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kent parson thoughts??

oh! yes! I actually do have thoughts for what I think is going to happen with Parse in the future, so without further ado, I bring to you [MARSHALL]:

(note: reading back over this after writing it, I can confirm that this post is a Mess. Like how many times can I just ramble in parenthesis? I don’t even know. Over 15 at least. including this one. my god. STILL HERE YOU GO:)

My Idea for What Could Happen with good ole Kenny P

  • Okay, so something that has been mentioned but not addressed in the comic is that it was once Rumored that Jack and Kent were involved. In Parse 2, Ransom and Holster talk about how close they were, how there were rumors, how there were rumors about the rumors, and then note that there is a “trove” of Jack Zimmermann/Kent Parson fanfiction. Obviously, this is a nod towards the bigger RPF hockey ships (like… sid/geno? I don’t actually read RPF but I think thats one…)
  • ANYWAY, enough is made of this friendship (with a question mark/astrix) that both get asked about how they are preparing for their game against each other and then they have a pretty intense first game
  • THE POINT IS: It is unclear just how far the rumors about Jack and Parson go. Is it the shippers who really believed they were together? Or was this a more widely whispered about rumor that some more “official” news sites mentioned? We really don’t know, but…
  • What we do know is that N has said Parse is the antagonist to Bitty’s plotline (of course I cannot find this exact quote right now but I am like 82% sure those are the exact words she uses… maybe. idk now im all turned around. did she not say this? why do i believe this to be true? oh well, for now:). Parse = Antagonist. (Note, antagonist does not necessarily mean despicable human being. Like, if you would like to see KP as that, I am not stopping you, I’m just pointing out that that is not the official definition of Antagonist and not really how I see him and my opinion has doubtless impacted my ideas.) The Antagonist has to fuck up the protagonist’s proverbial day. (Also, I’m not going to add this here but, dude, the development of the Antagonist as Totally Evil in Western Culture is really interesting! Ack, no side rants. Okay, moving on:)
  • SO, the more obvious route to go here is that Parse tries to break up Bitty and Jack (well, there was also the disastrous conversation at the Epikegster which some use to classify him as The Antagonist already but I am not going that far yet because, honestly, as shitty as that moment was for Jack, it did not really affect JackandBitty or the Zimbits ship. I’m assuming Year 4, we need some drama or threat of drama to the actual ship in order for KP to get Full Antagonist Status. He’s gotta fuck up Bitty’s day. Not just Jack’s).
  • However, in terms of: Parse tries to Openly Break Up Zimbits– I just don’t see the comic going there. First of all, Jack and Bitty seem like Stability Personified, so I can’t even picture how this would go: Parse: Zims, leave Bitty and be with me. Jack: No. Parse: damn. Alright. *goes to listen to sad music alone* — This is not very climactic, yet anything else would be out of character for Jack. (like Jack actually considering leaving Bitty or really anything Parse has to say would be bizzare bc even Senior-Year-Stressed Jack did not buy what Parse was selling and now Jack is Professional-Athlete-APlus-Boyfriend Jack so like… nah, don’t see it)
  • So basically, we need a way for Parse to be his full Antagonist Self while also being… not an Actual Comic Book Villain. And, just my opinion, I feel this cuts out “Purposefully Outing Jack Zimmermann.” It is just way over the line, doesn’t really fit with what we know of Parse (Shitty says that he was a humble guy/most of the Samwell crew likes him/he gives a very Media Answer when asked about Zimmermann), and also just doesn’t fit with the tone and world of Check Please, which I think we can all agree is fairly fluffy. Purposeful Malicious Outing just doesn’t fit.
  • BUT, there is a way that allows Kent to be the Antagonist, keeps him as a real person, and mayhap gives some wonderful shades of gray to the comic. And that is what I think (hope?) will happen and that is this:
  • Kent Parson Comes Out

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So basically the lovely and amazing @sweesters​ met AJ in the elevators of the airport a few (?) hours ago and he recognised her because she has met him before, and the conversation went from fan-art to FANFICTION and then MY FIC CAME UP. AJ himself brought up my fic???? And he has read it! 

Click read more for the screenshots and full explanation cos it’s long omfg

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1. It started out as a fist bump and Hak was all ~i’ll wait for u~ then Yona was like “no this needs to be a kiss”

2. Yona initiated it because of course she fucking did Hak was never going to

3. she broke him. he just stood there staring off into space and she was like “WELL. BYE.” and only says “..wait” after she already left.

4. Then he starting spinning around in circles repeating “THIS IS WEIRD” and imitates the fucking squirrel? WHY? WHY MAKE SQUIRREL NOISES? oh my god Hak.

5. He asks if he’s dead and has to be assured he is not. also that everyone is just witnessing this extreme complete turmoil and kinda bored about it.

6. I was so joking in my tags that Hak was really upset Yona wasn’t more dramatic about giving away the hairpin because he would have been. but. no that’s canon now. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOING ALL THIS SHIT CASUALLY. WHERE IS THE DRAMA.”

7. “YOU DUMMY” jesus christ. He “baka-d” her. wow Hak.




they’re both such fucking loser babies. jesus. i love them.

ok cool he changed his username now let’s just move on ok, he’s literally been changing his branding for months

In The Doghouse

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So I had zero inspiration to write for today’s kakayama week theme “In The Doghouse”

And then this happened

Do you regret being excited yet?

Have I mentioned I can’t draw?


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“Glo up: post the oldest selfie you can find and then post a current one next to it”

2009//2017 | 11//19 ((Oh god I look so bad the only the decent part of these selfies is my pizza top.))

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Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

(requested by @hexmeridian​)

Thanks For Playing (3) (No Actual Title Yet) - The next in my post-canon fic series after The Second Time Around. Dirk POV, focus on DirkJake and a natural emphasis on Dirk’s primary relationships in the limbo time spent on Earth C directly after opening the door but before the ectobabies and timeskip from the credits. I think I have mostly settled on making Jane the primary ancillary character in this (Roxy and Karkat played this role in the first one, Roxy and Jade in the second… so it will probably be Roxy and Jane in this one. Look I care a lot about Dirk and Roxy’s relationship okay.) We’ll see what she’s struggling with while Dirk and Jake go on adventures together to try and solve a garishly colored puzzle close to Jade’s heart. 

[I have… 4k-ish words written for this and a rough outline for the rest.] 

The Rafflesia Riddle (OR: The Silver Twlight Sister Versus The Ancient Corpse Queen) - A Rosemary Not-AU Sorta-Meteorstuck (Post-Retcon) wherein Rose and Kanaya dance around their developing relationship by expressing themselves through melodramatic gothic-lovecraftian roleplaying. It’s all about plausible deniability, people. (Until it’s not.) 

[This is fully outlined and I’m gonna start on it soon. Current outline is 4 acts with a few chapters each, so it will hopefully clock in somewhere between 12-15 chapters. I am depending heavily on my wife to ensure I finish this project sob I’m terrified of longfic. Vaguely inspired by the Homestuck Harlequin Challenge idea.]

DirkJake PWP (No Title Yet) - Post-Canon, Earth C. Jake is the famous (and famously hot) CEO of SkaiaNet, and he is a very busy guy, ok? He can’t help it if he has a lot of demands on his time. His mysterious tagalong boyfriend is just gonna have to chill out. Follow him around for awhile. Attend a few press conferences, watch a few advertising reels, become increasingly frustrated while Jake finds ways to cleverly and covertly tease him over the crowd of adoring public between them, you know how it is.

[I have this outlined and by that I mean I wrote a shitpost that could serve as a rough outline] 

Dirk/Jake/Brain Ghost Dirk One-Shot (No Title Yet) - Post-Canon, Earth C. Jake’s increasing control over his Hope powers results in a fascinating problem that might not really be a problem at all but hahaha yeah no it’s definitely a problem we just haven’t figured out where it is on the Sliding Scale Of Problems yet because let’s face it, this situation is REALLY CONFUSING FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED.

[I have this half written, it’s about 5k words so far. I’m KINDA STUCK on it right now but hoping to pick it up again soon.]

Davekat PWP (No Title Yet) - Meteorstuck, Post-Retcon, Dream Karkat on the meteor inevitably seeks Dave and his sleeping self out because what the fuck else is he going to do and whoops everyone has an aversion to open displays of affection and suffers from cripplingly low self esteem so I guess this is gonna be really awkward isn’t it

[I have like 8k words written on this and I swear to god I will finish it one day] 

ANOTHER DaveKat PWP (Still No Title Yet) - Post-Canon, Earth C, Dave convinces Karkat to sext with him (ironically of course) but Karkat doesn’t do anything god damn ironically, Dave, you hopeless fool. (Dave is trapped in a prison of his own making and it is delightful, I hope.) 

[This is another “I have an outline and by outline I mean a shitpost that spawned this entire idea” one but I currently still do intend to write it because every time I think about it I laugh up my own fucking sleeve forever.] 

Hex already tagged everyone I’d tag so I’m not gonna tag anyone >:[

Oh and I might still write a trickster dirkjake thing because I want to but I have done zero work on it yet (BUT I WANT TO)

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nobsdominion seriously, girl calm down. Everyone know she's the bully who stalked opiniondominion off line. Yea we get your head up Tom's ass, cause god forbid you have a negative opinion about an actor relationship, who made the entire relationship public, online. *eyerolls* she only wishes she had a cool username like you do...


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also her tag was ominous, like what did i do?? did i kill someone?did i skin a cat? oh no! i talked shit about tom hiddleston last summer and hated his gf. Please god smite me! PUNISH ME FOR I AM A SINNER

human au headcanon time 

lightning just walks around in his firesuit after practice. the boy doesnt shower and everyone takes pictures of him. tourists are like “oh my god thats lightning mcqueen in his track suit drinking a milkshake”

sally and lightning sing country ballads together. not as a special thing, and they’re not really all that good, but like they’ll be doing paperwork and sorting laundry and they’ll start singing

flo knows everybody’s orders by heart except mater, who changes his every day

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What do you think would happen if ALL your blonde boys met somehow? (Joey, Adrien, Felix, Chad, ect) idk I just like the idea of them all meeting up for some reason. How do you think they'd interact?

okay it’s not ALL of them (i don’t have nearly enough time to include EVERYONE in my collection of favourite cute blond characters), but here are six blond sons and one bonus blonde daughter

also if you think mighty max and polly pocket aren’t best friends who go everywhere together then wow do i have news for you

VMHQ Parker Week

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There you all are! Oh. My. God. Isn’t this blog just the CUTEST? I love all of the polls and posts about my friends and I SUPER LOVE how much fun everyone is having!! (。♥‿♥。) 💖💕💕

Veronica tells me it’s my turn to host a character week here at VMHQ and I am ALWAYS glad to help a girlfriend out!! Look out for a question post and a poll and definitely feel free to share your meta, gifsets, fan art or fanfic featuring me! 

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Make sure to tag everything with #VMHQ Parker Week. I want to be able to find everything so I can reblog it. Whatever you do, I know I will love it SO much. It just really means something that you’re thinking of me, you know? 


Come on and join in. It’ll be fun! As long as, you know, you…

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art by aprilrainmayblossom

This is like part one of ? IDK how far we’re going to go with this. 
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fuicjkdslgdfg in my dream last night my school was doing some sort of weird reality tv competition or something idr i just remember having this rly heartfelt beautiful conversation with someone and then halfway through realizing that they were in dreads and a suit and i looked down at myself and realized my costume was this colorful MESS of skirts and frills and i just LEAPT UP like OH MY GOD WE’RE TAAKITZ and then i ran around to everyone posing and twerking like YALL!!! IM TAAKO IM TAAAAAAKO I TOLD YOU BITCHES!!! SUCK MY FAMOUS BUTT I KNEW IT and it was so great and im mad it wasnt real

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If I were a month: JUNE😜🎉🎈

If I were a day: Friday

If I were a planet: oh gosh umm.. Jupiter.. (bc boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider)
If I were a god or goddess: ATHENA 💖👑(Greek Mythology)
If I were a sea animal: 
manatee.. they so cute
If I were a piece of furniture: 
If I were a gemstone: pearl
If I were a flower: 
If I were a weather: beautiful spring time weather when the trees and flowers are blossoming, the wind is calmly blowing, the sun isn’t melting away humanity
If I were a color: blueeeeeeee
If I were an emotion: motivation… i luv the feeling
If I were a fruit: MANGO
If I were an element: water i used to love/idolize katara bc she was a waterbender holla
If I were a place: tbh… a basketball court or a bookstore
If I were a taste: cookies & cream ice cream you cant tell me that don’t taste bomb af
If I were a scent: i adore the smell of either fresh flowers or cookies there’s no in between
If I were a song: slow jamz by kanye or under pressure by logic
If I were a body part: mouth so i can blab about shit i love
If I were a pair of shoes: jordan military 4s or a pair of red bottoms helll yeaaaa so i can stunt on everyone

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I have been doing so many of these ask things recently, and I am so sorry if you hate them.

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  • Relationship status: Single. Oh so single.
  • Favorite color: Purple, or turquoise
  • Lipstick or chapstick: Neither! I hate wearing anything on my lips.
  • Last song you listened to: I’m currently listening to ‘For Forever’ from Dear Evan Hansen, but the song before that was Michael In The Bathroom from Be More Chill, which is a brilliant, relatable song that I recommend to everyone.
  • Last movie you watched: God, I can’t even remember. I don’t watch that many films. Does the new series of Unbreakable Kimmy Scmidt count?
  • Top 3 characters: Because I am Harry Potter trash: Harry Potter (he is oddly underappreciated, but I love my oblivious little bean); Tom Riddle (everyone’s favourite psychopath); and the last one is tricky…. ooo! Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov (I can’t choose between my babies!) 
  • Top 3 ships: Tomarry, Victuuri, and Hannigram
  • Books you are currently reading: The Seven Basic Story Plots, and Tess of the D’Urbervilles
  • Top 5 musicals: Only 5? XD Hmm… Hamilton, obviously. Heathers. Legally Blonde. Spring Awakening! And Waitress. Although I’ve really recently started getting very into Dear Evan Hansen and the Great Comet, too. (Too many musicals.)

rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better

tagged by: @o0jaywolf0o! great person

relationship status: i’m in a complicated relationship with my will to live

favourite colour: RED

lipstick or chapstick: i like my lips how they are now thanks

last song you listened to: young and a menace (fucking gold)

last movie you watched: x files: i want to believe

top 3 characters: tom, roy mustang, kyle broflowsky

top 3 ships: tomedd, mattxmatt, riza and mustang (fucking come on, one straight ship and it’s not canon)

books and manga you are currently reading: oh boi: one piece, i am pilgrim, haikyuu, 1984, barakamon, bakuman oh god i have so much shit to do there’s like 30 more on the list

top 5 musicals: i have watched two and the only i really like is deh

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(Official Disclaimer)

Oh my god so I literally just discovered the wonderful amazingness of the ENFJ and therefore I’m still super excited about the fact that you guys even exist. (Cesar Millan–the dog whisperer–I’ve typed him as an ENFJ. thoughts???)

Okay, now that’s out of my system. You’re like. So. Aware. Of how everyone around you is feeling. Wow. That’s incredible. As an ENTJ with my Fe almost completely nonexistent, I can assure you I have nothing but awe (and perhaps a bit of jealousy) for this ability. (Do you know how easy it would be to manipulate people??? No?? Try it on someone and tag me with the results.) (Not joking.)

Another thing I appreciate about ENFJs is that (at least for me) you’re easy to read. I can usually tell what you’re thinking or feeling just by observing your face or body language. This is so, so, so helpful. Thank you.

I love that you’re protective of the people you love. You aren’t afraid to stand up for your friends, family, and children. I love that you’re incredibly sensitive to your loved ones as well. You will always care about them, you will always support them with the best advice you can give them, and you will always see the good in them.

I also love that you’re extroverted without being annoying or hyper.

overly involved teacher!stiles

@stetervault tagged me. Thank you by the way. I was literally lying in bed all day avoiding homework, and this totally jumpstarted me into being productive.

Rules: Take five minutes to write a drabble. No re-reading, no editing, just write.

I did not follow the 5 minute part of the rules, oops. I got pretty carried away…

Oh! also, tagging @pibroch if you wanna do this :)

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