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yuuri and viktor inspired by this fanfic by @grayclouds. and i know that the fanart is not as good as the fanfic, but, well, i tried. 

i dont even know what to say about this fanfic im so full of feelings i cant- 

Significant other: you stole my heart

Me: !! P Le as e, forgive me,,, it was m y first t ime stealing i wasnt thinking i s w ear ill N E V ER Do It again, oh god, my parents are gonna kill me pl e ase dont call the police!!!

me, reading HoO3: leo valdez is definitely gay and i dont understand how riordan hasnt seemed to have figured that out yet

some post on tumblr: HoO plays the shipping game really hard literally everyone gets paired off its kind of annoying

me, at the conclusion of HoO3, at which point everyone we care about has been paired off, except leo and nico: …….i am ok with this development


“If you want to sway in the gap between good and evil
Be the sword that protects anything and everything
Even if it is a foolish decision
Even if it is a proof of your sins
With more ferocity make up for it, trickster!”

It’s Me (Fallen Angel!Jun)


Angels weren’t supposed to fall in love. Especially with humans. Angels were only sent down to protect one from harm for a bit before coming back to heaven until another needs help. 

Seeing Jun fall in love with a human girl angered every angel, especially when he hurt her emotionally.

 Being a young-adult-angel, and being turned into a human to go back to Earth to protect a girl was supposed to be easy. But instead, Jun had played with your feelings multiple times, him being oblivious because it was his first time being human in a while. He did stupid things that he thought he was supposed to do and said things that were too blunt in the human world. 

This angered the Gods more than Jun unintentionally falling in love with you. 

This is how Wen Jun Hui became a fallen angel. 

He disobeyed the Gods and was sent away from Heaven. Jun’s aura went from godly and white, to dark and dull. His shining eyes now reflected nothing. His wings got removed and here he was, sitting in front of your house with glowing red eyes, the bitterness of being a fallen angel taking over him. 

It was like taking his whole non-existent life away from him. Everything seemed so dull and so dark to him now that he wasn’t feeling or acting like himself anymore. 

Instead of the sun-kissed glow skin, it turned grey-ish and dull. His hair that was always soft and brown turned to jet-black as it covered his eyes. His gentle smiling now was replaced by a slight frown as his pink lips were now a light shade of purple. 

His eyes glowed dangerously as he began punching and kicking the front door of your house. You jerked awake inside, your mind fussy and your heart feeling empty. 

You hesitantly walked downstairs and bit your lip in fright as you heard the commotion from the other side of the door. You whimpered when the punches against your door got louder. 

You stayed in that spot before slowly grabbing a pocket knife, hiding it under your sleeve as you moved closer to the door and looked out from the peep hole. You gasped as you recognized the figure, even in the dark. Of course you did, you stayed with him for two years but a few months ago, he just disappeared. You knew he was an angel and you knew he was going to leave– but it was just so… unexpected.

“Jun…” you whispered, a smile appearing on your face as you opened the door quickly, expecting his handsome smile and his arms wrapped around you in a loving manner. 

Instead, you gasped and got pushed down onto the wooden floor, making you groan in pain. You look up at him and stared at him in shock– it was Jun… but it wasn’t Jun.

You gasped and stared at him wide eyes as he picked you up and slammed you against the wall, his hand wrapped around your neck as he stared at you with glowing red eyes. 

Then you noticed how everything about him changed except for his face and body structure. 

You instantly wrapped your hands on his and desperately tried to free yourself as he stared at you.

“Jun– please let g-go!” you choked out, desperately trying to breathe. 

He stared at you silently as his grip loosened slightly

“Jun… please…” you stared at him with half-lidded eyes. 

He stared at you before his eyes glowed and his nails dug into the side of your neck, his grip tightening. 

You gasped as he lifted you up and moved closer to your face, his breath fanning on your face.

You squeezed your eyes shut before hurriedly trying to find the pocket knife from under your sleeve. You grabbed it and cut the surface of his hand. 

He hissed and let you go, making you fall to the floor and pant. You coughed and breathed in and out, your mind going fuzzy before you hurriedly crawl and look at him with wide, scared eyes. 

“Jun… please…! Don’t hurt me… Don’t hurt me again, please..” you pleaded as tears rolled down your eyes. 

He shouted and pinned your wrists down to the floor, his breathing turning louder as his face was dangerously close to yours. 

You looked at him with teary eyes before whispering, “you’re not you, Wen Jun Hui… You would never hurt me like this… You promised…” 

He stared at you and frowned deeper, his teeth showing. 

“Jun, it’s me, Y/N… It’s me…” 

He stared at you and you felt his grip loosen around your wrists. You took the chance and slowly took your hands away, slowly getting up and sitting up as Jun sat up as well, a blank expression on his face.

He stared at you blankly and it sent shivers down your spine. 

“It’s me, Y/N,” you repeated, cupping his cheeks that used to be warm, but now cold as ice, “I love you, Wen Jun Hui, remember?” 

He stared at you as his eyes stopped glowing red and turned brown, but dull. You smiled slightly and sniffed, rubbing your thumbs against his skin. 

“Wen Jun Hui, I love you,” you whispered, your face inching closer as you pressed your lips against his cold ones. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck tightly when you felt him move. You squeezed your eyes shut and hugged him tightly when you felt him try to pry you off. 

His eyes glowed red again and this time, they were wide. 

You tried to ignore the pain of his nails scraping against your waist and his whole body thrashing, him trying to pull you away. 

You pressed your lips harder against his and murmured, “It’s me, Wen Jun Hui… It’s me, Y/N,” you repeated, pulling back slowly when you felt his movements halt. 

You looked at him with broken eyes and whispered, “please… Please remember me…“ 

You hugged him and rested your face on the crook of his neck as you cried softly against him, your tears wetting his skin and shirt as he froze. 

You cried and hugged him tightly, your hands clenching his white shirt. 

You widened your eyes and stopped breathing when you felt his hands on you. One on your lower back and one on the back of your head. 

You sniffed and slowly pulled back, looking at him as he stared at you with his brown eyes. 

He sadly smiled and leaned in, kissing your lips. 

Before you could register it and kiss him back, he pulled away and looked at you with a broken, sad, expression. 

You thought that his hair and skin would change back to what it used to be, but it didn’t. Instead, the only thing that changed was his eyes–physically. 

He looked at you sadly and whispered, “I’m sorry.” 

His voice slightly cracked as he looked at you sadly before looking down, tears falling from his eyes. 

“I’m a fallen angel. This is what happens when they fall.” 

He bit his lip and sniffed, his hand wiping his eyes as he whispered, “I’m so sorry, Y/N.” 

You sniffed and shook your head, cupping his cheeks and looking at him, “Jun… Oh Jun, I’m so sorry.” 

He hugged you and cried, continuously apologizing to you. 

He was a fallen angel. 

With his angel wings and status taken away, the anger and sadness that built up within that was hidden behind the angelic demeanor, finally showed as his angel-self has fallen. 

anonymous asked:

if you could do vore with any DAI character, would you be the consumer or the consumee, and hwich character would you pick

first of all i hate you

second of all i dont want to be the consumer or the consumee

third of all i guess i’d pick. uh. fuck oh my god. every possible answer is killing me i dont know if i can say one even in jest oh my god i dont understand vore at all im sobbing i dont want to think baout this any mroe