oh god he should just marry me or something

How did they react to Anduin becoming the king?

For @vixvizus. Legion spoiler: Varian also dies. But since  Stormwind is a monarchy, his son has to take the place as the King of Stormwind, whether he likes it or not. (Here is the following Warchief Sylvanas and here The Epilogue to both lists)

Ghost Varian: Anduin as king? Over my dead cold body!

Anduin: DAD!
Ghost Varian: What? I can make that joke, since it’s about, you know, me.
Be so kind and do it somewhere I can’t hear it…
Anduin: (Mumbles) I don’t want to be a king.

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: Okay, maybe we can, I don’t kin… Lend him a manual?
Moira: What manual?
Falstad: Muradin means How to Rule Yer Kingdom, Handy Manual for Beginers. Ya know, that lil’ book…
Moira: Should I be bothered we have such a thingy?
Muradin: Ya should be more bothered that it’s ex libris Magni…

Tyrande: I give King Anduin my sincere condolences just as well as my congratulations. While it may seem harsh to say, I do believe he becoming the king is a change to better.

Mekkatorque: Well, not like anything is going to change much for us Gnomes. Maybe I just won’t have to start every diplomatic conversation with him “Hey, down here.”

Velen: While loss of King Varian is very tragic for everybody, I think that Anduin is the best leader his people could seek. It is important for the leader to be in touch with the Light… Or… Well, other spiritual entities.

Genn: Those fuckers killed Varian? What the hell? I swear the Gilnean forces are going to crush the Legion! I mean, we don’t stand much chance now, Anduin is too young to be a king. He should leave it all up to me and the Dwarves, and do something safe, like… Read a book or pray.

Tess: I give it a month before my father realizes that neither me nor Anduin are married… (Heavy sigh)

Aysa: Good gods, I don’t know… Are congratulations in place? Should I offer him mental support over his dad? Oh well, I just play some Jihui with him, that should do both.

Thrall: Pragmatical part of me says, that we are once again closer to the peace with the Alliance. However, I know how hard it is to become a leader in such a young age and how pressing the feeling of being responsible is… I think that Anduin will do well, but he should surround himself by friends, just not to be alone.

Vol'jin: I do not really thin’ dere be much change happenin’. But I actually couldn’t care less. Since I am, ye know, dead.

Spirit of Vol’jin: High-five?
Ghost Varian: (High-fives Spirit of Vol’jin)

Baine: In case Thrall is serious about that friend thing… Maybe I should visit Anduin in Stormwind… Just in case. And learn Jihui, because I will most likely run into Aysa there.

Sylvanas: (Furiously waves “Go Anduin!”  banner while wearing Stormwind tabard with “Anduin for King″ written on it)

Genn: You are either super supportive or super sarcastic. I can’t decide.
Sylvanas: (Blows party blower in Genn’s face) Doooooooot!

Lor'themar: Does Anduin drink? I could advise him how to manage drinking and ruling a kingdom of idiots at the same time. I am an expert in this field, if only I do say so myself.

Gallywix: Oh wait! I have a sign just for this occasion! (Pulls out a sign “I don’t give a fuck”)

Gallywix: I also have a sign that says “Sarcasm” in case you want it, Your Highness Greymane.
Genn: Why would I want such a stupid thing?
Sylvanas: Dooooooot!
Genn: Okay, how much?

Ji: I think I’ll just go to the Undercity and prevent Sylvanas from making “The King is dead, Long live the King” banners from happening. And then I’ll go to Stormwind and bring tea, so Aysa and Anduin and Baine can drink some good tea while playing.

Bolvar: Great, so I decide to sit on this freezing chair no longer and I have to calm down Anduin’s mental breakdown the first time I see him since Northrend. Great, really.

Kel’thuzad: You know, bringing his father back is always an option. I could easily arrange that. No problem at all.
Sylvanas: Doooooooot! Doooooooot!
Muradin: (Searching for the manual)
Bolvar: (Violence on Kel’thuzad)
Anduin: Lord Regent Theron… Is your offer still a thing?
Lor’themar: (Watches as Genn hits Sylvanas with the “Sarcasm” sign) Well, yes. Yes, I suppose.

  • Jaune: *totally zoned out, listening to music with headphones* Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.
  • Pyrrha: *the only other person in the dorm* W-what? Jaune, are you serious?! That's such a sudden thing to say!
  • Jaune: *still has no idea she's talking to him, just singing to himself* Who cares, baby? I think I wanna marry you.
  • Pyrrha: (Oh gods, is he teasing me? Is this just a joke? Does he have any idea how much I want to say yes? What do I do!? I may never get this chance again, I should take it!) yes.
  • Jaune: *finally notices she said something, pauses the music.* What was that, Pyrrha? I couldn't hear you.
  • Pyrrha: YES!! I will marry you! Oh Jaune, I had no idea you cared about me so strongly to suggest something like this out of the blue. But I'll do it!
  • Jaune: Uh, was I singing aloud?
  • Pyrrha: ...what?
  • Jaune: I was listening to a song called "Marry You". Didn't realize you could hear me sing along.
  • Pyrrha: *embarrassed and flustered* um, uh, right! Of course you were singing! I get it. What a... lovely song! Really had me going for a second! Haha...
  • Jaune: I mean, if you want to really get married, then I'm on board. I do care about you after all. Whatever makes you happy.
  • Pyrrha: *faints from rush of blood surging to cheeks, and due to being happy and overwhelmed.
How would GOT7 propose


You two were out to dinner in a fancy af place. He was going to propose you there, but got nervous and kinda forgot. So when you were going to say goodbye at your apartment he put his hands in his pockets and touch the little velvet box getting flustered 
“Eh, why are you so red?”
“Huh, I, um…" 
"There is something I want to ask you actually”

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“Mark babe, what’s this” you ask holding the little book
“What’s what? HOly sHIT”
“Huh, I’m going to read it okay?”
“Wait a second babe, let me get closer" 

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It was December, you both were looking for christmas trees to decorate both your apartment and his dorm. You were amazed how big the trees were, whispering how much you wanted all of them, back facing Jinyoung and then you turn to point the perfect tree
"Oppa, look at that…”
“I’ve been wanting to ask you a thing for a while now. So Y/N, will you marry me?”

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He took you on a lunch date and afterwards to a walk on the park. You loved fountains so much, when you both got close to it he kneeled down on the ground and you stood there dumbfounded 
“Is this…" 
But he started lacing his shoes
"YAH! Jackson" 
You start walking without him, pissed at him for playing a mean joke on you, mumbling how you were going to revenge on him. He ran after you throwing his arms around your shoulders and with the other hand giving you a velvet box
"I was just kidding, babe. Now, will you please marry this perfect man that I am?" 

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You both had just woke up and were sitting on the couch eating cereal bowls while watching something on the TV, suddenly he get up
"Wait here, I have something to give you”
“Umm, ok" 
Then he would return with his hands closed. Taking both his and yours bowls to the coffee table, he hold your hands while asking”

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This punk and you would be riding karts, competing against each other of course. You were in your second lap and he passes by you while yelling
“Look at the sky, just for a second honey”
So you did it, eyes growing bigger by the second. You kind of lose control of the kart and hit the tires that were there for safety. He comes at your rescue almost crying
“Oh my god, honey, are you okay?
"YAH YOU PUNK! You almost made me die, I should reject your proposal because of it”
“But you won’t right? Coz I love you so so much Y/N”
“No, I won’t. I love you too, punk" 

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He would be the simplest. Both of you were standing in the middle of the living room playing Just Dance. Of course he would be winning, suddenly he stops and turns to you
“I was just wondering something, you know”
“Spill it”
“Will you marry me?”
Now it’s your turn to stop and look at him like he grown a second head
“What?! Are you serious?”

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I hope this is good. Sorry if there are any misspellings or similar, english is not my first language “/ Feel free to request anything :)

Blind date. (SMUT)

This is Akiyoshi Zaizen (OTBS) x MC smut fiction where MC & Akiyoshi only work together & don’t live together. I struggled with this a lot, so I apologise if it turns out to be complete garbage. Also please give me feedback. Thanks, hope someone enjoys it! 

My mother decided I spent too much time working which she automatically assumed meant I had no dating life. So she set up a blind date. I tried very hard to get out of it but my mother is too persistent for her own good. Which leads us to now, I am currently sat in a restaurant, on my own, waiting for my ‘blind date’ wearing a ankle length red gown, with a slit going up the sides stopping just before my thighs, my hair in soft brown curls & my favourite black pumps. I wanted to look sexy although I wasn’t planning for anything to happen. But part of me was hoping maybe it could turn out to be something even if it was just a fling, it’d been a long time since I had had sex.

From where I was sat I could see the entrance, I’d been waiting so long I’d not taken my eyes off the door, eyeing every guy that entered but alas none were sent my way. I’d order two glasses of wine & more or less downed them due to being uncomfortable sat at table on my own in this sexy outfit.

I took the final sip of my third glass of wine, feeling slightly buzzed I decided I’d waited long enough, slightly pissed about waiting for fourty five minutes for
some asshole to just decide to not turn up. I went to grab my purse when a man burst through the doors. He turned to the maitre’d & asked something. The man pointed in my direction. I saw his face & my heart stopped.
He made his way to me, scratching the back of his head avoiding direct eye contact with me.
“A-A-Akiyoshi?!” I blurted out. I had no idea I’d been going on a date with MY BOSS! I didn’t know where to look or what to say & I’m pretty sure he didn’t either.
As he sat down, he finally managed to say something.
“Sorry I’m late ____, my meeting lasted longer than I expected”
“Um..It’s okay…Um…I-I”
“This is kind of strange, huh? When my Dad set me up on this blind date I didn’t even consider the possibility it could be one of my team” His gentle smile
soothes the tension slightly.
“Me either, my mum literally told me nothing about my blind date & said it was a blind date for a reason”
“Haha, Parents!”
“no kidding” His voice sounded so much gentler than what I was used to. I mean he was called ‘the growler’ which says it all but I had no idea he could sound so kind.
“You look lovely, red suits you” He said with a slight pink to his cheeks but he had a soft smile on his face. My heart started beating really fast. I’d never thought
about Akiyoshi in a romantic way, sure I was able to appreciate his beautiful face & physique but I was certain I’d never be his type.
“T-Thank you, Chief…”
“We’re not at the office, don’t call me that” He growls at me, just like he would at the office.
“S-Sorry…It’s just hard to switch out of work mode when I see you.”
“I suppose it can’t be helped, but lets not talk about work, this is a date after all.”
He opens the menu that has been placed in front of him & orders a red wine & I ask for the same.
“Are you not hungry?” I asked concerned he was trying to end the date before it started.
“I ate at the meeting, the cakes just looked so good, I’m sure your sweet tooth would have fallen out if you were there”
“I don’t eat that much cake.”
“Oh no? You always have something sweet on your desk! Today it was a cream filled donut.”
I giggle, He wasn’t wrong. “Okay, Okay, Maybe I do eat sweet things…a lot”
We both chuckle & the tension eases. 

The wine loosens our tongues & we talk about nothing in particular, the seasonelle guys, our families, hobbies, favourite foods, just the kind of stuff you’d expect when on a date. The buzz that left as soon as I saw Akiyoshi, returns heavier than the last time. Talking with him like this is nice & it’s weird that right now I don’t see him as my boss. Suddenly our mouths fall quiet. His handsome face stared at mine for the longest time & I couldn’t look away from the penetrating stare of his dark brown eyes.

“you’re so beautiful” he murmurs behind his hand.
I blush a deep red assuming i matched my dress perfectly. I had no idea, that Akiyoshi, THE GROWLER could say such a thing let alone say it to me! Thank god for alcohol or I would have crumpled into a wet mess of soppy goo!
“You look pretty good yourself, I couldn’t imagine what you’d look like outside of a work suit but damn, you look good!”
I giggle to myself. His cheeks flush & I can’t help but find him incredibly adorable yet sexy at the same time. Was it just me or was it getting really hot in here. The tension rises again as we both struggle to calm our flushed cheeks.

“So…are you looking to actually date someone?” He breaks the ice with something I wasn’t entirely expecting. I find myself answering honestly. Alcohol can be a curse as well as a saviour.
“Well, sure dating someone would be great but work is pretty hectic at the moment, as you know. So I’m not sure how much time I’d have to put into a relationship but I wouldn’t mind just having you know, “fun” with someone for the time being.“
"I see.”
“How about you?”
“I agree, ultimately I’d like to settle down at some point but I’m married to my job & finding a mistress who can understand is a problem.”
He looks me in the eyes again, his stare intense like he’s searching for something.
“It must be hard to find someone that understands that, but I understand…Maybe we should just hook up” Oh my god, I said that out loud. I immediately clasp my hands over my mouth. Afraid to look him in the eye, I stare at my empty wine glass twirling the stem in my fingers cursing the evil that was inside it for making me say that.
His big hands wrap around my fingers & my gaze snaps to him.
“Want to get out of here?” His sexy smirk & intense stare make my body temperature rise. All I can manage is a nod. Oh my god. What. Is. Going. On?!

We pay the bill & head towards his apartment. My fingers laced in his. It felt so natural. Like we’d done it a thousand times before. The silence as we walked
wasn’t awkward. I thought I’d be so uncomfortable but something about him was so kind & comforting to me.

As soon as the door closes behind us in his apartment, he wraps his long arms around my waist & presses his forehead against mine.
“I’ve wanted to do this for so long” He whispers, his stare almost burning through my eyes. My eyes widen & blink furiously. WHAT?! But he’s the growler, the best  looking guy at the office. He wanted to hold ME?! Surely this is just a dream. In the next instant his soft lips press against mine. This wasn’t a dream. Oh my god. My insanely hot boss is kissing me. My eyes shut naturally & I relax into the kiss. He deepens it after I wrap my arms around his neck.
Our lips part slightly & a moan escapes my lips in disappointment. He takes the opportunity to slip his hot tongue inside my mouth, dancing with mine to the sound of our beating hearts & muffled moans.
His hands started to explore my body, caressing every inch of me through my dress. I moan into his mouth. My body reacting to his every touch, arching,
aching. Desire boiling inside me. I couldn’t wait anymore. The desire & the alcohol took over my movements. I undid the buttons of his shirt. & he let it drop off his shoulders. I break the kiss to marvel at his sculptured torso.

“Fuck…” I let out in a gasp, my eyes devouring every muscle. I knew he’d be toned but he was an Adonis! My lips were pressed against his neck, travelling to his collar bone, then his chest. I made quick work of his belt buckle & trousers while he worked me out of the straps of my dress, unzipping the back with expert fingers.
I let my dress drop off me, so I was stood in just my panties & pumps. I continued to kiss down his chest, to his stomach, the muscles clenching under my lips.
He had laced at hand through my hair at some point but as I got on my knees I was so mesmerized by the bulge in his trousers, I didn’t notice.
I take a quick glance up at him & he looked down at me with a slight tint of red in his cheeks.
In one swift tug pulled down his trousers, his boxers came down too & his length sprung free. I rest my hands on his hips, lapped the pre-cum leaking out of his cock.
The grip on my hair tightened, It hurts but I like it. I meet his gaze & smile.
I took him in my mouth all at once.
“_____” He threw his head back as his other head hit the back of my throat making me gag. My saliva coated his cock, glistening as I continue to take him in & out of my mouth. My tongue swirling & flicking every ridge & vein making sure none of his cock was untouched. I cup his balls squeezing gently & I hear him hiss through his teeth. He growled pulling me up by hair & kissing me so aggressive but passionate.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?”
Before I have a chance to answer he pushes me into the couch behind me. He hovers over the top of me trailing skin more aggressively finding the waistband of my panties & practically shoving his hands down & finding my clit instantly stroking frantically.
“Akiyoshi…fuck” His penetrating gaze staring into me again fire burning in both our eyes. He inserts a finger in my entrance & I throw my head back whimpering in delight.
“You’re so wet & I’ve barely touched you.” He moans this out against my hard nipples whilst pumping his long fingers into my depths & it sends a spark of electricity coursing through my body.

“I need…you…mmmm…to…fuck me…Akiyoshi”
He removes his finger from me & brings it up to his lips, I sigh at the loss but what he does next will go down in history for the sexiest action ever.
He wraps his tongue around his finger & sucks my juices clean off his finger.
“You taste sweeter than any cake”
His words made the ache between my legs become almost painful. I needed him. I lift up my hips as he pulls my panties off. & he throws them over his shoulder & hovers back over me pressing his throbbing member against my clit. Squirming under his teasing actions, I reach down & thread his cock into my entrance.
“mmm…Fuck me Akiyoshi”
His eyes widen & he moans deeply. Gripping my hips tightly he starts to pump his hips in a slow steady rhythm.  
“You’re so much naughtier than I ever imagined” He growled into my ear before biting down hard on my lobe.
“Aki-i-yoshiiii” I yelped his name in both pain & pleasure as he sent my body to new heights of ecstasy.
He intertwined his fingers into my left hand as he increased his pace & used his other to caress my nipples with his thumb. I gripped onto his back raking his broad muscles with my nails.
Suddenly he plunged deep into my core hitting a spot that sent a frenzy of pleasure moans coursing through my body. Noticing he’d hit my g-spot he nearly pulls out completely & then pounds himself hard repeatedly thrusting into that same spot. I dug my nails into his back struggling to keep my composure. His hand snaked down my
stomach to find my clit. He pressed hard once onto it. It’s like he wanted me to lose myself to him completely & fuck it was working.
“Oh god..Akiy-y…” I couldn’t even finish his name. He pressed his forehead to mine, his eyes staring deep into mine. There was something so hot about staring into his eyes while he fucked me. I could see the desire, the passion, everything I was feeling reflected in his eyes.
His movements becoming faster while he continued to swirl his fingers around my bundle of nerves. I could feel the coil in my stomach ready to unwrap itself.
“Aki-i-yoshiiii…I can’t…oh god..I’m close….” His free hand travel down to my ass, he grabbed it hard & twisted my hips ever so slightly still managing to
maintain a steady rhythm thrusting into me while encircling my clit. This slight adjustment completed, he increased his pace & hit deeper into my sweet spot. His grunting the only noise I hear as my muscles clench around him my vision becoming hazy & starry. My body stills as I felt myself unravel.
Sheer bliss taking over my body entirely, I grip onto Akiyoshi, not wanting to let him go, to let this pleasure last forever. His movements became frantic as he chased his own orgasm whilst prolonging mine. I felt his cock twitch inside me.
“Akiyoshi…come for me” I begged him. My words were the final push he needed as he groaned out & flung his head back.  
“Shit _____” Taking the lead from my body, Akiyoshi let himself go, coating my walls with his cum.
Still floating in post orgasmic bliss, I can’t help but think about how I just had sex with my boss & it was so much better than I could have ever pictured
& I chuckle. Akiyoshi sheepishly smiles at me as he removes himself from me & sits back against the couch pulling me up to straddle his lap & he engulfs
me into a warm embrace. His intoxicating smell & the smell of sex & sweat filling my nostrils making my body quiver.
“Well that was the most fun on an assignment I’ve ever had, thanks for your assistance Chief.” I say smirking at him. He chuckles & kisses me gently on the forehead.
“The pleasure was all mine”
“Not entirely” I chuckled & wiggled my hips in his lap eliciting a small growl from Akiyoshi.
“Next time I think we both need to do more research though, how about dinner next Saturday?”
The corners of my lips immediately curled up into what I could only imagine was an inane grin. I nodded enthusiastically & planted a heated kiss on his mouth my hips moving on their own. I felt his erection grow against my ass & he growled as I slid my tongue into his mouth.
“You’re such a handful” his lustful voice moaned into my mouth as he slid his hands into my hair. I trailed my hand down his chest & in-between our bodies & started to pump his cock with my hand.
“So are you, boss” I smirked at him & he kissed me.
The rest of the night we spent in heated passion, not getting a wink of sleep. Fulfilling our desire for each other. Once our bodies collapsed into a fatigued embrace before a sleep filled serenity fell over me, I remind yourself to call my mother tomorrow & thank her for setting up this blind date.

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Can I have 19? Sherlolly?

Things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

The Happiest We Ever Were

“That was amazing, absolutely bloody amazing. I can’t believe I waited this long to have sex with you, Molly. What an idiot I’ve been.”

“Two years sober. They even gave me a coin or something to commemorate it. And all because you never gave up on me, and were there to kick my arse when I needed it.”

“I love you.”

“We should move in together.”

“You’re pregnant. Mummy will be over the moon and Mycroft will get to experience life as an uncle to an actual baby - oh, I can’t WAIT to tell him!”

“He’s beautiful. He has your nose and I’m certain his eyes will be brown. Thank God, I was afraid he’d end up looking just like me, poor thing.”

“Yes, of course I want to get married, for God’s sake Timothy is almost two. Surely that’s old enough to toddle down the aisle carrying a pair of rings sewn onto a pillow? Madeline Watson will be the flower girl so she’ll keep him in line, she always does.”

“I, Sherlock Holmes, take you, Molly Hooper, as my wedded wife…”

“At least I let you tell ME this time. I do hope it’s a girl. Only for the sake of symmetry of course. One of each, otherwise we’ll have to listen to all that ‘don’t you want to try for a girl’ twaddle.”

“I’m rubbish at anniversaries, but I did see you eyeing this emerald ring at that auction when we were undercover. I’ve already had it sized and it’ll fit right next to your wedding band. Now maybe my parents will shut up about me never getting you an engagement ring. I told them you didn’t want one, but I swear they never listen to me.”

“Elspeth Mary Holmes, Timothy John Holmes, your Mum and I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the family. His name is Redbeard the Second and I promise you he’ll be one of your best friends.”

“That was one of the most perfect autopsies I’ve ever seen you perform. Absolutely flawless. Elsie and TJ were most impressed as well…yes, of course I let them watch, whyever wouldn’t I? They can’t wait to ask you all about it.”

The memories flashed through her mind, unforgettable snapshots in time. “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t answer that,” Molly said apologetically to the reporter sitting expectantly across from her. “There are just too many ‘happiest moments’ to choose from.”

The reporter shrugged and went onto another question, while Molly allowed a contented smile at the memory of those happiest moments to linger on her lips. She could only hope the next five years would bring her just as many.