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Do you do would includes for Kabby? If so could i get a kabby trying to parent all of the delinquents would include please?

Sorry this took me so long to get to! Hope it’s alright and makes at least a little bit of sense

  • “Bellamy, wait! Here, take a blanket.” “Kane, I don’t-” “It’s getting cold out and Abby said you went into Medbay with a sore throat this morning.” “…alright. Thanks.”
  • “It’s called Aguadito de Pollo, my father used to make it for my mother when she was pregnant with me.” “Clarke’s not pregnant, Marcus…right, Clarke?” “No, I’m not, mom. I’ve just got a sore throat.” “Wonder were she got that from…”
  • Kane sitting and chuckling at Clarke trying to scoff her chicken soup down even though is scorching hot as Abby stands to the side and tries her hardest to not break down because Jake used to look at Clarke with that look in his eyes too
  • Harper coming into Medbay with a few splinters in her hand from a fall but starts to freak out when Abby comes at her with a giant pair of tweezers
  • “Wait, wait, wait. That thing is huge.” “We need to get them out, Harper.” “But-” “Here, hold Chancellor Kane’s hand.” “You can squeeze as hard as you want.”
  • “Look at that, McIntyre. Barely flinching a bit-oh my-that’s ow-that’s a grip.” “Harper, you okay?” “Fine.” “Good. That’s one down. Twenty odd to go…Marcus?” “Fine. I’m fine. Just. Give us a warning on the next one, yeah?”
  • Abby and Kane coming to Monty with the idea to make a special garden just for Jasper and himself to help with his mental illness
  • “See, Jasper? The garden’s for us. We can create and grow whatever we want here.” “The plants will all just die by winter anyway.” “Jasper. That’s why Abby asked us. I know my plants and electrics, you know your chemicals and physics. We’ll find a way to make a green house where anything can grow…get it? Green house…Fine. Forget it.” “Hey, wait. Abby said…whatever we want right?” “Technically…Kane did.“ “Well shit.”
  • “We want to get married.” “You…you two? But you’re both so….” “Young? Yeah. We’re thinking that we may as well-” “With all the chaos going on around here…we want to get it done.” “Well, I’m guessing you don’t want anything big so…I’ll see what I can do.” “Thank you, Chancellors.” “You’re welcome…Mr and Mr Miller.”
  • “What, no Chancellor Kane’s in the future?” “Jackson, get out of my office.” “…Just saying.” “Out.”
  • “John! I was just wondering if you wanted to sit in on my rounds with Jackson today-oh God. I’m-I’m so sorry.” “Abby, this is Emori.” “Hello, Doctor.” “This is um-I’ll be um. Sorry.”
  • “Oh come on, Abby like you’ve never walked in on Clarke before.” “No as a matter of fact Marcus I have not.” “I’ve walked in on Bellamy before.” “What? With who?” “I…am not answering that.”
  • "Octavia Blake.” “Shit.”“ What did you just say to my daughter?” “Fuck…Abby I…” “Get down here and apologise, right now. First to Jasper for stepping on his petunias. Second, to Monty for cutting through his net. Third, to Chancellor Kane for not following a direct order regarding your own safety. Fourth to my daughter for attacking her as an innocent bystander. Then lastly, for swearing at the person who cares about you more than anyone else in this entire camp.” “…sorry.” “O-” “It’ll do, Bellamy. At least until Lincoln’s back from his ride. Then you have no excuse to be such a grumpy old man like Kane." 
  • "Hey! Talk about innocent bystanders.”
  • “Abby! We’ve got a situation in the hanger deck!” “What is it? What’s going on?” “It’s Raven.” “Oh my god. Is she hurt?” “No, she’s…pulling the rover apart.”
  • “I can’t find it. I can’t find it. I can’t find it. I can’t find it. “Raven, darling, stop. You’re going to hurt yourself..” “I can’t . I can’t. I can’t.” “Raven, what’s wrong? What can’t you find?” “My-my necklace. Abby. Abby. Finn’s necklace-I can’t-I can’t find it.” “I’ve got you. You’re okay. You’re okay. Breathe. Just breathe. we’ll find it. Well find it.”
  • “ALL RIGHT! TROOPES! SETTLE DOWN! The way I see it. I’ve got about nine of you little Arkadia gremlins here and about a half mile squared of Arkadia to cover! So, you’ve all got about-” “Marcus, wait. I think you’ve got a few more volunteers.” “Of course. What’s a search without a few…rebellious delinquents?”
  • After almost nine hours of searching Jasper finds Finn’s necklace buried under an outpost Raven had been fixing up so Abby and Kane decide to give the delinquents all a break for the night
  • “No watch shifts, no Medbay shifts, no nothing. We want you all to go do something fun.” “What’s fun to do around here?” “…Lincoln said Niylah and Emori have never tried moonshine before…” “Oh dear god.” “KAY BYE MOM, BYE KANE!"”Jesus, just BE SAFE PLEASE AND STAY AWAY FROM CLIFFS PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” “HARPER! I’M LOOKING AT YOU!”

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Over the Years-Photography Comparison

Colleen and I got into this big long thing about our past shoots and got deep into the whole oh god our first shoots back when we were like hurp derp what is this camera thing how do. So we thought it might be fun to do a little comparison thing!

Casual Xigbar-2008

Omg this was the oldest photo I could dig up. It was back from my baby days. I was just running around Kentucky with my friend Abbi and I was like LET ME TAKE PHOTOS YEAH…oh god I was a dreadful Photographer


And here we have a similar-ish photo from just this past Ohayocon of Dawn as Devoto! The editing is better, better angles, proper camera. Just so much better. it’s kinda awesome to see how far I’ve come!

If any of my other photo bros wanna join in, please do it! Swoz I’m lookin at you!

The Book of Love, Part Two

It’s not easy being the only halfway normal person in a family of heroes, but Abigail Queen does it with style and class.

At least, she tries.

Part of the Legacy ‘verse

Part One

The Arrow frequently leaves social occasions abruptly, which Mom says has always been awkward. Tonight at a fundraiser for Bridge House, Abby makes Jon’s excuses for him as he slips out a side door.

“I hope you didn’t invent another emergency at Panoptic,” Mom mutters to Abby when he is well away. “It’s starting to make us look incompetent.”

“Don’t worry. I told the Kords it’s a gastrointestinal issue he doesn’t like to talk about.”

Tish covers her eyes with one hand. “Oh my God. Abby.”

“What? We can use that one again and again, and no one will ever ask for details.” Then Abby catches sight of Mom’s expression, and she wonders if perhaps that was wrong after all. “I’m sorry, but where is the bad?”

Mom shakes her head. “It’s just that I tried that one too, back in the day.”

Abby can’t help the delighted smile. “Great minds, right?”

Mom glances over her shoulder at Dad. “He was, um. Not pleased.”

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