oh god *big sean voice*

Sweet sweet sweet victory

There are no mansions like mine
Occluded occulus rifting by design
Do what you like anything’s fine
Where did I leave that key
Where in the world are those keys
Situation incubating
Bitch! Where the fuck are the keys to the car
*Big Sean voice* God Oh God!
Betrayed by my dear Armatige
Was this all a mirage
Will I wake up
High from laced smoke in a cold sweat
Tripping in the garage
Pirate raid all aboard
Mutany broken law
Who exactly was Ya?
No pause on this movie of a facade
Almost got a break
Thought there was honor among thieves
Broken branch by the dead leaves
Nobody will go
This lights infinite red
It’s you then there’s me
Don’t forget the guys standing between
Flowers guy and big E
For a special measured degree
We brought back a retiree
Troy Polamalu playing lead
Blocked touchdown screw it
On my Ray Lewis
Duck and dive then seize
The only opening eyes see
The thoughts provoking thee
Wet soaking me
With horrible water allergies
Auqagenic urticaria
Never partied at Aria
But I been to Atlantis
The real Atlantis
Swimming with a mantis within a bubble
Until they boil these witches in the potluck of trouble
I won’t savour that taste of
Sweet sweet sweet victory

anonymous asked:

ok i don't know if you've done this before but what are THE most romantic books you've ever read? Like, just really really good love stories

[big sean voice] oh god

  • the vintner’s luck by elizabeth knox (3 year book hangover and counting)
  • as meat loves salt by maria mccann (ymmv on this one but it definitely did it for me)
  • the song of achilles by madeline miller (everyone knows how it’s gonna end and yet we all still read it and cry)
  • call me by your name by andre aciman (most intense thing i’ve read in years possibly ever)
  • maurice by e. m. forster (shut up it’s so romantic)

bonus str8 people:

  • outlander series by diana gabaldon (damn daaaamnn)
  • the time traveller’s wife by audrey niffenegger (auughghh)
  • wuthering heights by emily bronte (lmao i’m all about that fucked up miserable love)

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