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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a peculiar personal enhancement must be in want of a Boneless Consort.
—  Neath Jane Austen, probably

finns-roses  asked:

hey, could you do a pride and prejudice rebelcaptain au with Jyn as Darcy and Cassian as Lizzie?

Could I??? COULD I?????? 
I shall. Please completely ignore the fact that SW names don’t fit at all with Regency-era England and any historical mistakes, lololololol. 

1. Miss Jyn Erso was not born into money. In fact, the Ersos were known very much for being on hard times and when she was eight years old, Jyn was sent to live with a (much richer) family friend so as to give her a better life. There, she had a new sibling under the care of Mr Saw Gerrera at Pemberly, one Bodhi Gerrera, who was of a sweet and anxious disposition and quickly became her closest brother and friend. 

2. Miss Jyn Erso is now technically rich enough that she doesn’t need to marry. Saw isn’t sure whether he is ever going to succeed in it, since Jyn is … not a people-person. She is sullen at any dinner party, dances with no one at balls, will talk to no one but Bodhi. “No one wants to marry a woman with such an unpleasant temperament!” Saw will yell at her sometimes, but she simply brushes it off. It would be hard pressed to find a man of her equal status anyway. 

One summer, the Gerrera’s notice that Netherfield Park is free to rent. 

3. Mr Cassian Andor has one elder brother and three younger sisters. The Andors do well at Longbourn, but as the second brother, Cassian knows that he must marry just as well as any of his sisters must. It is his mother’s sole wish that her children all be settled one day (if not for their happiness, then at least so that they can keep the house). When they hear of the Gerrera’s moving into Netherfield, the entire village of Meryton goes wild. Cassian often rolls his eyes at the hysterics, especially when they finally make it to a ball at Netherfield. 

If he ever does marry, it won’t be because of money. 

4. “Might I introduce - Mr Bodhi Gerrera and Miss Jyn Erso.” 
Cassian had noticed the woman from across the ballroom, though he wasn’t sure she had even looked up all evening. She clearly stuck to herself, and wasn’t at all interested in engaging him in conversation. Her adoptive brother was much more attentive, speaking to the entire family happily, though Cassian noticed him elbow his sister more than a couple of times. All the women were going to fawn over him instead, so he supposed that Miss Erso thought herself above all this. His first impression hadn’t been off to a great start… 

But quite often, first impressions are never ideal to solely judge on. It takes a lot of heartache, miscommunication and a rather disastrous proposal before Cassian starts to realise that maybe he was quite wrong about Miss Erso after all. 

5. He knows he should not propose to her. No, there is a difference between marrying rich and marrying far above his station, and Miss Erso is in another class entirely. Not to mention that after all that has happened, he is doubtful whether she would be willing to ever marry him at all, even if he wasn’t so much poorer than her… until the day she comes to him. 

He knows how uncomfortable she must be and how much nervousness she must be supressing to say, “I - I know much has happened since I last spoke-” (’spoke’ was putting it mildly when one remembered them screaming at each other) “-of my feelings towards you. But I am here to say that my affections and wishes are unchanged … unless - one word from you will silence me on this subject forever.” 

In answer, he drops to one knee. 

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