I really cannot deal with this level of “boyfriends”.

*logs into paypal*

*cries a lot*

honestly I’ve never felt as loved as now? wow sometimes I’m reminded the world is a great place filled with wonderful people…. Thank you SO MUCH I feel like the heaviest burden has been lifted off my shoulder 
if I ever win the lottery or become ridiculously rich in mysterious ways I swear I’ll throw a pool party and hire the whole ME/DA teams and voice actors and facemodels and we’re all having a blast ok?

I’m already working at the headshots, it’s gonna take a little to do them all but stay tuned ;)

Oh god so my brother is watching Percy Jackson for the first time and I’m sitting next to him but I’m on Tumblr and suddenly I recognized ‘my songs know what you did in the dark’ in the background and we both started screaming and we shouted “fALL OUT BOY!!” really loud and my dad was like “okay you two certainly can’t watch movies if you scream random Simpsons references!”

anonymous asked:

Hows your day been? what did you do today?

It’s been good! Just living the suburban mom cliché! 

  • You know, my day started a bit earlier than I wanted, but I really needed to get up to have just the right lighting to take pics of the items I hand crafted for my etsy shop.
  • Once that was done, I headed to the farmers market and got some fresh locally grown food.
  • I then headed to Joann’s for some canvas fabric, but they weren’t yet open so I killed some time at Target.
  • After shopping was done, I came home to my dearest husband cleaning/relighting the garage and our son riding his bike with the kids in the neighborhood.
  • I took care of the food- prepping and freezing as necessary for the next week.
  • I made a lemonade/strawberry drink for all of us.
  • It was not yet 11:00
  • I sewed for a bit. I made my listings on etsy.
  • I take my son to the library to get a book he wants to read.
  • We come home and we read together on my bed. He reads the book he got, I read smutty fanfic.
  • Husband heads out to Home Depot for garage type reasons. Ends up at Costco. He calls, ‘Do we need anything?’ ‘Yeah. Can you get that salad I like? And those good cheeses? And might as well get some milk too.’
  • I sew some more. I rewatch Xfiles. I try not to think about how they were 10 years older than me when I first watched it; now I’m 10 years older than them.
  • I try not to think about it.
  • Never Again comes on. I remember how I struggled to understand Scully’s motives when I was 16. Realize now I am struggling not to run out and get myself another tattoo.
  • I go on tumblr and reblog that ‘ask me’ post because I’ve realized I’m a cliché. I’m living the prolog life before my ‘face something that will tear my world apart’ main storyline starts.
  • Tries not to worry

anonymous asked:

trump is going to be our savior. he's going to win and put america back to where it needs to be, which is white america. being a white person, you should be thankful that he's going to help us.

no no no
no no no no no n o nO NONONO NOOOooooo no nO Noooooo noNoNOnO

first of all, white america?????? AMERICA WAS BROWN BEFORE IT WAS WHITE. WHITE PEOPLE CAME AND WHITE WASHED THE NATIVES. aLSO fam, i am not white. white passing, yeah, white? no. aND even if i was white i wOULDN’T WANT THAT PIECE OF SHIT BEING PRESIDENT UM??? NO??? WHY??? he’s a disgusting piece of shit and if he wins he’s going to RUIN america even more so than it already is. sO NO.