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tadaaaa here it is my first ever scotty x reader story, i hope i did well on the accent. theres gonna be three parts of this; this one, a smutty one and one on the events after altamid. more notes are on the end ENJOY^^

This is set in between the time that the enterprise docks at Yorktown and leaves Yorktown for Altamid,

As the enterprise began nearing Yorktown base scotty grew more nervous with each minute that passed “what if she doesnea like me? What if I am nae what she expected?” he thought. He had met you only two months ago through a forum created especially for engineers, he had read your paper about the engineering behind the Yorktown starbase and was simply fascinated by it. He had immediately contacted you and the two of you started talking, heck he even started to have feelings for you. Scotty sighed “if only I wasnae this old”.

Yorktown base

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP” Your alarm bleared loudly. With a sigh, you turned around to turn it off, when you looked at the time you were shaken wildly awake “fuck it’s already 11:00 I promised to meet scotty at 11:30” you jumped out of bed and ran to your closet it was a 15-minute walk from where you lived so you couldn’t waste any more time. You chose a gorgeous red dress that hugged your figure perfectly along with black gladiator style sandals, checking yourself one more time in the mirror you decided that you looked perfect.

When you arrived at the docks the enterprise wasn’t there yet, but there was already a small crowd forming. Eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the flagship from the fleet, not that you could blame them. God that ship was magnificent, those beautiful ample nacelles and that powerful warp core. “scotty sure is lucky to work on that ship, l the things that I would do to even get to see her engine room” as you were thinking this the enterprise had arrived at the dock and was made ready for the gangway to attach so the personnel could leave the ship. Your phone beeped, you looked down to see Scotty’s name flashing on the screen “I sure hope ya ready for me lass” you smiled and texted back:” haha I’m ready when you are mr Scott ;)”


He was sure this was it, this was going to be the moment that you saw him and ran away. “do nae think like that mont, Y/N would nevae be that shallow. Right?” while he was summing up all the reasons why you would run and never talk to him again, he was walking down the gangway. Ready to meet you for the first time, ready to meet the woman that had stolen his engineering heart with her paper. The gangway ended into an open space, the ceiling let the light trough that shone on the water above. Scotty looked around to see if he could find you and there you were, you were even more beautiful in person. Your red dress clung perfectly around your body, your H/C hair was caught in the artificial Yorktown wind and you looked like an angel. While Scotty was still gathering courage to go up to you and say hi, you turned around and found him staring at you. Chuckling you went up to him and extended your hand “Hi I’m Y/N you must be the famous Montgomery Scott” surprised the accepted your hand but instead of shaking it he gave it a chaste kiss “that’s right lass but you can call me Monty” the gesture made you giggle “you never giggle why did you giggle oh god what if he thinks I’m an idiot. Speak Y/N SPEAK” “Well if you insist then I suppose you should call me Y/Nick/N”.

“and ya cannae believe what that Klingon scum said abot the enterprise” scotty said, “so ya must understand it was for my honor that I did have to punch him” he was watching your face while you laughed “god she looks so adorable while she laughs” dinnertime had arrived in Yorktown and because you were the only person scotty knew there, you had offered to take him to a restaurant of which you knew for sure he would enjoy. “well that Klingon must be the biggest idiot ever “you started “who calls the enterprise a piece of scrap that should be hauled away to the nearest junkyard” you started laughing again “I’m sorry scotty It’s just the picture of you punching a Klingon in his face” “lass as I have told ya almost three times today, call me Monty” he said with a wink. “sorry sorry I guess I’m just used to calling you scotty now, I mean these past two months have been really fun” “oh no here she goes, this is gonna be the part where she all blows it off and leaves me” scotty was completely lost in his thoughts spiraling down and down “and I just really like you, you know? I’m so sorry if this is totally inappropriate” that pulled him out of his thoughts “I know it’s soon and maybe you wouldn’t like the age difference, or the fact that I’m still working here on Yorktown although I do have put in a request to be transferred to a starship” you started rambling “wow wow hold on their lass, you like me? You like like me?” at that question you nodded to him “yes Monty, I like like you. I guess I have for a while now” “well that’s just great” scotty bellowed “excuse me? “you asked. Scotty put his hand your own one that had been lying on the table “I like ya too lass, very much so. What do ya say we get out of here to somewhere more private?” he almost whispered to you “well I’d say I would like that very much mr Scott”

thats it for now, let me know if you have a request for a story or want to be added to my scotty or my general star trek taglist


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Sight beyond Sight: Chapter 2

Summary: When Kimberly lost her eye sight, she gained something back in return and entered a world that she never thought existed.

AN: So this one has a bit more violence in this one. It has a scene where there is some blood, (not a lot) but I wanted to add a warning here as well just to be on the safe side. Also I did a little research when it came to Kimberly’s new adjustment but if i missed something, please let me know. Also if you want to give advice concerning the topic at hand it would be much appreciated. 

Also another warning, there are some derogatory terms in this chapter as well. 

Chapter 2: A cacophony of endless sound.

“Love is blind, and therefore not responsible for whoever she bumps into.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

Kim took about three weeks off from school after her accident.

At least that’s what Principal Caplan ruled it after “investigating” the situation concerning Kim’s injuries on school ground. Naturally it was Amanda’s father who had tight connections with the schools board of education that convinced them not to make his daughter a person of interest. Even though Trini knew that it was Amanda and Harper that shoved Kim face first into those acidic chemicals, there was no proof to officially punish those two girls.

But Trini knew. Their smug faces, the fact that they would giggle each time they cast glances at Trini, it was all saying the same thing “We’re untouchable and there’s nothing you can do about it.” The fact that they would get away with such a horrible action infuriated the yellow ranger to know end.

She didn’t care about their history. She didn’t care about some leaked picture drama in the past. There was no excuse for blinding her best friend.

She wanted to hurt them, to tear them apart, she wanted to cause the same pain and suffering that Kimberly was going through right now. But if she did that, then she’d be lowering herself to their level.

“Kim wouldn’t want that Trini.” Jason told her one day. Right before she was about to jump them from behind. “Especially after she’s changed so much for the better. This would be letting her down”

And Trini knew Jason was right. Kimberly turned  a complete 360 in her eyes. She was nicer, more open and most importantly she treated people the way that the deserve to be treated. Without judgment. She wasn’t the vein self centered mean girl that she was in the beginning. She wasn’t the bully that would send nude pictures of her friends to her boyfriend anymore.

She wasn’t that person and to do something like that would go against everything that Kim stood for. But that didn’t make Trini’s anguish or guilt go away. It just made it worse.

All she  could do was sob into Jason’s broad chest as he held her trying his best to dissipate Trini’s every growing guilt. If only she never told Kim about what Amanda said and told her that she was still in the science building. Kim might still have her vision today.


Kimberly liked to watch a lot of movies. And she’d like to think that she’s watched quite a few movies when dealing with vision loss. The movies make like to romantacize things when it came to being blind. There would be a montage of someone learning to read braille, they would fly by and pick it up in a heart beat and at the end of the film the blind character would end up becoming a public figure of sorts and end up making a world changing discovery all while saving the planet and getting the guy or girl in the end and living happily ever after.

But what they don’t show is how is the struggle that a blind teenager goes through. The complete overhaul of your school schedule to fit in those important introduction to braille learning, learning how to use a cane (which kimberly hated. It just reminded her of what she lost), learning to use audio books, having an aide following you around, it infuriated her to no end.

Kimberly absolutely despised having an aide with her. She prided herself of her independence and self reliance. Having someone around assisting her felt like having a baby sitter at her age. And apparently these aides weren’t to keen in being around her. She must have scared of four different aides. The last one reduced to tears as she ran off swearing never to work with another blind kid again.

On her first day back, her friends welcomed her with open arms. Naturally everyone in her group asked how was doing. Billy was the most excited as he literally jumped into the pink rangers arms asking how she was holding up and if she’s feeling better. He was always a sweet kid.

Zack was his usually sarcastic and dark humored self. But he meant well, even if he sometimes stuck his foot in his mouth.

“Hello Kimberly! Its good to see you!” he shouted. Which earned him a grimace and laugh from the pink ranger.

“Zack. She’s blind. Not deaf.” Jason reminded the black ranger. All Zack could do was blush at his embarasing mix up and apologize. Trini was uncharacteriscially quiet throughout the greeting. If it wasn’t for Kimberly hearing her familair footsteps and picking up the scent from the lemonade flavored lip gloss she was always wearing she wouldn’t have known that Trini stuck around.

“Hey Kim.” Trini gave her friend a timid response. Still unable to look Kim in her eyes. Not that she could since the pink ranger had on her perscription sun glasses. Her pupils were still sensitive to the lighting.

“Trini…” the former cheerleader placed her hands onto the shorter Latina’s shoulders as she rubbed them gently. She knew that Trini blamed herself. She could sense the girls heartbeat changing ever so slightly whenever she was around them. And it absolutely shattered her.

“You know when I was in the hospital, you guys were the only ones that visited me. That really kept me going you know?” She looked back up to her four team mates. The same team mates that never judged her or turned their backs on her. The same team mates that turned her into a better person.

“We’re just glad you’re back Kim.” She could hear Jason’s comforting and authorative voice. “It wasn’t the same without you.”

“Yo I really dig your shades. You got the whole Agent smith thing going for you.” Zack’s joke managed to get a laugh from everyone in the group. Even the previously wordless Yellow Ranger.

“Actually it’s more like Neo.” Billy began countering Zack’s statement. “ Agent Smith’s glasses aren’t as round as yours, and your rims are thicker so-”

“Oh god…”Kimberly just shook her head and smiled. Sight or no sight they were the same goofy idiots she knew and loved. “I really did miss you guys.”

“We missed you to K.” Their leader would mirror the group’s sentiments as the five of them walked down the halls of Angel Grove High to tackle the rest of their day.


Kimberly prided herself in her ability to do things on her own. She was a quicker learner and very skilled at remembering things after being taught to her only once. Her fellow rangers could attest to that as they’d all agreed she picked up those combat skills a lot quicker than most people. She was by every definition of the term an “independent women.” Yet her first few classes in the morning were those “Special classes” (according to her mom) that would teach her the tools and skills she needed to learn for every day life. And for the first time Kim found herself struggling.

She had to relearn everything from scratch. How to read, how to compose written sentences (she’d have resources available to her for that though) even simple things like math and searching the internet had it’s own system. Something that Kim was oblivious to. It was the first time in her life that she felt alone and frightened.

And it was the first time that she realized how many things in life she took for granted. Going to the movies with her friends, watching Billy’s face light up when talking about whatever sci fi movie that was released this week (It was some kind of new Star Wars film. She wasn’t into that genre), Seeing Zack and Jason’s face light up and laugh at random reasons, and Trini.

God how she’d miss looking into those deep brown eyes of hers. She knew the Latina’s face by heart. She probably studied it so many times that she could remember it even if she was blindfolded. Which ironically isn’t that far off in her current situation. But it was the little things she also missed. Texting with the group, taking photos on her instagram account, using her smart phone, everything that she loved doing she had taken for granted.

The day she was released from the hospital she wanted to use her phone to post an update on her facebook telling everyone that shes happy to be back home only to be met with the realization that she wouldn’t be able to see the keys in order to type out the message. Hell she couldn’t even see the apps that were on her smart phone. She actually broke down in tears at that very moment knowing that her life would change forever. Her own mother could only console her distraught teenager daughter the only way she knew how. Holding her and rocking her back and worth while rubbing her back as Kim clung to her mother’s waist like she used to when she was a little girl. “You’re a Hart. Kimberly. And Hart’s always find a way to keep beating. Even if the rest of the body shuts down.” her mother would say to her whenever she doubted herself. Kimberly would take whatever comforting and encouraging words she could get.

At Lunch though most things remained the same for the most part. Billy would go on about whatever science project he was working on while Jason would warn him not to blow up anything or cause anymore fires, the young science and tech entheusiast would keep saying “it was only that one time!.” Which wasn’t true. It was multiple times. But she was happy for that small twenty minute break of normalcy in her new routine. And like always Trini would be sitting next to Kimberly.

That’s something she’ll never take advantage of again. She was so grateful that the short Latina was there by her side. What was different was that Kimberly was not only able to hear the conversations going on in her table, but she was able to hear other people’s conversations around her. The jock’s at the table laughing at a video where one of them was beating up a smaller student, the cheerleaders at their usual tables making nasty comments and slut shaming comments about other students on facebook, she was able to pick up Amanda’s hateful words about her. About how “kimberly got what was coming to her. That bitch deserved it.” and Kimberly was outside of the lunch room of all places when she heard it!

Was she going crazy or was everything just…louder? The constant noise in her head and the overwhelming of her senses was giving her a headache. She felt Trini’s hand touching her shoulder in concern. The yellow ranger must have seen Kim’s face of discomfort.

“Kim? You ok?” Trini asked. Her voice laced with worry. “Do you need to go to the nurse or something?”

“No, I’m fine.” Kim waved off the other girl’s concern rubbing her own temples. “It’s just a small headache. Really I’m ok”

“You sure kim? You don’t look so good.” It was Jason’s turn to voice his concern for his fellow ranger. “Maybe Trini is right. A trip to the nurses office might be a good thing.”

The pink ranger was about to protest until she lifted her nose towards Jason’s direction. Her sense of smell being attacked overwhelmed by whatever meat or meat like substance Jason was eating for his lunch.

“Jace what the hell are you eating?” Kim asked in disgust. Jason just looked at her in confusion as he took another bite of his lunch.

“Uh…meat loaf?”

“Is that what it smells like?” The pink ranger would inquire, again scrunching up her nose in disgust. “It smells more like spam and greasy bread ugh.” She placed her hands over her own stomach as her sense of smell was attacked with the strong odor from Jason’s lunch. For kim, she never really paid attention to what her friends ate. Before her accident she never even noticed the quality of the food in the school.

But now the blind ranger’s sense of smell was not only bombarded the scent from the cafeteria but all around her. The fresh cut grass they were all sitting on, the salad dressing on Trini’s lunch, the smoke coming from the teacher’s lounge, it was pulling her sense of smell in multiple directions at once.

She never ate the school lunch before, she always brought her own organic and preprepared lunch with her to school. She never trusted the food before but after taking in a whiff of what Jason was eating she sure as hell wasn’t going to be dining down on whatever Angel Grove high was feeding their students.

“That’s because you never ate the school lunch before princess.” Zack smirked taking in a forkful of the mashed…whatever that they were serving today. “Us poor kids? We gotta go with whatever the public schooling system feeds us. Which isn’t so bad. Taco tuesdays are great.”

“I kinda like the deli sandwiches they give us on fridays. The sandwiches are always squared, and it comes with a donut from Krispy Kreme.” Billy chimed in as he took a bite from his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was the least offensive food item on the table. Kim however barely touched her own food. She didn’t have much of an apatite these days.

“Sorry guys. It’s just that everything smells so…strong.” The brunette just squinted her eyes trying her best to block out this new sensation she was feeling. It didn’t help knowing that the sun was shining down on her still sensitive and raw pupils. The sunglasses only could do so much.

“Hey Kim. I was thinking. Maybe we could talk to Zordon about your accident. He might be able to do fix this.” Jason suggested. His tone changing in the slightest.

Kimberly’s head snapped up at her friend’s suggestion. She never thought about it before. Zordon did come from a planet where his technology was more advanced than theirs in terms of discovery and progress.

“Yeah. I mean he’s gone some serious star trek technology going on. It’s worth a shot right?” The other rangers nodded in agreement. For the first time since her accident, Kimberly started to feel some hope. As their lunch period was coming to a close and the group got up from their seated position they were greeted uncerimoniously by a very nasally and annoying laughter. Kimberly knew who that laugh belonged to. She cringed enough times at it’s droll sound from behind her back.

“Well if it isn’t the charity case and it’s group of school Rejects.”

Kimberly flinched at the sound of Amanda’s familiar demeaning voice. The other four people in the group just glared at the resident queen bee and her entourage just surrounding them. Kim could hear Ty and Harper’s malicious laughter in the background as a crowd started to form around them.

“Hey Kim. Welcome back. I see that it’s be kind to the handicap day. And look! You got yourself a seeing eye dog! How sweet.” Amanda cooed as she batted her eyelash towards Trini. The Yellow ranger only narrowed her eyes towards her in anger in response. A mixture of giggles and murmmers surrounded the large forming group as the rest of Kim’s friends stood in defense. Jason was the first to speak out.

“Amanda why don’t you do us all a favor a leave? We’re not looking for trouble.”

“Yeah don’t you have a sugar daddy to annoy and bum pocket change off of or something?” Zack would retort. He was never as nice as their fearless leader of the group. That seem to have riled Amanda’s feathers.

“Hey Chink, why don’t you make yourself useful and take your mommy to her chemotherapy session. I hear she’s coming up towards her expiration date.”

That seemed to have worked on Zack as he looked as if he was about to Lunge towards Amanda. Girl or not nobody was about to make light of his mother’s situation. If it wasn’t for Billy and Jason holding the black ranger back and convincing him not to engage he probably would’ve lost it by now.

“Are you serious Amanda? What the hell is your problem?” Trini was starting to lose her own patience as Ty and Amanda stood directly in front of her. Blocking her path. She just glared up at the two taller bullies leaving Amanda standing face to face with Kim.

“Relax. I just wanted to welcome Kim back. So she can SEE. The warm welcome that she’s getting ” Amanda added a petty jab as she blinked her working eyes in front of the now quivering blind girl. She leaned into Kim’s ears and sneered quietly. “ After all, you know all about sending people visual aid right?”

Kim could only bite her lip at Amanda’s reminder of what she did. It wasn’t one of Kimberly’s proudest moments. And there wasn’t a day that didn’t go back that she wished she could take back what she did. A part of her even wondered if she was a nice person to Amanda, maybe the girl wouldn’t have turned out to be such a callous bitch to everyone.

“By the way. Nice shades Kim! Still managing to stay fashionable even after your blunder I see. What are these Prada?” Amanda snatched the glasses off of Kim’s face. For any normal person they would barely feel anything other than some embarassment, but with kim’s accident being recent it felt like someone was pouring scalding hot water into her eye sockets. Kimberly screamed in pain as the harsh sunlight came in contact with her still weakened pupils.

She clenched her eyes shut covering her scared frontal face with her own hands. The endless noise of disgusted yelps and laughter filling her ears pumling her ear drums mercisly. “amanda did you see her eyes? They’re white as hell! God her scars are so gross” She could hear harper and Ty’s laughing as Trini and the rest of the group was trying to break free.

“That’s enough Amanda!” Jason yelled as he and Zack tried to advanced towards her only to be blocked by a group of his own former peers from the football team. Trini tried to break free of Ty and Amanda’s grasp. Even Billy who was usually the calmest of the group had to be held back by Amanda’s entouage. Amanda just walked up to Kimberly who still had her eyes shut. Tears were already starting to leak from the pink ranger’s defective eyes.

“Don’t think I’m gonna take it easy on you just because you’re handicap Hart.” Amanda sneered one last time before violently shoving Kimberly to the ground. “You gotta watch where your going Kim. You really should try to see what’s in front of you.”

Amanda gave one last spiteful laugh before throwing the ranger’s sunglasses down onto the ground. As Kim fell to the dirt her head came in contact, even in her muddled state of mind, her senses were still in overdrive, Trini yelling Kim’s name as she rushed towards her along with her other friends, the sounds of footsteps rushing towards her, the heat coming from the mass of bodies surrounding her, as she drifted off into the darkness, the blood from the cut on her head spilling out of her wound the only thing running through her mind was the endless echos and vibrating sound that would never cease.

AN: I know I ended this chapter in a bit of a downer. But I wanted to set this up for something much more extraordinary in the upcoming chapters! It’s definitely gonna take a much more intense spin. At least I hope it comes across that way. lol

Just Another Sunday

 Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Couple: 707xMC 

Rating: M

Spoilers: 707′s good ending, and Secret ending 1 and Secret ending 2

Warning: MC’s name is Min-Suk Park. There is a sex scene, it’s towards the end.  It’s just a fluffy one-shot for now.  It’s most likely going to lead to a chapter fiction.  We’ll see soon how I feel about it.

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Hey, i just saw that you write for Deadpool and i was wondering if you could write a rlly angsty Ajax fanfic because I love Ed Skrein! Like maybe you get jealous of him and Angel being so close while he treats you like crap and Angel always makes sure to rub it in your face, then one day you just snap. You can choose how it ends but I love your writing! By anon.

A/N: I’m slightly upset that the above gif is the only Ajax one that I could find?! Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with the speed of this upload and I’m also really excited about all the amazing requests you guys are sending in! Let me know what you think! xx

“Oh, Ouch.” You enunciated the words playfully, dragging them out in a purposefully mocking tone. 

This particular patient, Jimmy may have been his name, really hated needles and, unfortunately for him, trypanophobia didn’t mix well with this program. Well nothing really mixed well with this program.

Smirking as he slowly drifted from consciousness your attention was captured by a loud and angry clanging sound. Glancing upwards automatically, towards the source of the noise, you frowned.

Your ‘colleagues’ were up there, Ajax having just arrived back and already deep in conversation with Angel - God knows what they were so urgently discussing. You weren’t an idiot, you knew it wouldn’t be anything ‘unprofessional’, but you were also annoyingly aware that it could very well be about you - Angel just loved trash talking you, especially to Ajax. 

Preferring to remain silent and eavesdrop, you stood just beside the top of the stairs. Thankfully, they didn’t seem to be mentioning your name at all - Angel clearly had bigger things on her mind, something that was admittedly very unusual for her.

Unfortunately, she seemed to be able to get away with being severely pig-headed simply because her abilities had many more obvious applications than yours. 

It wasn’t as though you were entirely devoid of any enhancements of your own, it was simply that everybody seemed to entirely undervalue your ability to become entirely invisible. 

“Eavesdropping’s a little rude you know.” Having been entirely too wrapped up in your thoughts to pay any attention, you had failed to notice that their conversation had ended and that Angel had moved towards you. Huffing as she lightly (lightly for her anyway) shoved at your shoulder, you desperately tried not to completely fall over. 

Smirking, you swiftly thought up a snappy reply. “So’s looking like shit, but you seem to do that everyday.” Part of you was a little worried over how she would react to that; as confident as you were you knew that she could end you with a single punch. Clearly, considering how careless you were suddenly being with your words, your patience was running a little thin.

Strangely, and thankfully, she didn’t react with immediate violence. Instead, she stepped in a little closer to effectively tower above you, smirking with a clear sense of absolute superiority, and chuckled some words to you. “Does anyone even notice when you disappear?” You tried to walk away, knowing her comments were only going to get worse, but her strong grip upon your arm held you in place. “He sure doesn’t.” 

Suddenly, it all pushed you over the edge; her superior smirk, her harsh words, her tough demeanor and that stupid fucking match between her lips. “Fuck you!” Somehow managing to wrench your arm free, you snapped a fist into her face, clearly catching her off guard.

But when she recovered, and turned back to you with a sadistic smile plastered across her features, you knew that you had just made a dire mistake. 

It was as though you felt the blow before you even saw her move. In the blink of an eye, you had been sent crashing through the air - knocking into tables and chairs, and even flying through a pane of glass at some point. 

As you heaved a breath, the sharp pain in your chest alerted you to the major damage that had been done to your ribs, while the pounding in your skull was indicative of how harshly your head had impacted the wall behind. 

Strangely however, as you sat in a crumpled heap taking stock of your bruised body, you felt an intense anger and determination overtake you. You were resolutely, absolutely, determined to give her a taste of this pain. 

A mere second of mild concentration later, and you had disappeared entirely. Immediately, she stopped in her movements towards you and glanced around suspiciously. Forcing a smirk upon her features, she attempted to remain stoic, but her darting eyes told of her uncertainty.

Smiling to nobody but yourself, you stood as silently as you were able. Swiping a particularly jagged shard of glass from the floor, you cautiously stepped towards her. 

As her back was turned, looking in entirely the wrong direction for you, you allowed the glass shard to slice a trail through her back. It should have worried you perhaps, how satisfying her cry of pain was to you, but you were far too busy dodging her flailing arms to pay it much mind. 

You repeated this technique a handful of times, driving her to the point of fury. Blood seeped from her many fresh cuts as she hurled tables, chairs flying in all directions, hoping to crush you under the weight of them. Each time a chuckle escaped your lips, seemingly emanating from nowhere, she let out a string of curses and threats. 

Just as you were debating how far you could really take this, she was branded ‘useful’ after all, an unmistakably British voice rang through the air. “That’s enough Ladies.” His tone was bored but you could hear a slight smirk to them; he had clearly been watching the entire scene. 

“She’s-” Angel began to protest, only to be cut off by a raise of his hand. 

“Running rings around you.” He was actively smirking now, as he finished for her. “Disappointing” was the last word he spared her, alongside an appraising glance. 

Her dismayed expression was almost as satisfying as her previous yelps of pain. “Now, why don’t you come out where we can see you?” As he addressed the question to thin air you assumed he was now speaking directly to you. 

Quickly, you became visible once more; smiling whilst brandishing your makeshift blade. His appraising glance to you was much kinder than the one he had spared her, it seemed he had finally realized your potential. 

Smirking at him, trying not to seem too pleased, you spared a glance to Angel. She was shaking with fury and you knew that she would ensure you paid for what you had just done, but at this point you cared little. 

Deciding that an air of aloofness would serve you well, you raised your head high and walked past the two of them. Just as you were about to walk from the room, you heard a laugh emanating from Ajax; a sound which only served to further widen your smirk. Things were finally looking up it seemed.


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💭 + Whis

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The shorty Angel is too cute. All I want to do is snuggle him and let him know just how I feel but also I wanna know if he likes my food. Why- wait- oh god! God he looking at me! I have to do something to not look like an idiot!

“Why’s your hair look like ice cream?”


The Whis that is not Whis. Not my Whis. Alternate timelines are so odd. Did my alternate just not survive to meet you? Did you meet and are you different than My Whis? Or is he different than I? Perhaps it is even that you two didn’t click, I know me and Whis wouldn’t have clicked had we not bot liked riddles, we are fairly polar opposites.


You turn around and see him looking at you, again. You can’t help but smile. ‘Fuck, I shouldn’t be smiling’ you tell to yourself. ‘He’s a bad person, he’s a psychopath witch-murderer … but he’s so hot. Why does this kind of thinks allways happend to me’ you continue repeating in your head.


On the other side of the room, Kai continues talking to Damon.
'What’s happening? You keep looking behind’ Damon asks him
'I just can’t help it, she’s so hot. I mean, look at that face, she’s like an angel, and please look at that body, dear God’ Kai keeps fantasizing about you. But deep inside he knows you’re out of his league, damn it your far far away from his league, or at least that’s what he thinks. 'And she’s so sweet and funny and cute but sexy at the same time’
'Oh, so little psycho witch is in love. Who is the fortunate one? Or may I say unfortunate?’ he says looking in the same direction
'Y/N’ he says obviously not knowing whats going to happend next.
'What the hell? She’s my sister you idiot. I’m killing you, right now’

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kimberlyofficial1 : Imagine You were Damon and Stefan’s sister and you meet Kai for the first time and he saw you and couldn’t stop staring at you and you thought he was hot but you knew he’s evil and then Kai talked to Damon saying that he liked you but he didn’t know that you were Damon’s sister so then Damon and Kai get into a fight

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[miyusawa] snow angel

“What on earth are you doing?”

Kazuya asked, staring down at Sawamura who was lying in the snow, arms and legs spread out carelessly. He was grinning from ear to ear, with flushed cheeks and vividly sparkling eyes that made him look like a kid. Small puffs of warm air rose from his lips, blurring the lines of his face and making his smile ghostly and unsettling, like a Cheshire cat ready to pounce. And Kazuya couldn’t help but be curious about it.

“Can’t you see, Miyuki-senpai?” Sawamura replied, moving his arms and legs in the snow. “A snow angel!”

“Aren’t you a little too old for that?” Kazuya lifted an eyebrow, but the corners of his mouth twitched in the beginnings of a smile.

Sawamura only laughed. “You’re never too old for this! Come on, join me!”

Kazuya snorted. There was no way he’d ever be caught lying in the cold, wet snow like a five year old. So he just stood there, watching Sawamura giggle to himself while he pushed the snow to the sides to make a – Kazuya hated to admit – devastatingly perfect shape of an angel.

“Come on, Miyuki Kazuya! Don’t be a killjoy!” Sawamura egged him on.

And damn him, but Kazuya felt the flickering of want stir in his chest. He grumbled and rubbed a hand on the back of his head in momentary frustration over his own indecisiveness, but Sawamura was calling out to him again, and he was laughing, that infectious laughter that always brought warmth into Kazuya’s heart.

Kazuya’s defenses melted fast.

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A Sister's Sin

Summary: Erza, Juvia, and Kinana appear at Crime Sorciere with some exciting news. 
Pairings: Jerza, CobraXKinana, Stingyu, slight Gruvia reference. 
Note: This is largely an Angel-centric fic

It was an average, unremarkable day within the walls of Crime Sorciere’s hidden fortress. The independent guild’s members lounged around waiting for Cobra’s hearing to pick up any unrest nearby. 

“I can hear it,” the poison dragon slayer drawled. “Three fairies coming this way.” Cubellios was among them, or Kinana, as she was called in her human form.

Meredy smirked at this piece of information. “Erza’s been visiting a lot lately, nee, Jellal?”

“I know,” Angel added, inspecting her nails with an air of superiority. “You’d think he would have found some balls by now and popped the question. I mean, you’re already in your thirties.”

“As are you, Sorano,” the blue haired man retorted, completely unfazed by her teasing. 

“Don’t I know it,” the pale haired mage said with a groan, gazing up at the ceiling. Where had the time gone? When she was a child she imagined being married with her own children by now. She was going to live in a stylish townhouse in a quaint little city, right across the street from her little sister, so she wouldn’t get lonely. 

What a fantasy.

In reality, Angel hadn’t seen said sister in the better part of twenty years. Had her crybaby been lonely all this time? She sure hoped not.

“Aww, do you guys want a sensory link to feel what it’s like to be young again?” Meredy teased.

The rest of the group hadn’t the time to properly maim her for that comment before Erza, Kinana, and Juvia arrived. 

“Meredy-san!” The water mage exclaimed, rushing to embrace her pink haired friend. 

“Juvia!” Meredy giggled. “How’s everything? Been getting along with Gray!" 

At this her cheeks flushed immediately. "Well, you see…” she paused, a cavernous grin breaking out on her face. “It’s wonderful! Gray-sama and I have consummated our eternal love!”

Angel and Cobra shared an incredulous look. Twenty-three years old and she’d only just lost her virginity? 

“About time,” the sensory mage declared. “I was beginning to wonder about him.”

“How were your travels, Erza?” Jellal asked her in a soft voice. He was sure she grew even more radiant each second he looked at her. 

“Pretty pleasant, actually,” she noted. “When Natsu’s not with us we can take as much transportation as we need to get around. But, how are you?” Her eyes softened noticeably. “I heard  you were in a tight spot with a dark guild recently.”

“Nothing to worry about,” he assured, brushing some scarlet strands of hair out of her face. 

“I always worry,” she admitted, somewhat shyly. “You’re hopeless.”

“She speaks the truth,” Meredy chimed in. 

“Erza,” Jellal wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him, touching his forehead to hers. 

Angel shook her head at the display. “Alright, seriously? Get a room.” A woman couldn’t watch lacrima vision in peace anywhere in this world. “That goes for you too, Cobra.” She didn’t even want to turn around and see what kind of freaky shit he and his lover were up to in the doorway.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea,” Erza admitted, sending Jellal a suggestive smile.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Juvia chimed in. “Before you all, um, express your love, Juvia has to present the invitation." The water mage took a moment to fish the cream colored, lavender scented envelope from her purse. "It’s for the Sabertooth wedding next month!”

Meredy’s eyes widened in interest. “No way! Sorcerer’s Weekly has been covering it nonstop! It’s going to be the event of the year!" 

"Sabertooth wedding.” Angel repeated. “That guild’s a pretty big deal, right?”

“They rival Fairy Tail in power,” Meredy informed, “Although many would say they win in style. Natsu and Lucy’s wedding didn’t get nearly as much press as this.”

“It’s probably because Sting-san is Saber’s guild master,” Kinana inferred. Even now, she had to admit that the light dragon slayer being taken was a loss to women everywhere. The world of magic had never seen such an attractive guild master before.

After this thought, she received an annoyed look from Cobra. 

“Oh, Erik! I didn’t mean it that way.” The Fairy Tail barmaid grappled for a way to mitigate the effects of it. “The focus has been more on the bride, anyway. Yukino Aguria’s been known for her fashion sense.”

Angel felt as though a lightning bolt had struck her when her sister’s name came tumbling out of Cobra’s lover’s mouth. Yukino was in a wizard guild, a very powerful one at that? And she was was getting married to her guild master. 

She could tell Jellal was watching her for a response, but wasn’t willing to cause a scene in mixed company. “Yukino Aguria,” she contorted her face as would a person trying to remember something. “I think I’ve heard that name before. Who is she?”

“She’s among the ten most powerful wizards in Sabertooth, although the guild has done away with such ranking systems in recent years,” Erza informed. “Although, you probably know her for her skills as a celestial spirit mage, seeing that you were once one yourself.”

Skilled? Powerful? Those were hardly words she’d use to describe the skittish and deferential little sister of her memories, but she knew that the two Yukinos were one and the same. 

“I need some air. You can go back to your love fest now.” Swiftly grabbing Meredy’s magazine off the table, Angel stalked away.

Hours later, after reading through every scrap of information she could find about her sister, Sabertooth, and the wedding, Angel was joined on the balcony by none other than Jellal. 

“I assume you’ll want to leave a few weeks early,” he suggested. “Make up for lost time?”

Angel glanced at him indignantly. “I’m not going to that wedding, Jellal." 


“I can’t show myself to her the way I am now! I’m not her ‘cool older sister’ anymore, look at me. I’m a fucking fugitive hiding out in the woods! A connection to me will only bring trouble to her and her guild.”

Jellal lowered his head, thinking. He couldn’t say he didn’t understand.

“Sorano,” he said. “I don’t know much about the situation, but your sister wants to see you.” He thought back to Simon’s death, as he did multiple times each day. “Not everyone separated by the tower of heaven had the chance to reunite with their loved ones.”

“I will see her eventually,” she conceded, after a sizable pause. “After I have atoned for my sins. When she can be proud of the person I’ve become. Before then I’ll only be a burden and, well, she’s never done well under stress.”

Jellal drummed his finger against the railing. “Although I believe you’re making a mistake, I will respect your choices.”

“Damn right, you will.” That part had never been up for debate. “Now, before you go see Erza off just answer one question for me.”

“What is it?”

“That guy my little shit’s marrying. Is he a good person?”

Jellal nodded thoughtfully. “The best kind,” he assured. “He’s actually a lot like Natsu Dragneel.”

Angel rolled her eyes at this. “Oh god! So he’s an idiot.”

The blue haired wizard shrugged. “Your sister has enough sense for the both of them." 

Angel couldn’t help but smile as he left. She would see for herself when the time was right. At least now she knew where to look. 


Yukino sighed, exhausted, as she entered her fiancé's office. "Sting-sama,” she groaned, situating herself in his lap and opening the day planner she carried on his desk. “Wedding planning is hard.”

“Fro thinks so, too!” exclaimed the exceed who had been helping her on her errands. 

“Agreed,” Lector chimed in. Tasting cake and choosing flowers didn’t sound like much work at all in the beginning. 

Sting shook his head, amazed at how worn out they all looked. “Tired?”

The celestial only nodded, and Sting took this as a cue to start massaging her shoulders. 

“Why didn’t we just elope?” Yukino asked, only half-jokingly. It was strange for her to always be in the public eye. 

“Because,” the dragon slayer kissed the top of her right shoulder. “You wanted a big, high-profile wedding so your sister would be able to find you.”

The pale haired mage rubbed her eyes tiredly. “It wasn’t the best plan, now that I think about it.” She leaned further into his touch. “Do you really think it’ll work?”

“I do. Even if she doesn’t come out for the wedding, I think she’ll find you when she thinks the time is right.”

Yukino smiled and pressed a kiss against his cheek. “Sting-sama, what would I do without your optimism?”

“You’d be Rogue.” He pecked her lips. “Just a lot more attractive.”

“Speaking of attractive,” the celestial mage turned back to her book of all things wedding with new vitality, “should the bridesmaids wear turquoise or cornflower?”

And when the time was right, his lovely sister-in-law could prate in his ear about what the difference between those colors was. 

The Fallen | chp. 6


Originally posted by ehehseok

Chapter: Video Trailer | Angel Profiles | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Genre: Angst, Drama, basically everything.

Characters: Bangtan

Warnings: Profanity, mention of God.

Summary: In the aftermath of angels being sent down to demolish the modern world, you are one of the few lucky human survivors that made it out alive, but for how long can you survive?

A/N: Wow. I just updated chp. 5 yesterday but like I had so much good shit to write so here’s chp 6. :’) 1984 words. Oh man holy shit. I don’t even know how that happened. Fuck me. I hope you guys like it and feedback will be greatly appreciated! 

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“We’re cosplaying at comic con dressed as a pair and we didn’t come together but people think we did and I have yet to meet you?”

“The cosplayer request pleeeeeaasssseee”- Anon

Originally I was going to have them all go to lunch together, but then this happened.

This is kind of a nod to mslead because of our FF: Crisis Core Collab, and I just thought it would be funny. The only part of this I had planned was the “compensate” joke. Sorry if it’s not the best/messy!

Lucy smiles as she fixes the pink bow in her hair, feeling her braid swish across her back. Smoothing her white and blue dress against her thighs, she stands, lifting her basket of flowers in one quick motion. Lucy glances around the crowded room, taking in the elaborate costumes and the silly beginner costumes. Well made or not, they all look amazing. They look happy.

She bites her lip, fingering the hem of her dress. Going to the convention was a great idea. She didn’t know she would love it this much. Now, she’s incredibly thankful that Erza–dressed as Lighting Farron–managed to convince her to go. Well, it would be better if Erza and her boyfriend Jellal–dressed as Noel Kreiss–hadn’t have ditched her to go canoodle elsewhere. Granted, Lucy doesn’t want to watch them suck face, but she doesn’t want to be alone either.

Huffing in annoyance, Lucy spins on her heel, hands on her hips and long hair whipping over her shoulder.

And nearly runs into someone.

Lucy squeaks as some guy dressed as a robot from Gundam catches her awkwardly by the arms, steadying her. “Whoa, Aerith!” he shouts. She can practically hear the smile in his voice. “I just saw Zack a couple minutes ago! He was over by the fountain if you’re looking for him! You two look great together!” the guy babbles. Before Lucy can say anything he’s already gone.


Lucy frowns, confusion written across her face. She didn’t come here with anyone dressed as Zack…

This continues to happen for the next hour. People running up to Lucy and asking about her costume and “Zack” and how long they’ve known each other and how adorable they look together. She doesn’t have the heart to tell them she has no idea who they’re talking about, so she just smiles and nods, offering them flowers and complementing their costumes.

She still hasn’t found Erza and Jellal, and it’s doubtful that they’ll show up anytime soon, so she’s just been wandering around by herself. Not that she really minds, she’s having fun. It’s just a little awkward not having anyone to talk to other than strangers.

Plus, she really wants to meet this guy dressed as Zack. Both because people have been talking about him all day and she wants to know what’s going on, and because Zack is absolutely her favorite Final Fantasy character and she just really wants to see their costume–and some of the girls said he was hot, so that’s a total bonus–but mostly because everyone has been talking about him.

She’s been low-key looking for him since the first guy came up to her, but she has yet to find him. She’s checked in all the places people have said they saw him–except the men’s restroom, for obvious reasons–but it’s like he’s disappeared, just out of her reach. And she’s really beginning to hate this game of hide and seek.

So yeah, maybe she’s pouting a little bit, but she just really wants to see this guy and it’s been an hour! She just can’t find him!

“Yo, Aerith!” She whips around to see Snow Villiers waving at her. “Nice costume! I just saw–”

“Where is he!?” she cuts him off, gathering her basket and bag.

Snow blinks. “He’s over by the contest stage.” He jerks his thumb over his shoulder. “He was just there with–” She dashes away, running passed him–but not before handing him a flower as a thank you.

She will find him this time!

Only she doesn’t.

By the time she makes it to the stage he’s already gone. The contests don’t start until later and she’s probably not going to find him. She still has to find Erza, too, but that can wait, at least for a little while.

Lucy huffs in disappointment, a frown settling on her face. She should probably just give up now. There’s no point in running around like this anymore. She’s just started to take out her phone when she hears the sound of footsteps running, but ignores it, thinking it’s unimportant.

“Natsu, slow down!”

“Dude, she’s not going anywhere!”

“Come back here, Moron!”

And that’s when some guy with pink hair trips and face plants directly in front of her, a surprised cry flying from his lips as he lands in a pile of limbs and dark clothing. Lucy gasps, her hands flying up to her mouth shock. She’s about to reach out for him when she notices the large sword strapped to his back.

Her hands drop to her sides. She knows exactly who this is.

The guy groans, pushing himself up onto his hands and knees, and then turns to her, blinking rapidly as his mouth drops open. “Are you an angel?” he mumbles, green eyes wide.

Funny. She doesn’t remember him landing on his head.

“No, I’m Lucy.” She giggles anyway.

And damn, he’s hot! His hair is messy, falling into his big, green eyes that just seem to suck her in. He’s even built like a SOLDIER! Oh yes, he definitely does Zack Fair justice. Right down to the goofy grin on his face and the happiness shinning in his eyes.

His friends run up as well, all speaking at once.

“Now you’ve done it!” a blond dressed as Cloud Strife says, laughing loudly.

“God, you’re an idiot,” a dark-haired man dressed as a Turk grumbles, shaking his head. “Natsu, we can’t take you anywhere.”

“Are you alright, Natsu?” another dark-haired man asks, this one dressed as Vincent Valentine.

Lucy turns back to Zack–well, Natsu–and crouches next to him, holding out a hand. He smiles, catching her hand in his and giving it a squeeze. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere,” he blurts. She can hear his friends groan and face palm at Natsu comment, and he averts his eyes, blushing slightly. “I mean–”

“Me too,” she admits, still smiling. “I’ve been chasing after you for the past hour.” He laughs and pushes himself to his feet, never once letting go of her hand.

“I guess we’ve just been running in circles then.” She nods, holding eye contact with him.

“I guess so.” Her heart skips a beat as he smiles. One of the other guys makes a disgusted sound and Natsu’s head snaps around, his eyes narrowing.

“Shut up, Gray!” he barks at the man dressed as a Turk. The two argue for a few minutes, and Lucy learns that the other two men are Sting and Rogue, the latter of which sighs at the bickering men and pushes them apart as Sting grins at her.

Sting gives her a flirty wink and kisses her hand. “So, you doing anything tonight?”

Before Lucy can reply, Natsu shoves him. “Dude, no! Zack and Aerith is the OTP!” Lucy laughs loudly, gaining their attention. Natsu gives her a bright grin, jerking a thumb at himself. “Anyway, I’m Natsu! Nice to meet you, Lucy! Your costume is great!” Sting and gray snicker behind him, but Natsu ignores it.

“Nice to meet you too, Natsu.” She steps closer to him, fingers trailing across the fabric covering his chest. “Did you make yours yourself?” She misses his sharp inhale when her fingertips trail down.

“Yeah, umm, my mom helped a little bit, though.” Lucy nods, and he continues. “I made the armor and sword myself though!” Her gaze flashes up to meet his. “I think I did a pretty good job with it!”

She glances behind him at the replica Buster Sword. “That is a pretty big sword you have there.” She gives him a cheeky grin. “Are you trying to compensate for something?” Natsu gapes at her, turning red, and the other three burst into laughter, shouts of “burn!” and “ouch!” coming from them.

Natsu crosses his arms over his–very well defined–chest, a brow quirked and a smile tugging at his lips. “Well, I thought Aerith was supposed to be sweet.”

“I thought Zack was supposed to be dead.” This time he gasps, placing a hand over his heart in mock horror. Sting falls to his knees, clutching his stomach he’s laughing so hard, Gray is doubled over, and even Rogue has a smile on his face.

“Hurtful!” Natsu says, laughing. His eyes lock with hers, entrancing her.

“So pretty…” she murmurs.

Natsu grins. “My face?” Lucy bites back a laugh, knowing where this is headed. She can see the guys rolling their eyes as they begin to quote the dialogue.

“The eyes,” she replies, giggling.

He steps forward, leaning over her. “You like them? Here, take a closer look.”  His face moves closer to hers and she hears one of the guys “aww.” “Eyes infused with Mako energy, a SOLDIER trademark.”

She laughs again, pushing him away. “You do have gorgeous eyes though,” she whispers, thinking only he can hear.

“What about me?” Sting shouts from behind them, making them rip their gaze away from each other.

He’s standing their with his hands on his hips, a smirk on his face. She knows he’s only teasing, but she decides to play along. “You’re pretty, too, Cloud.”

Natsu nudges her. “You don’t have to lie, he knows he’s ugly.” Sting shouts something, but Lucy is laughing too hard to hear it. She sobers as her phone rings, Erza’s ringtone playing.

She pulls her phone out of her bag, about to answer the call when Natsu speaks.

“Hey, Aerith!” She looks back at him. “How about one date?”

Lucy smiles.

She nods.

Sibling of an Archangel

Hey guys i know it’s been awhile since i’ve posted but i wrote this a while back and realized i went fairly off the request i’m sorry .I also kind of lost contact with my editor so i’m sorry it’s not edited but i’m trying to get back in the flow of things.If you would like to help me in editing that’d be great just message or chat with me so we can work things out .I kind of just wanted to post it because I semi liked it sorry to who requested this it might not be what you wanted exactly .

Request:anonymous asked-Can you do a Gabriel Imagine
Where the reader is an arc angel too and they both share the love of sweet things

Originally posted by debatchery

Today was another day on the mortal world with the simple minded .You appreciated the mortal world more than the usual typical angels floating around…Your father made this so it could be enjoyed not to be taken control of or destroyed .the simple things made you happy even if the humans seemed barbaric at times it was still enjoyable .Messing with the humans was also very enjoyable .How could so many people on this planet be oblivious to the things around them .

You started out to walk on a street walking past mortals who had no clue you were different than them .Something made you stop as you saw an old man struggling while  a younger man pushed through past him almost pushing him over .You stepped up and with a flick of your hand the younger man had fallen to the floor tripping on true air into the ground below him .You walked up to the older man and helped him .Being an angel didn’t mean you had to be an ass all the time .You helped the older man carry a bag and you instantly knew his name angels had a way of knowing names .This man was Harold he had a troubling past full of struggle and pain much that he didn’t deserve yet he could always smile .Harold accepted your help but walked towards the man that had fallen the one that directly pushed him .He reached to the younger man and helped him up .You didn’t know if it was pure stupidity or true kindness .once he was done he came back to where you stood .

“Thank you young lady.”

You couldn’t help but smile you were much older than him but he didn’t have to know.

“No problem sir it’s my true pleasure .Would you like assistance home.”

“I sure would young lady “

You started to walk beside him.

“May I ask you a question sir?”

“Oh its Harold sweetie sir makes me feel much older.”

You couldn’t help but Laugh.

“Oh well my names y/n”

“It’s nice to meet you y/n .what’s your question?”

“Why’d you help that man after he directly pushed you out of the way for no sufficient reason?”

He turned and faced you.

“All I saw was a man who had fallen so I helped.”

“But he pushed you?”

“I know that but that didn’t matter to me.”

“Why “

“You ask a lot of questions y/n.”

“Well I’m confused.”

“Don’t be y/n you do things out of kindness even if all you receive is pain.”

You stayed quiet and kept walking with the older man before he talked.

“Why’d you help me y/n “

“Because I saw what he did to you and it was unfair.”

“And if you hadn’t seen him would you be helping me.”

“Most likely not “

“See I think something’s happen for reason greater than we see.”

You turned a corner and his apartment was there.

“Thank you y/n.”

“You are welcome.”

“Oh here for cravings and your service.”

He tossed you a chocolate bar before he walked into his home.

You took the bar and began to eat it  .you disappeared in an instant to your home .You thought of what happened .you continued eating every sweet making more appear at your fingertips. Moments passed by till boredom reached .you stared at the clock thinking of what to do till you heard a prayer to an archangel .Duty called hopefully something more interesting .Before you set out you grabbed one more lollipop and set out .when you arrived you weren’t expecting what you walked into .Winchesters were the ones in need .

“Well .I heard a prayer and I came.”

“Who are you?”

“Well, you called on an angel and I came to answer some prayers.”

“We called on an archangel.”

“Fine guys I’ll be on my way then wait for the big guns to come.”

“Almost at that instant you felt the presence of another archangel arrive.”

You turned only to see the Winchesters trap no other than Gabriel, Thank god they didn’t pull that off on you they would have gotten on your bad side .you couldn’t help but laugh you knew Gabriel and seeing him helpless was a sight for sore eyes. Both Winchesters looked at you like you were mad.

“OH is this funny.”

“Yes it’s hilarious Gabriel made you his bitch when he put you through that game now he’s yours “

“Ok who the hell are you?”

Gabriel looked at both of them.

“You two idiots why didn’t you trap her?”

“Because she’s an ordinary angel.”

Gabriel  laughed

“Ok, wonderful well here let me introduce you this is y/n, one of Fathers least liked archangel’s.”

“Hey, All Daddy cared about was Michael and Lucifer not my fault I wasn’t liked, plus you won’t see me whining about it brother .I don’t have daddy abandonment issues.”

Sam and Dean stared at shock before intervening. Dean spoke first

“There’s more of you and what the hell.”

“There’s seven Dean”

“So Sam is the brains of the operation .ok well this was fun but what are you going to do to my brother well what do you need?”

“We needed information.”

“Well that’s boring here don’t let me intervene continue.”

You stared at gabriel he always was one of your favorite siblings you both had a sweet tooth you shared .no matter what you were going to get him out of this he was your brother .you two always were a duo to mess with separate you were threat but together was true and utter kayas .moments passed till you really started to get bored.”

“Ok, Winchester’s this was fun but I’m tired of seeing my poor brother confined.”

You saw Sam pull out an angel blade this angered you in more ways than others.

“To think I thought I was going to stay on your good side. “With a flick of your hand you mad both Winchesters freeze. You set the fire sprinklers on and Gabriel was out.

“Took you long enough.’

“Hey, you had the beef be happy I decided to show up .lollipop brother. “You handed him a lollipop he took it with no hesitation.

You went up to the Winchesters taking both angel blades from them and taking a few steps back before UN freezing them.

They both made quick movements only to see that they both were missing their blades.

“Well this was fun Winchesters but see me and my brother have a change


You looked at Gabriel what should we do?

“Well I always enjoyed messing with them it’s quite entertaining.”

you had a ball all day messing with the Winchesters and having them serve you your candy .It all had to come to an end when Castiel showed up of course Gabriel wanted to continue by banishing Castiel but you thought the fun had to end at one point and let them all leave .

You had some one on one time with your brother.

“Y/n why’d you disappear on me on all of us.”

“Gabriel it wasn’t a big lose come on brother.”

‘It was for me for god’s sake y/n you left me with Lucie and Michael “

“I know Gabriel but look your fine plus I wasn’t important .Father didn’t want me around either”

“I don’t care what father wanted I needed you there .Our family fell apart look at us.”

“I couldn’t have changed that Gabriel.”

“You could have been there for me when I needed you.”

“Grow up brother our family was a mess from the beginning and there was nothing changing that.”

Gabriel’s eyes started to water.

“Gabriel I’m sorry I had to go you know that that’s why you left .You are my brother and I will always take care of you but I couldn’t stand by to have to pick a side.”

You went up and hugged him.

“Brother I’m sorry I left you.”

He didn’t move.

“I won’t leave you again ok.”

He stepped back you’ll stick by when our brothers go against each other.

“Our family has our problems Gabriel and I guess I’ll stick for another one of our brother’s sissy fights.”

He laughed

“Let’s go rob a candy shop Gabriel like old times.”

He smiled

“Race you” he disappeared in an instant.

“Cheater you got that form Lucie.”

NSFW Lyrics!

Hubs and I wrote a parody version of “Hey There Delilah” for Destiel. I present to you, “Hey There, You Assbutt.” Lyrics by both of us. This is how we spend our Friday nights. This is how we adult.

The ending is the best part.

Hey there, my angel
I want you right here beside me
I’m just sitting in my bunker
Getting drunk and kinda horny
Let us screw
Dr. Sexy just ain’t quite you
By Chuck its true

Hey there, my angel
Don’t you worry about the hounding
I’m right here if you get horny
And I’ll give you another pounding
Close your eyes
Feel my throbbing meat, between your thighs
Or your insides

Oh, put your grace in me
Oh, your body’s heavenly
Oh, put your grace in me
Oh, your eyes they make me weak
Your eyes they make weak

Hey there, you assbutt
I know Sammy’s getting tired
But just believe me, cas
In an hour, I’ll be raging and rock hard
You’ll have it good
We’ll have the life we knew we would
My sex is good

Hey there, my angel
I will swear that I’m not gay
And if anyone hears of this
There’ll sure be hell to pay
I’ll deny it all
Even though Sammy already knows
It’s just a show


A thousand miles seems pretty far
But you’re an angel and I’ve got a car
I’d walk to you if i had no other way
Sammy would make fun of us
And we’d just laugh along because we’d know that he has never felt this way
My angel, I can promise you
That by the time we get through
Your ass will never ever be the same
My cock’s to blame

Hey there, my angel
Why don’t you bend over that Impala
I can surely be your Simba
And hey you can be my Nahla
Fuck, I’m gay
I’m really gay
I’m with Cas, screw you guys
If God is bi, then so am I
Hey there, my angel, here’s to you
This one’s for you

Oh, I’m in love with Cas
Oh, I’m in love with Cas
Oh, I’m in love with Cas


hannah’s fanfiction recommendation post: clint/pietro

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  • for my personal favorites
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  • ✝ for smutty fics 
  • read the tags before reading the fic
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(one like what the fuck is this for idk If i should be excited or amused)

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Now lets start with Fetus Holy brother of Angelboy

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Gahhhh wow I feel terrible

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then there’s the whole hair thing

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holy mother of wow

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Fedora Ashton is like what 

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i don’t even know what to say 

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LOOK AT THAT SMILE ( and the lil kitten Michael Clifford)

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i have done a very bad thing

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no you’re not you piece of shit

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look at this little angel

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And I leave you with this: Viola

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Have you ever involuntarily rolled your eyes at something, yet kind of wanted to hug it? If so, then you understand how I feel about this show. It’s hard to grasp how important such melodramatic characters, idiotic plot points, and story lines as bonkers as the theme song could be to someone who doesn’t normally value those qualities in anything. Yes, it is embarrassing and unrealistic, (oh God, please let it be unrealistic), but also it made lesbians appear on my television screen in 2004 without me having to tape tiny photographs of my friends’ heads over the cast of Entourage.

Not only that, on occasion I was able to strip away the cosmetic trappings of Los Angeles. Sometimes, despite the exaggerated, preposterous situations – pausing from oral sex to calmly introduce your ex-wife, attempts to steal sperm from a total stranger, endless maniacal car chases, the Cheris Jaffe – there was a tiny queer truth with which I could identify. Other times, they were murdering each other, making up fake slang (e.g. “meat tagged”), or hallucinating a Dust Bowl circus that I’m pretty sure was the inspiration for the short-lived HBO series Carnivale. Still, if you blurred your eyes they were just gay women living their lives and that is something with which I could and can relate.

Indeed, sometimes all those slivers of detail added up to something relatable for me, other times not at all. Sometimes they added up to one character informing another, “I can’t be around you anymore. It’s confusing to me and it makes me feel insane.” I get that. I mean seriously, I get that. Other times they added up to one character informing another, “She has the best nipples in town and she knows it.” I get that much less. But it always added up to what is still the ONLY television show with more than one lesbian character in the main cast – Netflix series and Pretty Little Liars notwithstanding.

—  Why “The L Word” Still Matters 10 Years After It Debuted | Laura Jayne Martin for the Huffington Post Gay Voices 

It’s fun to imagine that if there is a god, some of his weirder animals may exist just because none of the angels had the guts to give him positive criticism:

Gabriel: Are you seeing this? I mean, are you actually seeing this shit?

Metatron: I uh…. Yeah, it’s another dog type thing.

Gabriel: It’s a hyena, Metatron. It’s a hyena and their females have mock penises. HE’s making a creature that has to give birth through a penis. Why? WHY?!? You should say something.

Metatron: It’s bizarre, I’ll grant you, but I’M not going to bring it up. Maybe you should say something-

*God walks by*

Gabriel and Metatron in unison: Oh hey, dad! Good work on the hyenas!

Metatron whispers to Gabriel: You wuss

Gabriel: WHAT?!

Sam Winchester’s Internal Monolgue

I wrote this for my own amusement last night whilst thinking about what must go through Sam’s brain on a regular basis in regards to Destiel. This is the result of lack of sleep and alcohol. I am sorry. I have no idea what this even is. Its a bit long so i put it under a read more…

‘Do you seriously think I don’t see it Dean?’

‘You are not fucking subtle’

‘Guys, it’s not normal to stare at each other like that’


‘Okay I’m leaving.’

‘Urgh I am doomed to forever be surrounded with unresolved sexual tension’

‘You guys need to fuck this out I swear to god.’

‘I don’t even care you know’

‘Shit Dean do you think I CARE?!’

‘Oh crap what if he thinks I care?’

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