oh glen coco

wanna chat? pt.18

on ao3
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hey so its been a while

im in a really crappy mental place and like my entire life is drowned in discourse right now (specifically today) and its making me an anxious mess. so today i slept, avoided the discord app as much as possible, only spent like 20 minutes total on tumblr, and worked on this. its bad but i need proof that today was worth it so *jazz hands*

pluto is better than u = alya, space bro = nino, trappist = adrien, galaxy print = mari


pluto is better than u: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ikWb_Xjako
pour one out for vine


space bro: alya
i love you
but why do you never sleep
my dude

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...and this is The Read (Pt. 1)
  • The Scandalous Episode
  • Kid Fury: Hey, y’all! Hi, how are you doing? My name’s Serena Williams.
  • Crissle: …I’m Crissle.
  • Love & Kroger Michelle
  • Kid Fury: Hello, world. My name’s Kelly Price.
  • Crissle: And my name is Fantasia Barrino.
  • New York Appreciation
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I’m the next Monifah.
  • Crissle: I’m Carrie Underwood.
  • There’s Something About Fury
  • Kid Fury: I…am Sherri Shepherd.
  • Crissle: And I’m Queen Latifah.
  • The Petty Betty Show
  • Kid Fury: My name is Mia X.
  • Crissle: I’m Jennifer Hudson.
  • Pray for the Dancing Lobsters
  • Kid Fury: Hey, girl. We’re back. My name is Penelope Disick.
  • Crissle: ~I’m Rashida, I rap like Shawty Lo~
  • Kid Fury: I fucking hate you.
  • Say No to Fuckboys
  • Kid Fury: My name is Antonio Banderas.
  • Crissle: My name’s Chrissy Tiegen.
  • Law & Order: FU
  • Kid Fury: I’m Pastor Troy.
  • Crissle: I’m Bobbi Kristina.
  • Paula’s Best Dish
  • Kid Fury: I am Delta Werk.
  • Crissle: I am Kaidence Donda West.
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Kid Fury: I’m Dorothy Zbornak.
  • Crissle: I am Malia Obama.
  • The Black Entertainment Episode
  • Kid Fury: I am Nikki Gilbert
  • Crissle: Who the fuck is Nikki Gilbert?
  • Kid Fury: *laughs* Bitch, who are you?!
  • Crissle: I’m Tracee Ross!
  • Stay Off the Bus
  • Kid Fury: I am Framel…from Catfish.
  • Crissle: *dying whale noise* Why do that to me?
  • Kid Fury: My name is Framel.
  • Crissle: I’m sorry, he just clocked me completely the fuck out of the game. I’m Taylor Swift.
  • Well Deserved Laughs
  • Kid Fury: I’m Kid Fury.
  • Crissle: Oh, I’m Glen Coco.
  • Luna vs. Serena
  • Kid Fury: I go by the name of Daria Morgendorffer.
  • Crissle: I’m Harriet Tubman.
  • Sweet and Meat
  • Kid Fury: /seriously/ I’m Kid Fury.
  • Crissle: I’m Jada Pinkett-Smith.
  • Kid Fury: /seriously/…and this is The Read.
  • Crissle: It i-- *laughs* What is wrong with you, Kid Fury?
  • Kid Fury: /seriously/ I don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • The Mrs. Carter Show
  • Kid Fury: I go by the name of Cousin Angie.
  • Crissle: Oh. I’m Deion Sanders.
  • Friendly Reminders
  • Kid Fury: Hello, Everyone. I am Terio.
  • Crissle: I am Karl Kani.
  • Kid Fury: And-- *laughing* Bitch, what…
  • Big Gay Ice Cream
  • Kid Fury: So I’m Regina George.
  • Crissle: And I’m Seeda.
  • The VMA Review
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I’m Gaysha.
  • Crissle: I’m Neil Armstrong.
  • Gucci This, Gucci That
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I’m Trina.
  • Crissle: I’m Jennifer Tilly.
  • The Mailbag
  • Kid Fury: Um…I’m Saleisha Howard.
  • Crissle: ~I’m Penny Proud, and I’m cute and I’m loud, and I got it goin’ on~
  • Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Sexuality
  • Kid Fury: I…am…Keylolo.
  • Crissle: I’m Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • My Auntie Jenifer
  • Kid Fury: Hello, everyone. I am Maleficent.
  • Crissle: I’m Solange.
  • Sideshow Bras
  • Kid Fury: So hey, everyone. I’m Mustang Sally.
  • Crissle: I’m Chanté Moore.
  • Everyday People
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I’m the Nicki Minaj Collection.
  • Crissle: I’m Brittany Brees.
  • America’s Grape Juice
  • Kid Fury: Hello, everyone. I’m the Geico camel.
  • Crissle: And I am Kathie Lee Gifford.
  • Raggedy Pebbles
  • Kid Fury: I am Winifred Sanderson.
  • Crissle: I am Niatia Jessica Kirkland.
  • Blackface
  • Kid Fury: I am Amina Buddafly.
  • Crissle: And I am Melanie 45221.
  • Sistah Wives
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everybody. I’m Bulbasaur.
  • Crissle: And I am Olivia Pope.
  • Race-Themed
  • Kid Fury: I am Samantha Pucket.
  • Crissle: And I am Jennifer Beals.
  • Turkey Day
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I am the ghost of Brian Griffin.
  • Crissle: And I am all the bitches who wish they could be me.
  • Kid Fury: *laughs*
  • Trina Appreciation Day
  • Crissle: What’s up, motherfucker. I’m Jay-Z. It’s my motherfuckin’ birthday.
  • Crissle: You didn’t have to be so aggressive.
  • #AskYourPublicist
  • Kid Fury: I’m Taterhead.
  • Crissle: And I’m David Benham.
  • Beyoncé Holiday Spectacular
  • Kid Fury: I am edgeless.
  • Crissle: And I am ***Flawless.
  • The Mailbag
  • Kid Fury: I’m Chocledisi
  • Crissle: And I am Chrisette Michele.

Well, it’s good to see the man standing up for his fashion choices - after all, 9 times out of 10 he looks, as the Bard himself would say, ‘hot as fuck’. The remaining tenth is when he attempts casualwear.

However, the fact that this tie is, apparently, not plastic, brings to light a question on the forefront of everyone’s minds: does Thomas William Hiddleston legitimately have a leather fetish? All sources point to a single answer.

Yes, yes he does have a leather kink as wide as the pacific ocean.