heart’s content. You’ll find the time to get over this, to look back and remember it for the failed adventure it was. All that will happen, eventually. For now, you can only hope you’ll find time to google this new Greek phrase…if you ever remember it by the time you land.

Maybe you won’t.

Maybe you’ll never understand what i gynaíka mou means. What had slipped out of his mouth, in his native tongue.

Listlessly, you hook your spare keys to the tiny apple.

Maybe you’ll never know.

Maybe that’s a good thing.

* I headcanon that Greek and English are Cordonia’s national/official languages

** I gynaíka mou is Greek for “my wife”. Native Greek speakers, if I’ve got this wrong, I’m sorry 🙏

Size Isn’t Everything 1/4

Notes: The past week has been especially mentally and emotionally challenging and I’m choosing to combat that with a little Klaine PW(ithout much)P. So for the few dozen who might want to read some Klaine smut, this is for you. I hope this makes your evening even just a little bit brighter. Or something.

As always thanks to superbeta @mshoneysucklepink. Please blame me.


Summary: Kurt’s got a bit of a size-kink. Based on this prompt from the @prompt-a-klainefic blog. 
Chapter: 1/3 (the rest should be up within a week)
Words: ~2577 (this chapter)
Warnings:  I guess? PWP, Size kink, 

“…and I swear to god he had a huge dick.”

Kurt walked up to the bar, waving at his friend Sasha and accepting the offered martini from his regular bartender.

“Who’s a huge dick?” he asked. A few of the guys from the ensemble of the last show he worked on had been getting together for a regular weekly bitch session, and it inevitably turned into not-so-wild tales of various attempted sexcapades. It was silly, and the guys were fun, and besides, everyone needed to let off a little steam now and then, right?

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I finally finished reading The Retribution of Mara Dyer and I’m still crying, but I got used to doing these SO HERE YOU GO:

Thoughts after reading The Retribution of Mara Dyer (Spoiler heavy and TW:suicidal thoughts)
•mind: blown; heart: broken; body: numb; soul: destroyed; will to live: stronger than ever
•Noah’s thoughts before he died were honestly the best thing that I, a person who has dealt and is still dealing with suicidal thoughts, have ever read. Thank you, Michelle Hodkin, for giving me the chance to read that. You have no idea what you’ve done to me in jus two paragraphs  (hint: I won’t be killing myself anytime soon, so it’s a good thing)
•Don’t touch me everything is just too much right now okay?
•God this is the best series I’ve ever read
•Do writers even realise what power they have upon readers????
•Jamie, as always, thank you for brightening up the day
•Oh my God only Noah could still imagine Mara with angel wings after everything that happened
•…they finally did the do…
•ok but like imagine, you’re fucking Noah Shaw which is already the best experience you could have in your life, AND THEN HE STARTS TALKING IN FRENCH OH GOD MY HEART
•There are tears everywhere
•*aggressively believes that everything in these books is true*
•*kind of (not really) hopes to be like Mara and Noah and etc etc*
•I will never be the same after these books istg

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Have you seen this? Someone put a video of your speech online. People started sharing it, I guess, and now, I mean, Connor is everywhere. Your speech is everywhere. This morning The Connor Project page, it only had 56 people following. Well how many does it have now? Four-thousand five-hundred and eighty-two. Sixteen-thousand two-hundred and thirty-nine. I don’t understand. What happened? You did. There’s a place where we don’t have to feel alone (Oh my god. Everybody needs to see this.) And every time that you call out, you’re a little less alone. (I can’t stop watching this video.)(Seventeen years old) If you only save the word (Take five minutes. This will make your day.) From across the silence, your voice is heard. OHHHHH. Share it with the people you love. REPOST. The world needs to hear this. A beautiful tribute. FAVORITE. I know someone who really needed to hear this today. So, thank you, Evan Hansen, for doing what you’re doing. ohhHHHHHHH. I never met you, Connor, but coming on here, reading everyone’s posts, (Someone will come running.) it’s so easy to feel alone, but Evan is exactly right. We’re not alone. None of us. We’re NOT alone. None of us. NONE OF US. None of us are alone.

Growing Up Duggar: Chapter 5

Part 2, let’s talk about sex!!! Without actually saying sex. Oh fundies, a true gift to the world.

  • Derick says that you should only get into a relationship if you’re ready to marry… no pressure then hun
  • he’s says he and Jill decided to have a short engagement in order to set themselves up for success - it took me a moment to realise he did not mean for a successful marriage, but instead to be successful in not fucking until Jim Bob had given Jill to Derick like a nice mountain bike
  • true love waits blah blah blah shoot me in the face
  • something that I find s bizarre is that no one in this family can say the words ‘sex’ or ‘vagina’, yet they openly discuss how horny they are with their parents - every time I think I am starting to understand fundies I am reminded of this wild shit
  • oh, and also, Satan is the source of horniness is you are single, but when you’re married it’s from god
  • Derick had had girlfriends before Jill and hadn’t had chaperones… I wonder if Derick was a virgin… 
  • Who allowed Derick contribute this much to the book? Please, tell me.  I’d like to slap them.
  • Jill now tells us about the criteria we should look for in potential husbands, and that we should discuss that with our dads.  I feel very glad that I never have had to do that, it’s be too cringey.
  • It must be really weird to sit down at the beginning of a courtship and plan out what boundaries to put in place?  Like you barely know a person at that point?  It would be pretty weird to sit and be like ‘so we shouldn’t hold hands incase it leads to genital contact’
  • UUUUGH JILL REFERS TO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE AS A GUY UNWRAPPING YOUR SPECIAL GIFT!! Sorry, I am just vomiting everywhere.  Fuck that.  Your virginity is not a gift to someone else.  Have sex if you want to with who you want to and feel no guilt.
  • Apparently you will gets AIDS if you have sex before marriage.  That is a bit of an extreme accusation.  And apparently it’s also impossible to get an STI from sex within marriage. Wow.
  • Oh god, now there is some pro-life stuff.  I am ready to fight them.

Okay, I am going to end this section here because I am too annoyed to continue.  Oh fundies. WHy?? WHY?

waltreynlds prompted: casually quietly prompting newly married klaine living together and having fights over dumb stuff and having lots of sex and being schmoopy weenies like burt said he and kurt’s mom were when they first got married ╯ω╰

Kurt wakes up cold.

At first, he isn’t sure why: hadn’t he had the comforter on when he went to bed? He distinctly remembers having it, because Blaine knows how cold he can get at night, and—


Bleary-eyed and half awake, Kurt rolls over and finds a 500-thread-count sushi roll where his husband normally would be. Grunting, Kurt kicks at some lower half of the roll—it could be Blaine’s legs, could be his groin for all Kurt cares; no one steals his blankets—and hisses out Blaine’s name.

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But what would happen if Steph woke up one morning to discover she'd been turned into Steve?

“But you can reverse it.” 



“Yes. Yeah. Look. It’s gonna be fine.” 

“You never say that, are you lying to me?” 

Stark shakes his head. He looks like Howard when he makes that face and Stephanie puts her hands on her hips. Her very, very slim hips. Even before the serum her hips were never this tiny. 

“Two hours tops. Maximum. Three. Two and a half.” 


“It’s just weird, okay? Okay. Sorry. Jeez. Two hours forty five minutes maximum.” He squints at her, looking her up and down. “Like a brick shithouse,” he mutters. “Hey, if you don’t mind me asking –” 

“I do mind.” 

“–What does the husband think?” 

Stephanie turns and nearly smacks her head on the doorframe on her way out. “Goddamn it.”  


“Goddamn it,” Bucky says. “Two hours?” 

“I know.” Stephanie tells him. She looks down and tugs at the crotch of her jeans, which are Buck’s, which are too big on these goddamn hips. “You never told me all this was so uncomfortable.” 

“I’m gonna be honest,” Bucky says. “I’ve had a couple dreams like this. That’s me being honest, so don’t you laugh at me.” He stands and walks over to meet her. They’re the same height – she might even be a little bit taller. Bucky puts his hands on her waist. “Shit,” he mutters. “I bet we can think of something to do for two hours, huh?” 

She huffs and feels herself blushing. “You – really?” 

He shrugs a little, stroking her hips. “Why not?” 

“I didn’t know you…well,” she says. Stephanie did know, actually, kind of. It’s not like she doesn’t like girls, too, and it’s not like she’s never caught Bucky watching Barton at the gym. “I mean, but you’ve never – not with a man, right?” 

“Just you, you know that,” Bucky says. “Hell, I’ve thought about it, though.” 


“Hell yeah,” Bucky murmurs. “Hey, can I kiss you?” 

“Don’t see why not.” 

Bucky does, cautiously. He kisses her like he always has, and it makes her gasp like it always does, and his palms move up her body like they always have, and he –

“Oh my God,” Bucky mumbles. “Pecs like this might as well be tits.” 


“Shut up, I’m kissing you,” he murmurs, and keeps kissing her, even at the weird angle. “You think I’m good at fuckin’ you, I’m gonna show you a whole new world. It’s a world called handjobs. I never sucked dick, can we do that? Oh my God,” he repeats. “Only two hours. How you feel about anal?” 

“I feel good as hell about it, you know that,” she says, and she’s blushing everywhere now, this is horrible. She remembers that this different body has a g-spot in a different place and blushes harder. “Bucky, Jesus Christ.” 

“You are fucking hotter than sin,” Bucky swears. She loops her big meaty arms around his neck even though it feels weird and he reaches down and grabs her ass and she kisses him and kisses him. “Jesus Christ,” he mumbles. It makes Stephanie laugh out loud. “Once in a lifetime. Thank you God.” 

#40 Summer of 2017 (Harry Styles)

It was the Summer of 2017. Harry and Ember hadn’t seen each other for three years. Ember didn’t plan to see him either. Not after what he had done to her, but what she didn’t know was that Harry had been trying to locate her. He had spent six months, but no one told him about her because Ember had asked them not to. She didn’t want anything to do with the Harry Styles. He had done enough to end everything between them, and she was finally, getting better. But, the commitment which Ember lost, seeped into Harry and he held on to the thread that attached him to her, trying to strengthen it. He just had to find her. But, when he did, he had not planned to… 

Alexa wanted the book. She wanted it desperately, and she had planned to check all the bookstores present in this small town regardless if Harry planned to accompany her or not. They were out with all their friends with all their friends together, and Harry had made fun of her mention in her ex-boyfriend’s book and, she wanted it. 

Harry had no choice, but to follow her. The second option was climbing the mountain and, he had that planned for the next few days. He had all the excursions, limited as they were, spaced out in the time, he was going to spend here. Doing everything in one day would mean boredom for the next days and, he couldn’t afford that. 

It was the fourth bookstore and the last one here, they had checked out that morning, and it was almost 1 pm now. It was a bigger store than the other ones in the town and, extremely pleasing to the eye. They could hear a guitar playing inside and a guy, and a girl singing some an old ABBA song. They entered the store, Alexa, a little jumpy now, while Harry shook his head and followed her. 

The music got louder, as they sung in an empty bookstore. It was obvious since the population of this town was not a lot. He didn’t want to stop them and, he pulled her into looking the book herself until they finished the song. She had a beautiful voice, a voice he remembered which warmed his heart. But, he didn’t want to think about that. All his efforts had gone to hell and were leading nowhere. 

Alexa started smiling finally, but it was because of the song and not the book, “they are pretty good, aren’t they?” she whispered to him, and he nodded. Harry wondered why the girl wasn’t singing anymore when he heard footsteps. 

“Hello, how can I help you?” She asked, and his hand’s stopped. He couldn’t turn. He couldn’t believe it was her voice, and if he turned around and if it wasn’t, he would cry because it was her voice to him. 

“Oh, you guys were singing beautifully! I’m sorry you stopped!” Alexa apologised, and Harry wondered if they should, as customers. 

“Oh, no worries! We only sing on Thursdays, because the owner isn’t here. Friday’s are silent if you plan to sit and read, here. It makes a beautiful place, but it’s singing Thursday today,” She giggled and, Harry knew it was her. He closed his eyes and turned his head to look at her. 

He started with her shoes, she was in flats. Harry knew her like the back of his hand, and his eyes traced up to her legs and that, white dress she was wearing and her hair, black hair, in curls like he remembered, longer than he remembered and, to her lips, her nose, her eyes, it was Ember. His eyes widened to see how she had matured. He body seemed tighter now, fuller even, her lips were a bit plumper and her eyes held the same sparkle they had held in his dreams before they faded away as she saw him. 

In her head, Ember did the same thing. She had seen his pictured online. It was hard not to see him. With his famous haircut and photoshoot and movie debut, he was everywhere. But, her heart beat faster as he stood a few metred away from her. She hadn’t practised her look of seeing him again. She wasn’t prepared to see him again. And he wasn’t either. 

“It’s no problem! You guys are amazing! This town is so small, it’s just lovely hearing some young voices. All we have seen is old or married people everywhere and none our age!” Alexa laughed. Had she forgotten about her book, Harry wondered. His eyes never left her face. He could do so many things now. He had thought about all instances, but none led him to an interaction in a bookstore.

“Ember? Can you handle another Lobo song? I feel it today!” The guy walked up to them, and “oh, oh, umm oh my god. It’s you,” He looked at Harry and, then at Ember. He knew about them. “Hi!” He shook Alexa’s hand. How can I help you?” He smiled, trying to distract her from the way Ember and Harry were staring at each other. “I’ll handle this, why don’t you keep my guitar back?” 

Ember snapped out, and nodded, taking it away from his hand and walking towards the counter. She heard Alexa and Miles interact, as she took deep breaths in. “You’re okay?” Miles came and held her, as she took deep breaths in, trying not to show it on her face and stopping all the tears from coming out. 

“I am okay, I am okay, I am okay. He doesn’t affect me, he doesn’t affect me, he doesn’t affect me.” She chanted as Miles rubbed her shoulders. Harry had not moved from his position. 

“What are you doing there? Come, he said he’s looking for the book!” Alexa pulled him, and he snapped out.  

“Here’s the book, you want to give it?” Miles asked her. Ember nodded, finally controlling herself and giving a big smile, as she took on another role.

“Oh love, we do have the book, but it’s the one in hardcover. The paperback is available too, but we don’t have it,” she apologised to Alexa who stood at the counter. She could feel Harry’s gaze on her, but she completely ignored it. 

Harry was thinking of what he could say. Nothing seemed enough. She wasn’t even looking at him anymore. A ‘hi’ would do? Not after what he did, a ‘hi’ wouldn’t do anything. 

“The hardcover will do! I just really want the book! Searched the entire town for it!” Alexa assured and paid the bill. 

“There you go!” Ember handed the packet to her. Should she anything? No. She had nothing to say. 

“You guys should give me a kiss each as payment!” A voice announced, and all of them turned to look at the door. Percy walked in with packets of food and, Ember and Miles ran to help him. They looked inside the packet, and both kissed his cheek at once. “I wasn’t serious!” Percy wiped his cheeks. Alexa swooned looking at him. He was beautiful, the most handsome man, Alexa had ever seen.

Percy stopped as he took her in. He knew who she was, but she was looking incredibly pretty standing in front of him, “Hello,” He smiled. Ember knew the attraction that instant. She smiled and bit her lip. Harry knew that reaction by Ember. Percy’s eyes shifted to Harry, and he cursed, “Are you okay?” He asked Ember. He knew, too. She nodded. 

“So you guys work and live here in this town?” Alexa asked, looking at Percy. 

“Well, Ember and I work. She is Ember, I am Miles, we love books and singing in bookstores! Percy is too cool to work!” Miles teased. 

“We are on holiday!” Percy casually pointed out. “We are on Uni leave, so we are supposed to be holidaying, but these two just love bookstores and are easily manipulated by old people!” 

“He wanted help! Mr Roland is a very nice man and, he wanted Thursday and Friday morning off, so we volunteered. Percy is too cool to work!” Ember countered as she brought plates for them out. “How long are you guys here?” 

Harry’s heart skipped a beat. She wanted to see them again. She considered him. “Oh, a couple of weeks. We should meet up!” Alexa replied. 

“Oh, umm,” Percy and Miles shut up. They didn’t want Ember to go through what she had. It took a long time to recover her. 

“Definitely!” Ember replied, and they looked at her,, in shock. “Let me give you Percy’s number since, he plans everything and tell him your plans?” 

“That’ll be great!” Alexa nodded, “If you don’t mind,” She looked at Percy and, he immediately shook his head. Harry couldn’t take his eyes off his girl. Was she his anymore? She wasn’t, but maybe she’ll give him a chance to explain. “Thanks! We will see you guys around then! And, thank you for the book!” She held it tightly, “let’s go, Harry!” her voice made him snap out of his thoughts, and he followed her out. 

“They are lovely, aren’t they?” She asked Harry on her way out. “You didn’t say anything!” 

“Yeah, we’ll meet them again and, I will!” He smiled. 

Ember collasped on her chair. She had to build her walls higher. Her ex-boyfriend of four years was back in town. 

Request here for a Part 2?

I am throwing ideas out there and, I’ll write them depending on the response for each! 

Let me know which one you like! Comments?



victoria121512  asked:

Ikkaku, Uryu, Chad, and Renji dirty talk please. I love this blog by the way.

😍😍😍 I’m into it



•"easy baby…we gotta make this last…“
•"I’ll show you my new ‘battle’ technique I’m working on…”
•"you better be quiet, or everyone will hear your lewd noises"



•"that innocent look won’t save you now…“
•"look at that, your love juices are squirting everywhere”
•"I’ll make a lewd woman out of you"



•"s/o…you’re body is getting hotter by the second"
•"I’ll try to remember our safe word"
•"does this feel good, my horny princess?“



•"oh baby, look what you did, you got my uniform all wet…”
•"God! Your pussy is clenching my dick so tight!“
•"Now I’ll have to specially clean you up, now stop squirming…”


👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌 100% good shit, I tried to go a little more outside the box with Chad, hopefully it’s not that ooc

anonymous asked:

OH MY GOD YOURE THE AUTHOR OF SOMETHING TO TELL YOU!!?!?!! Where have you been!! Everywhere I looked I found links to your fic and your tumblr but when I clicked on them you were gone 😭😭. You made me laugh and cry and feel so so happy. That was all I wanted to say!

I am, haha. I went away for a little while, but I’m back now. Thank you for bringing so much excitement to my ask box! I’m so happy that reading Something made you happy ♥️

moonshine and potatoes
molly hall
moonshine and potatoes

so i have been thinking a lot, recently, about the way that things change. about the way they move. i have been thinking a lot about the way that everything is just a little bit liquid, fitting whatever container you put it in, and how i personally have fit into different mollyhall-shaped containers. how the people i love/have loved/will love fit into them.

i wrote this song over christmas 2012 with my neighbor, sam. sam’s great. he was great then and he’s great now, though the exact type of great that he is, to me, has changed a lot. over christmas 2012, i think i was probably a little bit in love with him, but in that way where you don’t really look at it or touch it or think about it too much. you know what i mean? like it’s just something that’s there, underneath everything else, and there’s too much else stacked up on top of it for it to really, like, matter, in the grand scheme of things. sam is/was a lot of things to me, and my probably being a little bit in love with him for a while was like, the tiniest part of it.

i mean, listening to this recording now, i feel like it’s everywhere. i can hear it spilling out of literally everything. which, i mean. feelings can be so embarrassing, oh my god. but i don’t know. it’s probably a good thing that nothing ever came of it; like, i’m not saying it definitely would have gone badly, but also, i get to go that guy’s wedding in a few months. that’s kind of awesome.

since we wrote this song, sam joined the military, got his heart broken, moved to california, fell in love again, and now is getting married in june. i like his fiancée a lot. i think she’s good for him. i think they’re going to be happy. i hope they are, anyway. 

it’s weird that our friendship doesn’t fit into the same container anymore, but i think it probably wouldn’t have regardless of whether or not he was getting married. i’m not the same me i was in christmas 2012, and he’s not the same sam. i mean, are any of us? are any of you?

anyway, here’s a #tbtuesday.