oh god i forgot i did this


My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?

 You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first? That’s bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you? Oh, Gods above. I loved you. I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like. 

the last text i received from each sign
  • aries: i got a video of you running and i can't stop laughing at it
  • taurus: did i leave one of my socks at your house?
  • gemini: why aren't you responding to any of my texts?
  • leo: i love you. you know you love me, too.
  • virgo: that bitch stole my pencil
  • libra: she thinks she's better than me. she needs to think again
  • scorpio: i found a rare pepe
  • capricorn: i tripped on his foot today
  • aquarius: i'm so sorry
  • pisces: but cheese is so gross... do you know what they do to make it?

I decided to combine these two requests because they are extremely similar. thANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE FOLLOWERS I DON’T DESERVE IT

707 / Saeyoung / Luciel Choi

  • this guy would obviously be the first to know - not by your choice, but from the stalking background check he did when you joined the rfa´
  • he’d treat you with more carefulness than he did the other members, not just by the fact that he liked you, but because of your age, sometimes even refraining himself from telling certain jokes because he doesn’t want to fully corrupt you
  • sometimes he’d go for a really dirty joke and just sTOP midway through and stare at you wide-eyed like oH GOD MC I’M SORRY I FORGOT YOU’RE YOUNG
  • “I act older than you”
  • you have to constantly remind him that 4 years is not that much and that it does not make you a baby and NO, you don’t need to eat like 8 meals a day, stop it saeyoung
  • don’t get me wrong, your age had many up sides to it when it came to your relationship
  • he’d cuddle a LOT with you every time you two were together after a long day in school, and he’d always buy you sweets when you had exams
  • he’d pay extra care to anything you needed because he’d feel like he had to protect you from all harm ever
  • he’s actually a good teacher when you need it and for some reason he knows like 10 languages bruh wtf 
  • and he’s insanely good at math too and science and whAT CAN’T HE DO
  • but
  • oh god, bUT
  • he’s.a jealous.little.shit.
  • you’d have school projects, or even just casual outings after school with your friends, and he’d get so jelly
  • not to mention how he feels about those handsome jocks that go to your school
  • but back to the point - whenever you’re out with male friends, he’d call you a lot
  • and by call you I mean spam you,
  • “jagiya, all men are wolves!!! trust our zen’s wise words!! be back before the moon appears or they might jump on you!!”
  • “I’m not 6, saeyoung” 
  • but he’d only say that because he loves you and he’d never try to be too much prying or demanding, but he sure would have a hard time working
  • poor saeran has to handle him


  • “Assistant Kang, is this legal?”
  • he is used to seeing his father date women far younger than him, but seeing that happen to him is slightly weird
  • he’d get over the shock soon after, when you kiss him passionately and remind him that age is only a number and that it changes nothing about your feelings
  • lots of help for your exams because somehow for some reason he knows a lot of languages like saeyoung
  • you mentioned you wanted chocolate cake?? you’ll have three on your bed when you get home from school
  • he’d trust you and wouldn’t bother you like saeyoung, but he’d get stressed whenever you were out for a little too late at night
  • you’d get a text message from Jaehee complaining that he made her change his whole schedule after lunch
  • turns out he’d want to spend it with you and give you a giant speech about how you’re young and shouldn’t be out so late at night, that he loves you and gets worried every time you wake up with a hangover
  • you’d be pissed off at first because hEY he’s not your dad, and you’re not as young as he’s making you out to be
  • and then you get self-conscious because ??? is he trying to change you into a more fitting girlfriend of the company’s heir ??? 
  • but he kisses your worries away and whispers that you’ll always be perfect for him, it’s just that he doesn’t want you to make yourself so vulnerable
  • you spend the night cuddling because jumin han has a soft spot too and that’s called MC
  • he’s so glad that your parents actually approved of him, because an 18 year old dating a 27 year old would make most parents go insane
  • you all have diner together a lot


  • “babe, can I kiss you?”
  • yes this boy actually asks for permission, probably because you’re in your bedroom and the living room is just right by the corner and your DAD is in there
  • he is so scared of your parents oh god
  • the difference isn’t much at all, but he’s a broke college student and your parents are doubtful that he’ll go anywhere in life with his low grades and gaming addiction
  • so he usually sneaks kisses when they’re not looking with a lot of fear
  • he’ll know your struggles regarding being a student, you two will study together a lot
  • sometimes in his room and he ends up on top of you somehow and you wonder how he got from being so shy to heavily making out with you on the bed
  • still, you act way older than him
  • his mom loves you because of that and things you’re sO cute she just wants to keep you forever
  • still, even if you’re the best cook, cleaner and student out of too, he’s still the most protective one
  • if you’re going out (unless it’s girls only) he’d make sure to accompany you, just to make sure everything’s alright and no one abuses you 
  • his gaze would turn so cold whenever anyone actually touches you
  • he’s always such a playful guy and he always seems so distracted that you didn’t even know he could ever have that stare
  • lots of eating instant ramen for lunch because somehow you both forgot to bring a solid lunch to school, and now you’re meeting at some random convenience store


  • he’ll show you off to evERYONE
  • this is not even a joke, he’ll take you eVERYWHERE 
  • you’d never be insecure because of your age around him, this guy worships every inch of you 24/7 
  • when you told him he’d just legit love you even more because you can call him OPPA and we all know he has a kink for this word 
  • he’d sometimes be a little excessive like saeyoung and try to do some stuff like feeding you himself, as if you didn’t have a perfectly good hand
  • he’d rush over and freak out
  • he’ll straight up just want to take you to the hospital, even if the cut is barely bleeding
  • it’s just because he loves you a lot okay 
  • bridal style carrying you everywhere
  • piggy back rides in the middle of the street just because you made a comment about how your feet hurt
  • some surprisingly good back massages whenever you’re stressed that he learned when he was starting his career
  • somehow it ended up with you two making out idk man
  • your entire family loves him because he’s so charismatic and treats you just like a princess
  • actually, you feel like a qUEEN when you’re with him
  • zen will protect u from everything and you’re sure of that

So here’s a very old comic that I did but never posted and I honestly forget why I made this
(and I forgot undyne’s eyepatch god damn it)

Me in 20 years
  • Me: What, I don't remember....
  • My therapist: I have been periodically checking on you with trigger words, I was protecting you
  • Me: Protecting me from what?
  • My therapist: The woman you are today is your memory of The Final Problem which aired on BBC Sherlock on January 15th 2017. You blocked it completely from your memory.
  • Me: Oh damn, I did. Thank God I forgot that shit, I need me some more TD-12 before I start remembering again.
Beauty and the CGI Beast Pros and Cons

So someone also wanted pros and cons so I decided to write those too


  • This movie is very pretty
  • The costumes and the designs for the castle was wonderful
  • Luke Evans is a fantastic Gaston
  • Josh Gad is a decent Le Fou
  • Kevin Kline is good
  • Everyone playing the servants did a fantastic job and I want a movie about them
  • This movie made me a ship a wardrobe with her Harpsichord husband. Oh my god, Maestro Cadenza and Madame de Garderobe were adorable. I want a film about them please!
  • Honestly, I think the servants were the best part of this movie
  • They explained a few things like who Chip’s dad is and why everyone forgot about the castle.
  • Gaston’s song and scene was great
  • Background diversity is nice


  • Emma Watson
  • For some reason, the villagers are really mean in this
  • They make a big deal about this Belle being an inventor but she invents one thing and that’s it.
  • This is this random subplot concerning Belle’s mother and it felt really forced
  • Mrs. Potts looks creepy
  • Beast, you’re not scary enough.
  • Emma Watson’s singing
  • Okay, I know this is a Disney movie but the romance in this feels extremely forced and our two leads have zero chemistry.
  • Two added songs and they’re both kinda not that great.
  • Le Fou, speak up goddamnit
  • The big ‘gay’ moment happens so quickly you’ll miss it
  • And that interracial kiss they talk about happens at the tail end of the movie
  • The yellow dress Emma design looks even worse on the big screen
  • Oh and they ruined the ballroom scene too
  • Just Emma Watson in general
  • Evergreen: Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go spend time with the one sane person in the room.
  • Freed: ...
  • Laxus: ...
  • Bickslow: ...
  • Entirety of Blue Pegasus: ...
  • Freed: Oh! Did you mean me? Oh...wow. Really?
The Son next door - Part 3


Originally posted by sandm1827


I checked the calendar and did the math. I was late. I should have noticed it before. I was never late, but I had been so deep in my own misery that I just forgot about it. I didn’t take any birth control pills, I didn’t have a sexual life. Juice had used a condom, but obviously, something was wrong. Oh God! I couldn’t believe I had got pregnant in one night stand. I mean, it happens, I just hadn’t thought it would ever happen to me. I picked up my phone and called the doctor for an appointment.


“Almost six weeks”, the doctor smiled at me, but all I could do was stare at her. I would be a mother, “Y/N, are you okay?”

“It’s a shock”, I mumbled and she gave me a comprehensive look.

“I understand”, she calmly said, “I’ll prescribe some vitamins you must start to take okay?”

I nodded and listened all her recommendations, repeating them so she know I had understood. “I’m here if you ever need to talk”, the doctor hugged me and I left her room. I slowly waked through the hallway, feeling my legs getting weak. I let myself fall on a chair at the waiting room. I leaned back and closed my eyes for a moment. It didn’t take long for someone to check up on me.

“Are you okay?”, someone touched my arm. I opened my eyes and saw a doctor close to me, “You look pale”

“Yeah, I’m fine”, I swallowed, feeling my mouth so dry. She creased her eyebrow and sat by my side.

“Are you waiting for a doctor or exam?”, she asked and I shook my head, feeling a lump on my throat, “Are you visiting someone?”

“I’m pregnant”, I blurted, surprising myself, “I just got the news”. The doctor raised her eyebrows for a second and then held out her hand for me.

“I’m doctor Tara Knowles”, she said as I weakly shook her hand, “I was just going to my office to take a break. Do you wanna come with me? We could eat something and talk”

“Are you a shrink?”, I grimaced. Last thing I needed that moment was therapy.

“No”, Tara smiled, “I’m a pediatrician”

“It’s really nice of you Tara, really”, I tried to smile, already getting up, “Thank you. I should go home now. Get some rest”

“Wait…”, she held my wrist, “What is your name?”

“Y/N”, I said, a little suspicious, “You’re being really nice doctor, but as I said, I should go home”

“Let me walk you to the door then”, Tara got up and started to walk. I shrugged and followed her in silence. We were almost at the exit when a blond guy crossed our path, calling her name. He had a leather kutte and I froze for a second.

“Hi babe”, he said and kissed Tara’s forehead before look at me.

“This is Y/N, a patient”, she introduced me to the blond man, “This is my husband, Jax”, Tara said and turned back to him, “Could you wait for me at my office? I’ll be there in a minute”

Jax nodded and walked away while I stared at his kutte. Sons of Anarchy. “Your husband is a Son”, it wasn’t a question, but Tara confirmed anyway.

“Yes”, she was raising an eyebrow, suspicious.

“Sorry”, I shook my head, “I’ve heard about them, I’m just surprised… Nice to meet you Tara”

I rushed out of the hospital before she could say something else.

Juice’s POV

The apartment was empty and Juice was sleeping at the clubhouse again. He liked his brothers, but being at the club again wasn’t what he really wanted. Juice didn’t miss the apartment, he missed Y/N. Weeks had passed, but he hadn’t forgotten her. Everybody had noticed something was going on and they thought it was a girl, asking hundred questions about her. Juice ignored the comments and they eventually stopped.

He was preparing a smoothie that afternoon when Gemma walked in the kitchen. Abel was following her, waiting for his sandwich.

“Hi Juice”, she smirked, opening the fridge.

“Hi Gemma”, he answered, shaking the bottle on his hand.

“I heard the boys teasing you about a girl”, Gemma started to make a sandwich, glancing at Juice, “Do I know her?”

“No”, he muttered and she raised an eyebrow, he hadn’t admitted to anyone that there was a girl

“So they are right, there is a girl”, Gemma gave Abel his plate and told him to sit close to Chuck outside,” And what is wrong about it?”

“She doesn’t want me”, Juice sighed, “She is afraid”

“Afraid of what?”, Gemma scoffed, “Afraid of being with a sweetheart like you?”

“The club”, he said and her expression hardened.

“Let her go”, Gemma just said, already turning to leave. Tara walked in, blocking her way, “Hi sweetheart”

“Hi Gemma”, the doctor greeted her mother-in-law and then noticed Juice, “Hi Juice”

“Hi doc”, he rushed to leave the kitchen, but froze outside listening what Tara was saying.

“Gemma, do you know any Y/N Y/L/N?”, Tara asked, “Y/H/C hair and Y/E/C eyes”

Y/N, Juice thought. How did Tara know her?

“Sorry, it doesn’t ring a bell”, Gemma sounded worried and curious, “Why?”

“I saw her at the hospital today, seemed pretty shaken after the news she had got”, Tara answered, “But what it’s odd was her reaction when Jax showed up. She went pale and asked me if my husband was a Son, then left in a hurry. I checked with the nurses and got her last name. I thought that she might be someone Jax knew”

“No, I would remember her”, Gemma scoffed, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m sure it’s nothing, just another person shocked a doctor is married to a Son”

“Probably”, Tara said,sounding skeptical.

“What news she had got by the way”, Juice heard Gemma ask, “A relative?”

“No”, Tara sighed, “She is pregnant”

To be continued…

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winter aus
  • “you burst out crying but it’s so cold and your tears froze and now you’re crying and laughing at the same time as i hold you in my arms and tell you everything will be fine” au
  • “please stop walking on the frozen pool I don’t think that’s a good idea” au
  • “our fucking car got stuck in snow! we’ve been waiting for firefighters to come but you’re so cold and i’m afraid please let me hold your hands and hug you to warm you up” au
  • “we’re in front of this fireplace in this mountain chalet I know it’s kind of clichéd but your eyes sparkle in the dark and- DAMN WE FORGOT TO HANG THE DND SIGN DID THE CLEANING LADY JUST SEE US HALF NAKED” au
  • “ok i saw a lot of weird stuff in my life but why the fuck are you skiing on the street i can’t stop laughing you congested the traffic and blocked everybody oh my god i’m late for work but you’re too funny” au
  • “so tell me again why we’re hiking in this cold weather” au
  • “why are you wearing that hat with cat ears I mean where did you buy it I want one NOW” au
  • “you’re my neighbour and every morning you slip on the icy pavement in front of our building how do I know? haha it’s not like I find you adorable or something I just happen to look out the window at the right time” au
  • “you threw a snowball at me while we were playing but you hit me in my face and you broke my glasses. i can’t see shit now” au
  • “we dared each other to run in underwear in the snow, well here we are and damn you look so fine” au
  • “I don’t understand why you think throwing boiling water in cold air everyday is funny all I know is that our neighbours don’t talk to us anymore” au
  • “can you please shut off the tv you’ve been watching the weather forecasts since this morning because it may snow but it won’t! oh wait nevermind you were right what’s my penance” au
  • “my car broke down on this mountain pass but thankfully there’s this remote shelter where i can drink something hot… holy shit the owner is hotter” au
  • Will: Hey Nico, I forgot to ask what blood type you are?
  • Nico: uhh type A I think..
  • *scene changes to Percy and Annabeth having lunch*
  • Percy *freezes*: ...what.
  • *runs off leaving Annabeth very confuse*
  • Percy *dashing inside the Big house*: What.
  • *pulls out personal record/ blood info saids type A*
  • Percy: What!
  • Percy *charging wherever Nico is*: WHAT.
  • Nico: uhh Percy...?
  • Percy *shoves paper in Nico's face*: WHAT!!!!!???
  • Nico: *scans paper* oh gods...
  • Percy: 'NOT YOUR TYPE' DID YOU SAY????!!!

Yes this game totally sounds like the perfect fit for Garnet.

I forgot how horribly terrible names arcade games had.

This looks kind of cool, i was always into fighting games when i was young, but they were so expensive.


I already feel bad for this thing

I don’t think a single piece of it would ramain after that


“Tell my wife i’m sorry!”

oh god Garnet see what you did, you ruined a family.

Garnet is going to be beating the meat it seems. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)