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Smol (Spideypool Quick Fic)

Okay, so this was just a little idea, and it was supposed to be funny but I literally can’t write these two without at least some feels.

So here ya go. Enjoy some Sundays with Spideypool.

“I have found the perfect word to describe you.” Wade announced, and had to smother a laugh when Peter nearly fell out his bed in shock.

“Wade. It is three in the morning.” Peter flopped back against his pillows with a groan. “My first class is at eight am. What are you doing here?”

“I was in the neighborhood.”

“You are literally never in the neighborhood.” Peter corrected and threw an arm over his eyes. “Say what you need to say, Wade. I’m exhausted. And kind of mad at you. I almost got ran over by a bus today because you somehow manage to be completely distracting while we are working and–

“Okay, you know, my bad about the bus thing.” Wade admitted, but wiggled his (non existent) eyebrows. “But did you die? No, you didn’t. And you know, as thanks for that, the least you could do is invite me into bed so we could snuggle.”

Wade stuck his bottom lip out. “I came all this way and–” he grinned when Peter kicked the blankets down and rolled over to make room. Wade climbed in the twin size bed eagerly, twisting and grumbling and complaining about how small the bed was until Peter lashed out with a hard kick and sent him flying off the bed and into the wall.

“Either get in and shut up, or go away so I can sleep. I have an exam at EIGHT AM!” Peter snapped, and Wade had to hide another laugh.

Even though he had seen Peter’s strength in action many times out on patrol together, it still surprised the hell out of him when Peter used it on him. He outweighed the kid by close to a hundred pounds, and being tossed around like a stuffed animal was both terrifying and a complete turn on.

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dan and phil play faceapp: a summary


“any cardboard box can be turned into something beautiful”

how long before dan promos the merch

this definitely wasn’t scheduled beforehand

they stole the dvp board even though it technically belongs to their old landlord

discussing furnishings

if they still have cardboard boxes in the background in ten weeks time we can shout at them or let them know if you’re into that kind of thing

“i give this channel one week before we get evicted”


appropriate but weak phil

i’ll let you off because you’ve been moving and you’re tired

and cute

that helps


this is a video that phil basically said ‘dan can we do this’ and it’s proven dan is still wrapped around his little finger

“we have to do it while it’s still relevant” mate you’re not exactly plummeting in views bloody hell

i like the insight into his camera roll

why is the danieldreamx liveshow thumbnail there

throwback to the ladybird jumper selfie

dan stop dragging him

that attractive chin angle

“apparently phil can’t take a selfie” i fucking relate

apparently phil is slightly scared and startled all the time

and the first scream of the new dapg era is upon us

rip headphone users

someone needs to put that as a jumpscare in the comments

phil speaking about having straight teeth made me sadder than it should’ve

the old filter aka “six months into the future” according to dan

the fond look from phil

“it’s seven months into the future at least”

every old!phil trope needs to be rewritten

“if you keep your current hair you will be the coolest old guy” dan still rolling in the compliments

“let’s not be ageists”

shoutout to the over 65s watching

phil looks like his grandad apparently

“i look like me but younger but that’s not what i looked like when i was younger”

just got a full close up of dans crusty ass lips that’s another one to add to the jumpscare list

dan doesn’t like female phil

“it’s like a horrible alternate universe” someone’s gonna be scouring the au tag, have fun dan

“i’m a bit scarlett johannson-y”

“clearly your hairstyle is ready to go for the female app”

celestial glowing earrings

“i would avoid him in a dark alley” says phil about himself as a… man

“that is the phil that never got a myspace account and became a builder” now there’s an au dan is either going to write himself or search for

“normy phil”

“you look so average” dan pls we know you think he’s beautiful but we’re only five minutes into the video control yourself

dan’s turn on the weird app

'neutral face’

'dan with a soul’: “i look like a mouse person” // “you look like a rabbit person!”

phil the savage my one true love

“i like it. i wanna be friends with him instead of you” wow phil you absolute savage drag him more

“it’s like you put a hoover against your ear and sucked out your soul” phil looks legitimately scared i’m

“old dan! old danny! old danny slice” phil chants whilst looking over fondly

dan’s impersonation of his old self: “i’m old but you still would”

“derek has imploded”

“you’re like an anime child”

“let’s meet danielle!” phil is way too into this

“i look like louise! that is a picture of louise!” // “it is louise… or is it a bit of zoe as well?”

phil doesn’t know zoe and louise’s ship name

come on phil they had a shop back in the day where even were you in the old days

they both watched your videos

“do you even lesbian on wattpad?” dan revealing more of his plans for that night

okay he got the ship name in the end nice one philly

“i like to think that if i, as a female or just as dan now, embraced eye makeup, it would be a bit cooler than that, that’s a bit normal”

he’d do a smoky eye, phil was more than happy to help him draw that conclusion

calling all fic writers; this is your chance

“am i already the hunky dan i wish i was?”

phil looks so excited to see 'male’ dan

“you look… very angry” i wonder if that’s code for if phil’s into it or not

“it’s really square-ified my face like let’s give this lad a chin that he doesn’t have”

oh nice dan would fuck himself

calling all fic writers; i’m begging you please please don’t

now the camera roll pictures make sense okay here we go

phil’s aesthetic twitter icon has a creepy ass filtered smile

“that’s phol. p-h-o-l. that’s your doot there” alright dan calm yourself lad

dans twitter icon’s turn

“i hate that profile picture… because i have curly hair now, i need to get a new icon that embraces the curls” finally he’s saying stuff i can get onboard with

phil stop trying to stop him from changing it

make it your lockscreen if you want to see it everyday but let the man change his damn icon

“rabbit dan is back”

pastel dan as an old guy: “he’s so cute!” says phil

phil’s selfie with the hair dye on okay dude

“i literally think that’s what i’d look like as a girl” why does he only have one set of eyelashes tho

“that is amazingphillipa”

“ah your really cringe selfie!” // “it wasn’t cringe!” dan is getting his revenge drags in

he nailed the caption according to dan

also contact i am all over that i definitely haven’t rewound it four times

the first american names they think of are kyle (phil) and cody (dan)

i ship it

what the fuck is this last picture

sideways dan

he has like three teeth i’m laughing so much what the

pirate!dan, he said so himself

what the fuck is the smile filter……. add it to the jumpscare list

also in case you’re curious we do say stuff like that in the north, philly ain’t lying to you

aaaaaaand here’s the merch promo

i feel sad that my moon head doesn’t suit hats rip

“good luck sleeping” i don’t think you’ll be sleeping dan sounds like you have a fic filled night ahead of you

oh god the photoshop make it stop right now i hate this endscreen why am i still here

i wonder what faces they’re pulling behind the photoshop

“don’t swap faces with people because it’s really demonic bye”



~ still not gay ~

Word Count: 2 800

Genre: chat fic, coming out, coming to terms with sexuality, humour

Pairing(s): phan, tiny mention of kickthestickz

Warnings: swearing, so many spelling/grammar mistakes (all on purpose as it’s a chat fic), mentioned homophobia, sexual humour (not a lot)


crabstickzzz has added PJ to the chat.
PJ: what?
dannyboy: chris and co. think im gay

A/N Shout out to the (formerly) ~ still not gay ~ chat, thanks for not believing I was straight. (Loosely based off my own unconventional coming out.)

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Goddess of Love

Summary: From time to time you have walked the earth, looking for some fun, and why not, love. The 21st century welcomed you with a friend and that friend’s friend. Anyway, I suck at summaries.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol, language.

A/N: I changed the request a bit, from siren to goddess. Whoopsies. I’m a huge nerd for ancient mythology (Roman and Greek mostly) so yeah. Ever since that Supernatural episode when all gods got together I thought that it was a great idea, anywyay, I hope you like it <3

Ever since the day you came to Earth, you knew you were something else. You had the shape of a human but you were far from being a mere one. From the beginning, you were told you were different and people had made you feel like that. If there was a way to describe you, “the fairest of them all” would have been a good way to do so, but truth be told, you were not exactly a princess. In fact, “goddess” would be the correct term.

Every once in a few centuries, you walked the Earth just to have that glimpse of decadency that humans adored so much and every once in a while you’d fall in love. It was almost a ritual for you and it filled your days with momentary and empty joy. That until the 21st century.

You knew there were other gods walking among humans and you decided to pay them a quick visit. That was how you ran into Thor, but his heart and mind were occupied with someone else, and you didn’t want to screw that up. You had your principles and you respected them as if they were law. Along with the Nordic god of thunder came his step brother Loki, but you didn’t really fancy him. What an arrogant douche bag he was.

But Thor had even more company with him, only these were humans. The first one you met was an also very arrogant man called Tony Stark. He was charming, and he seemed blown away by you, but you were not sure if it was because of your natural ability to enchant people or if his feelings were honest.

You were flirty by nature, but you knew how and when to stop pretending, and so you did, but Tony’s ministrations to you were non-stopping. That was the moment when you realized that everything he said he felt for you was true. You decided to break down the news about your true self over some alcohol.

“You should know,” you said calmly, “I am a goddess.” You played with your own little glass with some human beverage that tasted incredibly good. Whiskey they called it, and they had perfected throughout the years.

“No shit you are.” He laughed heartedly, taking the glass of whiskey to his lips.

“People used to call me Venus… but I find the name rather old fashioned. I’ve been (Y/N) (Y/L/N) for quite a while now and I prefer you calling me like that.” You smiled widely at his natural surprise. “Why do you think I get on so well with Thor?”

“So…” Tony said after a long silence, “is it true that you were born from the sea foam?” He shook his head lightly, trying to seem normal.

“Yes, indeed.” You nodded, chuckling lightly at his question, people’s usual reaction tended to be about your age. “But it’s been quite a while since then so I really have little memories about it.” You shook your head. “I’m guessing you don’t remember the day you were born either.”

“No, not really,” he let out a breathy laugh, “were you ever a kid? I mean, I remember studying ancient Greek mythology in school, but it said nothing about it.”

“No, I was born like this. I don’t remember any of my acquaintances ever being a child,” you shrugged, “I guess we were not meant for childhood as you, humans, were.”

With time, you and Tony got serious, but even though he was cool with dating the Venus herself, he still had some problems with your natural charm. You were instantly loved by everyone you met, men and women equally. It wasn’t like you were making them fall in love with you, the same way you didn’t do with him, but it was just part of your nature. You didn’t ask to be made like this.

It wasn’t until one of his usual parties where you were taken almost against you will, where things got really problematic between you too. He, of course, had drank more than his fair share and you were just exhausted. Thor sat next to you, with a beer in his hand and observed how everyone got drunk, and you two were specially watching how Captain America tried to get drunk with all his willpower, but the poor man couldn’t be any more sober.

“How do you manage,” you sighed, “to be a god and yet have a normal, earthling like, life?”

“You and I rule over different things, Venus—sorry, (Y/N).” He corrected himself. “My power comes from nature or… nature comes from my power, but yours… you rule over people’s hearts… that’s gotta be hard, and I wouldn’t even wish it upon my cruelest enemies.”

“You make it sound like a curse,” you exhaled, “and it is, really.” You admitted after a pause.

“It’s a great weight to carry upon your shoulders, but I’m glad you found someone like Tony to cope it with you.”

“You’re a good guy, Odinson.” You turned your head to him and smiled. “I wish the other thunder guy I know was half as good as you are.”

“Oh there you are!” Tony exclaimed, stinking like alcohol and trying to hold your hand. “My two favorite freaks!” You dreaded the word, and the minute it spilled out of his drunk lips, you pulled your hand away. “Don’t get all prude with me, (Y/N). I know what game you’re playing.”

“Tony, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You stood up and with your heels clacking on the tile floor, you moved away from him, but he stepped in front of you and cut your way.

“Tony—” Thor tried to intervene, but he was interrupted.

“No, no. Don’t try to defend her.” Tony pointed at him. “I’m sure she must have tricked you with that thing of hers, right?” He cocked an eyebrow at you two. “I’m sure she must have tricked everyone in this room, or am I wrong? Because if you ask me, they all look at you as if they were undressing you, (Y/N).” As much as you tried to walk away, you couldn’t. Tony moved along with you and the feeling of being observed by everyone made you very self-conscious and nervous. “You’re not going anywhere, ma’am.”

“Tony Stark, let go of me.” You grew angrier and embarrassed in equal proportions, in your years of existence, nobody had dared to treat you like that. Worst thing? He wasn’t giving up. “I’m not gonna say it again.”

Next thing you know, Tony is grabbed by his collar by Thor and thrown away as if he was a feather, only he didn’t fall as gracefully. He groaned on the floor, as he rolled over the broken table he had just fallen over. The son of Odin walked to you just to see if you were alright but you were in such shock that you were barely able to pronounce a word. He walked you outside the common room and everyone got immediately sober by the strange scene that just happened before their eyes.

Thor took you to his bedroom to calm you down. He poured some of the beverage he always brought to the parties and handed the glass to you. Your hands were shaking and you could barely take the drink to your lips. Your eyes were fixed on the amberish liquid, but your companion soon interrupted your bewilderment with his deep voice.

“That was unacceptable!” He brawled as he paced in the room. “I have never seen him acting like this!”

“Thor, calm down…” You mumbled. You knew he was as calmed as he could be. You have heard the stories about the wrath of the son of Odin, and his counterpart Zeus was capable of very much the same things. You sighed heavily and drank the content of the glass in one big sip. “Can you take me somewhere else?” you asked after a long silence, shaking your head lightly. “I believe Tony has a lot of properties along the country and I really couldn’t stand to stay the night in your room… I’m sure Jane wouldn’t agree with that.”

“She would understand,” Thor gave you an assuring smile, “but if you’re worried about Stark, I’ll take you wherever you feel more comfortable.”

And with those words, Thor secretly took you to one of the cars that Tony kept in his garage. Even though you wanted to stay as away from him as the Earth could allow, you didn’t want Thor to feel obliged to drive you there. You knew how to do it, and in case you got stopped, you could always get the cops off your back. Thor wished you a safe journey as he embraced you in his big arms. You assured him you’d let him know when you got there, and so you left.

Almost a whole two weeks went by before you got any news from Tony. The man himself had appeared at your front door, or his, by midday. You were in a silk robe that you completely forgot you had. You spent a lot of time at the tower and so most of your clothing was wither there or at your own place. He looked like shit, but as it was still his house, you moved aside to let him in. He asked you to sit down in the sweetest voice you had heard, and you knew immediately that he was sorry for how he had acted.

“(Y/N), first thing is that I’m very sorry for what happened that night.” He started. He was sitting on the white couch and you patiently observed him from the other couch in front of him. “I shouldn’t have said that and I feel terrible because I know I hurt you.” He kept looking at his hands, and you were trying to keep a straight face, but deep inside your façade was crumbling apart. “I said awful things, and I definitely deserved that from Thor. But I never meant to hurt you… I love you, baby.”

“You know,” you gulped, “in the many years I’ve been on Earth, I’ve never felt more embarrassed for being who I am—”

“And I shouldn’t have made you feel like that, (Y/N).” Tony hurried to say. “I am an asshole and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that…”

“You were drunk.” You said coldly.

“That’s not an excuse, (Y/N), and you know that.” He was right. You were not trying to justify his actions, but you were trying to make him realize that point. “I’m so ashamed for what I did, and… I got it coming, really. I deserved being thrown away by Thor.”

“That’s not what this is about,” you exhaled heavily, “you treated me like a whore, Stark. As if I was the lowest thing in the world. I am not that.”

“You’re right! You’re not one, and I…” his voice cracked, “I just shouldn’t have said that. I mean, you’re seriously the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time, and… I don’t want to lose you. I’ve lost too many people to let you be on that list.”

He got up from “his” couch and got closer to you. Your body tensed as he kneeled in front of you; he intertwined his hands over your knees and looked straight at you, like a lost puppy looking for home. It was hard for you not to fall over it, because you had lost track of the times you had lost arguments over it.

“I want to know if you’re ever gonna accept who I am,” you finally said, trying to avoid his eyes, “and the good and bad things that come with my nature, because if not… then I guess I should leave.” You placed your hands over his to put them away from you.

“No!” He said abruptly, holding your hands and your gaze. His jaw trembled. “(Y/N), no… don’t leave. I know you don’t believe shit of what I just said, but I mean it. Every word.”

“Well, then…” you inhaled sharply. “You’re gonna have to make it up to me, big time.” You conceded with a cold voice, but a bit of a smile on your lips. “Because I’ve missed you like hell, Tony Stark.” You leaned forward to gently kiss his forehead. “I love you, and the next time you dare to treat me like that, I’m gonna send a friend’s doggy and it won’t be as nice and forgiving as I am.” You gently threatened, making Tony let out a breathy laugh. “I’m not joking.” His laugh ceased and he looked up at you with his eyes widened. “Ok, I was joking.” You giggled and leaned in, this time, to crash your lips on his.

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Originally posted by ethan-support-group

Request: Can I request a sappy Ethan fic? Like he’s helplessly in love with the reader but she lives in Maine. So he makes a special trip to Maine to see her and finds out that she is in the hospital because of a hit and run crash. Over all it’s just really sappy with confessions and tears?

Summary: Ethan plans a special trip to visit Fem!Reader back in Maine, but things get a little scary when she gets hIT BY A CAR.

A/N: I’m the worst human being ever I went like a full week without posting am sorry but I did finally get wifi back up in my house. I’m out of town right now for my cousin’s wedding and it’s currently 2:15am but I finally finished a fic. Don’t hate me! Not my best, but hope you enjoy it anyway!

Wordcount: 1427, much longer than it needed to be oh well

Requests are closed my friends, v sorry but don’t send any requests in :( just makes me feel worse about my lack of posting rip

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Love Is Gross and You Disgust Me

Love Is Gross and You Disgust Me

Summary: or the five times Phil tries to get Dan to go out with him, and the one time he gets it right.

A/N: waaaaayyyy late valentines day fic but shshhshshshhh and enjoy some way sappy dorks being in love (it’s also teen!phan bc there just isn’t enough in the world tbh)

Word Count: 3333 

Disclaimer: I own nothing or no one; this is all fiction.

TW: none i think


“Daniel!” Phil practically sings the boy’s name and plops himself in the seat next to him, smiling so wide, his eyes are nearly closed behind his thick framed glasses.

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Professor- Tom Hiddleston x reader. |Part 1|

I wrote this a long time ago, like around last year i think..there will be a part two.

Enjoy :)


Tom sighs; grading papers wasn’t as easy; it was stressful. Most of the students taking this course had little to no idea what they were doing; it made him wonder exactly why they picked it in the first place. All except her, Y/N L/N his brightest student, whom has great knowledge on history. And he must say that she’s earned her A.

“Alright,” Tom says, leaning against the front of his desk, legs crossed at the ankles, surveying his class. “First off, I am very disappointed.  I thought you lot would’ve taken this paper seriously, after I put my heart out to teach you this, and you give me nothing but failure in return.”

From where Y/n sat, she could see the disappointment in his eyes as he spoke. His blue eyes shift across the class until they landed on her, lingering for a moment before he turns to the table behind him. “You’ll receive these at the end of the class.” He motions to the stack of papers, “In the meantime, open your books, we start a new chapter today.”

When the class came to an end, most of the students had left, the professor giving out the papers, the students either muttering their apologies or taking them with a shrug. “I must say you never cease to amaze me Miss L/n, top of the class as usual,” He smiles his brilliant smile, handing her the paper, ignoring the sweet chill that ran down his spine when her fingers brushed his, the girl smiles back, “Well, someone has to take this seriously professor,” Y/n lets her eyes wonder, watching the sun glow against his chestnut hair, his blue green eyes, to the stubble on his face. Tom clears his throat, awkwardly looking away from the young woman, who as of late, had been consuming is every thought. Especially the way her eyes would light up when he’d start teaching; she’d answer every question he threw, even if she didn’t know the answer.  “And I’m glad someone does, Now you should get to class – who’s class do you have now?” he raises his eyebrows, she blinks, pulling herself from the inappropriate thoughts swarming her mind, making her cheeks go red. “Uh…. Oh um…Mr. Hemsworth,”

Advanced Math.

“Well you better get going, knowing him, the goon isn’t going to wait up,” He says, showing her to the door. The two share a last smile, before she leaves. When he closes the door, he leans his head against it, clearing his thoughts.


“What am I going to do? Chris she’s a student and yet I have feelings for her that I shouldn’t,” Tom runs his hand through his hair, his free hand holding his phone to his ear. He crosses the street, making his way to the one café that’s opened late on a Tuesday, hell bent on a cup of their strongest coffee. “Now Tom, there are some things that happens for reasons we know not. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something,”

“Yes, it’s telling me that I need coffee and I have that I need to get home and watch the new episodes of Doctor who and Sherlock,” he says, listening to his best friends’ sigh through the receiver. “Don’t drown this out, talk to her—’’

“–And tell her what? I have some stupid school boy crush on her and the mere thought of her is driving me insane?”

“Well whatever works.”

He pushes open the door of the café, only for it to hit someone. “–Oh God, I’m sorry,” he says, quickly going over to the female who was holding her nose and stream of muffled swears coming from her mouth. “Chris I’ll call you back,” he hangs up, not giving the male time to answer. Tom places his hand on the girl’s shoulder, recognition flashing in her eyes as she looks up. “Professor….” She blinks, moving her hand from face, unaware of the blood coming from her nose. Tom leads her to the counter, repeatedly muttering his apologizes, “No… It’s fine, I wasn’t paying attention,” she motions to phone clutched in her left hand. He shakes his head, “Do you have a first aid kit?” his eyes shift to the green eyed girl behind the counter, staring at the blood on Y/n’s hand an dripping from her chin. “Don’t listen to him, I’m fine.” She grabs a napkin, putting it under her nose; the white was quickly consumed by the crimson. She turns around, making a zip to the bathroom.

After washing her hands and face, and holding her head back, she meets Mr. Hiddleston standing outside the door, with the most apologetic look she’s ever seen; kind of like a puppy after you’ve kicked it. “I’m fine professor, really, I stopped the bleeding.” She adjusts her black maxi dress, walking past him to a table, sitting while he walks to the counter to order the coffee. But he couldn’t help but let his eyes wonder over to her, watching as her dress slide up her thighs, revealing more of the black stockings she was wearing. Oh what he would do right now to rip that thing off and do what he likes. He takes the coffee to the table, resting the cup in front of her, she, raising a dark eyebrow. Tom chuckles, “I owe you, for hitting you in the face and all—again I’m so sorry,”

“You said that about fifty times, and like those fifty times I’ll say it’s fine,” she smiles, waving him off, Tom finds his eyes wandering down her neck, his mouth was suddenly dry as he looks over her s/c skin. Her h/c hair that she usually wears down was up and away from her face; in a perfect messy bun. She raises her cup to her full pink lips; Tom forces his eyes upward as Y/n begins talking. “So you come around here often Professor?” she asks, taking another sip of the black coffee, smiling at the man. Alex was actually impressed that she kept her cool and had not stuttered and blushed like an idiot. “Ah, yes. It’s usually where I clear my head, teaching isn’t as dandy as it seems,”                     

“And here I thought becoming a teacher was gonna be fun,” she jokes, the both of them sharing a laugh, “It’s not that bad you know Y/n, it’s actually quite fun on most days,”                                                  

“I’m sure it is professor—’’                                                             

 “—just Tom please, I get enough of that on campus.”

Y/n smiles over her mug, “I like the formalities, that word holds a lot of respect you know. Have you ever noticed that I never called any other teachers that?” She’s right, she’s never called another teacher ‘Professor’ it was always Mrs. or Mr.

Y/n watches the muscles in his jaw clench as he stared at her, she smiles, causing him to as well.  They talk for a while after, even forgetting their coffee, only realizing it went cold when Y/n took a sip and made a face. Though Y/n couldn’t stop the thoughts that ran through her head when her crush was sitting right in front of her, she had to keep telling herself that he was a teacher, her teacher who teaches History and by far the hottest guy at her collage. But liking her teacher could get her and him in serious trouble, one him losing his job, she wouldn’t risk his bread and butter, she isn’t selfish. She sighs disappointingly, looking at her now empty cup, “Are you alright?” Tom asks looking at her worriedly, hoping he hadn’t said something stupid. “Yeah, I’m fine, great actually. But I gotta get going; I have a lot of work to cover tonight,” she says getting up from her chair. Pushing it in, smiling at him, “Thanks for the coffee Professor, I enjoyed your company.” With that, she leaves Tom, sitting staring at his cup of half-drunk coffee, wondering why he didn’t tell her. Maybe the universe is mocking him for not taking Chris’ advice, ‘there’s always tomorrow’ Chris would say.

Tag list: @cutie1365 @dontstoptime @morganschiebel@fandomlover03@mrsdeanwinchester15@justanaturalfreakshow@et2310@suvikamahes98blr @thedumbestravenclaw@alphaspiritrose@broken-soul-crystal @sherlockfan4life @naughtylittlefire @ficbucket

Let me know if anyone wants to be added the tag list :)

Trust Issues


Warning: A lil bit of sadness, other than that, nothin but love.

Summary: You’ve just gotten new neighbors, and they’ve got a story you’d like to hear.. if only they’d let you.

For as long as I can remember, it’s been Grayson and I against the world. It’s how it’s always been, it’s how it’s always felt. There isn’t a moment in my life where Grayson hasn’t been there for me, and I’m forever grateful because without him, I wouldn’t make it through half of the shit we’ve been through. Without him, I probably wouldn’t be making YouTube videos, because who else would I do it with? Without him, I wouldn’t have gotten over Meredith.

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can i see you again?

Originally posted by mn-yg

not requested I’m just soft for him

genre: fluff

summary: you met yoongi by chance and things happen

Yoongi was someone I met by accident, more like fate actually, well that’s what I like to believe. We were both on our way back to Seoul after working abroad, I knew he was super famous and whatever the fuck but you know, I had a flight to catch and fame or social class no longer mattered, as I was trying to hurriedly make my way to the terminal. But to my dismay, the flight was delayed by 10 hours, 10 hours! Do you even know how long that is? That’s my whole day on lazy days. In order to kill time I decided to do a little shopping around; all I got was some food before I gave in to the wait and sat myself down, two seats away from the closest person.

“You waiting for the flight to Seoul?”, a somewhat drunken voice asked me. “Yeah, umm…sorry this may be a little invasive but are you drunk?”, I awkwardly asked when I turned my attention to the owner to the owner of the voice, it was Min Yoongi himself, I couldn’t help but admire his dark locks that contrasted his pale, soft looking skin, even though the guy had never interested me before. “No, this is just my voice, so you’re not an Army, huh?” “Like one of your fans? Nah, I’ve heard some of your stuff because of my friends back in Seoul who are obsessed with BTS but yeah I wouldn’t be able to recognise your voice like they could.”, I told him, causing him to chuckle lightly. “So, you know my name, it’s only fair if I know yours.”, he smiled as he shifted somewhat closer to me.

“I’m ___, ___ ___.”, I proudly said. “Wait, aren’t you a YouTuber? I swear Jungkook is obsessed with watching your videos.” “Well, it’s kind of just a hobby.”, I laughed. “I’m actually an aspiring actress.” “Ah, an actress, yeah, I can see you doing that.”, he smirked. “What? You have an eye for showbiz or something?”, I joked. “No, but I have my eye on you.” “Wow, smoothtalker.” “What can I say?”, Yoongi chuckled. “So, what were you doing here in London, Yoongi?” “I was you know, meeting people to collab with and you know, music stuff.” “Sounds like even you don’t know what you’re doing.”, I teased as I reached for the burger I had just bought.

“Well I do, I just don’t know how to describe it.” “Ah, I see. Also, aren’t there like 7 of you guys? Don’t you guys normally travel together? Like you’re in a pack.”, I replied as I took a bite out of my burger, no shame at all. “A pack?”, Yoongi couldn’t help but laugh at the way I had described them. “A pack… oh yeah, normally we work together but I was the only one who needed this trip, I pretty much begged for it so only I went.”, he said as he stared at you burger.

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Couldn’t Ask (Alexander X Reader)


Request Queue

Request- “It would be amazing if you could make a Hamilton x female!reader where she is from modern time and she in some way (unknown) goes back in time to their time and her and Alex fall in love? But when she ends up there she is in her modern clothes and they think it’s every weird and stuff? It would be amazing!

(Just another thing to my request) and she loves history so she knows about that time and stuff and thinks it’s amazing that she got there or something like that” - @philisinadryerdanisnotonfire

A/N-(I’ve been reading Harry Potter so…MAGIC! We’re gonna pretend the founding fathers really looked like the actors and that the musical doesn’t exist. Also once again thanks to @londonbridgefalling for being my go to French speaker <3 IT’S HER BIRTHDAY TODAY GUYS)

Words- 2,014

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a different type of love II

yoo this was requested and i combined it with an idea i had so here ya go its super cheesy and gross and long 

like 4k words

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Hey! This is Stiles, you just missed me- you know what to do. 

The generic beep of the voicemail sounded loudly through the phone and you hiccuped in surprise at the noise, clearly not expecting it. A small giggle slipped past your lips at the hiccup which you wouldn’t have normally found funny but to put it lightly- you were drunk out of your mind. 

In your drunken state you were very easily distracted which you demonstrated as you nodded to a song that was playing your head, trying to remember why were you calling Stiles in the first place. As Stiles’ voicemail recorded your unusual and pitchy humming, you racked your brain to try recall why you were on the phone when it hit you: you had to tell Stiles you were in love with him. 

If you were in the least bit sober, you maybe would’ve had the senses to realize that this wasn’t a good idea (no matter how much you drunken mind was saying it was.) 

But, then again, sober-you didn’t have the sense not to drink that unattended bottle of gin when home alone, especially when you were feeling rather emotional about being in love with your best friend- smart definitely wasn’t the word to describe your decisions. 

And so, here you were: leaving drunk voicemail’s to your best friend who you were hopelessly in love with. 

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Without You

***Disclaimer*** There is a small part in Tris’ POV, but most of it is copied and pasted from the book, I added few of my own lines in there, so no copyright infringment was intended!

Warnings: Death, and kind of angsty, sorry!

Last day of initiation, the day I find out my ranking, my fate in Dauntless. But first, I’ll have to go through my fear landscape; I wait outside with my fellow initiates, watching them go in to the room one by one.

“Y/N!” I finally hear, I get a few good lucks before walking into the room, my boyfriend Eric come up to me with the syringe. We started dating one month after initiation started, and have been dating for 4 months now. And yes, I am in love with him, but I haven’t been able to build up the courage to tell him, what if he doesn’t feel the same?

I snap out of my thoughts as Eric begins to speak, “I’m going to inject you with this serum Y/N, and you’re gonna go through all of your fears, the leaders will see what you see, and everyone else will only see your reactions,” his face wears the same hard expression as it does when he’s near any of the other initiates, but I know it’s just a mask, he proves this further when he places his hand in my shoulder and whispers, “Be brave Y/N.”

He then injects me, one by one I go through all of my fears, I only have eight, the second lowest number within my group of initiates, Tris had the lowest, 7.

I get out of my landscape in 17 minutes and Eric meets me at the back door of the landscape room, “That was amazing Y/N! You really do belong here,” He gives a small smile, but hardens his expression almost immediately.

“Thanks Eric!” I smile back, resisting every urge to kiss him.

“I can’t believe that losing me is one of your fears,” he says, refer to the fear where I was forced to kill my loved ones.
“Well, maybe because I l-” I stop myself before I say it. Shit.

“You what…?” He asks quickly.

“Because I-I would never want to kill a person who has never wronged me,” I say confidently, trying to cover my mistake. Eric didn’t believe me but just as he was about to say something Max called him back.

“I’ll see you in the cafeteria for the rankings,” he quickly says as he leaves.

I meet my three best friends Christina, Will, and Tris in the dorm rooms; we still have two hours before we find out what our rankings are.

“Can you believe this will be our last night in this room,” Christina says.

“Thank God for that,” I laugh. I could not wait to get out of this disgusting dorm room, and get my own apartment.

“Are you guys scared for ranks?” Will asks.

“A little, I just hope I don’t have to work on the fence,” I say, “I wouldn’t want to stay away from the compound for weeks on end.”

“Same,” Christina groans.

We sitting in the dorm room, watching as the rest of transfers make their way back from their own landscapes, until Four finally comes in to tell us that it was time for our results.

We walked into the cafeteria with the Dauntless-born initiates; some of us wore excited looks on our faces, whereas others looked nervous as hell.  

Max gives a speech and then the ranks are posted. Where is it? Where is my name? I’m cut! Shit I’ve been cut! I scan the bottom of the board and I don’t see it, so I slowly work my way up, then I see it:

1. Tris

2. Uriah

3. Y/N

What?! I got third place! Third place! I can’t help myself from jumping and squealing a little as the Dauntless crowd bursts into claps and cheers.

I look around to congratulate my friends, but all I find is Christina kissing Will and Tris kissing Four. No matter how happy I may feel for them, I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy; why can’t my relationship with Eric be so loving and open like them?

I see Eric making his way toward the doors of the cafeteria and he gestures for me to follow. I quickly make my way after him.

“I got third place! I can’t believe it!” I gush as soon as we’re out of earshot.

“Congratulations Y/N,” Eric says smiling. I’m the only one who ever gets to see Eric like this, so whenever he smiles it only makes me happier. I lean up and kiss him.

This is the moment that I realize that I have to tell him, I can no longer keep this secret from him. I love him way too much; I can’t keep it in any longer. I’m Divergent.

“Eric, I have to tell you something,” Maybe this isn’t the right place.

“I have to tell you something too,” He says, “But you go first.”

“No, I can’t here. Can we meet on the roof early in the morning, before most people wake up?” He hesitates, as if he is about to say something, but the he just nods, “What did you want to tell me?”

“I just wanted to say that, Y/N, I-I lo-” He pauses.

“You what?” I look up at him, my heart racing. Just say it, please.

“That I-” He suddenly looks like he has changed his mind about something and he quickly says, “I am so proud of you Y/N.”

“Oh,” I look away from him, I feel so stupid, he wasn’t about to confess anything. Stupid girl.

“I should get back,” Eric says, “You should go have dinner now. I’ll see you soon.”

“Uh, yeah, bye,” I say. Eric turns to leave, but he suddenly turns back around and gives me a quickly peck on the lips and looks me deeply in the eyes, almost as if he is apologizing for something, then he walks away, leaving me a little sad and very confused.

Dinner had just ended and we had been informed that all of Dauntless would be getting some sort of needle. Eric walks up to me with a syringe in his hand, “What is it for? Why do we need to get these?”

“It’s a precautionary tracking device that is being injected into all the members of our faction,” Eric explains, I simply nod my head and turn it, exposing my neck to Eric for easy access. He brushes a few strands of hair off, and injects the needle, shooting me another apologetic look. What’s his deal?

“Alright Y/N, you should probably head to the dorms, you’re in for a long day tomorrow,” He says.

“I’ll see you on the roof I guess,” I sigh.

He hesitates once again before saying, “Y-yeah, I’ll meet you there.”

I feel someone shake my shoulders, “Wake up Y/N!”

“Tris?” I whisper, I see my fellow initiates all getting ready, they look almost like drones, “What’s going on?”

“It’s a simulation,” she sound worried.

“We just have to act like we’re under it as well. Do whatever they do I guess,” I say. Tris nods in agreement, and we head out with everyone else, following their lead.

We all stand in rows, Tris is next to me and Will is in front, when I hear someone questioning the leaders about what was going on. I see him out of the corner of my eye, a confused looking Dauntless member, and more importantly a Divergent. Max smiles at him, a sickly smile, then shoots him right in the head. I keep myself from jumping at the sound of the gun, telling myself that I’m supposed to be under a simulation.

Then I see Eric making his way towards me, away from the sight of the rest of the leaders, my heart speeds up and I focus my eyes straight ahead. He steps directly in fronts of me, filling the gap between me and Will. He looks me in the eyes, and I try to keep my expression neutral. He finally reaches down and grabs my hands in his, “This is literally the worst time to be saying this, I know you can hear me, and once you’re out of this sim I know you’ll recall this, I’m so fucking sorry this had to happen Y/N. But I don’t know what the result of this is going to be, I had to tell you now in case I never get the chance after this. I love you.”

He said it. He finally fucking said it! I desperately will myself to not respond and keep my dead expression. He literally told me at the worst time, I can’t even tell him that I love him back, if I do I’ll be fucking killed. Oh fuck you Eric!

He takes a deep breath and turns to walk away. I almost, almost, follow him, but Tris quickly grabs my hand, and I see her shake her head from the corner of my eye, so I stop myself.

We all get on the train and make our way to Abnegation.

I roam one of the alleys of the Abnegation faction, there is barely anyone here, but I still act as if I’m under the sim, just in case. I was separated from Tris on the train, and the group of soldiers I was with eventually dispersed. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear the cry of a small child and his mother around the corner. I quickly peek my head around, and aside from the Abnegation mother and son, the only person there is a Dauntless man, who is holding a gun to the mother’s head. Eric. He has his back turned to me, I can’t let him kill them, I quietly creep up from behind him, and put my own gun to his head, “Don’t you dare shoot them.”

He pauses for a moment, and then puts his gun down, hands raised beside his head. He slowly turns around and his eyes widen when he sees me, “Y/N? You’re-”

“Yes. I’m Divergent, Eric,” I spit out his name, “I can’t believe you would do something like this!”

He almost looks hurt as he whispers, “You have to listen to me Y/N, I didn’t want to do this, I truly didn’t, but I had to, you have to believe me.”

I did. I did believe him. I look into his eyes and whisper, “Okay.”

He looks at me with a hateful expression and spits, “The cameras can’t detect sound, so I just have to make it look like I’m angry. Put the gun to the back of my head and lead me to where I tell you. There are a few alleyways where Erudite was unable to install cameras.”

I lead Eric down a few turns, making sure there are no Dauntless soldiers there, and we eventually make it to a small alley where there are no cameras. Eric turns around to face me and I lower my gun, “Okay now what?”

He takes both my hands into his own, “So you’re Divergent? How could you not tell me Y/N?”

“I was going to Eric! I swear, that’s why I asked to meet you on the roof,” I say defensively, “But you’re no one to lay accusations on me, how could you do this. So many innocents are being killed because of these plans.”

“I have my reasons Y/N, I can’t tell you right now, the time isn’t right, but you have to trust me,” I nod, “so since you were never under the sim, I guess you heard everything I said back in the compound?”

“I did,” I smile and punch him in the shoulder, “you have the worst fucking timing Eric! Do you know how hard I had to try to keep up my act up?! Fuck you!”

He chuckles and pull me into his arms, “I love you.”

“I love you too Eric!” I lean up and kiss him, and for a while, I forget where we are, for a moment it is just the two of us in the whole world, holding each other, madly in love.

Eric finally pulls away, “Y/N, I have to go now. Listen, there is a hideout that some of the Abnegation have, go there and they will help you, I’m sure Tris will be there.” Eric tells me where to go and the secret knock that he overheard a few Abnegation talking about. He then bends down to the body of an Abnegation man, who is lying dead on the ground, and puts some of the man’s blood on his clothes and arm, I cringe knowing that he is trying to make it look like he killed me,  “I really have to go now baby.”

He turns to walk away, and my eyes suddenly fill with tears, “Eric?” He turns back to face me, “Will I see you again?”

He inhales deeply, and then gives me a peck on the lips, “This will all be over soon Y/N.”

“That’s not what I asked Eric,” I whisper, trying to keep the tears from spilling.

“I need to go Y/N,” I breathe in sharply as he turns around and walks away.

“Eric?” I say just before he turns around the corner, he stops, keeping his back turned to me, “Be careful.”

He finally looks back and gives me a weary smile, “I will Y/N, you take care of yourself too babe.”

I see Eric disappear around the corner, and I let a single tear slip down my cheek.

I sit in the hidden room with a group of Abnegation, Tris, and Tris’ brother; I think his name is Caleb. We plan to go to Dauntless and stop the simulation.

Everything that happened after that was kind of a blur, leaving the safe room, getting on the train, going into Dauntless HQ. I was too busy worrying about Eric to care about what was happening around me, especially after Tris told me that she had shot him in the leg.

Now Caleb, Marcus, Peter, and I stand outside the control room, waiting Tris to come out with Four. I get fed up and finally go in myself, to help Tris. I see that she just shut down the simulation, one by one, the screens start to shut down, and we hear Dauntless guards coming. Tris and Four hurry me out of the room, just as I’m about to leave I see someone raise a gun at Eric on one of the screen, but the screen shuts off before I can see what happens.

“Come on Y/N!” Four yells at me, as Tris grabs my hand and pulls me out of the room.

We all get on the train and head to Amity, we are officially fugitives. I’m worried out of my mind about Eric, and I can’t stand seeing Four and Tris act all romantic, when my love life is such a mess, so I go sit alone in a corner of the train. I clutch the necklace that Eric gave me when I passed the first stage on initiation ranked in second place. Please let him be okay.

We’ve been in Amity for two days, and I haven’t heard anything from Eric. Johanna allowed us to stay here as long as we blended in with their members. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and get out my cot, heading out of the room I share with Peter and Caleb.

“What’s going on Johanna? What did you hear?” I hear Four say from around the corner.

“One of Dauntless’ leaders was killed.” She says. What?!

“Who?!” Both Four and Johanna turn to me.

Johanna looks at me with a calm, yet disappointed expression, “Y/N, sweetheart, you know it’s wrong to eavesdro-”

“Who. Is. It. Johanna.?” I say slowly, spitting out every word, stepping dangerously close to her.

She steps back, and Four grips my arm, “Just tell her Johanna.”

“Eric. It is Eric,” She says, not knowing my relationship to him.

I feel my heart breaking. My body feels like it’s being torn apart. I want to scream but at the same time, I just want to fall and not do anything at all. I find myself running. As fast as my legs can carry me, I don’t know how long I run, I don’t know where I go, but when I’m finally too exhausted to take another step I fall to my knees, I see that I’m surrounded by trees. I sit there for hours, just staring up at the sky; I watch its bright blue colour get darker and darker until its almost pitch black, I feel nothing at all, my mind and body are completely numb.

I finally pick myself up and make my way back to Amity’s fields.

“Where the hell did you go?!” Tris yells at me, gripping my arms, I don’t respond, “Y/N? Hello?!”

“Tris, leave her alone,” Four says, putting a hand on her shoulder, “Peter, can you take Y/N back to her room.”

Peter puts his arm around me and walks me back to our room as if I’m a small child. I lay on my cot, staring up at the ceiling until I eventually fall asleep.

The next few days are a blur, I spend most of my time sitting in my cot holding on to my necklace, sometimes I move to the floor, I barely remember eating or communicating with anyone. I haven’t thought of anything that happened, I haven’t let a single tear slip, and I’m afraid that anytime now, I will explode. Tris comes in and sits in front of me to give me one of her usual lectures.

“Y/N, you’ve been up here for days, you have to come down. Get it together Y/N, I know he’s gone, but you can’t let that destroy you,” She realizes that her words are having no effect on me and sighs, “Alright fine Y/N. But Amity is hosting one of their bonfires tonight, at least join us for that. If not for yourself then for us, and I know you know that Eric would have never wanted to see you like this.”

I know she’s right, I have to do this. Eric would hate me if he saw how weak I was right now. I will go to that bonfire tonight, and wherever Eric is, I know he’ll be glad that I’m trying to stay strong. I love you Eric. I miss you.

Eric’s POV

“What the fuck?!” I yell, clutching Max’s collar, “What the fuck do you mean she’s dead?!”

“Please Eric,” he chokes out, “Relax, just listen to me.”  

“Relax?!” I practically scream, “How the fuck do you expect me to relax?!”

I let go of Max and he falls back on to his chair, I take a deep breath, trying to get a control over myself, “How did this happen? I want to know everything Max.”

“We found her body in the Chasm two days ago. You were patrolling the city, so we cremated her body. Her face was practically unidentifiable, we wouldn’t have known it was her if it weren’t for this,” Max reaches into his pocket, and hand me a small object. Y/N’s ring, she’d had it for years, I turn it over in my hand and see her name engraved at the back of it. Fuck no, this can’t be fucking happening!

My hand shakes and I whisper, “Do you know who did this?”

“Jeanine saw her being shot,” My eyes widen at this, Jeanine knew and didn’t tell me, “the face of the killer was covered, however, Jeanine had been able to detect the divergence level of the person. They are exactly who we’re looking for, the 100% Divergent.”

I’ll kill them, whoever the fuck it was, I will kill them!

I storm out of Max’s office and back to my apartment. I slam my door shut and smash the first vase I see, I then proceed to destroy any object I come into contact with. Once my apartment is completely trashed, I fall to my knees and sob, I haven’t cried in years, but I can’t do anything now, I can’t stop it. I sob until I feel numb. I eventually drift to sleep on the floor next to the couch.


I sit around a fire with Tris, Four, Peter, Caleb, and a group of Amity. They’ve been singing this entire time, and somehow, miraculously, I was able to push my troubles aside for a while, feeling slightly happy.

“Can any of you sing?” An Amity girl asks, gesturing towards us.

“Y/N can!” Peter says suddenly, damn his Candor ways.

“Sing for us Y/N!” Another Amity boy says, a few others agree with him. I quickly shake my head, not wanting to take part in any of this.

“Oh come on Y/N, sing for us,” Tris urges me, “Maybe it’ll help you feel better. Please?”

I decide that maybe it would help, so I do:  

My voice breaks at the end. I can’t do this. I get up and run into the forest, falling down next to a tree. I finally let the tears come, I sob, I sob harder than I’ve ever sobbed before, I sob for what feels like hours. Peter finally comes to look for me, Four soon follows him. They both just sit on either side of me, not saying anything. I became good friends with Peter towards the end of the first stage of initiation, and Four transferred along with my brother, so he has always treated me like a younger sister. It feels good to have them next to me. I finally get up and Peter puts his arm around me, leading me back to Amity, while Four follows closely behind us. I feel a slight sense of relief, I finally allowed myself to breakdown, I finally let out all the emotion I was holding back.

I sit in the room next to the window, while Peter and Caleb sit on their individual cots. I stare at the moon, and hope that Eric is watching me from wherever he is, I miss you Eric. I love you; I wish I could have told you that, before you left. I only ever got to tell you once, but I want you to know that I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone before.

Eric’s POV

I wake up before dawn; I go out onto my balcony, remembering the countless times that I spent up here with Y/N. I stare up at the moon, and I hope that Y/N is watching me from wherever she is. I miss you Y/N. I love you; I wish I could have told you that, before you left. I only ever got to tell you twice, but I want you to know that I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone before.


It’s the middle of the day and I sit with Tris, Four, Peter, and Caleb in Johanna’s office. I hear Four mutter a curse, and we all look up at him.

“Dauntless,” He says back with wide eyes, “They’re here! Hunting for us!”

Johanna rushes up and tells us to stay hidden in her office, so we all huddle up in the back corner. A few minutes later, Four walks up to look out the window again. He turns back around and his face has gone pale, almost as if he saw a ghost. I exchange a look with Tris and walk up to Four to see what he saw, I look out the window, and I don’t believe his eyes. Eric.

My face breaks into a wide smile and tears slip down my cheeks, “He’s alive,” I whisper, “Four he’s alive!”

“And now he’s hunting us,” Four hisses, dragging me back to the corner.

“H-he wouldn’t kill us!”

“You don’t know what he’s capable of Y/N!” Four scolds me as if I’m a little child, “You will stay hidden from him Y/N. If he catches us, he may try to protect you but Tris and I will sure as hell be killed. And I’m sure you don’t want us to die because of your little love affair, do you?”

I can’t believe Four is blackmailing me like this; I look down and shake my head. I guess I can’t let Eric see me.

We hear Eric making his way into Johanna’s office, Four looks around the corner and down at him. Suddenly Four jerks his head back, “Shit! I’m pretty sure Eric just made eye contact with me! We’re done!”

To all of our surprise we see Eric turn around and walk back. Four takes this moment to usher us towards the window. We are just about to leave when Peter suddenly shouts, “They’re up here! Hey! Eric, they’re up here!”

What is he doing?!

Four quickly pushes us out the window, and soon enough, we are running through the woods and catching a train to who knows where. Eric didn’t see me, I didn’t let him, and now I fucking hate myself. I’m sorry Eric, I’m sorry.

The following day is spent with the factionless, and then we travel down to Candor to meet the rest of the loyal Dauntless members.

I’ve been in Candor for days now, and I’m currently sitting in my bunk ready to sleep. We hear a commotion going on somewhere in the compound, and Christina and I look at one another and decide to go find out what’s happening.

Tris’ POV

“How could you do that to her? She was your friend, she trusted you,” Eric hissed. What the hell was he talking about?

I close my hand around the knife handle and squeeze. Eric leans closer.

Dauntless attacked Candor, and Eric discovered my Divergence. He is now leading me out of the faction to turn me in to Jeanine.

“Just between you and me … I think you might have gotten three, because you’re the kind of bullheaded person who would refuse to make a simple choice just because she was told to,” he says. “Care to enlighten me?”

I lurch forward, pulling my hand out of my pocket. I close my eyes as I thrust the blade up and toward him. I don’t want to see his blood.

I feel the knife go in and then pull it out again. My entire body throbs to the rhythm of my heart. The back of my neck is sticky with sweat. I open my eyes as Eric slumps to the ground, and then—chaos.  


I run down the stairs to see what’s happening, as I walk into the room I see Tris huddled in Four’s arms holding a knife, explaining something to him, she gestures to the other side of the room and that is when I see him. Eric is slumped on the ground, he is covered in blood and by the looks of it, he has been stabbed. Fuck no! He is slipping out of consciousness, I run up to him and fall on to me knees, putting my hands on his cheeks.

“Eric! Fuck Eric keep your eyes open! Eric! Don’t you fucking die on me! Please?” I beg him, with tears streaming down my face. He doesn’t know I’m here. That’s when Candor’s leader Jack Kang walks up to me, explaining how Eric is one of Candor’s prisoners now, meaning he will get honourable treatment. They then take him to the hospital.

The Dauntless have decided that Eric will be executed today. Oh hell no, I will not let that happen. Eric sits on a chair in front of Tori, Four, and Harrison, Four holds a gun to his head, “Eric, be brave.”

I run forward towards Eric, finally revealing myself, I shield Eric’s body, “No! You can’t fucking kill him Four! You can’t!”

“Y/N, you’re alive?” Eric asks in utter shock.

“Y/N, get away from him!” Four shouts at me.

“No Four! If you want to kill him, you’ll have to kill me first.” I say confidently.

“Y/N ge-”

“No. Four.” I say slowly, “Listen, I’m not just doing this because I’m a psychotic girlfriend like you all think. Think about it, Eric is our only key to figuring out Jeanine’s plan. Don’t you want to know why Jeanine wants your girlfriend?”

“What makes you think he’ll tell us?” Tori asks me in a bitchy tone, “The man isn’t even afraid to die for Jeanine’s secret, why would he tell us?”

“Look around Tori!” I spit, “We’re in Candor. Put him under the truth serum!”

Realization strikes them all instantly, and Four and Harrison agree with me. We eventually get everything set up and Eric is put under the truth serum.

One by one, he is asked simple questions by Four.

“So why did you do it? Why did you take part in Jeanine’s plans?” Four asks.

“For her,” Eric points at me, what? “Jeanine threatened to kill her, she was on constant watch throughout initiation, and I had to do it to save her life.”

He did this for me. Me! Oh my god, I can’t believe this.

“So you didn’t want to do it?” Four asks.

“Of course not, I tried my best to not save as many people as I could. Why do you think I pushed the gun down towards my leg when Tris threatened to shoot me in Abnegation, I could have easily pushed it to the side. I let her shoot me so you two could escape. Then at Amity, I saw you in Johanna’s office yet I walked away, the only reason I had to go back to you was because Peter called me up there, the other soldiers had heard his call so I couldn’t back out.”

“You said earlier that you thought Y/N was dead, so why didn’t you stop after that, if you were only doing this to save her, why didn’t you stop after she died? Why did you come here and try to take Tris away?”

“I was told that she was killed by the one who was 100% Divergent, and that turned out to be Tris, I had to get revenge.”

“Do you regret what you did?”

“I did it to save her, so no. However, I do regret that many lives were lost because of my actions.”

“Do you have anything else to tell us?”

“I-I’m, no, nothing else!” Eric looks like he is struggling hard to keep a secret.

“What is it Eric?” Four asks more aggressively

He stays silent.

“Eric, please tell us. Please baby,” I beg him.

“I’m-I’m Divergent!”

I drop the glass of water that I was holding and Four drops his gun.

“W-what?!” Four says, everyone is clearly as shocked as I am.

“I’m Divergent.”

“Alright Eric, based on your confession, we, the members of Dauntless, have agreed to forgive you, as long as you join our side” Four says, “You can go now.”

Eric gets off his chair and walk out the door and onto the balcony. I run after him, and he turns to me, “Y/N! I’m so sorry, fuck I thought you were dead! I missed you so fucking much. I love you!”

I walk up to him and pathetically punch at him a few times, “Fuck you! You’re such an idiot Eric! You did this all for me, what were you thinking? Do you actually think I would have been able to live with myself if you had died for me?”

He pulls me into his arms, and we stand there hugging one another, until I feel wetness on the skin of my neck, “Eric? Eric are you crying?”

He takes a deep breath and pulls away from our hug, “I’m so sorry Y/N! I love you so much.”

“I know Eric. Its okay, I don’t ever want to see you cry again baby. I love you too,” and with that we kiss.

From now on, everything will be better, the war will end soon, and though our world may be fucked up, at least I have Eric with me. I don’t ever want to spend another day without him.      

A/N: I’m sorry it that was so long, it was originally going to be split into three parts, but I got a little carried away :P Anyways, I’m also sorry that I haven’t posted in forever, but this took so long to write. I hope you enjoy it! 

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The Intern--Chapter 4

Here is the next chapter. We get a little more background information of life in Kansas. I’m excited for where this series is going. I hope you guys enjoy it too. Let me know what y’all think! Thank you so much for reading my work! And let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters.

Chapter 1 2 3

Tag Requests: @locke-writes @mrschiltoncat @xemopeachx @redvolpe @kjs-s

The next couple weeks after the flowers incident, things began to run smoothly. You got along with everyone in the office and were fitting in well. Your professors had been right when they told you Barba was ruthless. But you preferred it that way. Once he got started on something, he was passionate about fighting through to the end. Not many people showed that kind of passion anymore so it was refreshing. Especially since you felt just as passionate.

The other plus about seeing Barba so invested in the cases was that you also became invested. So all of the initial bumbling school girl crush feelings had died down. You still went on your occasional rambling sessions, but Barba seemed genuinely interested when you did. He was very easy to talk to but sometimes you got a little off topic because of that.

“I feel like you have story about everything.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Barba. If I’m talking too much just tell me to hush up. Sometimes I forget. My mama always told me it was just because I liked to hear the sound of my own voice. But that’s just not true. I ju—I’m doing it again.” You laughed at yourself.

“No it’s alright Y/N. I meant that in a good way. People that are from here don’t share more than they are asked. They say as little as possible. It’s refreshing to actually be around people who enjoy having a conversation.”

“That’s me. Some of the stories I could tell about back home. Oh goodness. The people from around here would never believe them.” Your phone buzzed and you looked down to see your mom calling. “Speaking of back home, this is my mama now.”

“Go ahead and take it. I think we’re done for the night anyway. I’ll just pack my things and then wait for you so we can take a cab back to the apartments.”

“Thanks.” You turned and answered the FaceTime. “Hi mama!”

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“Rejection”; Chapter Twelve

NOTES: Extra long chapter today to make up for the wait. No swears, and… well, you’ll find out for yourself towards the end of the chapter.  (▰˘◡˘▰) (=゚ω゚)ノ


                                             (The next morning…)

You awoke at around 9:30 to the scent of something sweet. Rubbing the crust from around your eyelids and ruffling your hair, you saw Papyrus setting something down on the kitchen table. It appeared to be… spaghetti. You frowned, and sat up straight. The tall skeleton must have saw your sudden movement, as he rushed over to you. He sat down on the floor beside you, booming out a hello.

You covered your ears, wincing from the loud noise. “GOOD MORNING, SLEEPY HEAD!” Papyrus chuckled, and cocked his head to the side. You smiled from his goofiness, and stretched. None of your bones popped, which irritated you, but it didn’t last long. “Hey there, Paps.” You yawned mid-sentence, and scratched your shoulders. Papyrus’s happy demeanor faltered for a second, and he fiddled with his gloved thumbs.

“HUMAN, I AM SORRY THAT I MADE YOU CRY LAST NIGHT. I HEATED UP SOME LEFTOVER PASTA TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!” He lowered his head the same a puppy would do when being yelled at, and your brain ached. Oh yeah. I’d completely forgotten. I don’t think I had any dreams last night either; except for one part where I was in the Arctic, freezing, and a warm breeze passed over me to keep me warm. Weird. It felt real…

You reached out a hand, and massaged the innocent skeleton’s skull lovingly. “Oh, Papyrus. I could never stay mad at you!” Papyrus jumped up into the air, and scooped you up into his arms. You braced yourself for the spinning, but instead Papyrus settled back down onto the couch behind you and embraced your body tightly. “THANK YOU, FRIEND (Nickname)! I CANNOT IMAGINE GOING ON WITH MY DAY KNOWING THAT YOU WERE STILL UPSET!”

You felt a tear streak down your cheek at his worry, and squeezed him back hard. “Papyrus, I will always be your friend. Don’t you ever forget that.” You whispered by his face where his ears should be, and felt his cheekbones warm with pure joy. The two of you stayed like that for a moment, until he reached for your blanket and laid it atop your lap. He scooched from out under you, and handed you the remote.

“YOU WAKE UP EARLY COMPARED TO MY BROTHER, (Nickname).” Papyrus mentioned, and an idea occurred to you. “What time do you wake up?” You asked, and Papyrus struck a heroic pose. “I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, WAKE UP AT 6 O'CLOCK SHARP.” Your jaw dropped, and wrinkled your nose. “Why?” You laughed, when his eye sockets bulged slightly.

“DON’T ALL HUMANS WAKE UP AT THE SAME TIME THE GREAT PAPYRUS DOES?” He inquired, and you shook your head. “As you can probably see…” You gestured to yourself, “…that is not true.” You giggled, and Papyrus brought a hand up around his chin. “INTERESTING… FRISK IS AN EARLY RISER LIKE I AM. PERHAPS YOU ARE SPECIAL HUMAN, (Nickname).” You blushed at his compliment (was it a compliment?) and waved a hand at him.

“Hey, what can I say? I’m a night owl.” You shrugged, and Papyrus made a bewildered expression. “I THOUGHT YOU WERE A HUMAN!!” It took you a second to figure out what he meant by that, and when you did, you burst out into laughter. The walls reflected the loud noise, and Papyrus started yelling at you to calm down. “I’M SO CONFUSED!!!” He shouted, and started flailing his arms about like an idiot.

You only laughed harder, and plopped flat onto the floor. Papyrus stopped his crazed running around, and threw you on top of his shoulders. “(Nickname)!! EXPLAIN YOUR RACE!” You wiped a tear, not even minding how strong this guy must have been in order to pick you up so fast like that. “It’s a figure of speech, Paps. I’m a human; when I say I’m a ‘night owl’, that means I like to stay up later than most.”

The skeleton pondered for a moment, and then started chuckling. The rattling of his laughs made you bounce slightly, causing you to wrap your arms around his neck for safety. “OH! THEN MY BROTHER MUST BE AN OWL TOO. HE SELDOM GOES TO HIS ROOM EARLY; MAINLY BECAUSE HE HAS TO READ ME MY BEDTIME STORY.” You recalled how he told Frisk that same bit of information, making you smiled.

“IT’S CALLED-” “-Tales of the Fluffy Bunny?” You finished his sentence for him; he looked up towards you, smiling wide. “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT, HUMAN?” You flinched, reminding yourself that around Papyrus you had to keep your mouth shut. “U-uh, you told me last night while making dinner! Remember?’

He frowned, and narrowed his eyes at the messed up couch. “HMM… I THINK I DO. BUT, ANYWAYS, LET’S GO EAT THAT DELICIOUS BREAKFAST THAT I HEATED UP JUST FOR YOU!” Papyrus cheered, and took off towards the kitchen. You clung to his scarf, and froze. “Wait, Papyrus-! I’m not gonna fit through the-” Your head clunked painfully against the entryway, and you slipped off of the younger brother’s shoulders.

You fell to the ground hard, and cried out when your spine landed first. You shrunk into the fetal position, and Papyrus spun around quickly. “OH MY GOD!! DEAR (Nickname), ARE YOU ALRIGHT?! I AM SO SORRY!! HOLD ON, LEMME GET SOME HEALING SPAGHETTI-” You cringed at the thought of him pouring spaghetti on you while you mentally screamed in agony. Hair was stuck in your mouth, so you spat it out grossly.

Dear God… I’m about to fall victim to a pasta avalanche. Papyrus came out from the kitchen, and held your breakfast up in the air. He had a fork clutched in the other glove, and you widened your eyes. “HERE YOU GO! THIS SHOULD FIX YOU RIGHT UP!” He fret, and you wrapped your hands around your head, preparing for the attack. Just as you could hear the fork scratching against the plate, a voice called out from above the stairway.

“woah, woah, woah! paps, what are you doing?!

                                          (About a half hour earlier…)

Sans opened his eye sockets slowly and took in a deep breath from his nasal cavity. A distant noise had disrupted him from his slumber, and it annoyed him greatly. He glared at the clock on his desk across the room, and growled. 9:34. seriously? this is probably the earliest i’ve woken up in a long time. He sat up on his mattress, and cracked his bones tiredly. The loud vibrations bouncing off his door continued, and it almost sounded like...laughter.

Not bothering to get dressed, Sans slipped on his slippers and passed his treadmill. Santa had gotten it for him as a Christmas present a couple of months ago, or whenever the first reset was. He rest a hand on the doorknob, and ignored the dog flying around in his self-sustaining tornado.

The noise was indeed laughter, he confirmed, but it sounded nothing like his brother’s. It was a little deeper, but not much. It made Sans’ hand tremble on the brass, from either anxiety or nerves. The door creaked open, and the noise stopped. He yawned, and scratched his sternum. An emptiness grew inside his ribs at the void of the sudden laughter that made his pulse rise quickly.

He peered over the stairwell, and smiled when he saw Papyrus messing around with someone. Sans squinted, and realized it was (Y/N). He remembered everything that happened the day before, and was shocked how Frisk still hadn’t reset yet. It’d been a few days since the kid moved back in with Toriel, and befriended all the monsters Underground.

A weight fell upon his shoulders from all the information he now has to deal with and try to comprehend that was given to him from the new human yesterday. His grin fell into a frown, and he shut his eyes. (y/n) said that our entire world is a videogame. got it. she also mentioned that she practically knows everything, except for this timeline. she apparently has a very unique soul; one that does not remain the same color or dominant personality trait.

He rubbed his temples frustratingly, but relaxed when he heard Papyrus say something about “breakfast”. Sans opened his eye sockets just as (Y/N) collided with the top part of the doorway to the kitchen; he practically jumped a foot into the air from shock. Sans winced as she hit the ground with an “oomph!”, and curled up into a ball. He waited to see if Papyrus would check for any injuries, pick her up and lay her on the green couch on which she slept, or perhaps even take her hand and-

“OH MY GOD!! DEAR (Nickname), ARE YOU ALRIGHT?! I AM SO SORRY!! HOLD ON, LEMME GET SOME HEALING SPAGHETTI-” Papyrus nearly shrieked, and ran into the room beside him. Sans just watched in confusion from his brother’s choice of action, but made no move to teleport by (Y/N) to make sure she was okay.

However, when he saw how Papyrus was about to dump some “healing spaghetti” onto the wounded human, Sans decided to intervene. “woah, woah, woah! paps, what are you doing?!” Sans shouted, but not so loud that Papyrus would think that he was angry at him again. Sans ran down the stairs, and slid across the carpet next to (Y/N).

He held his hands up in the air, ready to flip the girl and look her over. “I-I WAS JUST PLAYING WITH (Nickname) HERE AND SHE FELL OFF MY SHOULDERS! I THOUGHT THAT SINCE THE PASTA TASTED REALLY GOOD, IT WOULD HEAL HER TOO-” Papyrus stammered, freaking out a little at (Y/N)’s almost unconscious body. Sans grabbed her bicep gently and tugged to see her face.

She laid still, but was groaning under her breath at the welt that was sure to appear on her forehead. Sans sucked in a breath through his teeth upon seeing a large bruise already starting to form above her right eyebrow, and forced himself to remain calm when blood seeped out of the left gash. “paps, use your magic on her.” Sans commanded tenderly, and Papyrus kneeled down across from Sans quickly.

“WHAT SPELL?” He asked, and Sans tripped over his own words. “i-i dunno; the one you used when i broke my finger the other day.” Papyrus nodded, and waved his hands just above her big glasses. Sans wasn’t one for learning healing magic; all his life he was trained to use blue magic, the kinds of spells and summonings for attacks and destruction only.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Paps was really good at treating illnesses and fixing things. There was no way his magic could rival Toriel’s; she was practically the master of all things medicine and curing. But while Tori was far away from most towns to help sick subjects, Papyrus was always there when someone needed him. He could run very fast, as his legs were practically four feet long, which was an attribute Sans did not have.

Sans was not meant for taking hits, as he had very little HP and a low attack stat, but that didn’t mean he was weak. In fact, Sans was probably the strongest and scariest monster there is in the Underground. He’s right up there next to Asriel Dreemur in his godly form; proving that whenever Chara possesses Frisk and goes through the Genocide route, it’s going to take an insane amount of time and skill in order to beat him.

Sans’ endurance in battle is amazing; most would think that the bigger and bulkier you are, the more of a chance that you’ll win in battle. At least, that’s what the Underground’s mindset was. This is why people always underestimated Sans; because he wasn’t bulky, and he most definitely wasn’t a big bad-ass Boss Monster with a huge reputation. If only people saw what his true capabilities were when he needed to dunk a certain demon wreaking havoc to all monsterkind.

Normally, Sans was a lazy skeleton who enjoyed ketchup and making puns all day. But when you take away his most valued and prized possession, you might as well just give up completely. Because that possession was Papyrus, the only family he has left and the only thing he has to live for whilst dealing with his depression.

After a few silent minutes of Papyrus working away and doing his thing, (Y/N)’s eyelids fluttered open. The blood on her face had evaporated into thin air, and the bruise on her forehead had disappeared back into her tan skin. She also noticed that the pain in her spine had gone away, too. Sans breathed a sigh of relief, and sat back onto his heels. Papyrus wiped the sweat beads that formed on his skull away, and looked down at (Y/N).

She groaned softly, and blinked when she saw the two skeletons above her. “What is it with you two making me hit my forehead on stuff?” She chuckled, and bringing a hand up to her hairline. When she brushed it back, Sans smiled at the genius joke that popped into his mind. “i guess papyrus was getting a little a-head of himself.” Sans smiled when his bro glared and reprimanded him.

“I SWEAR TO ASGORE SANS, IF YOU START WITH THAT NONSENSE I’M DISOWNING YOU.” Papyrus mumbled, and (Y/N) giggled. Sans was glad to see that she was already feeling better. “sorry, i didn’t mean to make that as-gorey as it came out. maybe a less bloody joke will help lighten the mood.” Sans chuckled deeply, and his ribs rattled softly. (Y/N) laughed a little louder, and Papyrus shot up immediately.

“THAT’S IT! YOU ARE NO LONGER RELATED TO ME.” Papyrus stormed out of the living room, taking the plate of spaghetti with him. Sans sighed happily, and turned his attention to the clock above the TV. 10:02. “wow, time sure does fly when you’re making puns.” Sans looked back down to (Y/N), who was trying to sit up.

When she let out a cry, Sans’ smile dropped. “hey, take it easy pal. i know paps’ magic is pretty awesome, but that doesn’t mean you should be making any sudden movements so soon.” She grinned sweetly, and nodded. “I thought the phrase was, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’?” Sans raised his non existent eyebrows, and thought to himself. He shrugged, and winked playfully at her.

“it is, but i don’t think that getting injured is much fun. unless to you it is, which i can respect. a bit masochistic, but i’ll accept it.” He said nonchalantly, and (Y/N) rolled her eyes back. “Touche.” She laughed again, and went quiet. She stared down at her clothes, then brought her attention back up to Sans.

“So…am I just gonna lay here until Papyrus’s magic settles, or…?” Her voice trailed off, and she bit her lip. The way she looked at that moment with her all messed up and long eyelashes batting slowly towards him made his soul jump unexpectedly. An idea came to his mind, and he thought it would work fine.

“nah. here, lemme help you over to the couch.” Sans leaned over, and curled his arms under (Y/N)’s back. She gulped, and let out a nervous yelp. Sans stood up, and she wrapped her arms around his neck like she had done to Papyrus’s scarf. “S-S-Sans!! What are you doing?!” Her face turned beet red, and the skeleton chuckled. His own cheekbones released a light blue tint, and his eye flared softly.

As he walked her over to the couch, Papyrus peeked from around the corner and saw what was happening. He saw both of their expressions, and smiled devilishly from his spot in the kitchen. He knew something had been off with Sans ever since (Y/N) arrived, and was sure to talk to him about it later in private.




Chapter Ten (Where all the chapters before that are.)

Do as I Say: Part 2

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

As requested by someone. I don’t remember exactly what they said but they wanted a part 2 where it was Bucky’s week.

Summary: It’s now Bucky’s week to oversee what you two do. Mwahahaha.

Warning: light nsfw

Part 1


You woke up to kisses on the back of your neck and shoulder. You look at your phone and 5:45am shined brightly in your face. You took your pillow and covered your face, “It’s too early for this, Buck.”

He chuckled and his hot as fuck raspy morning voice filled your ears, “Shall I remind you whose week it is?” He pulled you by the waist and his hard on dug into you. Bucky took the pillow away from you to reveal you hiding behind your hands. He pulled your hands away and began to leave light kisses all over your face, “This is payback for Thursday.” He began to kiss down your jaw and your breath hitched. This bastard. He knew that you loved it when he did that.

Your hands went to his hair, but they were immediately pinned down by Bucky’s own, “No, touching, baby.”

“Whyyyyyy?” You whined.

He smirked mischievously, “Like I said, sweetheart, payback.”

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spoilers ahead! this is the audio log of officer doug eiffel, onboard the uss hephaestus station, orbiting the red dwarf wolf 359 in the leo constellation. feel free to change pronouns and modify to your needs.


  • “that’s fine, everyone makes mistakes, but if she could stop talking about my, ‘fragile, carbon-based, uncomfortably liquid body,’ it’d be a real breakthrough.”
  • “i’m still banned from the lab.“
  • “well, yeah, i guess that’s fair.”
  • “eat your heart out, you succulent rat killing tar.”
  • “y’know what, i think i need some coffee.”
  • “calling it coffee helps.”
  • “well, clearly this is an important matter that requires my immediate attention.”
  • “take me away, sweetheart.”
  • “one-thousand and… ugh, it’s the extra one that’s really annoying.”
  • “are we seriously blowing up now?”
  • not explosion. something… less destructive. a hairdryer, perhaps.”
  • “i guess we have to break into his lab and make sure he doesn’t die.”
  • “sweet merciful tap dancing zombie chorus girls.”
  • “i should probably make sure [name] isn’t burning to death.”


  • “we can safely conclude that operation… freaky… deaky… space music is ongoing.”
  • “yep. super calm. totally uneventful day.”
  • “i have little to no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • “actually it seems like pre-meditated caution.”
  • “—basically i took the entire tube.”
  • “hostage is such an ugly word.”
  • “before anyone decides to get clever or heroic, you should know that i’m not above doing something stupid here, alright?”
  • “radio as entertainment seems to be making a comeback around here.”
  • “i still have the right to toothpaste.”
  • “just because i’m crackin’ up doesn’t mean i’m crackin’.”
  • “i’m here to discuss the terms of your surrender.”
  • “it’s more orange than red, really.”
  • “this little revolución is over.”
  • “i guess there’s nothing to gain by saying how sorry i am?”


  • “this is a day of darkness. low tide. —a half melted fudgsicle of despair.”
  • “he’s like a friggen shark sniffin’ for chum.”
  • “i was just trying to be helpful.”
  • “i like to think i tactically misrepresented the data available.”
  • “so you ‘tactically’ lied to me.”
  • “i was wondering what that thing taped to my door was.”
  • “you might, however, be surprised at what you can live through.”
  • “i guess your lies get bigger as you go higher up in the ranks.”
  • “i know we’ve had our ups and downs but i could kiss you right now.”
  • “i never used the flame thrower before, so this might be fun.”
  • “with napalm, you moron!”
  • “this has been a good day.”


  • “today, i am not unlike the gods.”
  • “sorry, i didn’t mean to enjoy the majesty.”
  • “loud and clear.”
  • “okay okay, got it. class dismissed.”
  • “oh god, my eyes.”
  • “everything’s ‘gimme shelter’ out here.”
  • “son of a bitch.”
  • “a hundred feet? jesus christ.”
  • “i’m gonna drown? in outer space? what kinda sense does that even make!”
  • “i’ve had enough dramatic irony for one day, thank you.”
  • “i don’t exactly have breaks on this thing.”
  • “well, you’re still you. so.. eh?”
  • “he did have to resuscitate you so you may now qualify as ‘undead’.”
  • “scouts honor.”
  • “hey, baby. did you miss me?”
  • “i have something for you.”


  • “i feel [coughs] fine.“
  • “i got this stupid skin rash that’s driving me nuts.”
  • “you are a great man.”
  • “you look terrible.”
  • “theoretical science first, practical medicine… more of a past time.”
  • “true science mustn’t be so severely hindered.”
  • “just answer the damn question.”
  • “don’t worry. you’re in extremely capable hands.”
  • “i may be in slightly more dire straits than i previously thought.”
  • “who knows what that maniac’s told them.”
  • “and then we’ll see how he likes it when someone’s messing around with his internal organs.”
  • “the fifth amendment says i don’t have to answer that.”
  • “no, [name], it’s not ‘four-ish’.”
  • “the only experiment here is the one you are conducting on my patience.”
  • “i have every intention of seeing this through to the end.”
  • “i always thought i’d die in a science fair. turns out, i wasn’t that far off.”
  • “just because i’m a scientist doesn’t mean i am mad ingenious super-villain.”
  • “i think there’s a lesson here, but it’s kinda lost in all the hallucinations. i’ll get back to it.”


  • (less than enthusiastic noise maker sound)
  • “and by party, i mean helping me procrastinate my work shift.”
  • “you’re way overthinking this. it’s just a taste thing, there’s no wrong answer.
  • “i don’t know what i want but i know how to get it.”
  • “are you upset? i didn’t know you got upset.”
  • “did i tell you about that time i thought he was trying to kill me? — any of those times?”
  • “things don’t ‘get’ to me.”
  • “score one for old school double-a’s.”
  • “has this place always been so overlook hotel-y?”
  • “— or that time you poisoned that liter of water trying to make whiskey.”
  • “why are you underneath that table?”
  • “i’m guessing it’s not one of those ‘gets better by itself’ situations.”
  • “basically we’re barreling toward certain death. that’s all you gotta say. ‘barreling toward certain death’.”
  • “oh, it’s spooktastic in here, baby.”
  • “okay, i swear to god somebody’s talking to me.”
  • “whooaa, what just happened? did… did everything just kind of blink around for a second there?”


  • “god, they’re still at it.”
  • “in the meantime, that means we gotta make our own fun.”
  • “on friday we’ll have mustard. umm… that’s all it says for friday. im not sure what that means.”
  • “[name] does pigheaded obstinacy like it’s an olympic sport.”
  • “i think we might have a situation on our hands.”
  • “sit your swiss ass down and pick a side.”
  • “you’re both utterly useless.”
  • “oh, stop. do you know how condescending that is?”
  • “you can’t hold that against me. you were practically wire tapping.”
  • “why am i not surprised.”
  • “oh, right, like i actually care enough about what you do to try and sabotage you.”
  • “that’s exactly what i was afraid you would say.”
  • “our rating on the peril-o-meter just went from ‘spidey-sense is tingling’ to ‘bat signal in the sky’.”
  • “and, just in case it wasn’t already obvious, i am absolutely terrified of both of you.”
  • “the fact that i’m trying to get the two of you to do the responsible thing is scary enough.”
  • “she’s just taking out her insecurities on you.”
  • “just say what you really think!”
  • “you stay here. i’ll deal with you later.”

BOX 953

  • “it’s either not smoking OR sylvia plath’s ‘lady lazarus,’ not both of them together.”
  • “already i don’t like where this is going.”
  • “that, however, will be a clever lie.”
  • “you can’t solve all your problems by knocking people out.”
  • “i never really paid attention to this room before.”
  • “only. um. none of them have eyes.”
  • “holy crap! you guys—there’s a canon in here! why is there a canon in here?!”
  • “why would anyone want that many l-shaped blocks? l-blocks are useless.”
  • “this is some raiders of the lost ark level stuff here.”
  • “no. it is not cool. it’s diametrically opposed to cool.”
  • “you don’t understand. there is SINGING.”
  • “so, yknow. ew.”
  • “i’m not sure if it was a warning shot or if she just missed.”
  • “i’m always multitasking.”
  • “i’ll see you on the other side.”
  • “in lieu of super human strength, i went to get a crow bar.”
  • “once again, our quarterly talent shows have taken something away from me.”


  • “uugh. balls.”
  • “can we really be ready for anything?”
  • “riders on the storm, man. riders on the storm.”
  • “whatever happened to those weekly calls from mom and dad?”
  • “we’d be looking at- i dunno- random strings of ampersands and sevens .”
  • “but it makes no sense.”
  • “what the hell are we supposed to do with this?”
  • “un momento por favor.”
  • “what happens when we run out of numbers?”
  • “we should be… pretty safe? based on our limited perception of safety.”
  • “you had to say something you had to open your mouth.”
  • “okay. officially, now. what the hell.”
  • “’mathematically unlikely’? that’s the best we can do right now?”
  • “there are a lot of ‘could’s in that explanation.”
  • “i like the sound of my voice a lot better than the sounds of what’s going on out there.”
  • “oh, god damn it.”
  • “well, following that, this is gonna sound a lot less sexy.”
  • “it’s cruel! and sick! and… other adjectives!”
  • “i think we need a proper nights sleep to really let our anger reach its full potential.”
  • “hint: IT. WAS. AWFUL.”


  • “i’m gonna be a little less npr and a little more national geographic.”
  • “— or, it’s scientific name, ‘stick-iss up the ass-us’.”
  • “you say that like it’s supposed to mean somethin’ to me.”
  • “is that ‘yes, i did it’ or ‘yes, i have no idea what you’re talking about but i don’t want to get in trouble’?”
  • “god damn it, [ name ].”
  • “so. um. yay? i’m s- i’m really not sure what’s happening here.”
  • “i have an alternative theory, but i don’t think you’ll like it.”
  • “where did the spider go?”
  • “it’s just a bug.”
  • ”it’s an EXTREME. DANGER. BUG.”
  • “i can’t do this.”
  • “what if we just shoot it off?:
  • “i’m gonna sneeze.”
  • “how is this gonna work again?”
  • “if i die, [ name ] gets all my toys.”
  • “is it dead?”
  • “i also brought a gun. just in case.”
  • “if the two of you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna faint.”
  • “i’m gonna go— not sleep. no sleep. never again sleep.”


  • “why are we so afraid of being alone?”
  • “we make big bomb. now everybody is afraid of us.”
  • “nothing in the dark that isn’t there in the light, yes? 
  • “there must be monsters underneath someone’s bed. 
  • “open only when you are alone. 
  • “is anyone laughing now?”
  • “can you hear me? hello?”
  • “— whoopsies.”
  • “you’ve used the word ‘basically’ thirteen times in the last five minutes.”
  • “them’s the rules.”
  • “i’ve never been great at proverbs.”
  • “it wouldn’t be hard, either.” 
  • “i doubt it, but you never know. i can be full of surprises.”
  • “is anybody in here?”
  • “do you ever feel like you are ot where you are supposed to be?”
  • “yes. in fact, can we like… underline that yes? and bold it? and put like a bunch of stars and arrows and a drawing of a scary plant monster next to it?”
  • “oooh, brotha.”
  • “spice things up a little. give it that hal 9000 touch.”
  • “god, honestly, it’s like he’s nine years old.”
  • “i’m not sure which possibility i find more disquieting.”
  • “i’m fine. really. don’t worry about me. and don’t make that face.”


  • “i’m using the last of the real turkey for this.”
  • “there’s other things happening aside from sanatized pagan rituals.”
  • “anyway. as i was saying. impenitrable darkness.”
  • “it’s okay. don’t cry for me argentina.”
  • “not now. taking a personal insanity moment, ask again later.”
  • “you’re still not listening to me.”
  • “ready to go nuts?”
  • “consider it my present.”
  • “we have an honest to god situation on our hands.”
  • “turns out i might be really good at my job. hold your applause.”
  • “after that went so well last time? pass.”
  • “this ones got a bit of a kick in it.”
  • “holy crap. they were right. they knew.”
  • “what the hell are you doing?”
  • “enjoy your last half hour of oxygen.”


  • “score one for crazy, dangerous plans.”
  • “you’re smarter and stronger and better than that bastard’s ever given you credit for.”
  • “step six, don’t die in any of the above.”
  • “who is this? who am i talking to?”
  • “you’re so eager to seem smart, you don’t always do smart.”
  • “are you trying to get us all killed?”
  • “why yes, mr. pot, mr. kettle is looking a little black today.”
  • “cutting it a little close. i was starting to think you forgot about me.”
  • “hope you like life as a popsicle!”
  • “just remember. you made me do this.”
  • “don’t bother. it’s not her.”
  • “go to hell.”
  • “do you have anything to say for yourself?”
  • “he wasn’t lying. not about that, at least.”
  • “can we fix her?”
  • “i’m not sure of anything right now.”
  • “there’s something bigger going on here.”
The request from msmaxnificent was “Can I request a steamy and romantic threesome smut with Klaus and Elijah/ Plus, the female reader is a vampire and the plot takes place at a party where she meets the Mikaelson brothers and is taken home for the deed to happen?”

Author: Tori

Y/N: Your name
Y/E/C: Your eye color

CHARACTERS: Reader, Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert

Here you go, @msmaxnificent


“Do I really have to go?”
“Yeah, you really do.”
“Elena, I feel ridiculous,” you whine, fiddling with the bust of your dress. You did admit earlier, it is a beautiful dress; a midnight blue, floor-length dress that looks like flowing water as you walk, and it has silver hems on the bottom and on the short sleeves. Elena had gotten you some shoes to match the dress, nothing fancy, just some silver stiletto heels. Your makeup is simple, just a dark smoky eye with a shimmering lip gloss that almost looked silver in the light.
Even though you do look stunning, you do not want to go to this stupid party. It’s being hosted by the Mikaelsons, aka the very first vampires ever. Elena is going with Damon, and apparently she needs someone to cling onto if Damon leaves her.
You sigh and grumble to yourself as there’s a knock at the door, and Damon’s head pokes in, “Is everybody decent?” You snort, “You’re supposed to ask that before you open the door, otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose of asking.” Damon shrugs, adjusting his tie in the floor-length mirror in the room, “Are we all ready to go?” Elena nods, putting on some diamond earrings, “Yep, Y/N, you ready?” Tucking a lock of Y/H/C hair behind your ear, you smile painfully, “Yeah… all ready.”
After a short drive, the three of you arrive at the Mikaelson mansion. You step out of Damon’s car and gawk at the giant house, completely lit up. The front doors are open and you can already see a lot of people inside, and there are more streaming in from their cars. Damon winds his arm in Elena’s and they begin walking towards the mansion. Elena must’ve seen you about to take off in the opposite direction, because she grabs your hand and drags you with her. You groan and stop resisting, just letting her pull you along.
As you step up the marble front steps, your mouth drops open at the grand ballroom. There are so many people here, so many that there are at least fifteen to twenty waiters, no doubt who have been compelled, who are balancing silver trays with champagne flutes and wine glasses on them. As one passes by, you quickly snatch a glass of red wine, taking a large gulp to try and soothe your nerves. When you look to your right, you nearly choke on your wine to see that Damon and Elena have already disappeared. Quickly scanning the crowd, you try and find either one of them. You don’t know anyone here, why would they just leave you? Growing quietly, you weave throughout the crowd and stop when you spot a dark head that looks like the back of Damon’s. Switching your glass to your other hand, you stomp across the dancefloor until your reach him. You put your free hand on his shoulder and whip him around, “Why did you just leave- oh, my god.”
This is not Damon. This is Elijah Mikaelson, one of the Original vampires. He is definitely the most handsome being you’ve ever seen; dark eyes and hair, a jawline so sharp it could kill someone, and a perfect mouth. You don’t even realize you’re staring until he clears his throat and looks down at your hand still squeezing his muscular shoulder. You yank your hand back and run it shakily through your hair, “I am so sorry, I thought you were someone else,” you say, your heart thumping against your chest. The Original smiles, “It’s quite alright, this is an interesting way to meet someone. I am Elijah Mikaelson,” he says, taking your hand and lightly pressing his lips against it. You nearly swoon right where you stand, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you say with a small smile. He studies your face for a second or two and then looks over your shoulder, motioning to someone behind you. Another man in a suit identical to Elijah’s steps up beside you, but this man has sandy brown hair and striking blue eyes. He looks to Elijah with a smirk, “Meet someone to bring home to the family, Elijah?” he asks with an incredible accent. Your face turns bright red, making the two men chuckle. “Dear brother, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is my brother, Niklaus,” Elijah says. You smile as Niklaus takes your hand in his, mimicking his brother’s actions and kissing the top gently, “Call me Klaus, love.”
In the back of your mind, you are thanking Elena a million times over for dragging you to this party, because now you’re standing here talking to two incredibly handsome men. By now, you’ve had about four glasses of wine, and your head is starting to feel a little fuzzy. The three of you had moved to the side of the ballroom and are now sitting on a large plush couch with you in the middle of Elijah and Klaus. “Are you feeling alright, Y/N?” Elijah asks softly, giving Klaus a look which you cannot detect. You nod and giggle, “I’m fine, I think I just had a little too much to drink,” you say with a small hiccup. Klaus stretches his arm out behind you, letting his fingers brush against the bare skin on your shoulder, “Would you like us to take you home, love?” You raise an eyebrow and shiver slightly as his fingers rub light circles on your shoulder. Chuckling nervously, you cross your leg which lifts the side cut in your dress up, showing your exposed thigh. Elijah’s jaw clenches at the sight of your skin, but he clears his throat and looks at your face with a surprisingly calm expression, “I can assure you will get home safe and sound, Y/N.” You study Elijah’s face for a minute before giving a small smile, “it would be nice to get some air.” You nearly jump when you feel Klaus’s lips right by your ear, “we can do more than just take you home, Y/N,” he says in a low voice, his lips taking the cartilage of your ear and nibbling on it gently. To anyone watching you, it looks like Klaus is just whispering in your ear, but you know better. Your fists clench tightly and the space next to you opens up. Elijah holds out his hand to you, which you gratefully accept. He leads you through the large crowd with Klaus trailing behind like some dangerous animal stalking his prey.
Once you’re outside, you pull out your phone and quickly send a text to Elena saying, ‘hey, I’m not feeling too well. Elijah and Klaus are gonna take me home. I’ll ttyl.’
Slipping your phone back into your clutch purse, you take Elijah’s arm and follow him around the back of the house to the large garage. Klaus opens the back door to a large black SUV, and you climb in with Klaus behind you. Elijah gets into the driver’s seat, pulls out of the long driveway, and after giving him your address, starts on the road.
You’re too busy staring out the window that you jump almost a few inches in the air when you feel a warm hand on your thigh. Glancing down, you spy Klaus’s hand inching closer and closer to the aching warmth between your legs. You chew on your lip and look forward, catching Elijah’s eyes staring at you in the rearview mirror. His gaze is almost glassy, and his deep brown eyes are almost black. Your attention is turned back to the Original sitting next to you as he suddenly cups your sex, making you gasp loudly. “Are you alright, Y/N?” Elijah asks, yet you hear the smirk in his voice. “Y-yeah, I’m fine,” you grind out through clenched teeth as Klaus’s fingers rub your slit up and down through your dress. You see Elijah’s hand grip the steering wheel so tight that you fear he might rip it off, and you smirk as you use your imagination as to where his other hand might be.
Klaus presses hard on your clit, making your whole body lurch forward and your thighs clamp together. He chuckles in your ear and begins kissing down your neck, grazing his prominent fangs against your skin. You groan and tilt your head to the side just as the car pulls into your driveway.
Reluctantly, Klaus pulls away and climbs out of the SUV. You walk up the porch steps, intentionally swaying your hips side to side for the two men behind you. Pretending to fumble for your keys in your clutch, you slowly curve your back so your rear sticks out. You hear a sharp intake of breath behind you, presumably Elijah’s.
Deciding to stop torturing them, you finally unlock the door and push it open. You feel a pair of strong arms lift you up and speed upstairs with you, dropping you on your bed. You stare up at Elijah with wide eyes as he quickly sheds his suit jacket. He wraps a hand around your throat and pushes you back on the bed, careful as to not cut off your air supply. He climbs over your body and leans his face down to yours, “Do you know how hard it was for me to drive when I could smell your arousal and hear those delightful noises coming from your mouth?” Your eyes dart down to his lips and back up to his eyes, “Elijah, please kiss me.”
“It would be rude of me to not honor a lady’s wishes,” he says softly, cupping your cheek. You lean into his touch as his lips meet yours gently. Your hands travel up his chiseled biceps and around his large shoulders as his tongue traces your bottom lip. You moan softly as he kisses the corner of your mouth, your cheek, and down your neck.
“Starting without me, brother? I always thought you were the patient one,” Klaus says with a smirk as he stands in the doorway. You give him a mock glare over Elijah’s shoulder, but moan as his lips and teeth find your sweet spot under your ear. Klaus saunters over to the bed and sits you up; his fingers easily find the zipper on your dress and tug it down. You slip your arms out of the dress and lift your hips up as Elijah peels the rest of the dress off your body, leaving you in your black lace panties and bra. Klaus captures your lips with his in a powerful kiss that sends tingles down your entire body as Elijah slowly spreads your legs. The dark-haired Original shimmies down the bed until he’s situated between your open thighs. You look down to see his handsome face staring up at you with a lopsided smile, his finger stroking your hips. Giving you a wink, he dips his head down and presses his lips against the wettest part of your panties. You let out a loud groan as Elijah’s tongue moves against your pussy through the fabric of your panties, “God… Elijah!”
The hybrid Original watches his brother slowly pull your panties down until your bottom half is completely exposed to their hungry eyes. Elijah wastes no time in burying his face in your pussy, his tongue immediately thrusting into you and his nose rubbing against your clit. Your hips jerk up but are then pushed down by Klaus who puts his lips to your ear, “Do you like what my big brother is doing to you, Y/N?” You bite your lip and nod furiously, “F-feels so good…” Elijah nips at your clit just as he slides a long finger into your soaking pussy, curving it upwards searching for that rough patch. You let out a long, drawn out moan, grinding your hips against Elijah’s face.
Elijah’s deep eyes meet your own Y/E/C ones as he slides another finger into your pussy, thrusting them in and out slowly. You struggle to keep your eyes on his, your head is swimming and your body is on fire. Klaus, not wanting to be upstaged by his brother, leans down and wraps his lips around your nipple gently. You feel his fangs against your skin and feel your own hunger beginning to peak; both for blood and wanting to come.
As soon as Elijah sees the red veins slowly appear under your eyes, his pumps his fingers faster and faster, each time hitting that golden spot inside you. You’re so close, so goddamn close. With one final thrust of his fingers, Elijah sinks his fangs into your thigh. You scream in pain and pleasure as your orgasm comes crashing down on you, wave after wave of ecstasy pouring over your body.
Elijah slowly pulls his fingers out of you and lifts his mouth off of your thigh, your wound healing instantly. You pant heavily, staring up at the ceiling. Feeling movement next to you, you look over to your side to see that Klaus has climbed atop of you, his aching hard cock nudging at your entrance. You bite your lip and lift your legs around his hips just as he slams into you. Your yell is muffled by Elijah’s lips, his hand holding the side of your face lovingly as his brother thrusts in and out of your pussy. You paw around aimlessly for Elijah’s cock, the past orgasm apparently messing with your vision. Elijah chuckles, takes your hand, and places it on his throbbing erection. You moan as Klaus lifts your leg over his shoulder, the new position allowing him to piston into you with renewed strength. Your hand wraps around Elijah’s cock, rubbing him up and down the best you can. Elijah sighs in pleasure and watches your pussy as Klaus fucks you harder and harder.
The dam is threatening to break again, your voice is growing hoarse with all the moaning erupting from your throat. Elijah reaches down between your legs and gently rubs your overstimulated clit with his fingers, causing a scream to rip from your mouth. Klaus lifts both legs over his shoulders and thrusts into you one last time, spilling into you with a loud groan.
The feeling of Klaus coming into you mixed with Elijah rubbing your clit sends you over the edge again. Your whole body tenses and fluid gushes out of your pussy, making Elijah moan softly. Your eyelids flutter closed as sleep threatens to overtake you. You wince slightly when Klaus pulls out of you, rubbing your thighs with his warm hands. You nearly scream in surprise when you feel a cool towel being pressed to your sore womanhood. Elijah smiles sheepishly, “Apologies, I just figured you wanted to get cleaned up.” You laugh and close your eyes, “It’s fine, ‘Lijah. Thank you, guys,” you say softly, looking over at Klaus into his deep blue eyes. He grins and brushes your hair out of your eyes, “Anytime you need a ride home, just ask.”

Meeting Him

Y/n = Your name

Originally posted by teenwolfcharacters

Scott : 

     I was walking into my new school. Beacon Hill high school. Me being the horrible person I wasn’t looking on where I was going and had to bump into this really cute boy. 

“Watch where your going new girl”

“Really Jackson why do you have to be so insensitive? Here let me help you. I’m Danny.”

“Thanks. I’m Y/n. Can you help me find my class this school is a maze?”

“Sure what do you have?”

“Um chemistry”

“I have that to I could take you there if you want but just to warn you Mr.Harris is the worst” 

As Danny and I walk to chemistry we talked and talked and learned a lot about each other. He learned how I’m amazing at a cross bow and I learned that he’s gay, I told him that it was really cute that he was gay and that I totally support it.

We walk into Mr.Harris’s class and I sat down beside Danny because he was the only person I know so far. Beside us there was two cute boys. I hope that they aren’t jerks like that Jackson kid.

“Okay class before I began by saying that there is a new student. Please tell us your name and state something about you”

“Well my name is Y/n and I don’t really want to state something about me”

“Alright. Let’s start with class”

I went to go and sit down. Right as I sat down I got a note.

Hi I’m Scott and beside me is my best friend Stiles

Stiles :

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How did I get here? Right now I’m sitting here in the back of a cop car for beating up somebody. I’m sorry I was trying to stick up for myself. The guy almost raped me. So I cried for help than kicked him in the balls and punched than ran. I screamed and screamed. I saw these two guys. I was trying to call them. They both ran over to me.

“Stiles I think you should call your dad. She was calling for help.”

“Ya good idea”

That Stiles called his dad. 

“Hi I’m Scott what happened?”

That guy showed like he cared. 

“Some guy grabbed me and pulled me into this ally. I kicked him and ran I don’t know where he went”

“Stiles! Come watch her”

Scott started to ran really fast. Like REALLY FAST.

“Hey I’m Stiles. My dad’s a cop he’s almost here. Can you tell me whats your name?”

“It’s (Y/N) and thank you”

Now here I am. We reach the police station and Stiles dad helped me out. 

“Hey kid can you answer a few of my questions?”

He asked as we walked into the station.

After the questioning I was left into the room all by myself. Stiles dad came back in. 

“Hey. Someone is here for you can you come here to identify if you know him.”

I got up to leave the room but Stiles dad stopped me.

“If your leaving tell me so I can get the papers for you sign or if you need me I’ll be over here.”

I nod. I go out to see who’s here to see me that I need to identify. But I saw Stiles sitting on  a bench hing looking like he’s waiting for someone.

“Hey Stile I just wanted to say thank you  and your friend for saving me out there”

“Your welcome. here take Scott’s and my number. Just in case you need anything.”

Issac :    

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 Scott’s pov

“So Issac since my sister is in danger and you live with us your going to help me take turns with watch over.”

“I didn’t know you had a sister.”

“Yes well she doesn’t live with us. When my parents got separated we also got taken away from each other but we still talk. She apparently can’t stand him anymore so she got her own place. She knows about the werewolf stuff. Also I have a key to her place.”

He nodded. 

I unlocked the front door and took my shoes off. So did Issac. 

“ I’m going to go to her room and see if shes asleep”

I left Issac downstairs. I put my ear to her door to hear with my wolf hearing to hear any movement.

I went back downstairs to tell Issac. We walked up the stairs and I opened the door. I put a pillow and blanket on the chair she has and Issac out his blanket and pillow on the floor. 

“I’ll take the first shift. You sleep for twenty minutes than when the twenty minutes are up. I’ll wake you up and repeat.”

(Y/N) pov

I woke up to see two boys sleeping. Ones on my chair, the other on my floor. I know the one on the chair. That’s my brother Scott. The other I don’t know. He’s probably Issac the one that Scott keeps on talking about that’s living with them.

I start to stretch. As I stretch the two boys woke up in a flash. 

“Uhhh we uh” 

“Ya what he said”

Those boys are two dorks sometimes. 

“Um I’m just gonna go off a guess. Some werewolf is going to after me and your here to watch me and you two were going to take shifts but one of you fell asleep.” 

Magic right.

They both look shocked. As if I just figured out their whole night. 

“Well Issac here fell asleep so ya”

“No I didn’t” 

They both looked at each other to figure out who fell asleep.

“Ok” Issac said “I might have been the last one up”

Jackson : 

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(This one is short sorry) 

My sister Allison and I just came to this school. We both find every guy super but there’s this one guy that I think is super cute. 

Jackson Whittmore. But he’s dating Lydia Martin. And now he’s coming over here. 

“Hi I’m Jackson Whittmore. Coach told me to give you a tour around the school and to show plus take you to all your classes.” 

I just nodded hoping that anything that I saying I know will come out sounding nervous. 

“Where did you come from?”


“That’s far. How come you move?”

“My dad’s jobs. We travel a lot for his job”

Derek Hale : 

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I walked into my school. Beacon hill high school. I walked past the dicks of the school. They all play basketball.  But there is one cute guy

Derek Hale. 

And he’s coming this way. Oh god someone please kill me.

“Hey babe where you going.”

“First off don’t call me babe we aren’t together and I’m to the office because I need to talk to office lady.”

“Why baby in trouble”

“Ha! Right your funny. I need to talk to her because I need extra credit to pass math and I have to sign up where she is. Plus why am I telling you?”

“Because I have a way with words.”

Were both walking to the office and as we walk up to the office Derek starts to smirk.

“Why are you smirking like that”

“No reason”

I signed up for the easiest place to get good and easy credits.

“Ok miss (Y/L/N) you are going to have to help the coach with the basket ball team”

And I got my reason on why he’s smirking.

“Ok let’s go babe I have basketball practice now.” 

He says that with his arm around my shoulder.

Time skip to when their older and more mature.

“Derek!! You can’t just do that to that perfectly working DJ board!” 

Yes. Derek just found out that the kids were having a party at Derek’s loft but I think that it’s completely fine that they are.

We were kids once. We did bad things, and yes I know about the whole werewolf thing I’m one too. Peter bit me. 

Everyone knows and likes me, and they support our relationship. 

Boyd : 

Originally posted by lesbianisabelle

I walked with Stiles to find this kid named Boyd. Is that even his real because I’ve never met him and I just think Stiles is going crazy. Stiles need Boyd to give him the keys so Stiles, Lydia, Scott, and Allison can go on a double date. I didn’t think that Lydia agreed to go with Stiles.

I don’t even know why I’m even going with Stiles because I’m not going onto this date with them and if I was I would have been the third wheel of them. 

We reach into the cafeteria and I see this black guy sitting lonely at a table. Stiles goes over that lonely guy.


God damn Stiles can you be any more awkward.

This Boyd guy looks up to look and Stiles and sees me.

“Ok so I have the $20 dollars you told me to get you”

“No I told you $50″

“Really? Because I heard 20″

Than I spoke up

“Oh my god Stiles stop being a cheap”

“Fine $40″ 

Boyd just continued eating his lunch. 

“Here Boyd the full $50 can we have the keys now?” 

And he gave me the keys not Stiles. I think because I’m just prettier than Stiles.

“What?!?!? I paid for most of it and she gets the keys?”

“Yup because she didn’t give a fuss about it”

I gave Stiles the keys and he walked off pouting. I went to get up to follow him and rub it into his face that I got the keys and he didn’t but Boyd stopped me.

“Hey do you want to go it sometime?”

“Ya sure I would love that”

 Theo : 

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I walk into the weight room with my younger brother Liam and his best friend Mason. As we walk in with the boys talking aboout how Liam is on the lacross team and how Mason should get one of the boys on the team I saw this guy taking off his sweater and you can see all his glory.

This abs guy saw me string and winked at me. Did he jjust fucking winked at me. I just decided to play this cool and roll my eyes at him.

I go off to work out with the boys but I couldn’t help but to think whats this mystery boys name?

“Hey Liam. Whats that’s kids name?”

“Theo why?”

Mason deicded to speak up being the wonderful human being he is

“Dude she likes what she sees. She has a crush on him

“Really (Y/N) can’t you like someone who likes me. That kid hates my guts”

“I doubt that who can hate your guts.”

I go onto the floor and start doing push ups. 

“He babe I know you like what you see and I like what I see let’s hangout”

“Ha! Your funny just saying that makes me think that you a douche”


Originally posted by imlostinsantacarla

Wow high school. Since I’m Lydia Martins little sister I have to g to Beacon hill high school. I am a freshmen and Everywhere I go there is another cute guy, Knowing Lydia she would tell me that I should go after them.

What she doesn’t know is that I have a boyfriend already. I never told her because she steals all of my boyfriends from me. She just had to be the pretty one out of us.

I walk into the library to find Lydia eye raping my Boyfriend Aiden. I heard Allison, her best friend, and her talking about them.

“Which one would you want?”

“The straight one of course”

So what Ethan’s gay I think that it’s a cute thing about him. I can rant to him without having an issue.

I walk up to the boys to see Ethsn eye raping A kid I think named Danny, and Aiden looking like he’s looking for someone. 

I walk up to them and Aiden’s face lights up.

“Hey I’ve been looking for you”

And he kisses me on the cheek.

I look over to where Lydia is and she looks shocked. 

That’s what she gets for trying to take my man.

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Live Screaming (Part 2 to ‘Live Streaming’)

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader
Warnings: Google translated french, swearing, weird insults
AU: Modern
A/N: Ah, the sequel to Live Streaming. My friend was bugging me. She also supplied a lot of the lines in this one. She doesn’t have a Tumblr yet. She will soon tho.
Word Count: 1399


The Precious One: okay it’s been a wE E K are we all going to pretend that night didn’t happen?

Laffy Laffy saltwater Taffy: that is exactly what we are going to do

Herc The Hunk: i haven’t forgotten it

Angry Yelling: you didn’t make any stupid decisions, herc

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Quadruplets-CHAPTER one

When Nico founded out he was pregnant, shockingly, the first person he told slash went for help to was Persephone.

He never thought he would see the day when he went to her for help. She was the last person he had expected himself to go too. If Jason wasn’t one of the ‘baby daddies’ as Leo had once said, it would have been between him and Reyna. So he was out, which left Reyna, but she was on a vacation with her titan girlfriend. He was scared, confused, he didn’t understand how it was possible.

He considered asking Will. They had become close friends after the thing with Gaea. But he had only made it halfway to the blonds usual observation room in the infirmary when he noises of him riding Jake to town reached his ears.

He figured it was hopeless. What would a demigod around here know about this kind of stuff, anyways? He realized he needed the help of a god-or goddess-and strangely, Persephone was the first immortal being he thought off. He sure as hell couldn’t tell his father, he was still throwing temper tantrums about him dating Jason and Percy, if he found out he would smite them in a second. And if he went to any of the other Olympians well-that would just end horribly.

Hera would probably wipe their memories again and start another fun time war over it. He wasn’t sure how she would-or could-be he thought it might happen. So he got to the Underworld as fast as he could, before Hera could sniff him out.

He sneaked inside the palace, avoiding Cerberus-out of fear of knocked down or something more than anything else, the creature loved Nico, and Nico’s feelings were heavily returned. It was just that he had a thing for roughhousing when they played.  He held his stomach and walked in a crouch so the Furies wouldn’t catch him, because the last thing he needed was to be picked up and flung around. He then entered through the garden, catching one of Persephone’s maidens on the way.

“Excuse me uh…Delilah,” he thought that was her name, all the goddess maidens were named after flowers. She nodded, looking at him curiously. “Can you get thy Lady for me? I need to speak to her.”

The maiden considered him for a moment before nodding again and walking off silently.  He went back into the gardens and walked around nervously, hating the feeling with a passion. He didn’t like feeling vulnerable. The exception, perhaps, was when he was in bed with Jason and Percy. They always made him feel safe. Safe, physically, mentally and most of all, emotionally. He could feel whatever he wanted and they would take it in stride. It was one of the many things he loved about them.

“Ah, my sweet stepson,” Persephone’s sarcastic voice trickled in behind him.

Nico turned as the dark haired, gorgeous goddess approached him. She summoned a table and two chairs and she gestured for him to sit down. He didn’t hesitate before taking his seat, his feet hurt and he was already building up a sweat.

“Persephone,” he said once they both had sat down.

She raised an eyebrow.

Nico paused only briefly. “I need you to keep a secret. And to receive some advice.”

Persephone’s smirk fell and her face changed into something that Nico could only really call motherly. It was extremely strange to see on anyone’s face but Percy or Jason’s, but it comforted him.

“What is it, dear?” she asked him. She snapped her fingers and a some sort of milkshake appeared in front of him, it had a McDonald’s logo, so he figured it was safe to drink. Plus, he had been craving chocolate.


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