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[Only for when you feel like it/have time to] The dreaded time of the month has come. Idk what monsters, but their reactions to their s/o going through their monthly period anguish. [I'm way too embarrassed to come off anon, sorry.]


He’s read about this in a human anatomy book, so the first time he comes over and finds you curled up in comfy pajamas, writhing from painful cramps, he isn’t alarmed.  Instead, he starts to sweat a little.  He also happened to read that this time of the month comes with mood swings.

He treads carefully; this explains why you’ve been much testier than usual about his puns and general shenanigans.  He brings you back greasy food from Grillby’s and doesn’t know how to do much more than just let you lie on the couch with your head pillowed in his lap.  While he’s a little curious about the details, he wisely decides not to ask you; he’ll just consult the Undernet later.


Papyrus only finds out about this when the Annoying Dog happens to dig through the trash, and welp, this is beyond disgusting but your bloody feminine product has been strewn throughout the bathroom floor for Papyrus to discover.

He does the only logical thing and assumes you’re dying, of course.


You’re mortified.  

“I’m fine, Papyrus!  Geez!  It’s normal– it’s just something that happens to women,” you attempt to reassure him through your bright blush.  He’s gingerly touching your face, your arms, your sides, carefully looking for any sign of bleeding.  


The sweetheart looks like he’s on the verge of tears, he’s so concerned.  You don’t want to explain it to him, so you just tell him it’s something private and keep reassuring him that everything’s fine.  For the rest of the day, he treats you like you’re made of glass and refuses to let you out of his sight.    

Sans eventually explains it to him so you don’t have to.


Red realizes that you seem to be more irritable than usual, when he’s teasing you and you happen to bite his head off because dammit, your stomach hurts so much.  He scoffs and flippantly says, “what?  ya got that weird human period thing goin’ on?”

It’s the wrong thing to say.

Red’s done his research.  He understands what it means, but he’s bad about keeping his mouth shut.  The two of you end up fighting, he huffs away to his room, and you scowl at the TV and lie on the couch for a while.  

Eventually, Red comes in with some Sea Tea and hands it to you wordlessly.  Once you drink it, you actually do feel a little better, so he motions for you to sit up.  You put your head back in his lap, and he rubs your lower abdomen while you both watch shitty MTT re-runs.  

Right now, it’s best that both of you just enjoy it in silence.  


(*Someone also sent me a request for the s/o getting their period and staining a couch, but I can’t for the life of me find the ask.  Sooo, that couch that gets stained happens to be Edge’s. Enjoy. )

You stand up from watching TV at the Underfell brothers’ house, intent on getting something to drink from the kitchen because man you’re thirsty.  As soon as you do, you hear Edge shoot to his feet, his expression filled with concern.  “HUMAN, WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!” he snaps, coming to your side.  Red’s eyesockets are completely dark, and he starts sweating.  

“Did what?” you ask in confusion.  


What are they freaking out–


Edge turns you around by the shoulders for a better view, and that’s when you spot the stained couch.  Mortification rises to your cheeks.  Your gaze locks with Red, and in an instant, he nopes right out of there and shortcuts away.  

That traitor!

“Oh god, I’m sorry about the couch.  Lemme get something to clean that off!”  The words tumble out of your mouth so fast that you’re not even sure it was intelligible.  

You attempt to dart away–preferably to the bathroom, even though you’re certain by the way Edge is staring at your ass that your pants are ruined–but Edge catches your arm and turns you to face him again.  

His expression is filled with undisguised rage, and his grip is slightly painful.  “I’LL KILL WHOEVER HURT YOU, SO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!”

“I’m not hurt!”


“That’s just something that happens!”


“Yes, it is!”

“WHERE IS THE BLOOD COMING FROM IF IT ISN’T A WOUND?”  He leans forward, looking so pissed that you feel indignant anger trump your mortification.  You’re already embarrassed as hell; what do you have to lose?

“My vagina, Papyrus!  MY VAGINA!”  

Shock courses through him, mostly from the fact that you just shouted such a cold, proper term in his face.  “YOUR…”  He trails off as it starts to click.  You can see confusion there, then a darker sense of anger begin to wash over him.  “WHO?”  The question is bit off and clipped, ground out from between his clenched teeth.  

Oh hell, now he thinks…?  “No one!  It happens every month!  It’s natural!  It’s a reproductive human thing!”  

“OH.”  He finally lets go of your arm.  He even starts to look a little embarrassed.  “I KNEW THAT!  I WAS JUST TESTING YOU!”

“Testing me?”  You can’t help but give him a hard time.


At this point, you don’t even care.  You end up wearing Sans’s shorts home to change (after kicking the bottom of his shoe while he laid on his bed and complaining about the fact that he left you down there to deal with that), and by the time you return, the stain is already gone.

Edge does, however, toss you a towel to sit on.  

(* Mobile Imagine Masterlist  )

another time pt. 15 | alfie solomons


“Oh, dear Lord” you mumbled, shrinking back from the light that swept up at you. There was another screech and another assault of light.

“Right, up you get”

You squinted and looked towards the windows that were being flung wide open by an old woman in a flowery dress.


She turned to you, crossed her arms, and stared you down.

“You’re not what I thought” she sounded almost proud in her tone and it only added to your confusion. You wiped your face down and pushed the pads of your fingers into your forehead.

“You’re-uh,” you bounced on your fingers for a moment as you tried to form coherent thoughts “Rosie?”

“That I am, dear. Now get that bum out of that bed before I fling you out with the sheets, there’s a good girl” you heard her retreating footsteps and took a deep breath, wiggling your jaw to wake yourself up a little. The floor was freezing as you managed to miss the edge of the rug and you ended up almost hopping from foot to foot on your way to the bathroom.

“You’re exactly what I thought!” you shouted after her and her laugh echoed back, a deep chuckle that couldn’t help but make you smile.

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My birthday is Nov. 6, and my favorite trope is lovable doofus Peeta & clueless nerdy Katniss. T or M rating; no need for crazy smut, just sweet sweet Everlark kisses is fine. Thanks!😘🤓

Originally posted by bojackhorseman

Wishing you a wonderful birthday @theoriginalfamousfremus! This cute little Everlark drabble was crafted for you especially by @burkygirl. Enjoy!


Rated M

By @burkygirl

A/N: Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day and this story tickles your funny bone the way it’s supposed to. Thanks to @peetabreadgirl and @xerxia31 for pre-reading and egging me Johanna-style when I wondered whether Everlarking a real life story I’d told them would be a good response to your prompt. No one was ever more nerdy or goofy than the hubs and me back in the day. The moral of this story: drinking vodka coolers on a Saturday night with your fangirl friends inevitably leads to oversharing. And the creation of penis puns.


Katniss curls her leg over Peeta’s and contentedly settles her head on his chest. His heartbeat is pounding in time with her own. She smiles smugly, her fingers tracing lazy circles in the downy hair on his breast bone.

She peers up at her boyfriend, who has flung his free arm over his eyes. All she can see of his handsome face is the strong line of his jaw, peppered by a golden stubble. He never bothers to shave on his days off, partly to give his skin a break, but mostly to make his mother crazy. Katniss doesn’t care. The way it scrapes on her inner thighs makes her crazy in a completely different way.

“I can hear your heartbeat.”

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SUPERBLY LONG AND LATE WRITER’S APPRECIATION DAY POST/Miyusawa fic list/Life story nobody asked about lol

I’m sorry this took so long T___T

Okay, this is late because lol, the reason is under the cut please don’t kill me lmao. It’s never too late to appreciate the fic writers right? So here it goes:


I’m gonna make this a bit personal and tell you guys about how these damn beautiful writers changed my preferences, well -ish lmao and it’s also kind of and by that I mean it is exclusive to miyusawa fic writers so sorry about that haha

So I’m not really a fujoshi. I’ve always loved and adored bromances and freaking worshipped bro moments but I never fancied yaoi or shounen ai. Not because I don’t like gay but it just..doesn’t work for me. It’s just not my cup of tea, even now really but more on that later   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course I tried reading before I decided that, nope, I just like shoujo romance more :P I even tried reading fics when I was still so deep into the KHR fandom when it was still running but it just doesn’t click. But it’s not like I don’t understand where shippers are coming from, I can see the chemistry between ships and as well as the not so hidden canon gayness but to my eyes it was all good bro-ness and that was it :/

AND THEN ONE FUCKING DAY. I was deep in daiya hell as I picked up the manga again after a year of skipping off BECAUSE YIPS ARC WAS TOO PAINFUL, heart still clean from homo stuff LOL and I was thirsting for a drunken Eijun fanfic. So I searched and poof, here shows up meshi-chan’s The ABC of a Battery and it was a fun fic, drunk Eijun being drunk lol lol lol and then Eijun mumbles I love you’s and I was ‘oh crap this is yaoi’ but then something inside me was actually curious. I don’t know why. It never happened with other ships that I kept on seeing on tumblr and just everywhere. It just fucking happened and then I kept on looking for fics AND IT JUST SO HAPPENED THAT THIS FANDOM HAS A LOT OF GOLDEN FUCKING WRITERS like wtf how the fuck do I not like that. 

tl;dr: fic writers have managed to drag out my inner fujoshi, at least for one ship haha, so I made a list of the bastards who did this to me hoho

So here’s a list of all the beautiful bastards out there who tore my heart apart, gave my tummy butterflies and made me love my one and only yaoi otp. From one-shots, to series, to drabbles and prompts. GOOD LORD, you guys have to know that no matter how short or long the piece of writing you made, no matter few or many the likes/kudos you have, they are fucking stuck in my heart and made my love for Miyusawa so fucking deep I swear I might’ve left all my het pairings above while I make my journey to Miyusawa hell.

there’s a lot so I’ve put them under the cut :D

I love all of these and I have all of it in my phone to re-read but the bolded ones are really what makes me fucking anchored to the miyusawa ship but look em all up! :D Also, if the name is italicized then it must be because I don’t know your tumblr or you’ve changed your tumblr name or I just can’t find you so I just linked your ao3 or ff.net profiles, I’m sorry T____T I’ll try to make the side comments short to make the post short lol and I may be lacking in sleep because of rereading all this junk lmao so expect comprehensive descriptions of fics

/INC - incomplete

In no particular order (this is a miyusawa fic mess in my phone):


  • The Trajectory of Laughter - series; will fucking destroy you
  • A Frog in a Well - oneshot; warm fuzzles


  • Let It Snow - oneshot; warm fuzzles 
  • Love Tastes Like White Chocolate - oneshot; warm fuzzles
  • Give Your Heart a Break - oneshot; I have yet to mention that I am a sucker for slow dancing otps; fluff; misawa day


  • A Sawamura Family Affair - oneshot; crossover; fuuuuun!
  • Reluctant Revelations - oneshot; OH MY GOD MY SIDES LMAO; poor mochi, as usuall
  • A Lark for the Cynical - oneshot; dirty fic ;) SKIRTS ON MEN (  ‘ 3 ‘)b
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love with Ukulele - oneshot; goddamn, I SRSLY LOVE THIS; I cried and felt as vurnerable as the characters and just wow; that last part, WOW; I was playing this version of the song while reading this. Beautiful.


  • In a Few Days - neko!Eijun prompt; oneshot
  • Of Books and Tears - prompt; why must you hurt us; bromochi /INC
  • Favor - prompt; fuwa fluffy fuwaaa
  • Watchful Eyes - oneshot; this person is just directly shoving sugar into my mouth; jealous miyuki YES; the true xSawa ship is…
  • Dreary Afternoon - oneshot; coffee shop auuu!
  • Did You Have Fun? - oneshot; SANTAYUKI; ADORABABLES BBY EIJUN; PAPAMOCHI; BROMOCHI; MOCHI lol Christmas :)
  • A Kiss of Magic - snippets; SMOOCH
  • This Time… - oneshot; WHY DO YOU HURT ME
  • Hopeless Idiot -  prompt; fluff; cooking!
  • Appreciation - oneshot; when everybody cares for sunshine baby…hnggh
  • Blockheads - oneshot; dance au; bless jealous miyuki fics

  • Okay THERE’S A LOT, way too much of this person’s writings in my phone lol so just kindly go over here and read!!!


  • Enough was Enough - oneshot; warm fuzzles
  • Miyusawa Tumblr Requests - oneshot prompts; from fluff to drityfics yesss
  • Too Close - oneshot; college au; fluff; sleepymura bestmura


  • A Bad Horror Movie - oneshot; warm fuzzles; scaredmura bestmura


  • When I Give, I Give Myself - oneshot; GLORIOUS SAWAMIYU; dirty fic ;)
  • Misawa Week - oneshots; read them all; fluff to warm fuzzles; also dirty fics lol; sleepymura bestmura; bromochi
  • Hospital AU kiss prompt - kiss prompt turned into hospital au that we never knew we wanted <3 also, I love almost-died premises haha
  • The World Before Me and And You Beside Me - twoshot; did you know I was reading this while in a train ride, in public, I was crying in public, wiping my tears bcause that was beautiful man. Both airport scenes and everything else. I vividly saw that beach scene oh my gosh, I really cried


  • Misawa Week - series; fuckin read all that fluff! FREEFLUFF
  • Just a Smile - oneshot; warm fuzzles; made me teary eyed, really
  • Line Drive - oneshot; WHY DO YOU HURT ME; WHY
  • Stay With Me Tonight - oneshot; I love drunk Eijun; even before I fell into Miyusawa hell


  • Terrible - oneshot; prompt; KIDFIC ADORABLELITTLEBBYS
  • Ouch - oneshot; I love this; I wish there were more fics with the linedrive-back-to-the-pitcher premise; or injuredmura; because I crave for angst lol
  • Morbid - oneshot; don’t let the title decieve you; it’s real fluff!!
  • Catch - oneshot; making me feel things again! This persooon!!!
  • Easy - oneshot; YOUUUU DIRTYYY YOUUU; praise kink hoho~
  • OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT, just go here and read them all because they are all quality fics. Well, I read only the miyusawa ones and platonic relationship ones though :P EVERYTHING’S GOLD HERE THOUGH!


  • From Bad to Worse - oneshot; warm fuzzles
  • Just Sleep - oneshot; warm fuzzles; sleepymura bestmura


  • Home is Where You Are - oneshot; holiday warm fuzzles


  • Of Balls and Bats - oneshot; LMFAO HAHAHA; miyuki is a glorious bastard


  • Your Breath Smells Like Shitty Booze (But I Don’t Care) - oneshot; warmfun; contains the rare species that is..flustered miyuki; drunk Eijun ;)


  • Pas De Deux In Print - oneshot; I FUCKING LOVE THIS TO DEATH; I may have reread this more than 10 times already; this future au is my favorite; it’s well written too UGH HARMONY YOU YOUJJKLDSALKFJSKLFJLKSAJLFJ I LOVE THIS SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW; ISTHISPOETRY
  • Stages Of Trompe-l'oeil - oneshot; okay, honestly I’ve yet to read this because I’m not ready to get hurt when I saw that this was about friends with benefits miyusawa BECAUSE RADIANCE HURT ME BAD ALREADY; but this is Harmony so it’s in my ‘to-read-when-I’m-ready-to-feel-list’
  • A Chronicle of the Sun - oneshot; warmfuzzlefeelingfuzzlefeelsfuzzles
  • Like Hawks Over Eden - oneshot; LMAO; shameless I tell you!!
  • Spyglass in Reverse - oneshot; LMAO ; poormochi; SHAMELESS!!


  • Keep Pushing Forward - twoshot; happy bday miyuki!!warmfuzzles
  • Longing For Something More - oneshot; fluffballz


  • Untitled Dirty Dirty Prompt ;) - prompt; mmm yum; nsfw to fluff
  • Untitled Fluffy Prompt - prompt, fluff! lol how redundant
  • Laughter - oneshot, YOU FUCKING MONSTER fuuuuuu
  • Tangling Vines - oneshot; sad -ish fluff
  • Mistletoes and Pranks - snippet; cute fluffy Christmas
  • Stainless Mistakes - snippet WHY DO YOU HURT ME; you know, these are the true menaces, short, open-ended angsty snippets LIKE FUCK WHAT NOW?
  • Untitled Shameless Miyusawa Prompt - prompt; SHAMELESS!!!
  • Transition - oneshot; I love this because this is what sparked my unending thirst for jealous Miyuki and my insistence for miyukousawa fics lol
  • Untitled Airport AU - oneshot; this is really one of my favorites; I’ve reread this so many times; I vividly saw them burying their heads into each other in my mind and my eyes are stinging ugh
  • This person as well has gifted the fandom with waaaaay too much awesome fics so just go over here and reaaaad the awesomeness


  • Catch Me if You Can - series; good LORD, JUST READ THIS; how many times did I fuckin punch the wall and threw my pillow because of these idiots being idiots; also fluff /INC
  • Catch Him If You Can - author’s way to tell the readers, ‘Hey, let’s go through that agonizing process all over again! Yay!’ but we read it anyways because jaskdjaksjd angst to fluff is just the best thing ever /INC


  • String Theory - series; music au
  • A Word for Almost-Home - oneshot; y are you making me feel things :<; fluff; future fic; mura family!
  • Best Wishes - oneshot; fluffy; happy bday sunshine bby; misawa week 
  • #ECC658 - oneshot; feelsy fluff but really feels; I love it; that thing about the world being gray; my gosh, all the angsty thoughts I had after I finished this fic..


  • Untitled Airport AU - oneshot; I’m such a sucker for angsty fluff and all airport aus I swear. My go to ‘I want to cry’ AU!


  • Things You Said After You Kissed Me - fic meme prompt; kissie smooch
  • Out Came The Sun - 3shot; cuteflufflyfunnyfun; ALSO I LOVE DOMESTIC FLUFF WITH A PASSION; apparently this is /INC lmao I had this bookmarked more than 3 times idk why hahahaha
  • I’ll Buy the Flower Shop - misawa day; continuation of Out Came the Sun
  • Miyusawa Alone In the Bathroom - kiss meme prompt; fluffffzzz
  • Miyusawa Camping - kiss meme prompt
  • The Feeling Kind - series; I FUCKING LOVE THESE UGH; fluffy fluffz


  • 0 for 3 - oneshot; fluffzzzz
  • Baseless - twoshot; JEALOUS MIYUKI YUUUUUS


  • Untitled Wedding AU Fic - twittershade who was formerly fluffghosts who was formerly shiirakawa wrote my FAVORITE wedding au EVER and I cannot find it and I’m so stressed out. I have a copy and have re-read it a ton of times but I’m so frustrated that I can’t link it here for everyone but goddamn was it a good one. My Love on Top headcanon stemmed from there LMAO 


  • That Boy, Take Me Away, Into the Night - oneshot; WHAT IS THIS ANGST YOU YOUUU
  • Hello Love, My Invincible Friend - oneshot; continuation of that angsty shit above you bastard!!! ANGST TO FLUFF BEST FLUFF
  • The Beat My Heart Skips When I’m With You - oneshot; dirtyfic; skirts yum
  • Feels Like Chocolate - oneshot; angst; this is really bittersweet; bromochi at his finest


  • Untitled Graduation Prompt - kiss meme prompt; fluffy kiss
  • Sweeter and Slower than Melting Sugar - oneshot; fluff; thank you for existing ice cream
  • Put You in My Heart and Take You Home - oneshot; Nagano fic; fluffy fic
  • TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS, go here and open up a miyusawa fic treasure box :)


  • Timing - oneshot; GET A ROOOOOOM lmao; fluff
  • The Swap - oneshot; LMAO; fluff and hilarity
  • Genre Savvy - series; LMAO; bby Eijun what are you doing lol


  • Tears for Fears - oneshot; angstfluffbest; GLORIOUS STORMS
  • Guys Night Out - oneshot; dirtydirtydirtyfic ohohohohoho~
  • What Luck Will Bring - oneshot; I SUPER LOVE THIS; fluff; the whole apart thing for a while but ends up together in the end thing? I fucking love that. 
  • There’s No Place Like Home - oneshot; I like the exploration of miyuki and his relationship with his dad; because that one always breaks my heart; plus there’s miyusawa too. A++++++!
  • How It Feels - 3shot; fluff; JEALOUS MIYUK; dirty fic ;) I’m surprised that there are only few fics that uses the ‘massage’ plot device!!


  • It’s Okay - series; NOT IT IS NOT OKAY; THIS ONE IS /INC AND I AM NOT OKAY  *whispers* i love you ink please continue this when you have the time huhu 
  • Simple - oneshot; fluff; miyuki bday
  • Examination Woes - oneshot; misawa week; fluff flufffffff
  • The Showdown with the Guardians - oneshot; this is hilariously the one snow misawa week prompt that took a different route lmao; hilarity


  • Because This Time, I’ll Be Waiting - twoshot; graduation


  • Philosophize iIn It! Chemicalize With It! - oneshot; sweet introspective fluff damn


  • Linger - oneshot; ahhh, sweet sweet miyusawa alone time
  • Play It Fast - oneshot; fluffy; dirty fic ohohohohoho~
  • Falling Ill and Kissing Boys, Miyuki Version - 3shot; dirty fic ;) fluff


  • Weekly Anime - oneshot; short cute fluff lol


  • Desirable Pitchers and Messy First Kissers - oneshot; YES JEALOUS MIYUKI; MAKEOUT SESSIONS; BROMOCHI; WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT
  • Sleep But Sweet Nuisance - oneshot; fluff; sleepymura bestmura
  • Of Summer Camps, Talented Catcher and Insufferable Friends - neshot; JEALOUS MIYUKI; IS THIS PERSON A JEALOUS MIYUKI TREASURE BOX?!?! iloveyou


  • They Were Meant To Be - oneshot; Miyuki in denial lol; fluff


  • Photo Booth - oneshot; fluffy fluffy flufffffffff


  • Call Me, Maybe? - oneshot; COFFEE SHOP AU YUS; fluffy fluffy fluff


  • Sweet But Not So Sweet - oneshot; coffee shop auuuuuu /INC


  • Yours. - oneshot; I also fucking love tired and apologetic Miyuki


  • Things You Said - prompts; collection of awwws and WHAT THE FUCK WHY YOU HURT ME SON?! Also, I only read the first 2 cause miyusawa trash is what I am hahaha /INC
  • The Three Times Eijun Was Caught Spying And The One Time He Was Called Out On It - oneshot; the title does not give me any more space to elaborate on the plot lol
  • Exchanging Eyes - oneshot; fluff; megane; the dorks goofing off
  • Desperation - oneshot; dirtyfic; innocent little sunshine baby
  • Mine - oneshot; misawa week; MIYUKI YOU FUCKING IDIOT YOUUUUU; fluff angsty fluff 
  • November 17th - oneshot; when miyuki is reminded that he is important. my heart melts; fluff!
  • A Really “Hot” Game - oneshot; lmao; GET A HOLD OF YOURSELVES! Get a rooooom (in which they really do lol)
  • There’s too much once again so please proceed to more of this person’s wonders here (I’ve only read the miyusawa ones though sorry!! but you’re still awesome!!)

KrakenJumper - 

  • Here, Here, and Here - series; Sawamura who’s not in the baseball team au; feelings; angsty; fluff; WHY IS THIS /INC WHYYYYYYY
  • Lookin’ Good - oneshot; dirtyfic ohohohoho~


  • Injuries and Love - oneshot; dirty fic ohohohohohoho~
  • Not Your Fault - twoshot; because I like it when broken miyuki shows that he’s broken to eijun; why is this /INC :(( and the dirty part was in the next chap too!!! oops haha
  • Kings Game Shenanigans - oneshot; totes here for the kissing lmao; fluff

@callupthsea (y cant i tag you too? :(( )

  • Gossip Will Get You Everywhere; oneshot; hilarity and fluff; bakamura

@yaoiscum (i can’t tag you too y I don’t know hotw to tumblr T_T)

  • Clash of the Catchers - oneshot; lmao jealous miyuki, srsly? hahaha


  • Fantasy - oneshot; lmao miyuki,get a hold of yourself!!


  • Nine Hours, Eight Minutes - oneshot; my feelings ugh, future fic
  • Miyusawa Beach Kiss - kiss meme prompt; FLUFFY UGH
  • Scar Tissue Around Your Heart - oneshot; our broken bby miyuki; sunshine healing
  • Promises - oneshot; POETRY DIRTY FIC; ISTHISPOETRY
  • Of Frozen Bones and Aching Hearts - oneshot; dirtyfic ;) fluffy; misawa week; grad
  • Honor To Us All - oneshot; EIJUN IN A CHINESE DRESS plus there’s fluff   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Starlight - oneshot; slow fluff; this gives me comfort
  • Welp, might as well link everything else in this person’s A03 lol: Thick as Thieves; Thistle Crowns; Philosophy of the Soul - a bunch of aus for misawa week!


  • Belong - oneshot; fluffy fluff :)


  • I Suppose It’s Like the Ticking Crocodile - oneshot; misawa week; graduation; sniff fluff sniff
  • Sugar Dust - oneshot; fluffy hands flufffff; misawa week


  • Slow and Steady - oneshot; fluffines fluff
  • On the Amazingness of Social Networks - oneshot; one of my first daiya fics; so damn funny lmao


  • Hallucinating - oneshot; WHY DO YOU HURT ME; WHY


  • Confession - oneshot; fluff; sick fic!!!!!
  • Under the Rain - oneshot; miyusawa dateee; fluffy fluff
  • Nightmare - oneshot; angsty fluff; I also like it when Eijun is vulnerable lol


  • Mind’s Eye - series; because I love it when bby boy is breaking inside;feelings T___T WHY IS THIS /INC


  • New Year’s Eve - oneshot; dirtyfic-ish; take me baaaaack -miyuki


  • If I Fall Too Hard For You - oneshot; diabetes inducing fluff; why are there so few bus ride fics; I FUCKING LOVE THIS BTW; so much warm fuzzles and butterflies and ugh


  • When Danger Strikes, Pitch it Back - oneshot; fun and danger hahaha 
  • It Started With a Kiss… - oneshot; bless these angst to fluff fics


  • Sun Hands - oneshot; sweet fluffy future aus ugh; you trying to make me diabetic?!!?
  • Damage Done - prompt; lmao; YOU BLUEBALL!!! Hahaha I kid :P


  • Royal Blue - series; READ ALL OF IT. ALL OKAY. Don’t leave one out. Also lol, why do I feel like I’m learning about how-to-relationship when I read this? Hahahaha
  • Four Years Later - series; ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT ME turned into warm fuzzles 


  • Petrichor - oneshot; because fandom loves to make us suffer by making our babies suffer; sunshine healing
  • Sugar - oneshot; I super love this au!!! You have no idea how many times I’ve been thinking about cooking show miyusawa where the two are just sweet and the audience are totally just watching for the fluff instead of the food lol; ALSO BROMOCHI


  • A Time for Sleep - oneshot; fluff; bus rides hurrah


  • Of Bets and Kisses - oneshot; okay I said I was Miyusawa trash but fuck, xSawa ships are irresistably cute because bby Eijun is a ball of sunshine and fluff

@meshi-chan ( I can’t tag this person to yyyy; fck my noob tumblr skills T_T)

  • A Bus Ride Home - oneshot; fluffy; bus ride?; misawa week


  • Red String Prompt - prompt; I love Akai Michi too!!!!! 
  • Half-Inattention - oneshot; continuation of the above mentioned!!
  • Officially - drabble, fluffy shit bro
  • Half-past Five - drabble; fluffy fluffy fluff clotted cream fluff
  • In all the Towns In All the World - series; what a beautiful au; SO GOOD; I love Himitsu now. I love this. I love you.
  • So as to not make this post any more longer than it should, go here and treat yourself to some miyusawa awesomeness


  • Counting - oneshot; misawa week; I love fics where miyuki and Sawamura mostly miyuki cause he’s and idiot distance themselves from each other when they figure out their feelings but end up coming back together tired and lonely because fuck they love each other and what the hell have they been doing. hurting themselves by being apart; THAT “YOU LEFT ME!” LINE BRO, I FELT IT IN MY HEART BRO.


  • What’s Left Unspoken - oneshot; I did not know I wanted this au so bad til this came out; I love the idea that it’s only Eijun who can completely communicate with Miyuki huhuhuhu WHY IS THIS /INC


  • Just a Little Bit - oneshot; miyuki broods; then we get fluff! Yesss


  • Forget-Me-Nots - oneshot; MEMORIES; NO DON’T MESS WITH THE  MEMORIES; angsty fluff


  • Voluntary Apnea - oneshot; I love how this messed me up cause I thought it was an au but it wasn’t an..oops is that a spoiler? ANYWAYS, GO READ THIS 
  • The Distance - 3shot; the elusive reverse-Miyusawa-age fic; bromochi

yuuichika (okay I’m not sure, it was karasumash and then litteringfire…uh is this right? This is you right? I’m sorry T___T)

  • The Door is Unlocked - oneshot; do you know how much I love domestic au? T__T this was perfect


  • Balloons and Panic - oneshot; fluff; implied dirtyfic lol; I just love it when Miyuki is out of his comfort zone hahaha
  • The Warmth Within Trust - oneshot; I just love love love it when Miyuki is vurnerable damn; I feel comfort from this fic; that miyuki’s gonna be alright with eijun; ugh; <333; warm fuzzles
  • So Fulfilled a Life You Shall Live - series?; parents; there’s only one chap T_T but I love parents au that’s not mpreg :( /INC


  • Bases Loaded - fluff; dirty fic ;) JEALOUS MIYUKI YES?


  • Cake Confessions - oneshot; fluff; dirty dirtyfic ;)
  • Boy’s Love - oneshot; fluffy smut; dirty fic ;)
  • Best Feeling in the World - prompt; adorbablez and funny hahaha; never change eijun, never change


  • Beat the Heat - oneshot; ahhh, thank you snow cones for existing


  • The First of Many - series; I can’t really describe this collectively cause they’re all different!!! Read!! secretly there are some chaps I haven’t read because too scared to touch that angst

@pikashadow (y can’t I tag these ppl T_T)

  • A Special Valentine’s Day - oneshot; cute fluff; bromochi


  • All This Time - oneshot; THIS HURT ME BAD MAN; READ THIS AT 3 AM AND CRIED LIKE A LITTLE BITCH spoilers ahead: I could not handle the fact that miyuki…you know…thinking he was a burden WHAT FUCK NO BBY UGH WHY DID YOU DO THIS YOUUUUU


  • Christmas Eve Romance? - oneshot; thank you for existing mistletoes


  • Keeping His Hands Warm - oneshot; scared Kazuya best Kazuya; birthday fluff!


  • Dance For Me -  oneshot; stripper au; dirty fic ;) angst to fluff!


  • Dessert - oneshot; hahaha all!Sawa + dessert? HAHA


  • Is it Hot in Here or is it Just You? - oneshot; lmao; funny fluff


  • Hausfrau - oneshot; misawa week; lazy day; HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU THAT DOMESTIC MIYUSAWA IS MY DRUUUUUG lol


  • Six Birthdays - oneshot; misawa week; I really like this au; as I said, I love almost-died premises haha; also I love that last part where Miyuki is being understanding and just hnnggghh
  • Video Chat - oneshot; fluff; warmfuzzles


  • You’ve Begun To Feel Like Home - oneshot; college au; vulnerable miyuki; sunshine healing


  • Sunshine (Of Your Love) - oneshot; misawa week; let me profess, for nth time, my undying love for domestic miyusawa <3


  • Out of the Closet - oneshot; fluffy and hilarity; you know that the title has a double meaning for sure


  • Stolen Virginity - oneshot; fluff and hilarity lmao; miyuki is srsly an asshole; I would’ve kicked his ass if he did that to me
  • Jealousy - oneshot; fluffy; jealous miyuki <3 I may or may not have skipped chapter 2


  • Toddler Troubles - oneshot; fluffy and hilarity; KID FIC; bby eijun


  • Oh, the Woes of Unconditional Friendship - series; ah yes, jealous miyuki; like I said, I love the whole tired and let’s just make up already thing aww


  • “Did You Just Blue Shell Me You Shitty Senpar?!” - oneshot; funnyfluff
  • How Third Year Coming Back, And With Alcohol, Results In Awkardness For Everybody (pretty much) - oneshot; hilarity and fluff
  • I’m in Almost-Love With You - oneshot; fluff; i’m a sucker for sick fics
  • What Bad Pick Up Lines Get You - oneshot; hilarity and fluff lmao


  • Being Grown Up About It - series; awesomeness and hilarity and fluff; I didn’t read the non miyusawa chaps though pls dont kill me :(


  • Enough - series; angsty; y do you do this; novelist au


  • A Note in the Shoe Locker - oneshot; fluffy!! these idiots really


  • Only the Beginning - series; angsty as fuck; but fluff as well; is this sti;; being updated? T___T /INC


  • Fair Game - oneshot; ALLXSAWA FTW!!!! A lot of fluff and funnies!
  • A Prodigy of Sorts - oneshot; is this person my kindred spirit for allxsawa?!?!?! FLUFF AND FUNNIES ENSUES!


  • Maid - oneshot; hilarious all!Sawa hahahhahaa; overprotective seidorks


  • Yakuza ‘Verse - series; this is a requirement in miyusawa aus haha! dirty fic ;)


  • Let Me Hold You, Idiot. - oneshot; fluffy; hands; flufff


  • Jealous Miyusawa Prompt - prompt; lmao this is jealouus miyusawa because I gave that prompt LMAO thanking for quenching the thirst lol!


  • Things You Said When You Were Scared - oneshot; angsty fluff; vulnerable miyuki; sunshine healing; yus
  • The Nature of Kisses - kiss prompts; fluff and angst
  • Hey you, formerly SN you. You know why I put you last? Because this fic, this fic called Our Moment is Now kicked me down the Miyusawa hole and buried me deep into Miyusawa hell. THERE IS THIS BIG OUR MOMENT IS NOW HOLE IN MY HEART YOU KNOW. I tried re-reading it for a second time but I couldn’t get past the first 2 paragraphs while I played this song. I tried again one stormy day but the best I could do was up to the end of chap 2. I know there’s the sequel November Rain and that pretty fucking good and oh thank GOD you gave that end but fuuuuuuck, Our Moment Is Now tore me apart. I might’ve cried harder for that more than when I watched AnoHana or Clannad and I’m not exaggerating at all to make you feel good. That’s the fucking truth you monster!!!! Lol hahaha Anyways, thanks for writing that. This fic totally solidified my stay in Miyusawa hell while I was still being indecisive about it haha. You’re awesome :)

WELL, WHAT THE HELL, that seriously took longer than expected. 3 days for making this post?! I may or may not have re-read all of these while I was making the post note: I reread all of them you beautiful people 

I haven’t read all miyusawa fics yet, probably, and there’s probably a lot buried in the miyusawa tag but I will definitely scour for them and add them to this list because no matter how short or long that piece of writing you made, and this goes out to all writers, even those not tagged here, or if you’re just a writer in general the fact that you took your time to write something for people you don’t even know irl and to make yourself vurnerable by showing strangers your writing, you are an awesome person and you are a blessing to this fandom. And that ain’t just pretty words I want to sprinkle to you all but I really feel that from the bottom of my heart cheesy as fuuuuck but the truth is what that is

Never stop writing you guys. My professor once told me that your only enemies are laziness and your frustrations. So if you want to be a better writers, then never, EVER, stop writing. And we’re all here to appreciate and help you be more awesome than you already are guys!! Keep it up :D




Ten Signs You're In Love Ch 1

Summary:  “You know, if I really allowed myself to love you, it would be such a burden to you.” For a moment, Sakura considered punching him out right there. He honestly wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep this going. Maybe if she wasn’t so perfect, he wouldn’t fall in love with her this hard. [SasuSaku] Post-699; Blank Period.

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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10

1. You can never stay mad at them. You actually have to try to stay angry.

“So how much do you wanna bet Kakashi-sensei is gonna show up after we eat his food, and then complain about it again?” Naruto asked, referring to the last time they invited their sensei out to lunch. He showed up 30 minutes after they finished to see that all of his food had been eaten too. Needless to say, he was upset.

“Do we even still call him Kakashi-sensei? It’s Hokage-sama now, right?”

“Well…I call my dad tou-chan, not Yondaime-sama.”

“Oh yeah.”

“I guess.”

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