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“It’s pretty clear who ruined America - white people. I guess ruining Brooklyn was just a dry run. The Caucasian nation showed up in droves to vote for Trump, so I don’t want to hear a god damn word about black voter turnout. How many times do we expect black people to build our country for us?

Holy shit, and don’t try to distance yourself from the bad apples and say ‘it’s not my fault, I didn’t vote for him #NotAllWhitePeople.’ Shush shush shuuuuushhhhh. If Muslims have to take responsibility for every member of their community, then so do we. And oh, that does feel awful.” 

- Samantha Bee

is there a future to us ?
  • “hey… where do you see us in five years?”
  • “i would love to meet your parents… “
  • “ would it — be okay to ask if i could… meet your parents?”
  • “do you think your parents will like me?”
  • “you know… when i look at you i see the person i wanna marry.”
  • “you’d look great in a wedding ring… ”
  • “come on… your eyes, my smile — don’t you think our baby would be beautiful?”
  • “where do you… stand on kids?”
  • “how many kids do you think we’ll have?”
  • “i’ve always wanted a girl/boy… what about you?”
  • “oh god no — my friends will be the end of you!”
  • “ i think you’re gonna love my friends. ”
  • “ so, my mom’s a bit of a hardass… she might not — you know… ”
  • “ my dad is the sweetest in the world… and i think he’ll love you”
  • “ no trust me… you don’t wanna meet my family — “
  • “ oh, uhm… i might not – have… told my family… that i’m seeing someone”
  • “ do we really have to make it — official ?”
  • “ i’m not sure if i’m ready for the next step… ”
  • “ where would you want to get married ?”
  • “ i know that… you want to do it in a church but… i’m not so sure —”
  • “ i have this dream… with you… that we have a large house and kids… “
  • “ kids ? isn’t that a bit — early ?”
  • “ maybe not now… but – someday ~”
  • “ i… want to introduce you to my parents. ”
meeting me in person would include:

“wow, she’s taller than i thought.”
“wow, she has a lot more hair than i thought.”
“why is she so loud”
“i didn’t know people had this many facial expressions”
“what is she doing with her hands- is that asl what the hell????”
“this is the most overgrown seven year old i have ever seen oh my god”
“why does she t a l k so MUCH and so FAST like STOP-”
“how does every conversation loop back to??? snakes??? we were talking about coffee, tails, fOCUS-”
“why is she wearing a ring on her left ring finger when she’s literally like two years old and unmarried”
“her socks don’t match i literally???”
“she cusses SO MUCH”
“she’s wearing three jackets and sweaters and is still shivering. weak ass arizonians.”

anyway. on the note of my hair, @cotton-corduroy literally didn’t recognize me once when I put it in a ponytail, to give you,, an idea,,,,, ,

i wanna do this as a tag meme but I don’t wanna tag people to do it because I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable but if you wanna spew random facts about yourself tag me so I can see and then we can talk about it because? I can’t be the only person who says fuck a lot and doesn’t have damn time to match socks, smh
so please!! tell about yourself!! asks or submissions or your own post!! tag me im nosy!! tell me about yourselves let’s be friends!!!!


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- why

- /why/

- he’s shook beyond belief he’s done some intense shit but a hacker?? thats so dangerous

- and he thought luciel had bad sleeping habits but you put him to shame

- you can continue but ?? be careful he loves you too much

- he’s so scared 24/7 for your safety ;(


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- are you serious

- oh god you are

- MC do you know how hard it’s going to be to not worry about you now

- he will have a private body guard with you 24/7 when he can’t be with you what if the agency comes for you no thank you not today

- he’ll allow you to continue your work as long as it’s nothing huge just small jobs you’re not hacking into his rival companies stop


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- he doesn’t know how to react at first like.. are we in danger

- is someone watching us

- have you killed someone

- so many questions so little answers

- he’ll be terrified constantly but kind of feels like a real life LOLOL character living life on the wild side

- how edgy


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- his life is a lie

-  shook to the core at how he couldn’t and didn’t find this out beforehand

- like damn you’re good teach me everything you know

- since you two are from the same agency be prepared to fight him for your jobs he wants


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- why

- @ god do you think this is funny

- MC that is so dangerous you could get hurt what are you doing

- worries /every day/ goodness gracious why couldn’t you be an interior decorator or something thats a bit on the safer side


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- is it wrong that he’s proud?

- damn you’re good to have lasted this long

- keep doing you don’t let him stop you if you’ve gone on for all this time there’s no stopping you now

- as long as you don’t have a bad sleeping schedule like Saeyoung he’s okay proud of his little hacker genius ~~

Nonstop References #2

Friend: I called my cousin.
Me: I called a cousin who called a cousin who called a friend.
Friend: Oh God another musical?
Friend: Gosh I wanna be there so badly.
Me: I wanna be in the room where it happens, the roo-
Friend: Do you not know how to take a break?
Me: You know I have to get my plan through Congress.
Friend: I hate you.
Friend: What’s number one?
Me: We rode across the Hudson at dawn, my friend Will-
Friend: I don’t know why we’re still friends.

And you’re aware I can have you arrested
for smiling at me that way?

Do I smile?
I don’t think so.

And as for going over the mountain with you
the answer is absolutely nay.

Oh kitten, you silly! you know what they say—
unless you take money no one calls it gay.

My nerves are a wreck but,
well then, okay!

We’re tragic! We’re lavender! Touché!

[exit Dionysos & Pentheus]

Choral interlude followed by Act IV.
How many pins can dance on the head of a god?
How many kings can you pin to the dance in my head?
How many dances left stains on the woman he was?
How many stains kept him quiet, O Agave!

—  from ‘Pinplay: A Version of Euripides’ Bacchae’, in Float, by Anne Carson

Diego: Look call me crazy all you want Mila, but I’ve seen him around… That kid looks just like me! 
Mila: Diego, we only spent one night together. How many times do I have to say, Wolfgang is not your child! Please don’t come by my house ever again.

@pixelbug & @mokeihu‘s theory that Wolfgang is actually Diego and Mila’s lovechild oooOOooOOOo

Aries and Cancer
  • Aries: *eating ice cream*
  • Cancer: Don't eat ice cream, its snowing you're gonna get sick.
  • Cancer: *sigh* how many times do I have to tell y-
  • Cancer: Aries.
  • Aries: *runs after chipmunk* COME HERE CHIPMUNK!
  • Cancer: Aries don't just run off to places like that!
  • Cancer: Stop running we're gonna get lost!
  • Cancer: ARIES WATCH OUT!
  • Aries: Huh? *falls into a pond*
  • Cancer: OH MY GOD ARIES ARE YOU OKAY? *pulls Aries out of the pond*
  • Aries: *shaking* I-its cold...
  • Aries: Lol chill I'm okay.
  • Cancer: You could've hit your head on a rock or get kidnapped or-
  • Aries: Yeah yeah whatever, I'M GONNA GO BUILD A FORT AND MAKE A SNOWMAN! *runs away*
  • Virgo: *watching from a distance* Geez Aries is like an overly-energetic 5 year old and Cancer is like his mother...

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Time canary drabble involving the beach, please?

“Ready to go back to the ship, Miss Lance?” Rip asked.

“I was thinking, we’re in this beautiful location… why not a trip excursion to the beach?” she asked. “Unless you prefer being cooped up in a tiny timeship.” She had been joking but when she saw the look on Rip’s face, she said, “Oh my God, you like being cooped up in a tiny timeship, don’t you?”

He shrugged and said, “I find it comforting.” After a second, he smiled and said, “The beach sounds nice. Let’s return to the ship and replicate some acceptable clothing.”

She raised an eyebrow and said, “We all have underwear on, don’t we?”

“Oh, um, well, uh,” Rip said.

Sara laughed. She put a hand on Rip and said, “We can go get swimsuits, Rip. Please don’t have a heart attack.”

The team returned to the ship and changed into swimsuits. As they headed to the beach, Sara looked over Rip and smiled.

He looked down. “What?” he asked.

She had definitely been shamelessly checking him out, but she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease him. “You’re the palest person I’ve ever seen,” she said.

He rolled his eyes at her good-naturedly. She walked ahead of him and he watched her run towards the beach in her bikini.

Mick walked up behind Rip. “You lucky dog,” he said.

Rip looked at him. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

“The hot assassin was flirting with you,” Mick said.

He laughed and said, “I’m quite sure she was actually making fun of me.”

“Mmhmm,” Mick said knowingly before walking away.

Rip went over to the water and Sara splashed him. “Get in here!” she called out.

He made his way into the water slowly.

Sara laughed and said, “Are you afraid of the ocean?”

“I’m not afraid of it, it’s just very… slime-y,” he said.

She laughed and splashed him again. He looked at the way she was smiling at him and he couldn’t stop thinking about what Mick had said, even though listening to Mick was a ridiculous thing to do.

He swam a little closer to Sara and leaned in as he asked, “Why are you making fun of me so much?”

She tilted her head with surprise at the question. After a momentary pause, she grinned and said, “Because it’s really easy.” She splashed him again.

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How many works in progress do you currently have?

Oh yikes. Currently making the most active progress on my book I’m Fine, but *counts* I have a whopping twenty (oh god) books at some stage of either planning, drafting, or editing. 




*facepalms because that’s way too many*

seriously I feel like I have to make some cuts because yikes. Twenty?????

Do you/Would you write fanfiction?

Nope and nope. No judgement of fanfic, I see it makes a lot of people happy and I got no issues with that, but it ain’t my thing.

Do you prefer real books or ebooks?

Ebooks are convenient went doing the travels, but I prefer physical books. They are so pretty.

When did you start writing?

When I was around 9.

Do you have someone you trust that you would share your work with?

@emmawritesnovels gets all the rough drafts in all their messiness. But, I’m pretty good at sharing my work. I have beta readers and a writing workshop so my work gets around.

Where is your favourite place to write?

My desk in my room or my school’s library. 

Favourite childhood book?

The Harry Potter Series and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Writing for fun or for publication?

To publish, but I still have fun. 

Pen and paper or computer?

Computer. This ain’t the stone age.

Have you ever taken any writing classes?

Yep. I’m a creative writing major so writing classes occupy my life.

What inspires you to write?

Everything. Life. Music. Nature. People. 

@coffeeandcalligraphy, @sarahkelsiwrites, @glorious74, @elliewants2write

^you guys do the thing too. (if you want).

Ashton Irwin- HAAM

So this one concludes the HAAM series. Hope you like it!


“Are you serious?” Ashton said next to me.

We were sitting on my couch talking about random stuff that we thought about. My head was on one side of the couch while my feel rested on Ashton’s lap. “I’m dead serious. Do you know how frustrating that is?”

“Wait, let me get this straight. You and Josh have been dating for two years and he’s never made you have an orgasm?”

“Not once. It’s annoying.”

“Why don’t you bring it up?” He asked.

“Because it’s too late. I’ve faked it too many times.”

“Oh my god, you faked it?” He laughed.

“I don’t have a choice. I mean, yeah sometimes it feels good but never enough for me to actually have an orgasm. When he’s done, he stops.”

“Wait, he doesn’t finished you off?” Ashton sat up.

I shook my head, “Nope.”

“Wow, what an asshole.”

“It really sucks because when I’m horny, he doesn’t ever fulfill my needs. It’s so…ugh I don’t even know. It’s more than frustrating.”

“I still can’t believe you’ve never had an orgasm.”

“Am I missing out?” I asked.

“Most definitely.”

I groaned and laid my head back on the pillow. I’m always pretty sexually frustrated since I’ve never been able to finish. I’ve even tried to myself, but I just can’t do it. I always get so close, but it’s never enough.

“I have an idea.” Ashton said.

“What?” I asked.

“What if I help you out?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean, what if I give you an orgasm?”

I laughed, “You’re joking right?”

He laughed, “I’m serious! We don’t have to tell anyone. And plus, I know you’re itching to know what an orgasm feels like.”

“What about Josh?”

“He doesn’t have to know.”

I sighed and thought about it for a second, “Won’t it affect our friendship?”

“Nah, it will just be a one-time thing.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“What else are friends for?”

I laughed and rolled my eyes, “I guess we can try. What makes you think you can make me orgasm when everything else can’t?”

“I can try, can’t I?”

“Okay, let’s give it a shot.”

“Alright, come on.” He moved my legs off his lap and stood up.

I sat up, “Wait, now?”

“Yes, right now. Let’s go.” He started walking to my bedroom that was down the hall.

I stood up from the couch and followed him into my room. He shut the door behind me and locked it, just in case my roommate came home. He turned around and faced me and I scratched my arm, “What now?”

“Well, for starters, you should take your clothes off.”

“Right.” I said and I lifted my shirt over my head, “You’re going to undress too, right?”

“Yeah.” He said as he lifted his shirt off his head.

I unclipped my bra and threw it to the ground. I can’t believe I’m doing this with my best friend. I feel so…dirty. I unbuttoned my jeans and wiggled out of them, throwing them onto the ground.

“Keep your underwear on and get on the bed.”

“Okay, bossy.” I got on the bed and laid on my back.

He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and threw them on the ground with the rest of our clothes. He kept his boxers on and he climbed on top of me.

“I never thought we’d ever be in this position.” I said.

“Really? The thought never crossed your mind?” His fingers started to move up and down my torso slowly.

“Well, I guess I’ve had a few dreams.” I admitted.

“Oh really? How did they go?” He asked before placing his lips on my stomach. He crawled further and further down, his lips leaving a trail of soon to be purple marks.

“Uh…they uh…um…” I tried to think of what to say, but I couldn’t think straight. I could feel the familiar wetness start to form between my legs. He better know how to give me an orgasm or I might go insane.

“Come on, think, Y/N. Tell me, did it feel good?” He slowly pulled my panties down my legs.

“Uh, I uh, I don’t remember.” My voice became shaky.

He started to kiss the skin on my upper thigh, getting closer and closer to my throbbing core.

“Did it feel better than Josh?” He whispered into my skin.

Yes. I thought to myself. But still, not enough to make me cum.

“Tell me, Y/N. What did I do in your dream to make you feel better than Josh could?”

“You u-used your mouth.” I stuttered.

“Like this?” He asked and then his lips wrapped around my clit.

I moaned and threw my head back, “Yes. Just like that.” I gripped my hands onto the sheets.

“Look at me.” He demanded.

I looked down at him; he looked so wonderful between my legs. His eyes flickered up to mine as he sucked on my clit. His tongue swirled all around me, touching places no one has ever touched before. Not even Josh.

“Oh my God.” I moaned.

His head moved back forth causing the pleasure to increase. I didn’t know it could feel this good.

“Tell me how this feels.” Ashton asked.

“So good, Ash.” I reached down and tangled my fingers in his hair, pushing him closer to me.

“Fuck.” He mumbled into me.

I bucked my hips forward involuntarily and I felt Ashton smirk.

“How close are you?” He asked.

“I have no idea.”

His tongue stared to lap around me hitting every spot perfectly. His nose was moving against my clit and I felt my body start to shake. Holy shit, this feels amazing. I started to move my hips up to his face which he gladly allowed me to do. My moans became higher pitched with each movement of my hips. And then, finally, I came undone. And holy shit, it was quite a powerful feeling. It took over my entire body. I screamed out and arched my back off the bed. Ashton’s arms hooked around my thighs holding me close to his face as he rode out my orgasm. I continued to yell out profanities as he didn’t stop. Even after I came, he didn’t stop.

“Fuck, Ashton, that was incredible.”

“I’m not done yet.” He said and continued to eat me out. He didn’t slow down at all.

He moved his tongue faster, “Move your hips again.” He said.

And so I did. I moved my hips and shuddered. I’m so sensitive, I didn’t know that happened. But it felt good to have him against me still. I kept bucking my hips forward and I felt the familiar approach of an orgasm.

“Jesus, Ashton.” I squeezed my eyes shut.

He hummed and I yelped in pleasure.

“Keep going.” I begged.

His mouth ventured all around my sex, licking in every spot possible. Josh has never gone down on me. He told me doesn’t feel comfortable with it. Fuck him. This feels amazing. Incredible. Indescribable, actually. I felt myself close to another orgasm and I continued to buck my hips forward. Ashton reached around my thigh and started rubbing circles on my clit. I cried out and sat up quickly, my orgasm washing over me. He licked me clean before he sat up and wiped the wetness off his chin.

“Ashton, that was-”

“We still aren’t done yet.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can handle anymore.” I sighed.

“Trust me, you can.” He gently placed his lips on mine and my breathing stopped. I grabbed his face and held him there so he couldn’t move away. His lips feel so good against mine. They feel like they should have always been there. It’s nothing like kissing Josh. Now that I think about it, Ashton is better than Josh. In more ways than I could explain, Ashton is much better for me that him.

“Y/N?” Ashton asked.


He pulled our lips apart, “How long does Josh usually last with you?”

“Probably six minutes.”

He scoffed, “And he’s never finished you off?”

I shook my head, “Not once.”

He shook his head, “Just wait.” He leaned down and started kissing my neck and he pushed my legs apart. I felt his tip near my entrance and I was starting to become impatient. I started rubbing my hips against his and he laughed, “Patience.”

I groaned and dropped my hands to my sides. But then, he thrust himself inside of me with no warning. I gasped and my arms reached up and clawed into his back. He filled me completely before thrusting out and then back in.

“Go faster.” I begged.

“Gladly.” He said and then started slamming in and out of me. I moaned and my mouth fell open. Ashton’s back muscles moved with each thrust and I couldn’t help but grip onto his hair.

“Fuck.” He muttered and nuzzled his face deeper into my neck.

“Oh God.” I moaned as Ashton picked up his pace. I heard a faint rattle come from above me and I looked up in confusion. I then realized the headboard was slamming against the wall. At this point, I don’t even care about the people living in the apartment next door. Let them hear how good Ashton is making me feel. Suddenly, there was a knock on my bedroom door.

Ashton stopped moving, “Shit.”

He pulled out of me and I got up slowly from the bed, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” I sighed of relief. It was just my roommate, not Josh.

I walked over to the door and opened it slightly, “Hey.”

“Could you guys be any louder?” She laughed.

I giggled, “Sorry.”

“I’m going to go put headphones on. Have fun with Josh.”

“Oh, um, it’s not Josh.”

Her eyes widened, “What?! Then who is it?”


She opened her mouth to say something but I covered it with my hand, “I’ll explain later.” And then I shut the door and locked it. I sighed and shook my head and turned around to walk towards the bed again. What I didn’t expect was Ashton to be right behind me, his figure towering over me. I gasped just as Ashton slammed me against the door and lifted my leg up around his waist. And then he rammed himself into me. I cried out and reached up, grabbing onto his arms for support. My head fell forward and rested on Ashton’s shoulder as he fucked me senseless. He hit a spot that Josh has never hit before and it sent me moaning in hysterics.

“Right there.” It came out as a whisper.

“Fuck, Y/N. Are- ah, are you close?” He managed to blurt out.

“So fucking close.”

One of his hands reached down and started rubbing circles on my clit, something Josh has never done before. I screamed and my entire body fell forward as my orgasm hit me hard. My nails dug deep into Ashton’s arms and my head fell back as I yelled out. A couple seconds later, Ashton shouted out a few profanities and my name. His thrusts slowed down and he shuddered with each movement.

When he pulled out of me, I slid down to the ground unable to move. I closed my eyes and rested my head against the door. And then I was lifted up and brought to my bed. I kept my eyes closed as I felt Ashton’s touch leave mine and I heard his belt buckle shake.




It became silent again, and then I felt the bed dip in next to me. I rolled over and rested my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his lower torso.

“Remember what you said about how this wouldn’t affect our friendship?”

“I know.” He said, reading my mind.

I sighed deeply and let my mind wander. And then I fell asleep next Ashton, not having a care in the world.

- Brooke XD

The Signs as Shit Bambam Says

Anonymous asked: the signs as shit Bambam says?

Aries: “I didn’t even grow armpit hair yet.“
Taurus: “I feel like a girl too!”
Gemini: "My voice hasn’t changed yet.”
Cancer: “I’m not crying, I’m wearing eyeliner right now, so…”
Leo: “It doesn’t matter, if we are hot, we are oppas.”
Virgo: “Oh my god, a man!!”
Libra: “How do you know I’m not big…”
Scorpio: *a fan asked him where to visit in Bangkok* “My house.”
Sagittarius: “I dab every morning when I wake up.”
Capricorn: “Imagine that there are many Bambam’s there.”
Aquarius: “Does Canada really have moose?”
Pisces: “Holding my hand would be a big help.”

I’ve certainly felt a sense of identity on a personal level, doing this show for so many years, so when you don’t have that you’re kind of like, ‘oh my god, who am I, what am I doing?’ And that feeling of, 'will I ever work again?’ [laughing] So it’s really hard, but I also just feel so privileged to have been on this show, and a tremendous amount of pride about it. Just lucky, just really lucky. In a time when we’re kind of living in the golden age of television…how lucky are we to be on a show that, I really believe from the bottom of my heart, is part of that golden-ness. So yeah, it’s really sad.
—  Jessica Parker Kennedy on saying goodbye to Black Sails (x)

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Paramore- Still Into You

An unexpected turn of events…

“Isaac!” you shouted. “Get off me!”

“Not until you say you’re sorry for ripping my jersey!” he retorted.

“I didn’t rip your stupid jersey! How many times do I have to tell you-”

“Oh God, give it up you two!” Scott and Stiles groaned in unison.

“She started it!”

“He started it!”

It was the end of a long day at school and the whole pack was walking through the front entrance when Isaac decide to tackle me to the ground for pranking him earlier.

“Control your hormones Lahey!” Coach snapped as eh walked past us.

Allowing me to get up, I smacked him on the chest, remembering all past events in which we bickered and fought over stupid things…


“I’m telling you Scott, the new witch-bitch you added to the pack? Ruthless. A cold-hearted hormonal freaking- she lit my hair on fire!” Isaac whined.

“Only because you threw your lacrosse stick at my face…” I mumbled, picking at my nails.

“You are such a-”

“Shut up!” Everyone shouted. Isaac and I could only glare at Lydia, Stiles, Scott, Malia, and Kira.


“Can you two please stop arguing, for once? Just once?” Stiles sighed while rubbing his temple.

“Fine, but as soon as he apologized for walking in on me changing,” I huffed.

“It’s not like anyone wanted to see you naked…” Isaac smirked.

In a matter of seconds, he was running around the room, flailing his arms wildly as his shirt caught on fire.

“Cut it out Y/N,” Scott said sternly as Lydia and Stiles laughed.

Stopping, I couldn’t help but feel the corners of my mouth tug up into a light smile, grinning at Isaac’s stupid yet cute reaction.

I’m not gonna lie. I hated Isaac to my core. He was a cocky, arrogant, slick bastard that should get a slap every now and then, but screw it- that’s what made me love him even more. Everyone except Lydia knew,


“-you’re okay with it?” a voice asked.

“Huh?” I pondered, snapping out of my thoughts.

“So you’re okay with it? Practicing with Isaac?” Scoot cleared up.

“Practicing what?” I eyed worriedly, being careful not to let my heartbeat rise.

“Well, we thought that everyone needed to brush up on their physical combat skills since it’s getting more dangerous out here. Kira’s with Scott, Malia’s with me, and Lydia’s with Parrish,” Stiles explained.

“And you paired me with that mutt?” I gawked.

“Hey!” Isaac frowned, a look of hurt flashing over his face. “I’m not a mutt…”

“I don’t have a choice, do I?”

Nodding their heads no, we all parted ways.

“Well? Training’s not gonna happen itself,” Isaac sighed. Carrying both of our bags, we walked into the forest and found a clear opening and began doing what we did best- fight.

I’d throw a punch here and there but miss because of this stupid thing called werewolf reflexes, but he’d try to be swift like me and fall flat on his face, making me burst out in laughter.

Seeing it as a perfect opportunity, he swooped in and tackled me to the ground, pinning my arms above my head.

“Not so funny now, is it?” he grinned cockily.

I swung my arms over and exchanged positions so that I was straddling him with my hands over his wrists.

“Actually, I think it’s funnier.”

Getting off of each other, we brushed the leaves off and took some sips of water.

“Why is your heart beating so fast?” he wondered.

“No offence- but you just tackled me. To the ground. And I flipped you over. Bear in mind that you weigh about 185 pounds, so excuse me if I’m a little breathless-”

“You and I both know that’s not exactly the reason…” he said as he edged closer to me.

“Please Mr. Lahey, enlighten me.”

Leaning closer, I could practically feel my heart pounding out of my chest. Seeing as he wasn’t actually going to do anything, I turned around and began walking away when he spun me around and pinned me to a tree, pressing his lips against mine.

As I widened my eyes, he lightly bit my lower lip when I gave no response, enveloping me into a tender embrace.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I smiled as the kiss deepened.

Resting our foreheads against each others, I could sense him grinning and pulled away, smiling a little myself.

“I always knew you liked me,” he said, his lips tugging into a grin.

“You’re such a loser,” I scoffed.

“I’m your loser,” he pouted.

“C’mon. Scott said to come back to his house after we finish practice.”

Gathering up our stuff, Isaac grabbed me by the arm once more and pecked me on the cheek, making me blush.

“You sure you wanna talk to him about practice?”


It’s so weird to me that we consider it more acceptable to show violence to children if it doesn’t have consequences.

The next time you watch a PG or PG-13 action movie, notice how many “minor henchman” bad guys get shot or beaten and they just fall down with maybe a little grunt.  No blood, no real pain, no slow messy death, no awful little twitch that makes you realize oh god they’re still alive, no other henchmen rushing to their side and trying to do CPR and screaming for a henchmedic.  Murder in those movies is nothing but a quick, convenient departure from the story.

Gory violence isn’t good; it’s horribly unpleasant to watch and can be extremely upsetting or frightening for children.  But goreless violence teaches kids that shooting someone or hitting them on the head is an easy, regret-free way to remove whatever obstacle they represent.

That’s much, much scarier.

wonder woman looks sooo terrible oh my god… on one hand yay because i won’t have to deal with the dceu and the actress is problematic and they’re messing up the character so i’m not rooting for it…. but still on the other hand how many years will it be until we do get a good ww movie…..

anyway idc cuz we have valkyrie this november and captain marvel in 2019

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oh god I knew it. HE FOUND HIS SOULMATE. Honestly I was rooting for JK but now I feel like I'm jimin biased cause fuck fate who needs that huh? We make our own destinies

Ah that’s something I want the readers to address! Are some things predestined and can’t be avoided, or do you always have a choice in the matter?

You swayed from Jimin to Jungkook, but let’s see how many more times I can get you to sway back and forth between them.

Thank you for reading!! 💜💜 💜

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Would the lucky guys gang banging you get access to all of your holes? And would you allow/enjoy two at a time in each? Like double anal, double vaginal, double oral? TRIPLE EVEN? God that would be hot. Do you have preferences or is it just whatever they want? And with how many there would be would you need them to take it easier on you. I mean realistically how rough would you want to get fucked by like 10-20+ men? Oh, last of all, hows the champagne?? :)

hahaha I’m saving the champagne for pre-drinks tomorrow!

Well we’ve been toying with the idea of a blow bang, so oral only, so there’s no chance of me getting any sexual arousal whatsoever.

Obvs the rougher the better, like I said- I wanna regret agreeing to it.