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2017.08.16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHUKASHUU!! (இ⌓இ )ゞ

Every time I watch you dance, your energy and enthusiasm are so overwhelmingly refreshing, it was like you were born to perform. You’ve taught me, many, many times over, that simply watching someone enjoy doing what they love most is magical. Good luck at Kobe this weekend! We’ll be cheering for you. Thank you for inspiring me ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


Rin Nitaya || Winter Universiad2017, Short Program: Red Violin

She teaches the littlest poet many things, speaking freely with him in a language so old that some of the newer ghosts don’t understand it. He answers back and she corrects his accent, and calms him like a mother would (like his mother would. Like hers didn’t, not always) when the heights of Ravenclaw Tower turned the boy’s guts to liquid. She fixes the flowers in his hair, and notes his cheeky smile when, one afternoon, he wears haphazard carnations, wilted and skewed as if plucked by hamlike hands more familiar with fistfights than flowers. 

“Have you picked for yourself a scullery boy,” she chides softly, “and does he understand a word that comes out of your smart little mouth?” Jehan pinks. 

(Someone sneezes, and misses the passcode-beat. All afternoon Grantaire complains because Bahorel’s side of the room smells like vinegar.) (Hogwarts AU)

The Grey Lady’s favourite. (same)

i finally transfered over a grass type from pokemon bank so I could get past the ground type kid and

1. I genuinely could not care less about any of the aether family and I say that with the understanding that Gladion is usually My Favorite Type

2. Now I’m rolling around in chat going “oh noooo what if Yuri Katsuki kept on accidentally acquiring legendary pokemon who loved him as a son and hated Victor as an interloper oh noooooo” and so far we’ve got Artituno attempting to sit on Yuri like a chick, preen his hair, and simultaneously Ice Beam the fuck out of Victor at the same time

the story of me and laura's date yesterday evening

so we got sushi at this place we’ve gone to a couple times, did our usual thing with sushi - we each get half of each other’s roll. we got TWO rolls each yesterday because we were hungry and willing to splurge a lil. we hadn’t seen each other in a while bc School And Also Work, so yay :)

after that we went and got frozen yogurt!! i got a chocolate concoction while laura got fruits - yes, she got lemon sorbet. fun fact: i am a way slower eater than laura! also, laura gives her phone number so i can get my yogurt for basically free (we are in the habit of paying for each others ice cream), but the cashier is having some trouble so laura has to repeat it like seven times. i joke about the cashier stealing my GIRL. but i do get ice cream for 50 cents so hey. also her car almost doesn’t start after we leave, which was a Fear Moment.

because it was a lovely sunny may evening, we decided to see if we could go over to boulevard park, which is this really nice park along the beach. for the past MONTH we’ve been trying to take a Romantic Walk there but… everyone in town goes there when it’s nice out so there’s never any parking!

this is what boulevard park looks like btw:

but there was parking yesterday, so we were able to hold hands, stare at dogs - date stuff.

we went over to a section of the beach, which is fairly rocky and covered in clam shell pieces. it’s a very pacific northwestern beach. laura wanted to see if she could skip a rock. i knew my abilities and just threw rocks into the water, which is also fun.

she goes over to this tree and decides to try and climb it in order to “impress me.” so she koalas up on a low bough.

keep in mind that on our like… fifth date she basically destroyed a toilet while i was in the other room. the depths of humility between us run deep. there’s little to no dignity here despite what we try to pretend.

but anyway. she realizes that she has gotten her foot stuck. and rather than ask for my help in easing the rest of her down to the ground, she just LETS GO and THWOMPS down. i’m like DDDD:>!!!! LAURA!!

her leg is still sticking up at a 45º angle because her foot is still stuck. she’s joke-whining about a concussion while i go oh noooo babyyyyy…!

we manage to finagle her foot out of the tree. she’s doing okay, and is bemoaning how she was trying to impress me, but now has come out looking the fool… well, i say, now you get me hovering concernedly over you for the rest of the evening, so hopefully that works.

we make our way to the coffee place and she takes an excedrin. and then we wander around the beach and docks for the rest of the evening, holding hands and just chatting and stuff. you know! except every so often i worriedly inquired about the state of her head because :((( baby :(((((!!! (this is documented in this short film i constructed later in the evening.)

at one point she decides she wants to scratch our initials into a tree with a bunch of other people’s, but she doesn’t have anything sharp enough to do it with. she does find a rock with which to scratch out a sharpied swastika, so we left something good there anyway.

we go down to a little beach where she took these gorgeous photos of me and us, and leave after laura realizes there’s another couple there Having A Moment.

and then we go down to a dock after i tell her that if she pushes me in that would most likely make me break up with her, and she agrees, except she wouldn’t go all the way to breaking up. we both worry about people’s phones and belongings when they get pushed into water. i tell her she could only push me if i was in a swimsuit, and i wouldn’t really like it even then.

this discussion lasts the entire trip down to that dock, and then we smooch on it in the light of the sunset and do not push each other in. i tell her that if i had oars and a rowboat i would row us out and we would kiss on the boat. she is very impressed. i admit i definitely do not still have the arm muscles i had in high school when i rowed for form in girl scouts. she commiserates.

and then we went and hung out at my dorm and my roommate peppered laura with questions about psychology while i read analyzations of mcr songs. then she went home and got there safe! the end.

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list ur fav Sharon looks READY GO

OH NOOOO here we fuckin go this is gonna be bad

in no order

-green wig look
-devil look from frenemy challenge
-inaugural ball
-bitch ball dog look
-the monster one from glamazon
-crowning ouija board look
-sharon as nancy from the craft
-short curly hair when she talks about glampires u know the one???
-the old one where she’s basically topless in underwear with that fluffy white wig on and black lips
-s5 reunion look (peewee herman)
-that time in tel aviv where she wore glasses
-vampire in high fashion lewks
-besties for cash
-that blue gown with the opening at the front
-sharon in rocky horror
-that entirely blue look from bots
-a dress that appeared in the bots wheel of mariah video, white and amazing
-that huge dress in the jingle bells video
-every. hollywoodnt. look.
-that neon dress
-her black bodysuit that she performs in with the white kim wig
-that time she performed toxic in a white bodysuit with white hair and angel wings
-professor needles (need i say more)
-vintage halloween sharon with brown bangs, red lingerie and a white onesie type thing??
-2017 dragcon
-2016 dragcon (the red lips and that hair???!!!! pleASe)
-katyas birthday funeral
-that yellow wig and amanda lepore skirt
-that look with the nude colluded lace dress and black hair?? a princess tbh
-porn idol
-half naked, butt out manson look (sue me)
-latex skeleton dress with those shoes that do up all the way up her legs yes yes yes
-vintage sharon as dorothy
-the nurse outfit from when she did the human centipede lipsync to 1,2,3 (plz watch if u haven’t)
-tv will never love u look
-sharon as jessica rabbit
-sharon as lily munster
-the red dress and crowning wig from brazil


omg have y’all watched the bruins’ casino night video bcos doesn’t it sound like like marchy and bergy are straight out of ocean’s 11 or something, like two guys walk into a casino all “aw gawrsh it’s our first time playing craps! gosh, what do you do?? we’re so clueless about this.” and then by the end of the night, they’d have taken everyone’s money.

“my name is tommy, this is ricky. we’ve never been to vegas before!!”

and then basically going “oh noooo snake eyes :(((( guess you have to give us your chips :((((((((” and stuff all night

“well it has been a pleasure, friends, but timmy and i have to go”

“i thought you said his name was tommy”

“anyway goodbye!!!!”

then they ride off into the sunset in clouds of money. ON TO THE NEXT CON.

Ugh Evan and gabby have people over I’m so happy they’re just upstairs because I don’t wanna have to shut my door to avoid contact with other humans

Good thing came of this tho Evan and gabby cleaned the whole house so everything is vacuumed so that’s cool I should probs vacuum the room but gosh do I not wanna do that

funny how reylos think that trailer ending was to tease reylo endgame when it was clearly to tease Rey’s temptation towards the dark side. It’s embarrassingly clear

even what she’s saying is practically spelling it out

“I need someone to show me my place in all this”

The trailer hints Luke is wary of her and reluctant to teach her, so the trailer is going

Oh noooo will she turn to the dark side to get her training??? 😱😱😱😱😮

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What offensive thing do the Mukami's yell to find each other in a crowd?

Ruki- *lost Yuma in a crowd* Oh god… theres no sign of Yuma anywhere…. SUGAR-CHAN IS THE STUPIDEST, MOST DISGUSTING THING EVER.


Ruki- There he is.


Kou- *Lost Azusa in a crowd* Oh noooo! Ruki’s going to be pissed… JUSTIN IS A PRICK!

Azusa- taAKE ThaT BaKC

Kou- There he is…




Yuma-…. What have I done-


Azusa- *Lost Ruki in a crowd* This calls for… drastic measures…. THE TALE OF TWO CITIES… IS THE WORST BOOK I’VE EVER.. READ.

Ruki- *pushing through the crowd* wHO THE HELL HAD THE AUDACITY-

Azusa- O_O Oh no…