oh god he's so attractive

I want an AU where Dean is a popular YouTuber who is married to Cas, but no one knows it. Cas is a high school teacher who is kind of awkward, but every once in a while he’ll mention a meme and all of his students are confused wonder how he knows that.

Then one day when he’s teaching he hears a group of girls giggling in the back of the class, so he walks back there and sees them watching one of Dean’s videos. It’s his “never have I ever” video, and right he’s talking about getting a speeding ticket. Right before the girls see Cas he hears one of them say “I wonder what kind of car he drives” so Cas responds, “Do not ever get Dean Winchester started on his car. He will never shut up.” as he takes the phone and walks away, leaving the girls dumbfounded.


“Somehow none of it seems to matter when we’re in Dublin. Class and all that just fades away. I’m Mrs Branson and we get on with our lives like millions of others.”

What if after they get back from summer break going into their Sophomore year Nursey sees Dex for the first time and can’t help but make the comment to Lardo “Oh god he is so attractive” and she just chirps him for the whole night and he can’t even say anything cuz he’s just like “look at him. He is objectively beautiful. If I was traveling I would show him off to other tourists and be like look at this guy he is the most attractive American I have ever seen” and his face just goes all heart eyes emoji and the next time they’re drunk together Nursey just can’t handle it and just has to sit down cuz Dex is so damn pretty.

He is just so unchill it’s painful to watch and when Dex spills pie on his shirt and takes it off to go wash it he just walks into a wall. Like face first into a wall. Poor Nursey.

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How do you politely ask a client to shower before you engage in anything physical? Do you do this, and if so how do you recommend bringing it up?

Damn, that’s a good q. The main issue I run into is bad breath, in which case you can’t just be like ‘go brush your tongue u unhygienic fuck’. I kinda just deal with it and try to keep kissing to a minimum. Once it was so bad that I almost got sick and couldn’t get off during oral bc the grossness was burned into my nostrils/brain. But anyway. As for a clean body, you can let the client know that you require cleanliness (prior to meeting up with them, like over text) so they get the hint that they should be freshly showered. If they’re clearly disgusting you can be like ‘hey, do you mind cleaning up in the bathroom?’ in a sweet tone. I’ve never had to do this but that’s probs how I’d handle it. Try to act unbothered (so he doesn’t feel judged) but def be firm if necessary, a literally crusty dick is never something you should have to deal with. 

All My Idols Ch 20: Night With EXO

“Oppa,” I deadpan glaring at the handsome unicorn.

His stern face doesn’t falter, he just continues holding the massive bundle of meat and rice held together by a piece of lettuce to my mouth. “One more.”

I groan but open my mouth to let him feed me once more. I cover my mouth while I struggle chewing, trying not to blush with all eyes on me. After I finally swallow it I open my mouth with a big sigh. Of course Lay tries to feed me yet again only to have the man on my other side push it away, a glare fixed on the younger man. And across the table the three youngest of the group are glaring as well as their hyung tires to spoil me with attention.

“You can’t just keep stuffing her face like that,” Xiumin scolds, “She could choke.” He places a warm hand on my back as he leans closer to scan my face, worry is obvious on his, “Are you okay?”

My heart stops in that moment, it takes all of my strength not to jump up and run away with excitement at the fact that he just touched me. I force myself to take a deep so I don’t end up screaming in his face but end up having to just nod, I don’t trust my voice enough right now.

“So are you going to be heading home for Christmas this year?” Suho wonders from across the table on the other side of a still glaring Kai.

I shake my head and wonder why everyone is suddenly so interested in my travel plans. But then I remember that it’s normal for people to go home and see their families on holidays, I’m just one of the weird exceptions who spent every holiday when I was in the states at work. “It’s was not in my budget this year.”

“That’s a shame. I’m sorry to hear that,” He looks down at his plate as if he’s embarrassed to have asked such an insulting question.

“So what are your plans instead?” Baekhyun wonders eagerly from the other side of Xiumin.

I shrug, “I’m not sure yet, I’ve worked every holiday for the last eight years, I don’t know how to handle it.”

Kai asks, “Have you told Big bang about it? I’m surprised they haven’t claimed you on that day.”

“Nope, I don’t have the heart to. They get so upset when I discuss anything involving me not being able to afford something.”

“They could afford it you know. Why don’t you just ask for a loan?” Suho is resting his elbows on the table.

“I’m not asking anyone for money. I can’t stand the idea of asking any of my friends for money, regardless of whether or not they can afford it. I can barely stand it when they pay for my food.”

“Our princess is so strong,” Lay coos next to me, ruffling my hair a little.

“Are you guys all heading home for the holiday?”

Suho shakes his head, “We’ve got a lot of things on our schedule going on around that time so we will be spending Christmas together like usual.”

“You guys work so hard you’d figure they would give you that one day off.”

They nod in agreement. I watch them pick up a more cheerful conversation topic, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are throwing food, though I’m pretty sure Chen started it from the cheeky grin that spreads across his face when Suho starts scolding them. The five that surround me are talking about performances; Kai is critiquing the other’s dancing, mostly poor Kyungsoo, who is the weakest link of the five. I shift into a more relaxed position since my legs are falling asleep with me sitting on them, I stretch my legs out in front of me. As much as I love old style restaurants where we sit on the floor it can make my back and legs ach sometimes.

I’m kind of in my own world when I feel someone’s leg against mine, at first I thought it was an accident, until both legs came back and tangled them with mine. To be honest, I don’t mind, I love skinship, but when I look to see whose legs they are I’m surprised to find Sehun staring straight back at me, as if daring me to say something. I’m going to have a heart attack by the end of the night with the way he’s staring straight into my soul, oh my god when did he get so attractive. I force myself to look away, but I know he’s still staring from the way he chuckles when a blush spreads across my face.

“It’s getting late,” Suho kind of complains as he stares down at his phone. “We should probably get Charlie home.” The whole table lets out a chorus of cute whines and I find myself joining in just for the hell of it. I’m having fun, regardless of the face that my heart is going to explode from all of my internal fangirling I don’t have the courage to hang out with the loves of my life that often I mean Xiumin.

“Come on Hyung, we don’t have schedule until after lunch tomorrow, lets have a little fun,” The youngest of the group begs, his legs wrap around mine tighter, something I find undeniably cute.

“We don’t know if Charlie has plan,” Suho reminds him.

I grin at him, “I’m free as a bird.”

Suho tries his hardest not to smile as sighs as if he’s caving to some unreasonable request, “Alrighty, but nothing too crazy.” We let out a loud cheer, most likely earning the attention of the people on the other side of the sliding door separating us from the masses. My thought is confirmed when our waiter pokes his head in a minute later. “Soju please.” The boy nods before rushing off to get it. When he comes back shot glasses are passed around and liquor is poured.

“To friends,” Chanyeol beams at me, we all clink glasses before downing the little cup of disgusting liquid, our glasses slam back down on the table.

“Why do I feel like getting the princess drunk is a bad idea?” Suho says as the voice of reason who is quickly quieted by the group surrounding him.

“If you think this is such a bad idea hyung, you can just sit back and baby sit,” Baekhyun sticks his tongue out at the older before basically climbing across Xiumin to clink his glass with mine and downing the shot. The two men on either side of me take turns pouring me drinks and ignore me when I offer to return the favor. I loose count on how many little green bottles are scattered around the room after a few more hours. Suho, who is undoubtedly the most sober out of us all, and that isn’t saying much, finally calls it a night when the owner tells us that most of the patrons have left. The 10 of us leave the restaurant is a fit of giggles and slurred Korean. It’s only 10 but I feel ready for bed and from the yawns coming from the boys around me I figure they are too.

With a giggle and a bit of a stumble I bow to them, “Thank you guys for dinner and a good time.”

“Let us take you home,” Lay slurs cutely.

I shake my head, “It’s fine.”

“We are not letting you go home on your own when you are this drunk,” Suho says.

I click my tongue at him, “What do you expect me to do? We can’t all get a cab there and these boys can’t be left alone like this and I’m ready for bed,” I add with a little pout. “It’s not like you expect me to spend the night at your dorm.”

“Yes!” The beagle line basically screams.

“Sleepover with the princess!” Kai and Sehun happily join the cheer.

I bust into a grin, “Lets go!”

“Hold up a minute,” Xiumin stops the six of us from skipping away. “I don’t think that is a good idea.”

I pout cutely at the oldest man, forgetting about my fan girl side for awhile and decide to flirt up a storm, “Oppa don’t you think it will be fun? Or do you not like me?”

“Of course I like you Charlie, but-“

I cut him off by hugging him tightly, “So it’s settled we got the oldest hyung’s approval!”

“Did you just call me Hyung?” The cat like man grins.

“What do you prefer, Hyung or Oppa?” I tap my chin as I spin in circles. A pink-cheeked Kyungsoo, who looks really cute right now, catches me and I can’t help myself!

“Kyungie oppa! Why do you have to be so cute?” I whine and place my hands on his cold cheeks.

“Huh?” The pour owl boy looks to his hyungs for help but they are too busy laughing at his embarrassment.

“You,” I huff at the cute man, “You always mess up my list, always switching with Lay oppa for second place. You, young sir, just need to stay in your lane.”

“Okay, Princess, lets get going,” Sehun decides as he hooks his arm threw mine and begins dragging me down the street. Kai catches up and hooks on to my other arm.

“Where are we on this list of yours?” Sehun looks down at me with a pout. Glancing up I realize how short I am compared to the two handsome boys.

“To be completely honest, beyond where Kyungsoo oppa is at third place the rest of you are a um….cluster fuck.” I say the last two words in English, not sure what the right words would be in Korean so I try again, “I don’t have a set list past that.”

“Why not?” Kai is whining this time making me laugh.

“Because you are all so amazing that whenever I see a lone picture of any of you I’m like, ‘Wow he’s really hot’.”

Sehun chuckles, “Do you really?”

“You should see my tumblr,” I pause for a minute, “Wait no never mind, no you should not!” They let out a chorus of laughs at that. Our fun is interrupted by someone’s arms wrapping around my waist from behind and pulling back, away from the two boys. They turn around and glare at the giant holding me off the ground like a little doll.

“Hyung!” The two whine cutely. Baekhyun appears in front of me with handsome smile that makes me blush.

“We get you know,” The older man decides as he signals the giant to put me down. They each take my hand before walking right past the two maknaes, dragging me along.

“So any chance you could give us a hint on who is your number one?” Chanyeol asks me with his best aegyo.

I shake my head, “Not a chance in hell Oppa. You guys can figure it out on your own.”

“How are we supposed to know? Come on, give us a hint!” They both beg, making me laugh.

I pause as I try to think of the most vague hint, “We touched tonight.”

Baekhyun huffs as he stares down at our interlocked hands, “You’ve touched everyone tonight.”

“There are two people I haven’t touched.”

“One more hint!” Chanyeol coos.

Feeling a bit daring with the alcohol in my body I give them one more, “He was in the room when we ran away from super junior.”

They share a look as they try to think about the possible answers, I’m thank full they didn’t hear my earlier conversation with the youngest two that could have narrowed down their guesses. After a couple minutes of them thinking to themselves we reach their dorm. They two puppy like men lead me inside eager to show me their dorm. Twenty minutes later, after a full tour of their dorm we find ourselves on the living room floor laughing as Sehun tries to open another bottle of soju. We are sitting in a large circle, as expected Xiumin and Lay are on either side of me, while Sehun and Kai try to turn this into an oval by scooting closer to me.

“Take the hint,” I snatch the bottle out of his hand and give it to Suho.

“Hey,” The drunken maknae slurs with a scowl. “I was going to drink that.”

“I think you are done,” I snap back sternly.

“I think you are done!” He pouts.

I laugh at his cuteness, “Oh Oppa,” I coo as I try to crawl across the floor to reach him but I’m caught by Lay’s hands on my hips pulling me back to my spot.

“Where do you think your going?” Lay is pouting now.

“I just want to hug the him,” I slur.

“No, only I can hug you,” Lay suddenly wraps his arms around me and basically pulls me on to his lap.

A blush spreads across my face when the sweet man tucks his face in the crook of my neck, “Oppa.”

“Yixing,” Xiumin whines, “You can’t just hog her to yourself, you’ve been doing that for awhile now. It’s unfair. I want to see the princess!” My face is on fire at his words, he’s just drunk. He has no interest in me other than that I’m the princess.

“No Hyung, you can’t have her, that would be unfair since she already likes you the best!” Yixing glares at the older man.

I want to scream when the words are out of his mouth, I want to cry and run and do anything I have to do to get out of this place. How could Lay do that?

“I’m her what?”

Angry - Alec Lightwood

REQUESTED: No,I kinda came up with this based on a personal experience with a friend of mine. (I say friend, I actually really like this guy lmao) 

WARNINGS: Implied smut? Idk that’s kinda closer to the end tho

SUMMARY: Alec comes back from a mission trying to protect Clary from getting into yet another mishap, and he’s stressed and pissed off.


Secondly, the story of how this came about is because the guy mentioned was annoyed after he was unfairly treated for something he didn’t do. (Well, this guy who’s one of the populars tried throwing a few punches at my friend because apparently he was being a d-bag, and he pushed him away and then walked away. Then one of the PE teachers tried to say, “This did happen, I saw it” without a justified claim (because he wasn’t there) and the Head of PE said to my friend, “Seeing as you are a student and he is a member of staff, I will believe him over you”. No lie. So my friend is unfairly punished for something he didn’t do and ugh I just want to punch the popular guy in the face myself and kick him in the balls oops) He came back into my drama lesson, slammed a chair down and then just stormed out of the room through the fire exit, so he seemed pretty pissed. AND I FOUND IT ATTRACTIVE OH MY GOD HE WAS SO HOT WHEN HE WAS PISSED OFF HJHFEHR;GJIOUOGEKBKGFRBU

Ahem. Anyways, let’s get on with the imagine, shall we?

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I still can’t handle how pretty Sherlock is and I never will.
It always hits me when I realize it again.
I love his pale skin, his blue/green eyes, his perfect lips, his dark curls, his cheekbones.
The way he talks and walks, his thinking position, the way he plays his violin etc etc.
This man is my aesthetic. He is so extremly beautiful and attractive, oh my God. My heart starts glowing when I see him.

Don’t get me wrong, Benedict is generally beautiful and attractive of course, just an angel, I love him so much, not for his role as Sherlock Holmes, I love him for his being etc, but I must say anyway his role as Sherlock Holmes… Wow, just wow.

> you guys I’m so uncomfortable right now 

 > this probably fourteen-year-old recognized Bill on my arm then goes “oh my god I’m so attracted to him he’s so hot" 

> listen I can’t judge but she was clearly YOUNG and UNDERAGE like I had no idea how to respond to that 

 > is it wrong that I’m so disturbed by this??


Simon at gamescon