oh god abbi i am so sorry


Over the Years-Photography Comparison

Colleen and I got into this big long thing about our past shoots and got deep into the whole oh god our first shoots back when we were like hurp derp what is this camera thing how do. So we thought it might be fun to do a little comparison thing!

Casual Xigbar-2008

Omg this was the oldest photo I could dig up. It was back from my baby days. I was just running around Kentucky with my friend Abbi and I was like LET ME TAKE PHOTOS YEAH…oh god I was a dreadful Photographer


And here we have a similar-ish photo from just this past Ohayocon of Dawn as Devoto! The editing is better, better angles, proper camera. Just so much better. it’s kinda awesome to see how far I’ve come!

If any of my other photo bros wanna join in, please do it! Swoz I’m lookin at you!