oh god i don't want to do anything

give me modern vexleth AU where they are both nature bloggers and they randomly meet up while hiking the Bruce trail ((vex swears there’s been a bear following her but she keeps her food secure and an eye at her back and nothing has happened yet))
and then they realize they’ve been mutuals for literal years
and they fall in LOVE on a BEAUTIFUL HIKE and it’s full of tent sharing and skinny dipping and marveling at how the sun hits faces at just the right angle and taking sneaky portraits of each other

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How old are you: 25

What is your dream job: Always wanted to be a vet but I really don’t know anymore. Maybe something to do with interior designing?

What is a big goal you want to achieve?: To be happy. That’s about it. 

What is your aesthetic: oh god I hope I understand this question right… :D Winter, snow, cold, dark, candles. That’s my thing. Drunken hazy nights.

Do you collect anything?: Not really, but if you look through my phone you might say yoi pics…. 

What is a topic you’re always up to talk about?: Pretty much anything. Yoi, dogs, mental health, series, games, relationship stuff.. just talk to me and I will love you.

What is a pet peeve of yours?: that fucking noise that people make when they chew. You know, mouth open and aaaaaaaa, just no. 

Good advice to give: Do whatever makes you happy. Remember to relax and enjoy life. And please, don’t be too hard on yourself.

3 recommended songs:  Oh my, what should I put here. 

1.  Bright Eyes - Lover I Don’t Have to Love

2. The Killers - Andy, You’re a star

3. Tracy Gang Pussy - Dreaming

Me before setlock: I do not want a baby on the show.

Me after seeing baby: okay….well it’s not really my thing but I don’t want the baby to die or anything.

Me after John is shown lovingly holding baby: I love her she must be protected look at how softly he holds her LOOK AT HIM HE LOVES HER OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE HOW HE CRADLES HER

Wouldn’t it be funny if when angels read minds they couldn’t tell if the person said it out loud or if they thought it and it would just lead to a lot of funny awkwardness like maybe Dean and Cas are talking and Dean thinks something inappropriate and Cas is all like “you want to do what to me?!” And Dean’s like “I didn’t say anything” nervously and then Cas has to explain and Sam is just laughing his ass off