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Oh Captain! // Steve Rogers x Reader (P1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader, Nat x Bucky (WinterWidow)
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Language, Fluff, Smut, ‘Captain’ kink. This is a bit of a slow burn. I’m not sorry. 

Summary: How is Steve supposed to resist you when you call him Captain like that? How is anyone supposed to resist those god-forsakenly beautiful thighs? Naturally you both have to fuck it out; your only choice really. WinterWidow makes a brief appearance. Bonus: Tony Stark’s seal of approval.

A/N: Idk why my fics keep starting in the gym, maybe it’s a sneaky way of telling myself I need to work out more. Lmao, ignore me. I’m so sorry. This was supposed to me a short 500 or so word one shot but I’m a goddamn wordy ass ho with no self-control and a shitty understanding of the word ‘short’. Happy New Year everyone 

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anonymous asked:

Describe your ideal partner in glorious detail

Oh man ok let’s see… 

I want someone who will accept me for who I am, of course, and stick with me while I’m still exploring parts of me I don’t understand.

Someone who will actively help me discover those unknown parts of me.

Someone I feel comfortable enough around to ask silly questions and do silly things without worrying about sounding or looking dumb.

Someone who will listen to me rant about things I love, even if they really don’t care about it that much.

Someone who will assure me my unshaven legs are cute in the winter even when I complain about it. 

Someone who I feel comfortable being naked around.

Someone I don’t mind touching, and whom I don’t mind touching me. 

Someone who will sing loud duets with me even though I sing off-key.

Someone who understands my anxiety and doesn’t push me too hard when I’m experiencing it. 

Someone who will bring me on adventures, but also doesn’t mind just lounging around on the days when I don’t want to leave the house.

Someone whose arms I feel safe in.

Someone who feels safe in my arms.

Someone I can love and grow with for a long, long time. 

A wild Richard Harmon appears! He uses Good Looks and SpongeBob Nails!

It is very effective!

imthatginganinja  asked:

Ooh! What IF Takeda is the boss of the Karasuno Towers & he feels like maybe he should tell his boys to lay off the windows for a while before it gets them in trouble...& he would. Really, he would...if only he werent guilty of jammin up the break room's air con once a week just to watch the building's maintenance man Ukai get ridiculously sweaty in his stupid tank top while repairing it...Ukai jokin a little "too" knowingly that he should "punish" whoever it is that keeps breakin the damn thing



Takeda purposefully breaking the air con so he can oogle repairman Ukai oh man that’s glorious. I honestly have nothing valuable to add. It’s brilliant! Also I feel like repairman and other third party “coming into the office” type jobs are a whole new avenue of fun for this AU [waggles eyebrows]

primordialrick  asked:

There is a gentleness to this vision. A ghostly apparition of C138 sat on a barren ground, soil consuming his form as he perished. Grass grew from the grave, and eventually formed a tree. Another ghostly vision of C138 happened upon the tree, and took from it a fruit. // REBIRTH. //

His breath hitched, lungs seizing. At first, he thought it’d been a hallucination, too much DMT, but it was too deliberate, too specific. No drug ever spoke to him, and made much sense, either.

His heart pounded a few beats faster, then anger overcame, a dangerous mix with adrenaline. Something was infiltrating his mind, giving him those images, tugging dangerously at the part of him he locked away after Beth had died. It was uninvited, unwelcome, unfair.

Go fuck yourself,” he growled in response. “I don’t follow that hippie garbage. Beth is dead, let her stay dead.”


so I will live my life
knowing I’ve got just one chance to make it right
hope will be on my side this time

I will live what I am dreaming of.

—what i’m dreaming of, trading yesterday

Here is my contribution to the Happy Tony Stark project! My assignment was the loveable, floppy-haired EMH!Tony. And of course I slipped in a bit of superhusbands in there, because that’s how I roll. We love you Tony! :)

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Imagine a college au where everyone's in dorms. At like all in the rooms next to each other. So naturally Grif and Simmons would be in the room next to Tucker and Washington who are across from Donut and Doc. It would be glorious.

oh man i would read something like this from doc and donut’s pov

they’d be really great friends and bake healthy things together and talk about feelings, and they’d talk about their noisy neighbors from across the hall

those guys with the red nametags on the door who are always arguing because apparently one of them is always smoking and drinking inside the room, but it’s obvious they’re really close anyway. sometimes donut sees them sneak kisses to each other when they leave the dorm (that was when they realized that’s kaikaina’s brother that they’ve heard so much about, and that ends in an all night skype call with her, gossiping about grif and simmons)

then theres the blue guys, and doc doesn’t understand how they havent strangled each other in their sleep yet, there’s /always/ shouting. like, yeah okay grif and simmons argue about literally everything, but it’s not nearly on the same level of these shouting matches.  ”tucker why are you naked?!” “tucker why are your things on my side of the room?!” “tucker that’s disgusting the five second rule doesn’t exist!!”.  by 2 months into the semester, doc and donut know more about tucker’s lifestyle habits than they cared to know about.

there’s nights when they can hear the blue guys in bed together though, and that probably explains how they get along so well despite their fights, and it also explains why sometimes they can hear grif pounding on the walls screaming at them to keep it down.

that usually just ends in tucker pounding on the wall back telling them to fuck off, and getting a bit louder despite wash’s protests. doc just hopes they’re using protection.