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I've gone through your entire voltron meta tag and oh my God I just cant even...I'm turning into a conspiracy theorist. Also the biggest mystery in the entire series for me would still have to be Shiro. First of all I feel like he knows more about the empire than he lets on, secondly I feel like haggar did more than just give him an arm and a scar (druid shiro/robeast shiro) because why else is would he be their greatest weapon when VOLTRON. Mostly: WHO IS SHIRO REALLY? we know almost nothing.

lmao I’m so sorry anon,, but I just can’t get enough of Conspiracies 

Listen,, I love Shiro. Like, I love him so much. But you’re right, he’s a mystery. There’s still a lot about him that just doesn’t add up. For one thing, he has no backstory at all. None. Out of all the paladins, Shiro is the only one who never expresses any interest to return to Earth or his family. Even towards the end of season 2, when everyone’s saying what they’ll do after Voltron–go home, find their families, ect? Shiro says nothing. And I think it’s especially strange he’s so indifferent to homesickness, considering how he was already away from Earth for a year. His family thinks he’s dead, probably had a funeral–and that just?? Doesn’t concern him?? It’s kinda weird. 

Also his amnesia is very?? Plot convenient? Like, we already know that the galra are capable of altering memories and fabricating fakes ones so, I think it’s very likely they have something to do with Shiro’s missing memories. Especially when the druids are known for mind tricks, and Haggar took such a personal interest in him. 

And again there are other strange things about Shiro’s capture–like, why were he and the red lion held on the same ship?? Why was the garrison so adamant about covering up his disappearance, and how much do they really know? What is it about Shiro’s arm that makes him their “greatest weapon”??? What really happened that whole time Shiro was “Champion?” 

And I mean, I think Shiro’s observation here is a very good point

Because, before he escapes, he’s strapped down to the examining table again. It looks pretty obvious that this is where they removed his arm–I mean, you do see a giant blade in the background there. So if they already made him Haggar’s “greatest weapon” then?? why is he back on the surgical table again?? They must be trying to add more modifications right? Whatever they had planned for Shiro, I don’t think they were quite finished yet. 

But even if they weren’t done with his “transformation,” I’m certain they’ve altered Shiro more than they’ve let on. Like, when Shiro’s in the astral plane, and he starts dying. You see the stars all blink out one by one, and then Shiro’s body itself reacts–starts to glow like that 

You know what all those geometric lines crisscrossing up and down his body look like, especially when they glow that pink/purple galra quintessence color? Yeah, it’s just like when Shiro activates his arm. 

Except, instead of just being on the arm, you see those lines go all the way up into his head, which seems really…suspicious…and makes me wonder if he’s maybe more of a robeast than he appears. I think nearly dying probably triggered some kind of reaction with whatever quintessence and modifications the galra added. Maybe a last resort safety measure or something 

And I really hate to say it but, there’s certainly a lot of foreshadow with Shiro and the galra empire that seems to be coming to a head. Even the parallels with him and Zarkon aside, Sendak still plants this idea that he’s a broken soldier, tells him that they’re “both part of the galra empire.” Shiro is constantly grappling with this notion that he’s exactly the kind of monster the galra tried to make him. And while that obviously isn’t true, overcoming that has certainly been a big part of his character arc. And again, if Shiro does need to leave the team and go rogue for some reason, I definitely think Keith being torn between siding with him or Allura/everyone else has already been foreshadowed. 

There’s also just the fact that “Kuro” is a thing that exists. And whether he manifests as Shiro’s response to druid mind control or a clone as some sort of “back up project” well–I’m thinking we might see more of him 

Shiro is undoubtably a good person. But he’s also such a terribly unfortunate person, and even after all the galra did to him, I don’t think he’s quite out of the woods yet 

Summer’s almost over, and time’s running out for me to do something fun, so I decided (with help) to do blogrates, and hopefully, meet some new blogs to follow~

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i did a thing

okay, on my aphmau side acc @aphmau-headcanons, i asked why there wasnt a ddads (dream daddy) AU yet where the guys at mystreet parallel as the dads from dream daddy. And I easily came up with most of them, but canr find a proper Mat or Hugo. Help me please?? message me on either acc that’s fine. Anyways,

Joseph - Garroth
(main male icon of the fandom, blonde, white, blue eyed, possibly cult leaders,,,)

Robert- Gene
(cryptids, edgelordsTM, dark, actually sweethearts deep down, rough)

Damien - Zane
(emo and goth af lol, look menacing in the outside but are easily the nicest guys you’ve ever met, the trans!zane headcanon would make more sense here!!! i love them!!!)

Brian - Travis
(i have literally never seen a Brian route but from what I’ve seen, HE’S A FRIGGIN SWEETHART, also green stuff)

Craig - Aaron
(oh my god do i even have to explain this, athletic, probably bi or pan, “dude, bro”, ATHLE TI C)

now I’ve gotten Mat and Hugo down to three people, Laurance, Dante, or Liochant. and i feel like Liochant fits both of them perfectly! but Lio can’t be two dads, so when i took him out, Dante seemed to quickly shuffle in Mat’s part after Liochant, and Laurance into Hugo’s.


please message me so that we can figure this out.

and please give me credit for this AU, asI have already looked through as many tags as possible and i have not found any Aphmau DDads AUs yet.

how do y'all feel about a mini series that doesn’t have a plot, its really just encounters with the supernatural, but its with monsta x ?? also @ anyone that’s requested somethin don’t worry I have it in my notes 😤👌

Good People

I have a lot of bad days. It doesn’t phase me much anymore because it’s really just part of who I am and I deal with it the best I can. Because we all have to just deal with… life. Mental illness doesn’t make that easier, but, WHATEVER. Anyway, I happen to be having a particularly unpleasant day and I feel really, really bad. So what do I do when I get home from work??? Ha. Scroll through tumblr. Because it’s a quick distraction, but also, more importantly, there are so many kind, understanding, amazing human beings on this site. Even if I don’t talk to some people, as mutuals I feel like I’ve gotten to know you. It’s like this weird experience of just, unspoken understanding. There’s also some stunning creativity! People share their words and their art, and that’s so amazing.

I feel like trash today, but I was honest going to put one of these together anyway. So I’m gonna list everyone who’s been awesome, and then just give it up to some cool artists, and , yeah. It will make me feel better, lol. 

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Okay, this needs to stop like honestly! Right now! I’ve tried to play nice and ignore people who have a tendency to cross the line, but that’s enough! Firstly, I’m very curious, don’t you get bored or something? Don’t you have better things to do, than just sitting in front of your computers screens every single damn day and turn a real human being’s life into a nightmare? Yes, that’s what you do, and don’t even try to give me this crap about “just sharing your opinion”! Let me tell you something, because maybe you are not aware of that. This is not an opinion. Bunch of you spend hours, days, months writing nasty comments about this girl, her character, this show. Your point is not to comment on anything. Your desire is to hate on her and some of you actually want her to see it! Are you obsessed?! Because your actions are definitely disgusting, oh my God! Do you even think what must she feel like, when you talk shit like that about her and then tag her on Twitter, so she can see this?! You think this is okay? IT’S NOT! IT’S NOT FUCKING OKAY!!! Obviously, you are allowed to have your opinion, but this is more than that - you are bullying her. She gets hate over everything and for what? For doing her job? Poeple, grow up already! Life isn’t a TV show and Phoebe Tonkin is an actual human being who has feelings just like everyone else!