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"Have anyone told you you have the most intimidating nostrils I've ever seen?"

“Yeah, I won an award, junior year,” Derek answers, frowning at his new IKEA (bought and built, all in a soft Henley sweater; Stiles knows, he supervised) book-shelf, like he hasn’t just finished a seven hundred page tome on Egyptian artefacts. A seven hundred page tome on Egyptian artefacts alone.

Derek Hale: epic nerd and assembler of easy-to-build IKEA products. Of course, Stiles thinks, cursing his stupid Professor and DIY kinks. Why not? The worst part is, he doesn’t even think those kinks are sexual. It’s just….a thing. That he has. A Derek thing. The Butterflies That Live In His Stomach were trying so desperately to move on with their lives, too. They’d shopped around. Hired a real-estate agent. They were ready, goddammit!  

Derek settles on a book - Stiles is pretty sure it also has the word ‘artefacts’ in the title - and sighs, all feigned nostalgia, and glances over his shoulder. “It was a golden nose, too. Across the bottom it said,” he pauses, grinning, “Stiles Stilinski needs to get a life.”

Stiles opens his mouth, clutches his chest, because rude much? Is it his fault Derek’s nostrils belong in some kind of anatomy museum? Is it his fault his Saturday nights are spent playing video games in his underwear, when his week days are spent chasing down monsters and researching things like how Scott and Erica managed to contract chicken pox when stabbing them does, like, nothing? (Except get Erica excited because she’s a beautiful, terrifying weirdo.) The moment he tries to tell Derek this, however, a copy of - is that Pride and Prejudice? - is thrown at his head. 

Stiles doesn’t know if he’s more offended when Derek rolls his eyes when it misses him, or the concerned look that crosses his face when the book sails past him and lands in an empty pizza box, like Derek is worried if it’s okay or not. 

And to think, Stiles was going to screw up his courage and finally invite Derek to see a movie this weekend. In an actual theatre. Where people go to be normal. Well, the laugh is on Derek because Stiles is going to buy the big popcorn and he’s going to enjoy it all on his own. 

Yeah, that’ll show him. 


“Has anyone ever told you your eyebrows could star in a disturbing kid’s movie about caterpillars?” 

Stiles is drunk. No, he’s wasted. Hammered. Loaded. Completely and utterly shit faced. Which is probably why instead of ending up on his ass on the floor, Derek just pinches the bridge of his nose, tips his head against the back of the couch and says, “what.” Not even a hint of inflection.

This dude, Stiles thinks, and then laughs because, ohmygod, Derek is this dude now. Not that dude or whoa, what are you doing crawling through my window, dude? but this dude. And that’s kind of beautifully heart warming, in its own way. 

Really, Stiles should write into Hallmark. It could be a trilogy. A Gay Trilogy ™. Bisexuals on ice. Except, without the ice because Stiles doesn’t know how to skate. Can Derek skate? Stiles totally bets Derek can skate.   

Speaking of Derek, he’s got this little crinkle on his forehead now, right between his eyebrows, and man, they really are very nice eyebrows. Animated but nice. A little dramatic but nice. Murderous but nice.

“What,” Derek says again, looking more confused than annoyed by the second. Stiles really wants to kiss him.

Instead, he stares. Stares and stares and stares.


Slapping a hand over his mouth, he begins laughing uncontrollably and before he knows it, he’s clutching his sides and has his face pressed against Derek’s chest, because the hilarity is killing him. 

Because this is them now. Drinking peach-snaps at Derek’s loft, on a couch filled with throw pillows. Throw pillows. One is even soft and pink and frilly and another has a picture of the pack on it. Granted, no one is looking at the camera but Derek, Boyd and Kira and Derek is not so much looking at the camera as yelling at Stiles (holding the camera) for eating his secret stash of cookies, but it’s nice. It’s a nice picture. There is a plain black pillow too, of course. Somewhere. Stiles might be sitting on it, actually. He figures one can only expect so much when it comes to sour-wolves but Erica glued little cat ears on it last week and Derek said nothing. Fuck, he’d even smiled.

It says a lot about what a secret softie Derek is when it comes to vulnerable, drunk-ass people, because he doesn’t push Stiles away; just lets him laugh and laugh until he passes out, drooling on his chest. 

When Stiles wakes up, Derek’s sweater is pretty soaked through but he hasn’t moved an inch. He does, however, tell Stiles he snores like a deranged goose and that he owes him a pastry later.

He doesn’t even ask for a specific kind, Stiles chastises in his head, falling back to sleep. He’s in love with a pastry idiot. 


“Do you know when you smile, you brighten up the whole damn room?”

The question clearly catches Derek off guard because he falls head first…into a duck pond. 

Stiles’ first reaction is to jump in after him - he hates to admit it, but he gets a little nervous around water when Derek is with him; there have been several incidents where he’s unconsciously grabbed Derek’s hand in order to drag him away from pools and, one time, a very large puddle - but when Derek emerges, wearing his someone is about to die face, Stiles can’t be held accountable for the way he falls to the ground because, yup, that’s a tiny, outraged duckling perched on top of Derek’s head.   

“Oh my god,” he yells, rolling onto his back and kicking his legs in the air. He feels like a kid, grabbing his stomach, water practically pouring from his eyes. This was, quite possibly, the best day of his life.

Normally, Derek would be yelling threats - several, in fact, some in Spanish because he’s a show off - but he just stands there….in the middle of a fucking pond. The duckling is still sitting on his head, like he or she plans to set up home there and it’s so adorable Stiles thinks he actually coos out loud.

Still, Derek still doesn’t say anything. Not even when Stiles coos again, very, very deliberately. (And Scott said his middle name could never be Danger, pffft.) Stiles can’t actually guess what Derek is going to do but he doesn’t care. He looks a strange cross between wanting to murder someone - namely, Stiles - and a little kid who was told they couldn’t get a puppy only to get one on Christmas day anyway. 

Mostly, he just looks lost. And wet. Very, very wet. Somewhere out there, someone is playing It’s Raining Men and Stiles wants nothing more than to share this glorious moment with them. He’s just in the process of taking out his phone to at least snap a photo to send to the pack when - 

“Did you mean it?” Derek asks, and man, those water droplets just keep on running, don’t they. 

Stiles grins. “Did I mean for you to fall into a pond and adopt a new feathered friend? No but I think we can all agree-” 


Derek growls and it would be effective - at least in getting Stiles to help him out of the pond - if it wasn’t for the fact his ears were turning a little pink. A lot pink, actually and - 


Sitting up, Stiles drags his butt over to the edge of the pond.

“Yeah,” he says. “I meant it. I mean, smiles can’t literally light up rooms, I know that, but when you smile it’s like…” He sighs and flaps his arms, suddenly nervous, hitting Derek in the process. The duckling practically glares at him and Stiles briefly wonders if he has competition here. 

Right. Better make this good then. He clears his throat. 

“It’s like, everything just makes sense for a little bit, you know? I look at you and it’s not that smiling is rare for you, at least not anymore, but it’s still pretty thrilling to see it and when you do I’m like, that’s some quality shit right there but then I get confused because it’s like, do I wanna punch it? Kiss it? Pet it? Who knows. Usually it depends on what you’re wearing.” 

Derek blinks and Stiles groans because, yeah, he just said that out loud. In real time. To Mr McGrumpy himself. Who is currently not reacting.


“Uh, I mean,” he attempts to correct himself but it’s too late. Derek is already slowly pulling him in and pressing his lips to his in what is the single most innocent, chaste kiss of Stiles’ life - because, you know, duckling and head movements - but somehow, it still manages to be perfect. 

“Nice,” Stiles whispers, after, waggling his eyebrows.

Derek snorts and kisses him again.


“Turn it off,” Derek whines, nuzzling further into Stiles’ neck. “This is why I leave my phone in the kitchen. Like we discussed.

Stiles tries to swat him, ends up kissing his temple. Sue him, he’s tired. “Says the person who can afford to leave their phone in the kitchen. We don’t all have supernatural hearing, asshole.”

Derek whines again. “You also have the worst taste in ringtones.”

Stiles gasps, suddenly sitting up. Well, he tries to. When your boyfriend is made of muscle and is half lying on top of you, it makes moving a lot more difficult. Not that Stiles is really complaining. Much. “I’ll have you know Bushes of Love is a Star Wars parody classic.”    

Derek rolls his eyes, Stiles can feel it, says, “just answer it, sweetums.” 

“Ugh,” Stiles grimaces, “I already told you I’m sorry for the pet-name thing. It was an accident!”

“Calling me your ‘slutty buddy’ in front of your dad was meant as a pet name?”

“It sounded better in my head!”  

Derek groans and wraps an “exasperated” arm around Stiles’ waist. Oh. So. Exasperated. Stiles grins. “Answer. Your. Phone.” 

Stiles finds his phone on the fifth try.

He has fifteen missed calls, all from Erica. Texts too. Every single one is a link to some article online, followed by a string of heart and eggplant emojis.   

Young Love and the Ugly Duckling’,” Stiles reads, clicking on the link. “Uhhh, Derek?” He prods him. 


There’s a picture of us in the online Beacon Gazette,” looking into each other’s eyes, like a pair of love sick fools, Stiles wants to add because, wow, is he really that obvious when he looks at Derek? To be fair though, Derek isn’t much better and he is the one with an angry bird on his head.

He prods Derek again and again until he finally gives in, makes him look at the phone. 

“Huh,” he says, blinking at it. “Fred looks pretty pissed that I’m kissing you.” His face breaks out in a smug grin and Stiles rolls his eyes. Hard. 

“You are aware Fred is a duckling, right?” 

“Yes.” Derek grins harder, showing all his teeth, although his cheeks do colour slightly when he catches Stiles’ eye. 

Stiles sighs, totally not fond. “They couldn’t have come up with a better title, though?” he asks, brandishing his phone. “The Ugly Ducking, really?” 

Yeah,” Derek says, frowning. “I mean, I wouldn’t go as far as to call you ugly.” He laughs and Stiles smacks him across the chest with a loud, “hey!”

They both turn back to look at the picture. 

“We look so stupid,” Stiles whispers, shaking his head and biting his thumb. We fit, he thinks. We look like we fit. 

Leaning in, Derek smiles at him. “We do,” he agrees, burying his face back into the warmth of Stiles’ neck, muttering something about home and content and stupid Star Wars parodies.

Stiles snaps a selfie, captions it goals, and sends it to Erica. 

private party → 01™

genre: smut, fwb!au, slight fluff, brother’s best friend!au
word count: 5.9k

The only girl Jungkook wants is the one he can never have.

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

The door to Jungkook’s home carelessly flew open and his lips were instantly pressed to yours. He swiftly closed the door behind you with his foot before pushing you against the wall. You melted into him as you coiled your arms around his neck, your lips finding his in a sweet, but intense kiss. His tongue tapped your lips for entrance and you let out a small moan of approval, causing him to grin as he broke the kiss, attacking every centimetre of exposed skin that he could find on your neck and jawline.

“God, dinner lasted forever,” you gasped breathlessly, letting your head fall back against the wall as he feathered kisses across your jawline, “And your little trick under the table almost got us caught.”

He pressed his erection into your lower stomach as he lowered his lips to your ear and his voice came out in a deep hiss. “I guess I just can’t resist you,” he spoke huskily, his tongue lightly brushing against your earlobe as he smirked and kissed your sweet spot behind your ear. 

Your breath hitched in your throat, your lips parting slightly as you breathed out a moan and melted into him and the wall behind you. If his body hadn’t been pressed against yours, you knew you would’ve slid down the wall. He barely did anything to you and you already felt utterly wrecked. Your legs felt like jello and your breathing was heavy. You couldn’t think of something funny or sarcastic to say, so you focused on calming your pounding heart.

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Storage Room (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut 

╳ Summary: You didn’t know that accidentally being locked in a storage room with Jungkook could turn out to be so fun.

All you wanted to do was go to the mall by yourself and have a relaxing day but no, of course that can’t happen. You were just walking by a store, glancing at a display window, admiring a cute outfit until you heard screams. You quickly whipped your head around to see a swarm of girls coming at you. You had no time to think before you got pushed into the store, the employees freaking out trying to shut the door, and a guy in all black pacing back and forth.

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Pants on Fire - Kai Parker smut

There was a moment of silence as a thud upstairs was heard right above the dinner table, a few curse words followed after a yelp of pain. The chandelier shook a bit and I blushed as I looked back at my family.

I swallowed. “Will you excuse me?” I bit my lip and rushed upstairs, my palms sweaty. I specifically told Kai not to come over tonight. My grandparents were visiting and they knew, oh boy, did they know, about what a misbehaving disaster Kai Parker was.

I opened the door to my room and spotted Kai stuck in my window, his ankle smashed between the pane and the actual window.

I put my index finger against my mouth to get him to be quiet. I closed the door behind me and locked it, helping him in.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered, blushing as he took a long look of my whole body. I was wearing a fuzzy sweater and some old mom jeans.

The light in my room was rosy from the pink light bulb in my lamp and Kai smelled like cinnamon. It was cold outside so he was kind of shivering.

“Is it wrong to want to actually see you?” He smiled. “You know, your one word texts aren’t exactly the kind of consolation I expect after our night of intimacy.” He raised his eyebrows, referring to the oral we exchanged the last time we saw each other. “By the way, you’re possibly the worst texter in the world.”

“Will you shut up? My grandparents, who hate you might I add, are right down stairs.” I put my hand on his chest as he pulled me into his body.

“That’s why you wore this?” He poked fun at the sweater I got for Christmas last year. “I’m not complaining, it’s definitely soft.” He pushed my hair over my shoulder, the cool steel of his rings making me shiver. He pressed sweet wet little kisses on my chin and jaw, lightly on my neck.

“Kai.” I pulled away, my breath caught in my throat. “Seriously, you should go.” My knees nearly gave out at the crooked smile he gave me next.

“Let me guess, they think you’re a little saint, hmm?” He ran his thumb over my mouth, his fingers dancing on the sensitive flesh of my neck. “Ill bet they’ve never even heard you utter a single swear word.” He said.

I’ll admit that when I first met Kai, I was amused at how much character he had. Character that my parents definitely wouldn’t like and maybe that’s what intrigued me so much.

“Sweetie!” My mother’s heels woke me from my trance. My eyes opened and I jumped into action. “Is everything okay?” She knocked at my door and tried opening it. “You know I don’t like locked doors in my home.”

I pushed Kai into my bathroom and slammed the door, running over to the door and unlocking it. “Hey, mom, I’m fine. I just had a st-tomach ache.” I swallowed.

“What was that noise earlier?” She looked around my room, precisely at the half opened window. I blushed crimson. I knew that she knew.

“Oh, it was the cat. The dogs must have chased her out and got her caught in the tree and she came in through the win-” I started and my mother stopped me.

“Please use the front door next time.” She said in the direction of the bathroom. I almost died.

“Will do!” Kai answered and I covered my face.

My mother patted my shoulder and gave me a quick goodnight kiss. “Goodnight, sweetie. We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

I closed the door after she left, swallowing the throw up in my mouth after nervously tucking my hair behind my ear.

“You’re the worst liar, too.” Kai came out of the bathroom applying some of my floral lotion on his hands. I rolled my eyes.

“That was so embarrassing.” I sighed. “You know, I can’t – do it – with you if my whole family is downstairs and they know you’re here.” I blushed.

He raised his eyebrows, an amused smile on his face. “Do what, my sweetheart?” He laid on the bed, grabbing my journal from the nightstand.

“Hey, give me that, you jerk!” I lunged at him, attempting to grab my journal back. He opened it up to a random page and I almost cried. “Kai, I swear, I’ll kick you in the nuts.” I said, swinging my leg over his waist to grab the book.

“Jeez, girl, what’s so secretive? Loving relationships don’t have secrets.” He said and I stopped struggling, staring at him.

He stared back up at me, his eyes so pretty, a perfect nose. My whole body warmed up a good five degrees.

He threw my journal aside and grabbed my face, rolling me onto the bed as he gave my warm mouth a languid kiss. My breathing picked up the pace, his hands on my neck.

“Oh, god.” Kai said as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled my sweater up my stomach, pulling away so I could sit up and let him take the damn thing off of me.

I tore off the black jacket he wore and pulled his black shirt up, finally feeling his warm skin. I blushed as he resumed to kiss my skin, sucking patterns on my chest and being gentle on my breasts.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He groaned, pulling at my jeans. I arched my back as he took them off.

He kissed my mouth again, his hand tangled in my hair. I pressed my body up to his, craving the warmth of his skin against mine.

“Look at you, baby. So ready for me to fuck you.” He almost groaned. I hoped that my grandparents had left and my parents couldn’t hear any of this.

“Kai-” I started and my mouth went wide when his palm pressed against the apex of my inner thighs. He giggled maniacally, pulling my underwear from me and spreading my legs.

I swallowed as took off his jeans as well.

“You’re so cute, you know. All horny and warm for me.” He kissed my mouth again. I couldn’t breathe as he took off his briefs, grinning at me.

“Kai.” He shushed me, his finger pressed against my lips. He stuck it in my mouth and I tasted the cinnamon. Maybe he had been eating the cupcakes I baked for him last weekend.

Suddenly, his penis was touching me and my breath hitched. He looked into my eyes, running his hand down my body all in concentration.

“Are you nervous?” He smiled very small, his face close to mine as he got into position. His other hand rested above my head, fist in the pink cotton of my bed sheets. I wrapped my arms up and around his neck.

“Yeah.” I responded, my voice weak and not mine as he ran the tip of his penis lightly against my wetness.

“So am I.” He admitted. “May I?” He asked and I almost rolled my eyes. I nodded. He pushed himself inside of me and we both let out breaths.

I felt the muscles on his back contract and release. He let his arms give out and he held my hips, his mouth pressed against the shell of my ear, which was on fire.

“Aw, fuck.” He mumbled quietly as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. “So-o good.” He swallowed thickly.

“Faster.” I blushed as I felt him smile against me. He pushed himself back up and thrusted his hips in rapidly. I let out a soft moan and covered my mouth, which did nothing because a second moan escaped my mouth and it was louder.

I almost screamed as he hit a certain place inside me that made a fire combust out of nowhere.

“Right there.” I let him know and almost floated off of the bed as he continued hitting the same place.

“Right there?” He grabbed my ass and lifted me up a little. I moved my hips against his like a mad woman. He almost couldn’t keep up as I strained to get myself off.

“Kai, Kai, Kai, K-ai-” I moaned and he kissed my open mouth, pulling me against him with his arm around my back, his cold rings making me arch it.

“Fuckin’ hell.” He buried his nose in my neck, his rapid breaths tickling me.

“I want to be on top.” I said quietly. He didn’t even blink before he rolled onto the bed. I sat on him, hiding my face in my hair as I pressed my hands against his chest and sprung myself up and down using the strength if my legs. He reached up to pull my hair back and grab my tits with his big, cold hands.

He watched me intently, little whimpers and moans coming from his open mouth. He met my movements, a drop of sweat falling from my nose to his lip. He licked it off and I closed my eyes.

“I’m – fuck – I’m coming.” I said quietly, my nails making red marks on his skin. I ran my hands up and on each side of his face, looking him in the eyes as he grabbed my hips and lifted himself up to fuck me harder.

I leaned over and let out a loud moan into my crochet pillow. He moaned under me, his mouth catching my breast. He licked my skin, helping me move against him.

We both stopped and I pulled away from my pillow, meshing my mouth with his wet one, hair in both of our sweating faces. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and my mouth opened to it’s full capacity.

He jerked up into me once more and I came as he did, his hips twitching. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, sighing shakily and getting off of him.

It took a while of laying on his arm there to get my breath in order. He pulled my bunny comforter over our bodies and played in my hair with his long fingers.

“You’re in love with me.” Kai said. I smiled a little, twisting his nipple lightly in between my fingers.

“Am not.” I denied weakly.

“You’re the worst liar.” He repeated.

Proving her wrong

the reader and Ivar are childhood friends and she finds out what happened between Ivar and Margarethe and proves to him she was wrong plus puts Sigurd in his place about tormenting Ivar  

warning: smut/fluff it gets explicit and VERY light BDSM and some cussing


Ivar x reader


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I Wanna Be A Toy

Prompt: ive been thinking abt phil cumming in dans ass and plugging it to keep it in,,,

Author’s Note: a plot? character development? I don’t know her. Meaningful dialogue? i think the fuck not.. sooo I got a little carried away and this fic is pretty much me taking all my kinks out on a nice drive through the country tbh I added neko cause why not. Also i was gross with cum again surprise surprise (1.7k words)

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Thor makes Steve feel so smol and Steve loves it....

It starts out innocently enough. It wasn’t Steve’s fault that he has a bad habit of falling off of things that are hundreds of feet in the air. Normally, Sam’s there to catch him (and then lecture him), so it only makes sense that when a blast from a ray gun blows Steve off of a Hydra base in Ohio that Sam’s nowhere to be found.

Just when he starts to think well, shit, he finds himself enveloped in a pair of strong warm arms. Thor’s strong, warm arms to be exact.

“Uh-” Steve says when he can breathe again after a moment, but Thor’s just looking down at him smiling with sparkling eyes.

“You must be more careful, Captain,” Thor tells him. Then like Steve weighs nothing more than a feather he sets him gently down on his feet.

Steve wills himself not to blush and says, “thanks.” As he watches Thor dart off into the heat of the battle he starts to think well, shit all over again.

Steve hasn’t felt small in over 70 years. He didn’t much like it then, but now it’s almost thrilling. He absolutely refuses to think too deeply about why. Steve didn’t realize that Thor would be strong enough to pick him up like he’s a doll, but now that he knows it’s almost all he can think about. He knows that you can’t just walk up to a guy and ask, ‘hey, think you could pick me up?’ so he just has to get a little creative. Steve can do creative. He’s an artist after all.

He decides his best course of action is to become the world’s most annoying and oblivious human-obstruction. He blocks Thor’s way all the time, hoping that the guy will eventually just get fed up enough and move him out of the way. Steve doesn’t take into account just how polite both he and Thor are, so after a few tries he goes back to the drawing board. Of course, that’s when his plan works.

They have just gotten back from a mission. Steve hurts everywhere. Lately when he’s wanted a distraction he’s put on headphones and wandered around the tower listening to music as loud as it can go, so that’s what he decides to do. He finds himself parked in front of the fridge thinking too much about the ‘what ifs’ of today’s mission and not enough about what he wants to eat. He doesn’t even hear Thor come up behind him, he doesn’t even know that Thor’s there at all until he’s being lifted up by two hands around his waist.

Steve screams and throws both his phone and headphones across the room. Thor starts laughing before he even sets Steve down. “My sincerest apologies. I thought you knew I was there,” Thor manages between laughs.

Steve’s red-faced and sputtering. “I did NOT!”

“I promise to warn you next time, then.” And oh god, now Steve’s red-faced for a different reason. He doesn’t even think of a good response before he flees.

Sparring with Thor is always an adventure, and this time’s no different. Steve gets an elbow jabbed into Thor’s stomach, really thinking that he’s got the upper-hand. Thor leans forward as if he’s going to charge head on at Steve but instead just picks him up and throws him over his shoulder.

“Ah!” Steve yelps. Thor walks them both backwards into a padded wall of the gym. “What did you do that for?”

“Because you like it,” Thor says, easy as anything with that brilliant smile of his shining across his face. “Am I correct in my assumption?”

“Well- uh- yes.”

“You like me as well?” Thor asks, raising his eyebrow. He slides Steve down his body so Steve can wrap his legs around Thor’s middle. Oh god, Steve’s so red he’s going to die. “In a way where you’d like to kiss me.”

“Thor, just kiss me then,” he grits, because this is just too damn much for the moment. His entire body is the color of a lobster.

Luckily, Thor does.

I Drove All Night

Spencer Reid x Reader

“Promise you’ll be home tomorrow. It’s been two weeks Spencer.”

“Promise. I’d have been home tonight but we got stuck behind completing the paperwork and Derek didn’t want to drive this late. It’s at least three hours by car. And you know how he is about me driving. I’ve missed you too though. Just the feel of having you in my arms.” You heard your boyfriend of 15 months sighing at the end of the phone. 

He’d been away for two weeks with work and the week prior you’d been on your period so in total it was three weeks since you’d had any sexual contact with him. To say you were completely gagging for him right now was an understatement.

“I swear Spencer, if you’re not home tomorrow night I will have to take matters into my own hands again.”

He chuckled. “Will you now?” his voice lowering in tone suddenly. 

“Yep. Or maybe I’ll find someone else to help me out.” You wouldn’t but you liked toying with him and bringing out his surprisingly possessive side.

“Don’t you fucking dare Y/N.”

“Fine….. Just don’t be away for so long next time. I need to restock the battery drawer.”

He groaned, “Jeez Y/N. Don’t say stuff like that to me.“ 

“Hey are you alone?” you had an idea. 

“Morgan’s still down at the bar. So yeah for now…….Wait, no he’s not.”

You heard door slam shut and then the voice of Spencer’s colleague and roommate for the past two weeks. 

“Damn it. I’ll see you tomorrow Spencer. Hurry back, love you.”

“Love you too Y/N." 

"Love you three Y/N!” a voice called in the background. 

You giggled and hung up the phone, changing into one of Spencer’s shirts, ready for bed. Before you buttoned it up you snapped a quick picture on your cell. The shirt open, showing your bare breasts and your black cotton panties. You sent the photo to Spencer’s cell with a quick message, “Look what you’re missing.”

You settled in for the night, turning your lamp off and putting your phone onto silent. 

A loud banging followed by a buzzing sound woke you up a few hours later. You shot up in bed listening to work out where the noises were coming from. The buzzing was coming from your bed side cabinet. 

Had you left something on? No… That was definitely tucked away in the drawer. 

Your phone was turned face down but you could make out a light flashing on and off in time with the buzzing. Your sleep fogged brain finally worked out that someone was calling you. You reached out for it swiping across when you saw it was Spencer. 

“It’s 3am. Is everything okay?”

“Take the chain off the door, I’m here but can’t get in.”

What? You climbed out of bed, walking to through the rooms still talking. “But you said you weren’t back until tomorrow?”

“That was until you sent me that photo. I told Derek he had no choice and that I was leaving with or without him. So I drove whilst he slept.”

You reached your door, cutting your phone off and unlatching the door seeing your boyfriend standing there, his hair messy and shirt sleeves rolled up. 

“Well this is a ni…… ” you didn’t even get chance to finish your sentence before Spencer’s mouth was against yours, pushing you back into the apartment, dropping his go bag where he stood and kicking the door shut, it slamming loudly. 

 His lips moved furiously against yours, his hands going straight to the buttons on the shirt you were wearing, actually pulling two buttons off in his haste to undo them. His tongue pushed into your mouth as his hands roamed your torso, palming your breasts roughly. You accepted his kiss eagerly, your own hands working the buttons of his own shirt and yanking his tie undone and off. 

“Fuck me, I’ve missed you Y/N.” His mouth moved to your neck, pushing aside your hair and hungrily sucking and kissing the sensitive skin, a whimper leaving your throat. 

“Missed you too Spence. So much… Oh!”

He dropped to his knees in front of you, his lips trailing from your neck to your breasts. His mouth attached itself to your nipple, his teeth grazing against the now hardened peak as his tongue flicked out at it quickly causing you to gasp in pleasure. 

He kissed across to the other nipple, his hands moving to your panties and dragging them down your legs as he bit down on you gently.

“Spencer….. ” Your words coming out as pants as he sucked, his fingers moving directly to your clit and rubbing in a circular motion. 

Your legs shuddered at the sensation, turning almost immediately to jelly, Spencer’s other hand hard on your hip keeping you upright. 

“We could move to the…… Oh fuck….. Oh god.”

He pushed your legs apart, inserting two of his long delicate fingers inside you and thrusting quickly as his thumb kept up the friction on your clit. He’d barely been in the door five minutes and you were nearly ready to come. 

“No time to move to the bedroom,” he mumbled against your nipple, the words vibrating through your chest as he continue to suck and nip at it, alternating between soft and hard. Your moans were coming thick and fast now, your hand tangling in Spencer’s glorious hair. 

“I can’t stand any….. ah…. any… oh shit… more.” Your legs genuinely felt like they might give way as his thrusting increased inside you hitting your sweet spot in just the right way. 

You moved your hand to his, pulling him away from you and watching wide eyed as his placed his fingers to his lips, tasting the fluid that coated them. 

“Pants off now,” you demanded. That was by far the sexiest thing you’d seen in a long time and you dropped to the floor yourself, helping Spencer pull off his shoes and pants, climbing astride him when he was free. 

Wrapping your hand around his hardened length, you pumped him a few times hearing the low groan you loved so much, before positioning him at your entrance and slowly lowering yourself down onto him. 

The ground was hard against your knees but you didn’t care. Spencer’s hands moved under your ass, helping move you against him, his hips bucking up from the ground, his eyes trailing over your chest, apparently mesmerised by the slight bounce of your breasts as you moved against him. 

“Oh god Y/N,” his gasps were coming quicker now, matching pace with your own as your hands raked up and down his chest. 

Your head tipped back and you bit your lip as you moved your hand from his chest to between your legs, fingers grazing over your own clit helping push yourself to your orgasm as Spencer moved you against him faster, his fingers digging into your butt. 

“Spencer, I’m….. gonna…. Oh fuck!” You tightened around him, your breaths short and sharp as you came, a flood of heat washing over you, the sound of your blood rushing in your ears. You rid out your orgasm before leaning forward and placing your hands flat on the floor either side of your boyfriend, your hair falling over your face. Using the leverage from the floor, you increased your momentum, grinding your hips against his faster, him rasping out a few minutes later that he was going to come, feeling him releasing himself seconds after. 

You lay tangled together on the cold wood floor afterwards, a hot sweaty mess. 

“That was definitely worth driving all night for.”

Close Encounter

Summary: In which Bucky and Y/N find themselves in a bit of an awkward position. 

Bucky Barnes Masterlist


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

“Hey,” Sam said, flinging himself onto the armchair. “Where are the girls at?”

“Kitchen,” Steve mumbled, his mouth full of crisps. Sam rolled his eyes.

“Thought you were supposed to be a gentleman.”

Steve merely shrugged in response, shoving another handful of crisps into his mouth. Bucky shook his head in amusement, before checking his phone.

“So, Barnes,” Sam said, leaning towards him with a shit-eating grin on his face. “What’s going on with you and Y/N?”

Bucky raised an eyebrow and glanced up at Sam, not saying a word. Steve looked at Bucky, an amused smirk on his face.

“What do you mean?”

Steve and Sam shared a glance, before looking back at Bucky.

“Well…. you know,” Sam said suggestively, wiggling his eyebrows.

Bucky frowned, before putting his phone down.

“Do elaborate.”

Sam and Steve shared another knowing look, before looking back at Bucky once more.

“You guys seem… friendly,” Steve said, causing Bucky to shrug.

“She’s nice.”


Bucky huffed and rolled his eyes.

“She’s a nice person and a skillful agent.”

“Right,” Sam said, his eyes still on Bucky.

Bucky turned his attention back to his phone.

“Alright, alright, alright,” Natasha sang as she entered the room holding a bottle in each hand.”

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past the clouds we’ll find the stars...

Because these two deserve a damn honeymoon (rated M - 1400 words)…

She can’t take her eyes off of morning sun as it burnishes the thick blanket of clouds in orange and red, as wondrous a sight as any of the magic she’s ever witnessed. It’s a welcome distraction, as sleep has eluded her since taking off, her mind still turning with all that has happened and the uncertain future lying ahead. Reminding her that she doesn’t have to face another day alone is the heavy weight of Killian’s head on her shoulder and the warmth of his fingers tangled with hers on his lap. He’d fallen asleep soon after takeoff, mumbling “this bloody contraption better not kill us, Swan” into her ear before pressing a kiss into her shoulder he’d then used as a pillow.

It was only yesterday that they’d been reunited, the final battle over and won. Her parents had begged them to take this time, explaining that David would be taking a break when they got back and prompting that Killian might think about partnering with Emma in a more official capacity in his place. Deputy Jones sounds pretty good to her ears, but she needs to make sure it’s what Killian wants as well. With a full week ahead in Belize, there will be plenty of time to talk. Well, talking isn’t really at the top of her priority list, but she hopes they can squeeze in a few chats between the sex and sun bathing.

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Love Game

Summary: You’re participating in a high stakes tennis tournament for your college team and Peter, being the supportive boyfriend he is, attends it to cheer you on in his own little way.

Warnings: Peter Parker x Reader, light smut, admiration and appreciation of tennis, fluff 

A/N: I feel a little weird writing underage characters so I’m going to make Peter of age (18+) for this.

“You really don’t have to come, Peter.” You flung your dresser drawers open and searched for your tennis attire. “I promise, tournaments really aren’t that fun to sit through unless you’re a die-hard tennis fan.”

“I’m a die-hard you fan, (Y/N).” Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his forehead on the back of your head. “Besides, I’m not going to lie, I don’t hate watching you kicking ass in your tennis clothes. I’m a big fan of the skirts.”

“Skort.” You reached a hand up and tangled your fingers in his hair. “It’s not a skirt, it’s a skort.”

“Ah, skorts.” Peter chuckled and kissed your cheek. “You should wear the black one, it’s cute and pleated.” 

“Anything for you, Mr. Photographer.” You dropped your hand back into the drawer. “I just have to find it first.”

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Rise and Shine

Title: Rise and Shine

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: language, SMUT (who could have guessed?), fluff.

A/N: This was written for Gabrielle’s 100 Follower Challenge! Congrats, @bradygabrielle-blog! My Prompt was #13: “I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.” Enjoy, y’all.

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

“Hey, Y/N, can you grab some snacks for the road?” Sam shouted as he passed by the kitchen, where you were filling a thermos full of fresh coffee. It was five-fucking-thirty in the morning, and Mr. Rise and Shine was already rounding up the cavalry for the next hunt. You just rolled your eyes, not answering him as you continued your very important task.

Dean rubbed his eyes as he walked into the kitchen, still dressed in his robe. “Good morning, Dean,” you mumbled as you quickly grabbed a mug and filled it with coffee. “You’ll need this. He’s on a roll this morning.” You rolled your eyes as you offered Dean the mug. He gladly accepted, quickly taking a sip.

“Y/N! Make sure you pack some water bottles! Dean’s not going to want to make pit stops!” Sam barked as he lugged another bag towards the library.

You let out a small, humorless laugh. “What the hell are you bringing? I mean, it should be a week long trip!” you yelled after him. “I’m a girl and I’m not packing as much as you!”

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Daddy kink with Ethan/Grayson would include ♡

A/N: Hi babes ♡ I’m aware that this isn’t the happiest of Tuesdays, but I still wanted to post something since I’ve been very unactive and I want to make everyone who reads this smile! I received a request for a ‘daddy kink with Ethan would include' and this is how it turned out, but if you’re a Grayson girl (like me) you can imagine him with this if you like. I KNOW they both have a secret kink (don’t fight me on this) so I feel that this would apply for the both of them. I hope you enjoy xxx

➼ Daddy kink with him would definitely include really rough but passionate sex

➼ Him begging you to call him “daddy” because it turns him on (and you know it)

➼ Him being extremely dom

➼ Smirking and lip biting when he sees you come undone

➼ Dirty talk

❥ “I’m going to make you come so hard you won’t be able to walk tommorow”

❥  ’'That’s my girl’’

❥ “Such a good girl for daddy”

➼ Him enjoying to make you do things you have never done or showed before to anyone, and remembering them the next day when he sees you acting innocent

➼ Him guiding your hips whenever you would ride him and spontanously spanking you whenever you would try to take the control from him

➼ Scratches and bruises (but in the sweetest way)

➼ Him moaning your name and him begging you to call his

➼ Teasing, teasing and TEASING till your panties are soaked lmao

➼ Lots and lots of foreplay because something tells me they’d be SO good at that (I mean look at them hands)

➼ Fingering you in public because he’s a horny little boy, and gets turned on when he sees the look on your face when you realize his hands are between your legs

❥ “Oh my God, stop it!”

❥ “Only if you call me daddy tonight”

❥ “You can’t do this right now”

❥ “I’ll take you anywhere, anytime”

➼ You guys would try to do roleplays with handcuffs, tying up, blind folds and toys, and ending up laughing about it because you both can’t take each other serious (which makes it ten times more fun)

➼ Butt and hip grabbing

➼ Kissing every inch of your beautiful body and showing you how much he loves you and that you belong to him

➼ Spankinggg omg

➼ CHOKING lol idk but it’s so hot for some reason

➼ Him trying to make you squirt (*faints*)

➼ Sweet massages afterwards

➼ Him wanting to make you orgasm multiple times a night

➼ Calling you baby girl

➼ Him always giving you a look whenever he’s hinting at you for what to come for the night and you getting turned on by the thought of it

➼ Making it clear that in bed he’s your “daddy” and telling you to not even think of calling anyone else that way

➼ Him calling you his bad little girl just to make your knees go weak

➼ Him sometimes forbidding you to touch yourself during sex or during the day, saying that only he can do so and make you feel so good

➼ You purposely breaking that rule just so he could “punish” you and have way too much fun with it

➼ Him always smirking and looking at the parts where he left some hickies the next day

➼ Him loving to take you from behind while looking at you in the mirror, making you realize how much he enjoys looking at you as you moan

➼ You purposely getting on his nerves to excite him and hear him say things like “Do you want to repeat that?” and “Excuse me?” knowing EXACTLY to what it would lead

➼ Him enjoying to tease you with his member by stroking it against your crotch, just to hear you beg him to enter

➼ Him tugging your hair to have control and making you understand that you’re his

➼ Him always sweet talking you and treating and making you feel like a real princess before getting down and dirty with you

➼ Him being all soft and gentle after your fun to reassure you that he truly cares for you

star-anise  asked:

Can you pls write one of the SMH doing fiber arts?

Why yes I can! Have some Frog bonding.

“I’m sure they’ll let me back into Annie’s by now,” Nursey insisted to Chowder as he knocked on Dex’s door. “The sign incident was ages ago.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sure,” Chowder said vaguely, distracted as he was by a text from Cait.

“It’s open,” Dex called.

Nursey opened the door and stuck his head into Dex’s room. “Hey, bro, you wanna go with me and C to…” He trailed off as he actually registered what he was seeing. “What are you doing?”

Dex was seated cross-legged on his bed, some kind of cloth in one hand and a threaded needle in the other, an open box filled with a rainbow of other threads next to him. He looked down at his lap and then back at Nursey like he was a moron. “Cross-stitch? What does it look like?”

Nursey came the rest of the way into the room so he could get a better look. “I wouldn’t know, man, my sister did ballet and my mom doesn’t do crafty shit.”

Chowder looked up from his phone and followed Nursey in, bouncing over to Dex’s side cheerfully. “How cool! What is it?”

“Uh, a fractal.”

“You can make fractals out of thread?!”

Dex cracked a smile. “Yeah, sure.” He handed the fabric on the hoopy thing over to Chowder, who ran a finger over the surface as he studied it intently.

Nursey pulled out Dex’s desk chair and sat down on it backwards, resting his chin on his folded arms. “Why do you do it?”

Dex shot him a suspicious glance. “Because it’s soothing and methodical and more portable than Legos.”

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It Started With A Treehouse (G.D.)

I havent written any Grayson smut in forever soooooo here take this garbage lmao

@scuteedolans @dangly-feather-earring-dolan @pinksnapbackbullshit

              Ethan, Grayson, and I had been inseparable for our entire lives. We grew up as neighbors, the twins ran into my backyard and climbed into my tree house scaring the hell out of me when we were five years old and the rest is pretty much history. Our parents became friends, we went on vacations together, we were babysat together, and we got along great so we basically grew up in each other’s pockets. As we got older the twins grew like weeds and bulked up quite a bit. There was no denying that they were handsome young men, I just wasn’t attracted to either of them. Or so I thought.

                As time went on, I realized a little part of me always loved Grayson a little bit more than Ethan. I always gave in to him, whether it be where we went to eat or what game we played. All he had to do was look up at me through the thick fringe of his eyelashes with those big hazel puppy dog eyes and my resolve would crumble in an instant. His face would split into a beautiful grin, flashing his brilliant white teeth, and I’d melt. Of course, to his face I would scoff and pretend to be irritated but I was never really upset. I don’t think I ever could be.

               It was late on Saturday night, and my phone rang with a text message.

*Group Chat*

G: hey sluts, movie night?

E: first off, rude. second, no.

Me: why not E? hot date tonight?! Lmaooooo

G: yeah right, Y/N. maybe with his left hand.

Me: EW


G: suuuuuure ya could buddy.

E: I don’t see you on many dates dear brother so….


G: you two are the worst

E: aww ya sad now?

Me: yeah gray, ya gonna cry?

G: fuck offfffff. Is anyone coming to watch this fucking movie with me or what????

E: I already said no, dingus. I’m sleeping at Aaron’s house tonight

G: so you DO have a hot date!

Me: don’t let things get too sexy tonight E!

E: you are both monsters.

Me: gray I’m in for a movie if you want. As long as its nothing that sucks.

G: do my choices ever suck?????

Me: um remember the 4th of july with the twizzlers and half a bottle of fireball???


Me: mhmmmmmm

G: I came out to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now.

E: gray that was lame

Me: you are LITERALLY a living meme

G: yeah but you love me baby!

E: I don’t!

Me: yeah yeah whatever I’ll be over in 5


               I put my phone in my pocket before I slipped my shoes on. I called out to my mother to let her know where I was going on my way out the door. I walked across the driveway and into the Dolan’s front yard. I didn’t bother knocking and I just walked inside. I knew everyone else was gone because the only car in the driveway was Grayson’s. That’s when reality hit. I was alone with him in this big house. Why the fuck was it so hard to breathe all of a sudden? I needed to relax and act normal. I could not let my minor crush come bubbling to the surface right this very second.

               “GRAYSON BAILEY DOLAN WHERE YOU AT?!” I shouted from the front hallway. “I’M IN HERE!” I heard him yell in response from the living room. I grinned and started running. When I hit the living room I dove over the arm of the couch and tackled Grayson onto the cushions. “Y/N what the hell girl?! Are you tryin to kill me?” He said while laughing. His laughter shook my body as I was still on top of him. “You know I like to make an entrance.” I said while climbing off of him. I flopped onto the couch next to him with my feet in his lap. “Go ahead G, fire it up!” He chuckled while pressing play on the remote.

               About an hour into the movie, I started to get tired and uncomfortable because of the way I was sitting. Grayson’s large hand wrapped around my ankle. Still staring at the screen, he said “Stop squirming.” My heartbeat quickened just a little and I let out a fake irritated sigh. He patted his thigh and said “Come on.” I smiled a little and rearranged myself so my head was resting in his lap. Grayson knew this was my favorite way to lay but he also knew I always fell asleep like this too. Sure enough he started stroking my hair and in a matter of minutes I was asleep.

               About an hour later I started to wake up but Grayson was still stroking my hair so I didn’t open my eyes. Call me selfish but it was soothing and I didn’t want him to stop. I cracked one eye open and his phone was close enough to my face that I could read his texts. Now I didn’t want to spy but teasing Gray was kinda my favorite thing and if there was something funny in his texts I could use against him, you can bet your ass I would. He was texting Ethan and the hand that wasn’t stroking my hair, was flying over his keyboard.  It took all of my strength not to shiver while reading his conversation.

G: e I need help

E: whats up bro?

G: im freaking out. Y/N’s head is in my lap

E: dude this isn’t new. she does that all the time

G: e you KNOW this is different. You know how I feel about her!

E: yeah and that’s why I went to Aarons! Man up!

G: I don’t know what to do! God damn it I want to touch her so bad

E: okay well don’t be weird about it. Just like touch her arm or something idk man!

G: ethan you have no idea what she does to me I cant fucking breathe rn

E: well im going to leave you to it FIGURE IT OUT BUD!




               He clicked the power button on his phone and threw it onto the other side of the couch, and his head dropped back, a sigh escaping his lips. Now that I knew he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him, I pulled the courage from inside of me and decided that I was going to make the move to go further. I pretended to still be asleep and I rolled over so my face was inches from his toned stomach. I could hear him gasp above me and I bit back a grin. I stretched out like a cat as his hand ran down my spine. I slowly dragged my hand over the growing bulge in Grayson’s jeans. A groan spilled from his lips and I could feel his body tense up. I slowly blinked my eyes open and grinned up at him. “Are you sure sweetheart? Because if we do this, you gotta be sure.” He asked quietly. I could see the hope shining in his eyes and a shy grin appeared on his face as I nodded.

               As soon as he had confirmation that I was okay with this, a fire ignited in his eyes and his hand traveled down between my thighs. He began rubbing small tight circles over my clit through my leggings. All reasonable thought flew out of my head at the feeling of his fingers on my most sensitive area. My hips bucked against his hand and moans spilled from my lips. “These need to come off.” Grayson said, pulling at my pants. I stood up and removed my leggings, feeling exposed. “C’mere baby.” He said, grabbing my hips and pulling me into his lap.

               Grayson tucked his head into my neck and nipped at the sensitive skin. My hips began to grind down onto his thick thigh and I couldn’t control my sighs as my clit rubbed against the denim of his jeans. At this point I was so turned on I couldn’t see straight. “Fuck baby. You like riding my thigh? Does that feel good?” Grayson growled, his hands guiding my hips back and forth on his leg. “Yes! Hngg-oh my god Grayson!” I whined out. One of his hands left my hip and snaked down to rub me through my panties. He pushed them to the side and sank 2 thick fingers into me. I gasped at the intrusion and he grinned me, knowing exactly what he was doing to me. I tipped my head down and sealed my lips with his. He pumped his fingers in and out of my dripping center and my mouth fell open. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I could feel that heat coiling in my belly.

               Grayson withdrew his fingers from my pussy and brought them up to my mouth. I sucked his index finger into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around the thick digits. I looked into his eyes as I continued sucking and he let out a low hiss.

               “That’s it. Enough fucking around.” He growled as he flipped me onto my back. Grayson stood up and unbuckled his pants, yanking them down along with his boxers. He pushed my knees apart and settled between my thighs. “Please Grayson. I need you.” I whined, on the brink of tears. “Shh don’t cry baby. Daddy knows what you need.” He whispered, lining his length up with my entrance. He pushed into me slowly, giving me time to adjust to his size.

               Grayson pulled out almost all the way and slammed back in, an animalistic sound ripping out of my throat. He began thrusting into me at a near punishing pace and I couldn’t contain the sounds spilling from my lips. “Please Daddy! God you feel so good! I can’t hold on!” I screamed. “Yeah that’s right baby. Tell me how good you feel. Tell me how much you need my cock.” Grayson grunted into my ear, his warm breathe fanning over my heated skin. “Ugh-Gray you feel so good inside me. Your cock is the best I’ve ever had! I’m gonna come!” I whimpered in response.

               His hand gently tightened around my throat, beginning to cut off my air supply. He kept thrusting quickly, his face twisting and contorting as he chased his release. His hand kept tightening around my throat and the air was getting thinner and thinner. The lack of oxygen made my blood feel like it was boiling and my clit was throbbing. Just as my vision started to darken Grayson removed his hand and used it to rub my clit in tight circles as I sucked in a huge breath. The sudden intake of oxygen mixed with his touches threw me right over the edge as I exploded around him. “FUCK!” Grayson shouted into the empty room as my pussy continued to flutter around him. After another half dozen powerful thrusts he stilled inside me as his orgasm washed over him. After he spilled his seed inside me, he collapsed on top of me, his head on my chest.

               “Wow. Y/N do you know how I’ve wanted this? How long I’ve wanted you?” He whispered into my damp skin. I ran my fingers through his messy hair and whispered back “I’m guessing, as long as I’ve wanted you?” He was quiet before responding. “Y/N please don’t tell me this was a one time thing? I want you to be mine. Like, forever ya know?” Grayson said, lifting his head to look me in the eyes. I cradled his face in my hand. “I’ve been yours since you and your idiot brother stormed my treehouse when we were five years old Grayson Bailey Dolan. I’m not going anywhere.”

the little mermaid au! ong seongwoo

the following scenario is based on the traditional storyline. please keep note that there are many different versions of the story, and not just the disney one.

  • ok so you’re the mermaid/merman (your preference) who adores humans bc like it’s so cool they have legs?? the idea of having legs and being on land just FASCINATES you and you’re sneaking around the shores to watch humans
  • and one day you’re just swimming on the surface and saying hi to the cute seagulls when you notice the sky turning dark and the clouds getting shady so like it was basically time to go
  • but just then you notice a ship floating like nowhere cLOSE to the shore
  • even though mermaids were always called a myth and you’d get chewed out if anyone saw ur tail you’re like…I need to save them >:((
  • and so you swim over to save the poor souls when suddenly rain just started POURING and the winds picked up out of nowhere and then you saw a body fall into the sea
  • you’re like oh shIT and suddenly accelerated in water to save the poor soul
  • you eventually find him and you get rly alarmed bc he isn’t struggling or anything he’s just kinda lifelessly sinking
  • you grab him and basically turn into an underwater jet bc you’d never swam so fast no not even when your mermaid mom told you dinner was ready
  • getting him to shore was so difficult because 1) the human was heavy and 2) you had no legs so you had to crawl to get far enough onto land
  • the dude (seongwoo if y’all didn’t realize yet) still wasn’t moving and you were panicking like??? he shouldn’t be dead yet
  • you do the mermaid version of cpr which was to….press your lips against his to suck all the seawater out of him
  • a minute later you start getting dizzy because you’re getting too dry so you had to crawl back into the sea…and you proceed to go back home but you just…couldn’t get that man out of your head….
  • meanwhile a princess from a different country visiting seongwoo’s found him collapsed on the beach and shook him awake and seongwoo’s like…what happened??
  • let’s call the princess rika like that snake from mystic messenger
  • anywaYS
  • rika told him that she “”saved”” him from drowning and he’s like…oh and that’s what she ends up telling the his father aka the KING and rumors spread around the palace like crazy like everyone was like damn they probably gonna get married now
  • meanwhile on yOUR END you were swimming towards the sea witch’s domain to ask for a pair of legs because after being on land and feeling the frustrations of being unable to stay for too long you REALLY wanted to become a human
  • the sea witch asks for your voice in exchange which was…a huge price
  • your singing is like the only thing that anyone’s ever praised you for so giving it up would be the same as tossing away half of your identity but…u know what, in the human world no one’s gonna know u anyway  
  • so she casts a spell and gives you the legs u wanted and then shoots u out of the sea
  • after you get to shore and struggle to get the hang of walking for like 7 hours you pick up some rags to cover yourself bc that stupid witch didn’t give u any clothes
  • you just want to explore the village and ur getting looks bc wtf ur wearing some dirty rags with sand all over and wobbling like jello but u don’t rly care
  • suddenly you find a boy aka sEONGWOO in a quiet part of the area just…dancing and you were like!!! oh my gOD that’s amazing how can his legs and arms move like that…

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Rhythm of the Beat- Part 2

Based off a request by @thelittleredwhocould​ for gender swap Wincest.

Summary: Sam and Dean get trapped in a vault after being turned into women by an ancient Egyptian god. Because of course they did. There’s only one way to get free. Because of course there is.

Part 1

Word Count: 2350ish

Warning: Wincest, gender swapping, smut,

A/N: This one just happened. I’m not sorry. Hope you all enjoy it, and thanks for the love you showed the first part! One more part coming soon! XOXO

“Sammy?” Dean’s long hair is starting to curl as he sweats, and Sam tries not to think about how it would feel wrapped around his hand as he pulled it.

This is too fucked up. Too weird. And they will just have to find another way.

“I know, Dean.”

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Lips || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,326

Summary - The one where Jack gives you some assurance.



You and Jack were having a lovely evening in. After ordering pizza take away, drinking some wine, and watching a film, you were both now laying on your bed contently. Your head was on his chest and he had his fingers in your hair. As you looked up at him, you kept finding more things about him that you enjoyed. He was just so nice to look at. “Why are you with me?” you voiced suddenly. The amount of alcohol you had consumed (though minimal) clearly was impairing your filter.

“What are you talking about?” Jack almost laughed.

“I don’t know,” you said, still staring at him. He was looking down at you now too with a look of confusion written in his eyes. “You just, well, you look like that and I look like this,” you laughed lightly.

“Oh shut up,” Jack laughed back. “What are you even talking about?”

“I’m being serious!” you pressed. “You could have a million other girls who look way better than I do and who are way cooler than me and you choose me. I guess I still just don’t get it.”

“You’re being crazy,” Jack said with a shake of his head.

“I’m just thinking out loud,” you said. “Like, I mean, look at your eyes, right? They’re the clearest most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Mine are brown. Just plain old brown.”

“Now that’s not true,” Jack said, frowning a bit. “Yeah, your eyes are brown, but when I look I see little sparks of gold. I don’t have that.”

“I guess,” you mumbled. “Well, I like your hair. It’s always soft and looks flawless.”

“Your hair never tangles and somehow when you wake up you can put it in the most perfect bun,” Jack said. “How do you do that?”

“I like your tattoos.”

“I like your soft skin.”

“I like your smile.”

“I like your laugh.”

“I like your lips.”

“I like how my lips can touch you and you’ll react the same way every time.”

At this, you blushed a bit. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you huffed.

“Don’t you?” Jack teased. “So, if I kissed you right here,” he paused and let his finger trace along your jaw, “you wouldn’t let out the tiniest moan?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said again firmly.

Naturally, as Jack was a guy who always had to prove a point, he quickly placed his lips on your skin, kissing softly along your jaw. He stopped just below your ear and nipped at the skin a bit. As badly as you tried to hold back a moan, a faint one escaped your lips.

“Mhmm,” Jack hummed against your skin. “That’s what I thought.”

He had pushed you onto your back now and you stared up at him, your cheeks a little pink. “And if I kiss here,” he said, tracing down your neck to the low collar of your shirt, “I won’t get the same reaction?” Before you could even offer a reply, Jack began kissing down your neck to where your shirt exposed the curve of your chest. There, he nipped at your skin and began sucking harshly. You couldn’t help but arch your back a bit and let out another quiet moan.

Jack continued to do this all the way down your body. He had discarded your shirt and was now working at your leggings. He kissed down your body as every inch of your skin was exposed. When your leggings were off, he slowly (agonizingly slowly) kissed back up your right leg. He stopped when he got to the hem of your panties. You desperately wanted him to take them off of you, but he instead went to your other leg and kissed down that as well. “Jack,” you finally said, your voice coming out as no more than a whisper.

“What is it?” he asked, looking up at you with a cheeky smirk.

“You know what,” you said, almost begging now.

“I don’t,” he lied. “I need you to tell me.”

“Jack,” you whined.

“(Y/N),” he teased.

“I need you to touch me,” you said.


“Jack please.”

“I just don’t know what you want me to do.”

“Jack I need you to touch me, there,” you said. “Please, you know what I mean.”

“Begging is very becoming of you,” Jack laughed. He kissed back up your legs and, just when you thought he was going to touch you, stopped. “Now, do you want my fingers or my mouth or-”

Anything Jack,” you said. “I don’t care. Surprise me. Anything. I need you.”

Jack laughed again and hooked his fingers around your panties and slid them down your legs. He brought his face closer to where you wanted him the most, and you felt his fingers touch your skin. The small touch alone set a shock through your body. Needless to say, when you felt his tongue lick a single strip along your folds, you let out a loud moan. His tongue continued to work inside you as his hands held your legs apart. “Oh my god, Jack,” you said, gripping his hair in your fingers. He hummed and looked up at you with his tongue still sending waves of pleasure through your body. You could feel yourself getting closer to the edge. “Jack,” you whimpered, “I’m getting close.”

To push you farther, Jack pushed a finger inside you while still flicking his tongue against your clit. Only moments after he added a second finger, you came, calling out his name loudly as you did so. Jack stayed where he was for a moment, letting you ride out your high. By the time you managed to catch your breath, Jack was already stripped, pumping himself as he waited for you. When you looked up at him, he smiled and placed a kiss to your lips. Then, he lined himself up with you and pushed into you. Once he got to a steady pace, he looked down at you again with such loving eyes. He leaned down and placed gentle kisses to your neck while your hands reached up and tangled themselves in his hair again.

Jack was moving at such a loving pace which was somewhat abnormal for the two of you. Jack was usually so dominant and rough, so to see this side of him was making you fall in love with him all over again. “Are you close, babe?” he asked as he let his hand go between the two of you to rub your clit. The feeling made you gasp.

“Yeah,” you said.

“Me too,” he groaned, his lips still close to your ear.

“Fuck, Jack,” you said, wrapping your legs around his waist in an attempt to get closer to him (as if that was physically possible). “You’re so hot, Jack. And so fucking good to me.”

“(Y/N),” he said back, your name falling as a moan from his lips. Hearing him say that sent you over the edge, and that set Jack off as well. You were both breathing heavily when Jack pulled out of you and laid beside you on the bed. He was sweating and you turned on your side, reaching out to brush some hair away from his forehead. He gave you a tired smile then pulled you into his chest to lay on top of him.

“You know how much I love you, don’t you?” he asked, tucking some of your hair behind your ear.

“I do,” you said, smiling down at him.

“I don’t like when you doubt yourself,” he said softly. “You are incredible and beautiful and so so sexy. You shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else, because you’re you and that’s what I like the most.”

You smiled and leaned down to press a small kiss to his lips again. “Thank you,” you said to him.

“For the sex or the compliment?” he teased.

You laughed. He couldn’t be serious for too long.