oh god did this ever even happen

Midnight Shadows  ; 5

 Pairing : Jimin x Y/N

Genre : Fluff / Angst

  A/N : Oh my god I’m so sorry for not updating this I was busy but I do hope I end up writing more.

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I picked up my bag, and I said goodbye to Choa and procceded to go home since the job was over. Suddenly life went even more downhill.

Did I actually bump into Jimin?

“Uh, sorry?” I said, being shocked as ever and hoping it wouldn’t turn into those long conversations. Because that’s not what I want.

“Oh. Wait” It’s happening god please save me from this.

“Aren’t you Y/N by any chance” he said.

“Yeah, I am? But who are you.” I played it off that I don’t know him just to be left alone would be smart in my opinion.

“Oh, i’m Jimin remember I’m sure you remember me” please leave me alone I do not want this.

“I think I do remember you but I don’t know”
I wanna go home.

“You should we we’re friends, also I was wondering why aren’t you friends with Y/BFF/N”
This has got to be the most awkward conversation I’ve ever been in.

“I guess shes not my type of friend but what about her?”

“I think she wanted to talk to you, because she misses you” I hate her.

“Tell her to text me or something. My numbers the same.” I really wanted to be rude in a situation like this but I somehow kept quiet.

“Okay, sure goodbye” thank god, that’s over with I hope I never see him or her ever again.

Well guess what, karma is a bitch, and it came for me. I shouldn’t have said anything. I should’ve ran when I bumped into Jimin. But now.

Either Jimin or Y/BFF/N, or both come to the cafe. They try to talk to me. I really wanna ignore them both but I can’t. I hope they never show up in this cafe again.


God have mercy on my soul, I say that every morning. I Change my clothes put some makeup on and straighten my hair. I quickly grab my bag and end up running to the cafe. I’m here just in time I put on one of those ugly uniforms.
But then, Jimin came in. I did not want that to happen. Why is god against me?

Jimin comes to the counter
“Hey you free tonight?” What does he want from me.

“Im actually free most of the time, but why ask?”

“I think we should catch up on things” of course, because that’s WHAT I WANT TO DO.

“I mean, should we. I don’t think of us as friends when I left the hospital..”

“Oh, we can be friends again then?”

“Can I trust you though?”

“Ofcourse, when your shift ends you can text me. We could go somewhere to eat” he gives me his number.

“Since you gave me your number I guess theres no turning back now”

“See you later” and with that he leaves.

I could’ve had such a peaceful life, and now i’m stuck on going to catch up. I swear to god that little girlfriend of his better not interrupt anything.

And then I got a phone call. Oh who could that be? Of course not Jimin.           That was sarcastic. It’s Jimin do I really need to go. I mean I could just stay at home minding my own business watching something.

I mean this COULD be an opportunity to be productive at least once in my entire life.

So, I got ready went to that meet-up place or whatever it was. Jimin was already there so I sat down. We just talked the whole time plain boring stuff like how was your life and what not. But I couldn’t believe my eyes what I just witnessed.

Jimin was in shock to be honest I feel like he could’ve broke down.

That girl of his showed up completely not noticing that Jimin is here. And she just kissed another guy. It looked more like she forced herself onto him.

Jimin shouted at her ‘’It’s over’’ 

And she

well, that ‘’human being’’ started crying.

Reunited AUs

”I still have you in my phone under ‘don’t call’ even though it’s been years and I just accidentally sent you a rickroll oops” au

“this is so unfair there’s this song getting popular and the singer sounds like you and all these lyrics almost sound like they could be about me but you’re singing about lost love and you weren’t in love with me wait I’m watching the music video and crying and hey that’s definitely you wtf” au

“oh my god i just hit someone with my car and it’s you hey i’m sorry are you okay please don’t sue?” au

“we’re romantic leads in a play and hey what ruined our friendship again OH YEAH THIS INSANE CHEMISTRY this isn’t awkward at all” au

“you’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” au

“so i know we just reunited but mind explaining how your whole life went to hell?” au

“you just liked a three year old photo of me on instagram i didn’t even know you had an account” au

“something came up and now i’m really scared you’ll spill this old secret of mine please don’t do that” au

“i’m a nurse and oh my god what happened why are you here i can’t lose you a second time” au 

“did you know when you meet your soulmate ‘x’ happens? the government’s kept it under wraps but i just found out and i think we should try again cause i always assumed it was coincidence but that thing happened when we met” au

“i’m moving and i know this is a long-shot but want my dog?? you’re the only other person it ever liked and i hate you but i love it” au

“i thought you hated me but i just accidentally sent you a booty text and you accepted and i am seriously considering it” au

“so i didn’t know why you dropped contact with me and i just found out and here’s how i totally did not do that” au

“we’re texting for the first time in forever and i told you about some stupid thing i did and sent a sarcastic ‘you must really miss me, huh’ and you just replied ‘yes’ and i think my heart just broke” au

“our best friends are dating you’re still the spawn of satan though” au

“i just found out through social media/mutual friends that you’re gay/bi/pan/etc. do you know how many times i did not make a move” au

“we’ve been chatting online and we get on really well and oh that explains it” au (bonus: i totally told you about my crappy ex oops it you)

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BODY 👏 SWAP 👏 TROPE 👏 Hcs for members switching bodies with another member for a day what would they do 👻 You can pick who switches with who ~ love you 💕

i am loving this freaky friday shit

Yoosung in Jumin’s body

  • suddenly sleep deprived gamer boy has to play head of a massive corporation for the day?
  • he hates it
  • FIRST OF ALL, he cant understand anything anyone is saying
  • he cant even enjoy all the luxury of being Jumin, he’s too busy answering confusing phone calls that he has to clumsily stutter his way through
  • “Mr. Han, did you look over the marketing teams newest proposal for re-branding products to better appeal to a wider range of potential clients?”
  • “um…yea it was good. sounds like a good idea”
  •  “excellent. when you have time today please email me with-”
  • “yea sure tell Jaehee and i’ll do it”
  • “Mr. Han, i think-”
  • he hangs up, and that happens a few times before he even gets to work
  • gets lost like three times looking for his own office
  • as soon as he sees Jaehee he runs up to her and hugs her
  • “Jaehee oh my god this has been the worst morning ever everyone talks like their 50 years old and i-”
  • “Mr. Han? i dont think this behavior is-”
  • he lets go and brushes himself off, clearing his throat
  • “ah..um..yes, of course. i’ll be in my office…..assistant Kang…”
  • tries to pull his office door open, discovering that its a push door
  • all day:

Zen in Jaehee’s body

  • first of all
  • he knew Jaehee was a fan but like….
  • not this big of a fan
  • he is both overwhelmed by how thankful he is to have so much support and…a little freaked out?
  • also, he thinks Jaehee is attractive but who are we kidding, when he looked in the mirror and saw not himself, he was pretty upset
  • also pretty disappointed in Jaehee’s fashion sense but thats another subject for another day
  • there is no way in hell Zen was gonna go play Jumin assistant all day, he would rather die probably
  • and Zen knows better than anyone just how desperately this poor girl needs a break
  • so he decides to have a little treat yo self day!
  • he goes shopping and drinks fancy starbucks coffee and even gets a massage
  • he even snags a few cute boys numbers
  • (which yknow….Jaehee doesnt really need….but anyway)
  • he isnt really giving Jaehee a day off by doing this
  • but at least the massage will leave her feeling good in the morning!!

Jaehee in Seven’s body

  • cleaning
  • just, so much cleaning
  • also leaving the house to buy groceries
  • then getting a violent reminder that Seven is a very busy person when his boss calls
  • he sounds so scary and keeps talking about a “hard deadline” and someone named “agent vanderwood”
  • isnt that Sevens maid or something….?
  • well, no one can work on an empty stomach. not even the defender of justice
  • when she returns, agent vanderwood is there but she doesnt know its him
  • probably goes all martial arts on him, thinking its an intruder
  • vanderwood is a trained agent so he fights back a bit before being like SEVEN WHatTHE FUCK WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME ILL LITERALLY TAZE YOU
  • “taze me? arent you here to clean?”
  • “just do your work, alright?”
  • “um…yea…of course….”
  • Jaehee has no idea whats going on but she knows how to make it sound like she’s doing shit
  • starts working on C&R projects at one point

Jumin in Zen’s body

  • first thing he does is wake up and chop his hair off
  • all that hair just gets in the way?? he hates it??
  • that will be a nice surprise for Zen the next day :)
  • he knows that Zen probably has rehearsal and stuff but he’s not an actor
  • and he has a more important job to do anyway at C&R 
  • uuuggHHHH why doesnt Zen own any NICE suits??!
  • spends Zen’s money on a 3 piece suit
  • much better :)
  • then he tried to go into work just, as Zen
  • so many people tried to stop and ask who he was but he just walked past them
  • theres no time to try and prove his identity, he has to start the work day
  • finally he gets to his floor, where Jaehee is working at her desk
  • “assisstant Kang, i will be working in Zen’s body today. please forward my massages”
  • but?? is that zen???
  • so upset because he has to reschedule all his meetings for that day
  • “i cant meet with the board looking like this”

707 in Yoosungs body

  • he has so much fun being Yoosung
  • hates Yoosung’s laptop so much
  • he misses his high performance laptop
  • finds a planner with Yoosungs class schedule in it
  • Yoosung doodles all over his planner, thats so cute
  • alright, he has to do everything he can with his one day back in college
  • upon entering his first class, he finds they’re taking an exam
  • its calc 2 so he aces it, of course
  • you’re so welcome, Yoosung
  • acts like a total smart ass all day
  • after classes he plays LOLOL for like 6 hours straight
  • Yoosung is literally so lucky to have me inside his body today
  • (lolololololololol)
  • also does all of Yoosungs homework for him
  • thinks to himself all day wow Seven, you’re such a saint


edit: i love you too
Jealous ~ Peter Parker

Request: Hi, love your writing! Can I get a Peter Parker imagine where the reader and Peter are best friends and he likes her so for her birthday he takes her to meet all the Avengers at the tower and she’s a really big fan/crush on Cap and Bucky and it makes Peter jealous and you can decide the rest. Thank you doll

Word count: 1,018

Relationship; Peter Parker X Female!reader, Feat Bucky Barnes, and Captain America 

Warnings: Jealous Peter, Kissing, minor swearing

A/N: I had this take place at the new Avengers facility since in homecoming they moved to a new location

“Peter can I take off the blindfold now” I whined as he grabbed my hand leading me somewhere for my birthday.

“No, Y/N if you took it off now it wouldn’t be a surprise” He replied. I didn’t even need to see him know he had a stupid smirk on his face.

“Ugh, Peter you know I hate surprises and you” I sighed, as we continued to walk. I probably looked

“Well that’s unfortunate because you’re going to love me in about two minutes” he laughed. I heard him push open a door, and he briefly let go of my hand and placed it on my back, swiftly pushing me into wherever the hell he was taking me.

“Peter Benjamin Parker I swear to go if you don’t take this blindfold off soon I’m going to-” I was cut off by Peter coming from behind me and slowly taking off the blindfold. “Peter” I whispered.

“Yes Y/N” he laughed

“Are we at the new Avengers base” I squeaked as I tried not to freak out.

“What does it look like” he retorted laughing at me, probably because I looked like a five year on Christmas day. I saw a jet start to take off and I practically sprinted to the window watching fly away faster than I’ve ever seen anything go. Peter was definitely right about me loving him after I found out my surprise. I turned on my heel and I ran back to Peter practically pouncing on him wrapping my arms around him and squeezing him so tight I pretty sure he was having trouble breathing.

“Thank you so much, Peter” I mumbled into his neck. I pulled from the hug, to see Peter as red as a tomato, and I could feel my cheeks start to heat up too, so I quickly looked down at my feet.

“So you must be the birthday girl” I heard from behind. I whipped around to see Bucky Barnes and Captain America. I felt the urge to scream and run away since I’ve been obsessed with them since I was literally 9.

“Oh my god, this is not happening right now, Peter you did not do this for me” I squealed, and Peter gave me a warm smile.

“So how old are you turning” I heard Bucky ask.

“16” I blurted out, still trying to process what was happening right now.

“Pete watch out looks like your little girlfriend here can drive you around soon” Captain laughed and I’m pretty Peter’s face managed to get redder than before. I laughed, not even denying the girlfriend because honestly, I wanted to be his girlfriend, but no way in hell I would ever tell anyone that. I watched as the captain took off his mask revealing his gorgeous face.

“Holy shit he’s was hotter in person,” I said under my breath. I definitely think Peter heard because I heard him sigh, and when I turned around he quickly looked at the floor.

“Do you want to get some pictures?” Bucky asked. I practically passed out right there and then. I quickly handed Peter my phone and I went in the middle of them. We took a ton of pictures with different poses. I even got to hold Cap’s shield which was the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. When I looked up at Peter he looked pretty annoyed. Cap leaned down and whispered into my ear

“You know he likes you more than a friend right”?

“No he doesn’t, that’s crazy he’s just my best friend” I argued, feeling the blood rush my cheeks.

“Trust me Y/N, I’ve been around a long time, and Peter is head over heels for you” He assured.

“Really” I questioned

“Yes,” I heard Bucky laugh.

“He’s been giving us the death glare the past twenty minutes” Cap chuckled.

“What should I do,” I asked

“Make a move, of course, I mean only if you feel the same way” Cap replied smiling at me.

“I would just kiss him, it makes life way easier, then you don’t have to admit anything” Bucky chuckled. After giving me a small pep talk They both gave me hugs and went off to do whatever they do in their free time I guess. Which made me want to know what they were doing, but who cares.

“Thank you so much for this Peter,” I said pulling him into another hug.

“It’s no problem” He mumbled his voice laced with jealousy.

“Peter there is no reason to be jealous” I blurted out.

“I’m not jealous” He insisted turning away from me. I decided to go with what Bucky said to do since it seemed to be the easiest so I quickly moved to I’d be facing him and I grabbed his face and slammed my lips to his. Funny thing was it didn’t even take him that kong to kiss back. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. My skin felt on fire everywhere he touched, and his soft plump lip felt like heaven on mine. Eventually, I pulled away for air. Peter still had his eyes closed and I looked up and I saw Bucky and Cap giving me a thumbs up from the second story of the building and I smiled.

“That was the best Birthday present ever” I giggled.

“I pretty sure that was more of a present for me” Peter corrected

“That’s debatable” I challenged grabbing his hand as we walked out of the facility. That was by far the best birthday I’ve ever had and I think the best I’ll ever have.


Trigger warning for abuse, harassment and stalking!

[text]: If you don’t answer your phone I’m coming over.
[text]: Guess who? I know you changed your number but nothing can keep me from you
[text]: I see you changed the locks. Bad move.
[text]: Look at this lovely picture I took of you at the café.
[text]: Ignoring me isn’t going to make me stop texting you
[text]: I’m outside. Let me in now.
[text]: It’s like the Gods sculpted your body themselves.
“Why were you out? Were you cheating on me? Is that it?”
“From now on I’m going to pick you up from work. I need to know that the ten minutes longer you took really are because of traffic.”
“No. I’m not leaving until you tell me why you won’t even give me a chance!”
“You don’t understand, we’re meant to be together.”
“You can’t leave me, I won’t accept it.”
“I saw you cheating on me. It’s okay though, I forgive you. You didn’t know we were together.”
“I hope you know I’ve been thinking about you ever since I last saw you.”
“I know you broke up with me, but I don’t accept that.”
“You’re mine, do you hear me? Mine!”
“Do I have to lock you in here to stop you from getting away?”
“I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.”
“You’re scared now but in the future you’ll thank me.”
“You’re six and a half minutes late. Why?”

“What are you doing here? How did you get in?!”
“Leave me alone!”
“Why won’t you understand, it’s never going to happen, ever!”
“If there was any chance of us being together, it’s now gone.”
“You can’t act this way towards people!”
“Just because you want us to be together, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.”
“Don’t you see what you’re doing to me? You’re ruining my life!”
“Get away from me!”
“Why don’t you understand, there’s nothing between us! Not even friendship, nothing!”
“Oh my God… How many pictures do you have of me?”
“So when you just bumped into me… that wasn’t the first time you saw me?”
“How many of my things do you have?”
“I think I’m going to be sick.”
“I saw the folder on your computer with my name on it, you’re disgusting.”
“Get out now, or I will hurt you.”
“Don’t think I won’t defend myself.”
“This is sick! You’re sick!”

SJM HATERS: try to prove to me that acomaf isn’t feministic, that tog series is the most terrible thing that has ever happened, that both manorian/rowaelin are abusive and derogratory to manon/aelin, that aeodion bisexuality wasn’t hinted in the books AND ON TOP OF THAT that i somehow can’t enjoy both sjm books and six of crows series

ME:……….did we even read the same books oh my god just stop please I CAN’T BELIEVE ITI CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE ITWOMEN BEING SUBMISSIVE IN BED DOESN’T MAKE THEM ABUSE VICTIMS!!!!  





I’m really sorry for caps and for screaming. But I just can’t bear the fact that you call the author of the most feministic book I read in 2016 ( ACOMAF)  a literal homophopic racist transophobic ( how??? bc there are no trans ppl in her books, that makes her transophobic) and fake feminist. You may not like her books, you are free to enjoy whatever you want. But don’t throw around fake information just because you don’t like a certain ship or a character. 

SJM books aren’t perfect, because no books are truly perfect. But they’re damn good for me and don’t you try to paint me as a villan for this. 

  • I love you, ____
  • Don’t you do that, don’t say your good-byes. Not yet, do you understand me? 
  • I got everything I need right here with me. 
  • I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. 
  • You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.
  • Stay back! Don’t come any closer!
  • Come on, just give me your hand. I’ll pull you back over.
  • Do you love him?
  • Well, you’re being very rude. You shouldn’t be asking me this.
  • Well, it’s a simple question. Do you love the guy or not?
  • Why can’t you just answer the question?
  • You are so annoying.
  • I’m the king of the world!
  • This is where we first met.
  • I changed my mind.
  • Do you trust me?
  • Goodbye! I’m gonna never forget you!
  • You’re a good liar.
  • What I was thinking was, what could’ve happened to this girl to make her think she had no way out?
  • No, no, that’s not what I was thinking.
  • Well, I believe you may get your headlines, ____
  • You’re so stupid. Why did you do that, huh? You’re so stupid, ____
  • Oh God! I couldn’t go. I couldn’t go, _____
  • It’s not up to you to save me, ____.
  •  You’re a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I’ve ever known…
  • Music to drown by. Now I know I’m in first class.
  • I know. It doesn’t make any sense. That’s why I trust it.
  • You unimaginable bastard!
  • Oh stop it, mother. You’ll give yourself a nose bleed.
  • So, you wanna go to a real party?
  • How did you find out I didn’t do it?
  • Well, you’re about to fall into the snake pit… what are you planning to wear?
  • You shine up like a new penny.
  • I will never forget you.
  • You want to walk a little faster through that valley there? 
Like a Puppy (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hi! I love your writing so much and I was wondering if you could do a request :D could you do like the reader is really closed off and she always wear black and wears a beanie all the time just like jughead, and she’s like super sarcastic so one day jughead comes up to talk to her and follows her around all day ? SORRY THAT THIS IS SO LONG

A/N: I switched it up a bit so the reader is a bit newer to riverdale! (Sorry if it sucked.I’m writing it at 4am with no sleeping) Hope you enjoy it. Requests are welcome (ALSO THANKS TO MY BBY FOR READING THE BEGINNING FOR ME <3 ILY @jugheadneedsahome )


Like a Puppy (Jughead x Reader)

Jughead wasn’t one to chase after girls or even glance. He simply had his laptop and unless the girl had food with her, he wasn’t interested.

That was until she came to the school.

He didn’t notice her at first. Of course he didn’t. He had his face glued to his laptop.

It was Ronnie that pointed her out during lunch a few weeks after she started.

(Y/n) were more of a loner than he was. She didn’t want to make friends and gave a glare or snarky remark to anyone who tried.

People started to notice that she wore similar clothes everyday. It was always some combo of black jeans, tight black tee with some sort of leather jacket, and her hair controlled with her beloved beanie.

“She’s literally just like you, Jug!” He just looks up in confusion.

“Who are you talking about?”

The group roll their eyes at him and point to a lonely girl sitting at a table, buried in a book.  

He glances over and almost falls off the bench. Woah. He didn’t think he’s ever seen a girl as pretty as her. How did he not notice her?

“Juggie?” Betty raises her brow at him.

“She’s pretty.” the words escape his mouth before he even registered them.

The whole group froze and Jug turned to look at them.

“Did I just say that out loud?” His face turning a faint pink.

“Oh my god. Yes.” V all but squeals. “I ship it.”

Arch gestures to the girl in black. “Dude, Go say hi.”

He shakes his head quickly. “Nope. Not happening. We’re all going to pretend that most definitely did not come out of my mouth.” with that, grabs his laptop and leaves.

You were at your locker, looking for your Biology book when he walks up to you.

“Hi.” You glance at the boy with a beanie crowned on his head. It was similar to the one on your head.

“Can I help you?” You try not to wince. You always seem to sound rude without helping it.

Instead of giving the reaction most people do, he just gives a half smirk and nods his head.

“Jughead Jones the third. You?” You were a bit shocked that he didn’t seem fazed by your rude exterior.

“(Y/n).” You pull out the book you were looking for and slam your locker shut.

You turn to the boy and give him a two fingered salute. “Well Jugster. Nice to meet you but I must get going.”

He just shrugs and walks next to you to your next class, not saying a word.

It was free period when you managed to lose him. Jughead. He’s been following you around all day and every time you threw a sarcastic comment that most people would find rude, he’d just laugh and say something even more witty back.

You didn’t know what to think.

You weren’t one for friends. Hell, People never had the same sense of humor as you did so you never tried.

But Jughead. He was different.

He liked the comments you made in Biology.

He liked the snide remark you through at the Queen Ginger.

You sigh and close the book, unable to focus now.

A body plops down beside you.

“You know people will start thinking things if you keep this up.” You move your head to see Jughead grinning at you.

“Don’t worry what people think. They don’t do it very often.” He replies and you let out a laugh.

“Why do you keep following me around like a puppy, Jugster?” You decide to just ask the poor boy.

“I want to get to know you. Is that a crime?” He shrugs.

“Stupidity is not a crime so you’re free to go.” He just laughs and rolls his eyes.

“Keep rolling your eyes and maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” Before you could say anything else, he interrupts you.

“Have you ever been to Pop’s?” You raise a brow to the blushing boy.

“I’ve been a few times, Jugster. Haven’t tried his burgers yet though.”

He sends you a smile and asks, “Go to Pop’s with me?”

“Are you asking me out, Jugster? It’s only been a day.” Dating wasn’t something you were used to, but you had to admit he was definitely your type.

“Yeah. Let’s go for burgers and milkshakes.” His eyes meet yours and you find yourself nodding.

“Okay Jugster, but i warned you.”

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Bella looks so much like Jennifer Lawrence

Here is what Bella said about Jennifer:

How often do people tell you you look like Jennifer Lawrence?
‘Multiple times a day. Probably today it’s already happened like five times.‘

Do people think you’re actually her, though?
‘No, but they’ll be like, “Oh my god, you know who you look like?” I’ll be like, “Jennifer Lawrence.” They’ll be like, “How did you know?” Like, “Just a weird thought I had…"‘       

Have you ever met her?
‘I met her at the Met Ball. I don’t even know if she knows that. I swear we made eye contact. I had to shake her hand while we walked in, and I was like, “This is so weird.” I don’t know if she did a double take or whatever, but it happened.’

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In the wolf au, is Kirishima dating Denki, hanta, Mina, ect or is just kinda a wolf thing? Not that I mind either way I'm just super curious lol. Also it's so lovely, your work is so sweet.

Anon said: hello fran!! How are you? I hope you’re doing great!! sorry to bother you haha but I wanted to ask something!! So, in your wolf!kirishima comic it says that Denki’s pack and so is sero and mina, does that mean that they’re wolves shifters too?? And will we ever get to see them?? (also is there kamisero? Sorry my weak heart loves them yeet)

Ohohohohohohoho I’m glad you both asked about Kirishima’s pack cause boy do I have answers - okay first things first, Kirishima is only dating Bakugou and he’s the only wolf shifter in the pack (well, Mina is also a shifter, just not a wolf shifter)

In the AU pack dynamics are loosely based on how wolf packs work in the wild: in nature usually there’s an alpha couple (the “alpha male” and his mate) and the rest of the pack is made out of their pups! So by all means it’s just a family unit - once the pups are old enough to fend for themselves they leave the “pack” to form their own family - they’re social animals, so they need a pack to be happy and safe, and that reflects in the AU too. In this universe though it’s pretty normal for wolf shifters to date/marry non-shifters or shifters of other kinds, and when that happens the resulting kids might or might not have shifting abilities, which results in the process of forming a pack being a bit all over the place

In Kirishima’s case, he was born by two non-shifters who had shifter blood in them - as a wolf shifter his wolf side needed a pack to feel well (let’s say, other wolves to play with and learn from and so on) so as a kid he used to spend a lot of time with Fat and Amajiki (both wolf shifters!) who acted as a surrogate pack for the wolf in him - now he’s old enough to have his own pack tho! And while ideally that would mean he builds his own family with another wolf shifter, he ended up falling for Bakugou, who’s a non-shifter and a man, which means the family plan sorta went down the drain. His wolf still needs a pack to be happy tho, and that ended up meaning he latched onto Mina (a childhood friend) and Kaminari and Sero (Bakugou’s close friends) who by this point are as close to him as if they were actual family.

So in theory Kirishima’s wolf side sees the pack as himself and Bakugou as the alpha couple and Mina, Sero and Kaminari as the “pups” - practically though Kirishima’s human side has a perfect grasp on his wolf’s instincts, so all in all it ends up just being five pals loving each other like family, no power imbalance at all (…he does get clingy after his pack members spend time with people outside of the pack, but he doesn’t ever try to stop them from socializing outside of the group and cuddles and general close proximity are all he needs to make his wolf feel better!)

…as you can see, I spent more time on this AU than strictly necessary haha

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Problematic reactions to words that actually came out of Harry Styles’ face

So last night I made a post called ‘THINGS THAT HARRY STYLES HAS ACTUALLY SAID’…which got a lot of positive reactions and notes, along with some pretty aggressive reactions which I feel need addressing. There was a sudden onslaught of messages, so at first I was like 

So I started with a very brash anon who decided to tell me all the things that ‘HARRY HAS DONE’ and at first I was like ‘cool, another fan of all caps,’ then I read it and went through some more messages and was like 

The comments that other people were publishing were a bit baffling, and some were downright worrisome. Here’s a random sample:  

Hello there, @narrymusings, and thank you for starting this litany of comments I’m about to address.

Ah yes, that interview. It was indeed upsetting.

But mostly because after the only time Harry has ever addressed the Larry rumours he was crying afterwards

I agree, I do not dictate how anyone deals with rumours, but given that this denial ended in tears I’m going to go ahead and comment that it appears to have been handled pretty badly. 

Well spotted, @sobadbutshedoesitsowell

They were probably still stuck on their recent media training as to how to answer any and all questions

So anyone who looks at Louis must be in love with him? Sounds about right. I’m being totally serious. Look at him. Who wouldn’t stare at Louis? Oh and I used that gif because I really wanted to. 

@scorpyon51 First of all, people with Haylor manips as their profile picture shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses.

Definitely someone deeply contemplating how to make a joke out of this and not at all whether or not to answer honestly.

Nice one. You know who probably found that ‘joke’ HIL-ARIOUS?

Nouis. Because Nouis is real now. 

They also probably find this hilarious:

So funny he forgot to laugh…

But yeah, you’re right. People shouldn’t assume anything. I’m sure Harry’s just being Harry, keepin us all on our toes. He shouldn’t have to identify as anything. I’m just merely pointing out that he has actually verbally himself indicated through words coming out of his face that he is neither bisexual nor bothered about the gender of a partner. 

@caysbrizzle I completely agree with you and thank you for reminding everyone to be respectful. But…

Awkward because I can’t tell which side of the argument you’re angling. This is exactly what I’m saying but in different words. People take Harry seriously when it’s convenient and dismiss what he’s saying when it doesn’t fit their fixed ideas of who Harry Styles is. Like I said, you’re right - we should be respectful that none of us fucking know him or what his actual story is. I’m merely pointing out that he hasn’t used gendered pronouns when it comes to his answers to questions about what he looks for in a girl or in his own songs in quite awhile, and when he did use female pronouns he went out of his way to make sure everyone knows that it wasn’t about a girl

Got it, thanks H.

Okay, not about you. Nice of you to clarify.


‘So, Harry…Is “Perfect” about Taylor? And who is Olivia?’ -(insert your interviewer of choice)

I’M SO GLAD YOU BROUGHT UP TATTOOS @goldustlovely ! It’s actually one of my favourite topics. I mean, I literally cannot believe that the fans were so insistent that a rose tattoo fits into a nautical theme with a dagger and then Louis effing Tomlinson went and got a GD dagger on his arm in the exact same spot as Harry’s rose. 

“I did it because it’s literally ironic, OKAY?!”

And all the awkward staring at each other? I mean, I know right?

God forbid they gaze at each other too long. Wouldn’t want this to happen again…

And lest you mistake this for me having a sense of humour…don’t.

Next time they have to endure ‘Never Have I Ever’ maybe someone should ask Harry if he’s ever said something repeatedly with no sense of irony and had people claim that he’s just joking (talk about assumptions…)

Oh, and to the anons sending messages too rude, ignorant and non-sensical to even bother replying to…firstly


And finally

Anyway byyyyye, I really want to incorporate this next gif. May have actually built this entire post around it

Oh and in case you wanted some more not-so ambiguous quotes from Louis and Harry here you go: 10 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Said Things That Almost No One Took Literally

"What the fuck happened to your face?" "Oh God, you're hurt!" // Dallas Winston

Requested 💞💞

The gang had warned me not to come to tonight’s rumble, but I didn’t listen. I should have. I wished I did. I went and stayed as far away from them as I could so they wouldn’t see me. I was fighting a bigger Soc, maybe a football player, and he had beaten me up pretty badly. I walked home and was now tending to my wounds, hardly even able to stand up. God, I was so stupid. There were obvious wounds on my face and body, and they would eventually find out that I went to the rumble anyways.
I heard the door of my house slam open and Dallas’ loud yelling and laughter down the hallway. This couldn’t be happening.
He ran into the bathroom and pulled me into him, laughing and saying, “We showed them Socs, baby! We won!”
“That’s great, babe,” I said turning away from him.
“What, you’re just gonna turn your back on me now? This doesn’t even matter to you?” He said, and I could tell he was getting angry.
I stifled a sob and finally willed myself enough to turn around and face him. His angered expression softened into a concerned, maybe even scared, one.
“What the fuck happened to your face?” He said, cocking an eyebrow.
“Oh, God, you’re hurt! Your wise ass went to the rumble, didn’t you?” He practically screamed at me.
I felt the tears sting behind my eyes, knowing I did this to myself. I deserved to be yelled at, I was in the wrong.
“Yes, I did. I’m sorry baby, I just wanted to be there to help! I didn’t want to just sit around at home, wondering if-” I was cut off by him, yelling, “DON’T EVER PULL SHIT LIKE THAT AGAIN, YOU HEAR?”
Tears were streaming down his face now, and he never cried.
“I couldn’t live with myself if something ever happened to you. Knowing that something we did got you hurt? It would kill me, doll. You know why? Because I love you, a lot,” he said, through sobs.
“Just, promise me you’ll listen to us next time?” He said.
I nodded and kissed him on the lips.

Prompt List

Please send in a number (or multiple numbers) and character. Add a short description of the fic if you want, if not I’ll come up with it on my own. No NSFW please, and thanks for requesting!

Ask Box

1. "Love’s a strong word.“

2. "Hold up, let me count how many fucks I give. One, t- Oh shit. They all flew away.”


4. “It could be worse.” “Why don’t you rethink that statement.”

5. “Will you do it for me?” “Seriously? You want me to ask them out for you?”

6. “I’m here for you.”

7. "Just kiss already, we all know the world wants you two together!“

8.“Trust me.”

9. “I hate you! A lot… some… a little… you’re not bad…”

10. “Have a drink with me.” “I’d rather not.”

11. “Okay fine, I’m in love with you! Is that what you wanted me to say?” “I literally haven’t spoken for the past hour.”

12. “Let’s get married.”

13. “You are to drunk to be speaking right now.”

14. "I will win this.” “You fool yourself… for I will be the champion”

15. “Whoa, chill.” “Chilling is for the dead!”

16. “You know, you look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend/personfriend(?)” “And you look exactly like the person I turn down two seconds from now.”

17. “Relax, I’m not going to hurt you.”

18.“I’m in love. This is a pain I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemies.”

19. “I’m scared.”

20. “Why won’t you just tell me the truth?!”

21. “It was hate at first sight.” “You mean love.” “I mean hate.”

22. “How can so much idiocy be contained in such a small body?”

23. “I’m not going to let you spend the night alone, not after what happened today.”

24. “You two are absolutely insane.”

25. “I’m so fucking tired of telling you that I forgive you. I’m done.”

26. “I’m going to kill them.”

27. “Did you know you talk on your sleep?” “No…” “You’ve got nice eyes too.”

28. “Please don’t leave, I’m not ready to be alone.”

29. “You don’t deserve them.”

30. “That is the shittiest plan I have ever heard. When do we start?”

31. “I don’t need you to protect me!”

32. “If we get caught, I’m turning you in.”

33. “Somebody’s jealous…” “Shut up.”

34. “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”

35. “I swear to god, I will stab you.”

36. “They don’t like you.” “Well I’m sorry.” “I don’t like you.” “What a tragedy.”

37. “Don’t talk to me about trust after you’ve broken into my house.”

38. “Oh my god, I ship it.”

39.“Whatever happened, they started it.”

40. “If they even think about you ever again, I’ll pour hot butter on their genitals.”

41. "I think I’m in love with you.“ ”…I’ll be back in a few minutes…“

42. “I’d punch you but your friend told me not to.”

43. “We’re not supposed to be here.” “Who says?” “Literally all cops everywhere.”

44. “I have to admit, that was pretty funny.”

45. “Hey, at least you’re not as stupid as I am.”

46. “We’re just friends!” “M-Maybe- Maybe I don’t want to be ‘just friends’.”

47. “Please, I need your help.”

48. “I can’t believe I just asked them out!” “And I can’t believe they said yes.” “I kno- HEEEYYYY!”

49. “Look, maybe we’re meant to be.” “You know I don’t believe in that kind of shit.”

50. “Fuck you.” “Yes please.”

51. “Everything’s been different since I fell for you, you helped me start a new life.”

52. “You okay? You don’t look it.” “Well gee, thanks.”

53. “Why am I crying? I’m not even sad!” “You are, and you have every right to be.”

54. “Look, there are plenty of people that love you.” “Yeah? Name one.” “Me.”

55. “Have you seen the… Oh… I’ll just… bye!”

56. "Were you ever going to tell me?”

57. “Oh dear, my innocent eyes.”

58. “Ever heard of knocking?”

59. “Did I stutter?”

60. “Take my hand, we have to make this look convincing.”

61. “Please don’t to talk me.”

62. “Talk to them, or I’ll do it for you!”

63. “Shut up, you’re only here because you wanted an excuse to wear a tiara.”

64. “You’re okay now, I got you.”

65. “To hell with the rumors.”

66. “Run away with me?”

67. "Stop sitting on your ass and start being an ass.“ “What kind of motto is that?”

68. “Don’t touch me!”

69. “Your arrogance will be the death of us all.”

70. “I love you more.” “Not possible.”

71. “I’m banning Oreo’s if you use up all the hot water one more time!”

72. “Yes. I am walking away. What, are you blind?”

73. “Don’t ‘babe’ me.”

74. "I’m not drank… drink… drunk. I’m not drunk.”

75. “Shh!!! You’re going to wake up the whole city!”

76. “Kissing has always been the only way to shut you up.”

77. “I just… I don’t want to lose you.”

78. “I love you as well.” “As well? What century are you from?”

79. "I’m so sorry.“ "Don’t try to use those words like they change anything you’ve done.”

80. “What’s wrong with you?” “If I’m being honest? Everything.”

81. “I love you!… Oh my god…” “Did you just…?” “Look, can we just… forget that ever happened?”

82. “Are you really that jealous?” “You don’t even know how you make me feel.”

83. “Wait, where are you going? We’re not done here!”

84. “Have dinner with me.”

85. “You can’t just walk away while I’m mid-sentence!” “I can and I am.”

86. “Your blush is cute, don’t hide it.” “Shut up, you’re only making it worse!”

87. “Come on, you know I don’t speak (insert language)” “I-I said I like you.”

88. “Just tell them, you idiot!” “Don’t you think I’ve been trying?”

89. “Care to dance?”

90. “We need to talk.” “No we don’t.”

91. “Stop laughing, it’s not that funny!” “It’s very funny.”

92. “Oh, get a room you two.”

93. “I love your sneeze.”

94. “It’s been a while.” “And whose fault is that?”

95. “All that matters to me right now is you apologizing!”

96. “What did the doctor say?” “…” “Tell me what the hell the fucking doctor said!”

97. “Keep you mouth shut when I talk about things you have no right to comment on.”

98. “They like you.” “No they don’t.” “You like them.” “Yes I d- No I don’t.”

99. “I’m gonna steal your cat.” “Okay… wait, WHAT?”

100. “I love you so much, you know that right?”

Alright! It only took forever but I did it! I’m a little rusty since I’ve had no time to write at all but I gave it my best shot!  (Marianna belongs to @upperstories!)

Being cornered by your former boss from thirty years ago in a different dimension was not how Henry wanted to spend his Friday night. Well, his date he had planned was the least of his concerns right now.

Joey limped closer to him. His back was already against the wall and he didn’t trust the toon logic to work in his favor. Shouldn’t his gimp foot not be affecting him anymore?

It didn’t matter. Not now at least. He still wasn’t exactly sure how cartoon logic would play out at the moment since technically speaking he is the good guy, but so far nothing has been going in his favor. Well maybe not good but not exactly bad either. How was he to know that if he tried to make a break for it that a banana peel wouldn’t show up out of nowhere?

“Henry, Henry, Henry. What to do with you.” Joey said with a smile. He was absolutely drenched in ink. At least his body wasn’t actually ink like Sammy. That poor son of a bitch…but he can’t think of that now. He can worry about him later.

“Joey…Joey please…don’t do this.” Henry begged. What could he do to get through to him?

His eyes quickly scanned the room. If Joey were to try something he needed a plan. Wait, is that Bendy? His eyes were wide and…scared? Alice and Boris had a hand on both of his shoulders. Wait a minute, cartoon logic. Bendy is the star of this show. Maybe since Bendy perceives Henry as the villain that’s why he’s always the one getting the short end of the stick. If that were the case he just needs to get him to see the truth, but how?

Wait. The hero being trapped by the villian. All the toons and even that fucking machine right there in all its glory. Evil genius with a master plan. Getting Joey, the evil genius, to tell him his master plan shouldn’t be too difficult.

This better work.

“Before you…you do whatever it is you plan to do with me…I need to at least know…why?” What was he thinking? Of course this wouldn’t work! Joey may be toonified, but he’s still Joey! And unfortunately Joey isn’t an idiot.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Never mind.

Henry saw the toons slip out of the door frame from the corner of his eye. Good. The last thing they needed was for Joey to catch onto his little plan.

“No? You brought our characters to life. What more do you want?” Henry tried to calm himself down. He was in no position to be yelling at Joey.

“What, them?!” Joey began to laugh. “Of course I want more! They’re only alive because I needed to make sure that I could actually pull this off!” Joey gestured to his beloved machine. “Yeah, I mean I they’re cute and nice to keep around but they’re nothing compared to what I have in store!” Henry refused to move. This couldn’t be right. Joey loved them when he still worked with him! They were his whole world! The reason he woke up in the morning! What happened?

“This machine is more then you think! Not only can it our bring cartoons to our reality, but it can bring us here! To this world! Where I am the god here. I can literally bend reality to my liking!” No. No this wasn’t the man he once knew. How could someone change so drastically? “One day I will have our world collide with this one. I will-”

“We really mean nothing, huh?”

Bendy’s voice caused Joey to jump at least a foot in the air. He turned around to look to the small toon. He was still surprisingly in his normal state. Well, he was dripping a bit.

“Bendy I…I just..I thought.” Joey stuttered.

“You created us…you promised we would one day leave! That we would be a family.” Bendy said. Henry’s heart hammered in his chest. He was just waiting for Bendy to snap, but Bendy kept calm. A little too calm.

“But Bendy I though that maybe you liked it here! We could still be a family I just need more time to figure out how to make this world merge with reality! You just need to wait.” Joey rambled. Bendy began to walk out of the door frame and into the room. Joey took a step back with every step Bendy took in.

“This was the place everyone walked out on me. This place is nothing but bad memories…I can’t stay here any longer. You promised we would leave soon!” Bendy stopped walking and stared at the ink machine.

Joey knelt down in front of Bendy and began to wipe the excess ink out from Bendy’s eyes. “We still can. You, me, Alice, and Boris can all live somewhere far away from here! We can still be the family you’ve always wanted! I just need more time and we’ll be okay.”

Bendy leaned forward into joey for a hug. Henry saw his eyes. They were void of all emotion.

“we can even rebuild our studio somewhere else. You can still become famous again.” Joey said. Bendy and Henry didnt break eye contact. What was Bendy thinking?

“Yeah…” Bendy murmered.

Poor Joey, he didnt even see it coming.

Bendy pulled away from the hug gently enough but he grabbed the collar from Joey’s shirt and pushed him back as hard as he could. Joey’s head made a sickening crack once it connected to the ink machine.

Henry couldn’t look away. No matter how badly he wanted too he just couldn’t. He just barely registered Alice getting in between Bendy and Joey. Judging by the starts swirling around Joey’s head, he was still alive.

He pushed himself off the wall. How dare Joey do this to him? To everyone? Didn’t he mean anything to Joey? What about Sammy? Oh god, who else did he bring down here that ended up worse then Sammy?

Henry’s fists clenched. He didn’t know whether it was the fact he was in a cartoon world or not, but nothing felt real. He had to keep Joey alive though.

“Bendy, don’t kill him.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.” Bendy’s voice was the softest he’s ever heard it. “Not in front of them anyways.”

Henry let out a breath he did even realize he was holding. What now? Was Bendy still hellbent on getting revenge on him? Would Bendy be okay? What will happen to them all when he leaves? When would he be able to leave?

Could Henry even get home?

No…no he had to be able to get back to his family, right? He couldn’t just be stuck here, right….right?!

One look at the toons and he knew that now was maybe not the best time to ask. Boris and Alice were tying up Joey with some rope they must have grabbed from the pocket dimension they all have behind their back while Bendy just stared at the ink machine.

This had to be the first time Henry ever seen Bendy drip without him being pissed at him and honestly? It hurt seeing Bendy like this. Sure, Bendy has been getting his kicks by messing with the old man, but he was…mostly harmless. Okay maybe mostly harmless is a stretch since Bendy got quite a few blows to him, not to mention Sammy, but still. If Joey hadn’t kept everything a secret from everyone and hadn’t been feeding the toons lies then Bendy wouldn’t be acting like this!

“Henry…” Bendy’s voice snapped Henry out of his thoughts. Out of instinct he blocked his face from the demon.

Bendy gulped and pushed back the excess ink out from his eyes. “You…you gotta get out of here…you….” Bendy walked up to Henry and sat down next to his feet. Henry soon followed his lead and sat with him.

“What are we gonna do?” Henry asked.

“what do you mean? I’ve seen Joey work that machine more times than I can count. You’ll be able to get outta here in no time.” Bendy whispered. His dripping only got worse. “you can go and live your life and…forgot about us again.”

Henry couldn’t help but laugh. “F-forget? Bendy, not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought about you!”

Bendy could have melted into a puddle right then and there. He’s honestly surprised he didn’t. “Then…but why…you didn’t…”

“Come back?” Henry finished. “I wish I could have. Joey told me if I took one step out the front door that I would be sorry if I ever came back…and I planned on coming back, I really did but…the war really fucked me up. I couldn’t function…would have been homeless or worse if it weren’t for my wife.”

Bendy shuddered. “but..but you’re better now, right?”

“well…not exactly. But I’m working on it…being here hasn’t exactly helped though.” Henry said. “But we can talk about this later. You said you can work this contraption so we can maybe have a cup of coffee and all of us can have a much needed heart to heart conversation. I’ll have to figure out all of our sleeping arrangements though. I’ll try to get everything situated to you can all have your own rooms, but for now would you all be okay if two of you had to share a room for a bit until Marianna get everyone’s rooms set up?”

Alice’s head snapped at attention. “wait.. all of us? At your house?” Alice looked over her’s and Boris’ work and they both sat in front of them, leaving Joey in the far corner of the room.

“Well yeah? I won’t just leave you here with Joey. I can’t just abandon you all.”

Bendy couldn’t take it anymore. Tears formed in his eyes before he crashed into Henry’s side, sobbing. Henry tensed. He already felt awkward and anxious about inviting Bendy to live with him since he was just terrorizing him not even ten minutes ago, but this was too much to handle.

“I-I’m so sor-sorry!” Bendy wailed. Henry relaxed a little at the state Bendy was in. It was sobering to see him so upset. Of course he feels guilty! He’s still the same little dork he once animated! He was just misguided. Maybe misguided isn’t a strong enough word. He was manipulated by the asshole currently tied up…who could wake up any second now.

“Hey Boris? Do you know how to use the machine to bring us back?” Henry asked while picking up Bendy and himself off the floor. He was in no condition to be doing anything.

“Uh..yeah I think so! Alice, could you help me just in case I forget something?”

“Of course.” Alice smiled weakly at Henry before running over to the machine with Boris.

The two managed to get the machine on with only a few hiccups here and there which Henry was surprised with. Joey must have worked on it with them more then he thought. It took Henry forever to turn it on in reality!

“Alright, y'all ready?” Boris asked, looking quite proud of himself and Alice.

“You two should go first. I’ll meet you out there with Bendy.” Henry said. Bendy pushed his face into Henry’s chest and wailed. The poor guy…but Henry didn’t have time to worry just yet.

Alice and Boris hesitated, but went anyways. First Boris, then Alice were sucked up into the nozzle of the ink machine. Henry couldn’t help but feel a bit sick. Would it hurt him to go through it? Would Bendy be able to go through it with him or would something happen? He wasn’t really in the mood to be molded together with the demon…but he had to try.

“Hen-ry.” Oh of course. Right when they were about to be home free Joey just had to wake up!

Against his better judgement, Henry turned around to look at him. He had his hand gently placed on the back of Bendy’s head so he wouldn’t have to look at the monster that created this mess.

“What do you want?” Henry all but hissed. He could feel Bendy’s body melt even more. His breathing started to get faster. He couldn’t stay here much longer.

“Please…Henry..my best and dearest friend..you can’t just leave me here.” Joey began to cry. “Please…you can’t…don’t leave me here.”

Henry’s grip on Bendy grew a little tighter. “Thirty one years ago i wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving you, you know that, right? I cared about you so damn much.” Henry felt his eyes sting. “But after all this shit you put us through?”

Henry turned around.

“I hope you rot in hell.”

He stepped up to the machine with Bendy securely in his arms and was sucked up back into reality.

They didn’t think twice about unplugging the machine.

Well, Marianna’s always talking about how she misses having children in the house. Hopefully three traumatised cartoons to raise will be enough for her. He just hopes she isn’t too angry with him for missing their date.

Awww this is so so cute!!  And… wow, intense, too.  Thank you for sharing it!! :D

Gosh, it’s kinda making me regret having my version of Henry be single… 

Avengers Alcohol headcanons

Cap: Samuel adams, like he wont drink bad beer but he’s not going to drink pretentious craft beer either, he finds that reasonably priced medium. The guy in the bar who feels like he can instruct the bartender on what channel should be playing on the TV and how loud it should be. After four beers he starts to point a lot.

Tony: He crosses the broad spectrum of alcohol, like from toasting everyone with Dom Perignon 2008 Vintage champagne to ‘ay who wants to watch me down this bud light lime out of caps helmut’ just 100- 0 real quick

Natasha: no its not stoli or russian standard, not all her vodka is russian you stereotyping fuks, but hey, you want some i have some out back its 89% and was brewed in a soviet war bunker by a guy named ivan, it’ll burn a hole in your tongue, your oesophagus and your soul, here i’ll pour you a shot

Bruce: Doesn’t know anything about wine but if he just asks for ‘the house wine’ at restaurants he knows he’s gonna sound like he’s ‘with it’ 

Falcon: classy belvedere vodka done in shots from the tackiest plastic shot glass he got free from a sale bottle of Sierra Nevada. Is in charge of the jukebox/ipod dock/aux cord and no one appreciates that but they should

Thor: MEAD and ALE served in TANKARDS by WENCHES and… you know… I guess Heineken or whatevers on tap is fine too…. I mean it’s not served in an ivory and gold drinking horn but….ok

Rhodey: Sierra Nevada or Blue Moon, beer for the man who knows what the term ‘hops’ actually means. He is the designated driver and knows his limits, he’s defintely only going to have one and then he’s going to make sure Tony isn’t going to steal thor’s cape and try and use the infinity gauntlet as a substitute drinking horn, he is going to be responsible. An hour passes. He is up on a table with tony, both wrapped in the cape, using caps helmet as the substitute drinking horn as they both scull bud light lime while singing sweet caroline

Bucky: Doing shots with natasha


Fine five star cognac aged in oaken barrels in some rich provincial french town shipped to his estate exclusively and served to him by a beautiful lady in a crystal glass carried on a polished vibranium tray as he sits in a plush leather chair overlooking his land

Clint: It’s always tequila, and every time he puts the little plastic sombrero hat on his head and thinks he’s really funny. That or he’s the guy that drunkenly pressures people to eat the tequila worm for an hour and then when no one wants to he does it himself and fifteen minutes later he’s vomiting behind someones car in the driveway

Wanda: did a shot of 89% soviet vodka and is regretting her decisions

Vision: Requires no alcohol as it serves no apparent function. Is enquiring to the whereabouts of a bucket so that he might assist wanda

Spider-man: tony stark let him have a sip of his bud light lime if he promised not to tell cap and it was so rad but oh my god that was so nasty but he cant say that because like its probably fancy millionaire beer, this is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him, he can’t believe he was even invited to this party.

Ant-man: was not invited to this party


A/N: An anon request where the team is out at a club and Spencer and the reader both have crushes on each other. Everyone knows but them. The reader gets drunk and dances and occasionally tries grinding on Spencer. They end up walking home together and he stays at her place (no smut), but then he confesses how he feels. @coveofmemories


“How the fuck is he so clueless?” Morgan asked Garcia. The two were watching intently as Y/N (subtly to her, but so subtly to everyone else) grinded against Spencer on the dance floor. It wasn’t like either of them to dance, but Spencer was tipsy and Y/N was pretty wasted. “He’s a genius. He has 187 IQ. And she’s also a genius. Upwards of 170. How the hell do they not see that the other one is ridiculously into them?” It really was astounding. They’d been working together for three years now and yet neither of them seemed to understand that the other one had it bad for them. 

Garcia didn’t get it either. Or how either of them could miss the not-so-subtle ways she had been trying to get them together. “I mean, I’ve even gone so far as to send flowers to Y/N from him and yet they still don’t get it. For geniuses, they can be pretty stupid.”

Spencer had just gone up to the bar for another drink and Y/N followed him, resting her arm on his back. “Spence,” she whined. “Come dance with me. Why won’t you dance with me?”

“I look like an idiot when I dance, Y/N,” he said, his eyes widening as he realized how slurred his speech already was. Maybe he shouldn’t be getting another drink, but it was already here in front of him, so whatever. “Why would you want to dance with me anyway?”

“Because you’re my best friend, Spence,” she said, pulling on his sweater vest and back towards the dance floor. “And I’m drunk. And you’re cute. So the question really is, why wouldn’t I want to dance with you?” She grabbed his drink out of his hand and placed it on the table before reluctantly pulling him back to the dance floor. 

“She finally admitted he was cute,” Garcia said, her mouth agape as they headed back to the dance floor. “Apparently, you just need to get her stone-cold wasted for her to admit anything to him.” She and Morgan were still staring. All they needed was popcorn and it would’ve been the best movie either of them had seen in a long time. 

For nearly another hour, Y/N danced against Spencer. He barely moved, but that wasn’t anything Y/N did, it was just that he had no idea how to dance, and from what Morgan could see, his brain was moving. The kid was trying to figure out whether her feelings for him were purely because she was drunk, or were because there was something there. 

All of a sudden, she went to go grab something and nearly fell on the floor, only being saved by Spencer reaching down and grabbing her arm before she hit the ground. “You okay?” he asked.

She grabbed her head. “A little woozy. I think I should go home. I’m not a good drunk.”

“Okay, I’m going to go with you,” he said. “I don’t want you walking home alone.”

She shook her head, insisting that he should stay. He seemed like he was having fun. “I’m not leaving you to walk home alone, Y/N, plus, I’m only having fun because you’re here.”

“Alright,” she sighed. “Let’s go.”


About 30 minutes later, Spencer and Y/N teetered into her apartment. The alcohol had only seeped further into her system, but Spencer had started to sober up. “Sit,” he said, grabbing water and some headache medication for her. “Drink this.”

“Aw, you take such good care of me, Spence. What would I do without you?” She patted the couch next to her, inviting him to sit down beside her. After taking her medication and guzzling down nearly three-quarters of a glass of water, she leaned back and took his arm, placing it around her back and curling into him. “Thanks for walking me home.”

“No problem,” he replied. He was trying to decipher her movements, but alcohol muddled his thoughts and undoubtedly her own emotions. There was no way that his best friend was into him - at least not in the same way that he liked her. “I wasn’t about to let you walk home alone. If something happened to you, I would never forgive myself.”

She placed her hand on his chest. “Do you want to stay the night?” she asked. “I’d rather you not walk about to your apartment by yourself either.” He responded by leaning back and pulling a blanket up over both of them. There was a chance he’d regret staying over in the morning, when they were both sober, but for right now he’d take falling asleep next to her. Within minutes, they were both fast asleep. 


“Hmm,” Y/N moaned as she realized where she was. God, her head was heavy. How the fuck had she even gotten home? “Oh, my head.” When she opened her eyes, she realized the material underneath her fingertips wasn’t from her couch. Spencer was underneath her. Oh god, had something happened? Last thing she wanted was for Spencer and her to have had sex while she was wasted. She liked him too much to make him feel like that was all he was worth.

Spencer opened his eyes. “Oh my head is killing me,” he groaned. 

“Spence,” she said, “Did we…?”

His heart sank. She sounded so afraid - like being with him was the worst thing that could’ve ever happened. “No, Y/N,” he replied sadly. “We didn’t. I just brought you home and we fell asleep here.” Apparently, she wasn’t into him at all, but he had to say something. It had been weighing on him for too long. “What if it had?”

Y/N collapsed back onto his chest, the heaviness in her head hurting too much to stay upright. “I wouldn’t have wanted anything to happen between us while we were drunk. You deserve more than that, Spence. You deserve to know that the person your with loves you and wants you when she’s stone-cold sober.”

Spencer could tell that she loved him, but he was still confused as to whether she loved him like he loved her. He’d wanted her from the moment they began working together. At first, he thought his feelings would go away, but they’d only gotten stronger. “I guess that’s true,” he said. “I don’t think I could regret anything with you though.”

She had started to stand up, hoping to get something to eat that would sop up the acid in her stomach, but she stopped in her tracks. “You wouldn’t regret sleeping with me? Spence…do you…do you like me?”

“Of c-course,” he said, glancing up at her with big, brown eyes. “I l-love you…I always have.”

It had never occurred to her that he was in love with her. Why wouldn’t he say anything? They told each other everything. “Spence, I love you too.” She sat back down on the couch and pulled his face to hers, grazing her lips against his before taking his mouth in a sweet and simple kiss. “I’ve wanted you forever. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I always assumed you wouldn’t want me,” he replied honestly, shrugging his shoulders as he gathered up the courage to look her in the eyes. “Plus, even if you did, I wasn’t sure about risking our friendship.”

Leaning back into him, she lowered them both back down to the couch. Food could wait. “I don’t think there’s anything that could put our relationship in jeopardy.” He reached up and cradled her head in his hand, before taking her lips in a searing kiss. “Nothing can come between us.”


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You spent the rest of the afternoon hiding. You avoided everyone in a kutte, keeping your head down as they walked by. Your dad had actually told them and you were furious with him. The others kept snickering between themselves, smirking when you threw them an angry glare.

“Don’t forget, I need you here tonight.” Gemma told you, leaning on the edge of the bar as you made yourself busy stocking the beer for the club. You rolled your eyes.

“I won’t.” You promised, continuing with your work and hoping to god she didn’t mention Jax. It appeared that your luck was out, though.

“Heard you got yourself a little crush, sweetheart.” Gemma commented. You could tell from the tone of her voice that she wore a wicked smirk on her face. Even Gemma knew. You were going to kill your dad.

“Dad’s a wind up.” You retorted, neither confirming nor denying it. Gemma made a ‘hm’ sound before walking around the other side of the bar.

“Seven.” She barked out. “Don’t be late!” She called over her shoulder as she walked out of the building.

The next few hours dragged by as you finished up your day chores at the clubhouse and got ready to return. As soon as you got back, you noticed Tig and Juice whispering outside, throwing you a glance every now and then. You looked over at them, raising a middle finger before making your way inside and bolting straight for the kitchen, your eyes glued to the floor.

When you reached the small kitchen safely, you leaned against the door, breathing a quick sigh of relief. Thinking you were alone in there, you took a step away from the door, preparing yourself to begin working through the task list that Gemma had left on the counter for you.

To your complete horror though, none other than Jax Teller stepped into your direct path. Your eyes widened in terror and your cheeks flushed so badly you thought you might spontaneously combust.

“Hey, (Y/N).” He said teasingly, stepping closer to you and putting an arm around your shoulders, which only served to deepen your blush. You cringed, burying your face in your hands. “Heard you got your eye on a Son.”

This was the worst thing that could ever have happened. You mentally kicked yourself for not being more careful about your feelings for Jax.

“Oh god.” You whined, your words muffled by your hands over your face. “What did he tell you?” You asked, not bothering to hide your blush anymore. Jax had a cocky smirk on his face and he looked down at you, his eyes twinkling.

“Not much.” He said, finally removing his arm from around you. “Just that you have a raging, out of control crush on me.” He teased, your face flushing even redder, if that was possible. All you wanted to do right now was run for the hills.

You leaned on the counter, burying your face in your arms. You felt Jax rest his hand on your back right between your shoulder blades, comforting you.

“Listen, (Y/N).” He spoke quietly, causing you to raise your head slightly to look at him. “I’ll tell the guys to knock it off.” He promised, looking right into your eyes. You could tell he meant it.

“Thanks.” You mumbled, straightening up and turning away from the counter, still painfully self-conscious. Jax nodded, heading toward the other side of the room. He stopped halfway, turning to face you again, a smirk on his lips.

“Who knows, Darlin’, maybe in a few years when you’re a little older…” He trailed off, sweeping a quick glance down your body before looking you in the eye again, winking and exiting the small kitchen while you internally died of embarrassment all over again.

  • <p> <b>Reaper:</b> Oh, Morrison... I didn't expect to run into you here... at the supermarket...<p/><b>Soldier 76:</b> Likewise...<p/><b>Both:</b> ...<p/><b>Reaper:</b> Did the moms force you out with the kid too!?<p/><b>Soldier 76:</b> Oh god, both of them!<p/><b>Reaper:</b> Having Lena around is horrible! I have to play house-reaper while she and Lacroix try to cover their sex noises!<p/><b>Soldier:</b> Angela and Fareeha just complain that I don't spend any time with her! Meanwhile, they haven't even talked to her in three days!<p/><b>D.Va:</b> We're right here ya know?<p/><b>Sombra:</b> And we're not children!<p/><b>Both:</b> UNTIL YOU START PAYING BILLS YOU MAY AS WELL BE!<p/><b></b> *Silence*<p/><b>Reaper:</b> What ever happened to us, Jack?<p/><b>Soldier 76:</b> Lesbian mothers with responsibility issues.<p/><b>Reaper:</b> Oh yeah, that's right.<p/></p>
Peter Parker being a father would include:

Request: Part 2 of pregnant!reader imagine.

A/N: I decided to try a headcanon and this imagine seemed to be a perfect opportunity. (Don’t judge it’s my first headcanon! Also I know nothing about pregnancy lol.) Btw this includes before the baby is born and after!!

Peter being a father would include;

- After he has learned he was going to be father at a young age, of course he was nervous like hell,

 - However, he never showed how nervous he was, knowing it was much harder for you,

 - “We’ll get through this together, don’t worry. You are not alone, never will be.”

 - After getting used to the news, he becomes more excited than anyone else (your family, you, etc.),

 - Although you were only 2 months pregnant, he goes out shopping for cute baby clothes and he literally buys everything he sees,

 - “Listen Y/N, I have found this amazing baby bottle holder with Spiderman logo on it!”

“Do you think the baby would like spiders or nah? Because if they don’t, I will need to quit my job.”

-  “Peter, I don’t think we will even tell our child that his father is Spiderman.”

- Peter helping you with everything, literally, everything,

“I think I can pee by myself Peter, get out!”

He would continuously search about what to do on an emergency situation with your pregnancy,

- He would always be alarmed, fearing something will happen to the baby or you,

-  “PETER!”


- “No dumbass, why did you leave the door open! I just saw a rat!”

You would catch him searching schools in the area for your child.

“The baby isn’t even born yet!”

- When your water breaks, Peter freaks out, he even screams,

- He is more anxious than he ever was, never sits for hours until you wake up from the surgery,

- When they finally give you the baby, that is the most precious moment,

- Peter starts crying, though he desperately tries to cover it,

- You give baby to Peter and he can’t even speak,

- He just stares into the baby’s eyes, which are barely open, still crying softly,

-  Through the years, Peter tries to spend his every minute with your child,

- He tries millions of hobbies with them,

-  “Dad, I don’t think it would be a good idea to jump from building to building.”

-  “Why? I’m Spider-”


- Peter would literally try his best to be the best father,

- He would succeed.