oh god and in that moment i knew i loved joe

Top 10 Walking Dead Moments

Hey Everybody!! I was tagged by the amazingly pretty @shipnation and the sexiicutiful @siancore so here you go… I give you gifs and in no particular order…

1. Don’t Open Dead Inside and the fear on Ricks face.

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2. I knew Rick was going to be okay but I was worried.

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3. This moment between Michonne and Carl.

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4. Maggie “Hi” to Glenn and I teared up.

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5. Didn’t understand the significance on this flower but it made me love Daryl even more

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6. Oh God, I cried…

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7. Rick ‘claimed’ Joe’s throat..’Teach him Rick, teach him all the way.’

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8. I was so glad to see these three. 

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9. Ringleader! Archer! Samurai! Kid! I was worried, sure I know they were going to make it out okay but to end season 4 on that note - Shittttt 

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10. So much was going on here and yet the camera angle was just right it made me pause my dvr. 

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….And that Richonne moment that (still) had me talking

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I’m so ready for them to happen.

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