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Request: Can you make a ethan x reader where you are a fan of ethan and you live in LA working at a coffee shop. One day ethan comes in and you act like you dont know him but on his cup instead of writing ethan you write blue boi and he notices? you can write what you want after then thanks!

A/N: Im pretty sure I’ve seen a fiction like this before, so full credit to that and I don’t want to be seen as copying, but it made me laugh to think about this now he has brown hair, so I couldn’t resist writing it! 

  • Ethan X Reader
  • Summary: With the high-end coffee shop across town closed for the week, lots of new faces appear in the coffee shop the reader works at. One of which more familiar than the others.
  • Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of food/drink
  • Non Gender Specific pronouns for reader

You’ve been a barista for coming up to eight months now, and you’d never served anyone famous, despite how many celebs live in LA. You gave up hope long ago, knowing they all go to the coffee bar across town that’s twice as expensive. You were happy with your job and you had gotten to know your regular customers and you always felt comfortable at work with how relaxed it was compared to the snobby places people go to when stalking famous people.

You woke up early and fixed up some breakfast, before changing into your black work jeans and shirt, and then getting cosy in your soft blue sweater. You ran a comb through your hair and grabbed your bag as you practically skipped along your driveway. The crispy leaves on the ground made you so happy, you loved fall.

As you got behind the counter you noticed a slightly different crowd, you didn’t recognise all the people who sat down sipping their drinks, and even your co-workers seemed oddly dressed up for a Wednesday morning.

“Am I missing something here? Is like a big management boss coming?” You ask in confusion to a fellow barista.

“It’s just cause the fancy place across town is shut down for renovation so everyone got all excited thinking a movie star might walk in, but all I’ve served is some snobbish rich people who think they’re better than me. I mean, they probably are, but that’s not the point.” They respond and laugh, before welcoming a customer. You look around at all the upper class families and roll your eyes in disgust. You can do this, you can handle shitty people.

A few hours passed and you were practically praying to see one of the sweet old ladies that come in daily after the crowd of snobs you’d been serving. You were wiping down the counter tops as you notice a group come in, and go to take orders from the man who stepped up first. 

“Hi-” You silenced yourself as you met his gaze. You’d forgotten he had brown hair now and so you assumed it was a stranger, but you knew him. It was your idol, your favourite youtuber. You quickly snapped out of it, hating to embarrass yourself. “What can I get you?” You smiled as you listened.

“The name is Ethan by the way.” He smiled as you froze in confusion. The cup! He’s telling you so you can write it on the cup! 

“Yes! Sorry! My brain’s a little slow today, I apologise.” You just want to scream and hug him, but you resist, both for his comfort and so you don’t get fired. You walk over the coffee machine and grab the pen, and scribble onto it, making sure to be clear and readable.

Blue Boi

You then make the coffee, and smile as you place the lid on top and call his name. He walked over without breaking the conversation he was having, briefly thanking you as he took the cup and headed for a table. You grabbed your cloth and started wiping to seem busy, as you watched out the corner of your eye. 

“Did you tell them to write Ethan?” His friend questioned, looking at the cup.

“Yeah, why is this not mine?” He asked as he turned the cup to look for the name. 

“Oh its yours for sure.” They giggle as he soon notices the writing and grins.

You find yourself grinning too, before quickly getting back to cleaning as to not seem creepy or stalker-ish. You could tell he was looking at you, which made you both immensely happy as well as a little nervous. You had to do something.

An idea lit up your mind as you found your boss and convinced them this was important as he was within the public eye and so they wanted him to feel good about the coffee shop for publicity, and you soon headed over to his table, a plate in hand. He noticed you approaching and smiled at you, you felt so giddy you nearly dropped the plate, but played it cool.

“I heard your usual shop gives out free cookies with drinks, but I also heard they cant guarantee it to be nut free, so I thought you might like to try some definitely nut free cake as a “this coffee shop wont try and kill you” gift.” You smile as you place the plate down at the edge of the table. His eyes light up at the sight.

“You didn’t have to do that! But I really appreciate it, thank you so much.” Ethan speaks as you can practically feel your heart flipping with joy.

“You’re so welcome! I appreciate you too, Crank.” You wink as you turn and head back to the till. You’re glad its a full 180 turn so he cant see how red you turn as you curse at yourself for calling him crank? and then winking??? 

You went back to work and caught the occasional smile from Ethan, so he clearly didn’t hate you for being so awkward. 

The week went by and you saw him most days, sometimes just flying by to get drinks for the team, sometimes sitting down with friends, and you’d always try to sneak them free cakes and cookies when you could. 

Then came Monday. You woke up late with a dry throat and a sneeze. Great. You must have caught a cold from the different crowd of people coming into work. You dragged yourself out of bed and stared at the zombie that looked back at you in the mirror. You washed your face and shoved your hair into a messy knot on top of your head as you rushed to chuck on some clothes and leave for work. 

Today the coffee place across town re-opened. You tried to stay positive and be grateful that you wouldn’t have to deal with so many rude snobs, but nothing could cover up how much you were going to miss having Ethan around.

You dived into work, apologising for being late, and your heart was soon warmed by the lovely old lady you’d seen daily for the past 4 months. You enjoyed catching up with your customers, hearing about cats stuck up trees and their relatives getting into college. As you cleaned up a table with ten minutes of your shift to go, your head felt foggy and the cold made you tired. You accidentally launched a napkin off the table, and as you went to retrieve it, someone beat you to it.

“Looking awake as ever! You know coffee is pretty good at waking you up. You should try it sometime.” They spoke, sarcastically.

You wanted to scream and leap into his arms at the sight of your blue boi, but you had to stop yourself from getting too excited. You took the napkin and smiled.

“You know your usual place is back open, right? It was only a week long renovation.” You ask, confused as to why he returned.

“Yeah I know. But its cosy here, and they overcharged at that place anyway. Plus where else can I get free food that wont kill me? As well as said free food being delivered by pretty staff members who call me Crank to piss me off?” He said with a smile. He thinks you’re pretty? 

“Not looking too great today” you say as you twist your mess of a bun between your fingers as a curl comes loose.

“Looking pretty cranky I’d say.” He winked as he lifted the tray and emptied it into the trash for you. You blushed as you walked over to the counter.

“What will it be, blue boi?” You ask he decides on a drink, your co-worker offers to make it, reminding you that you’re off the clock. Ethan picks up on it.

“As you’re done for the day can I get a side of company with my beverage?” He smirks, gesturing at a table for two. 

“Sure. It’s an extra twenty dollars though is that okay?” You smirk back, his face soon sinks thinking you’ve rejected him.

“Kidding. Take a seat, I’ll bring them out.” You giggled as you got to making his drink. By company standards you usually paint a leaf onto the foam with chocolate, but you decided to have some fun and carefully crafted a gizmo into the foam. You removed your apron and pulled on a fluffy sweater, then grabbed two slices of chocolate fudge cake and headed over to the table.

“Care for some fudge cake with your cranky coffee?” You smile as you placed the tray, Ethan’s face lighting up at the sight.

“Oh my god! Its Gizmo! and he’s adORABLE!” He smiled like a kid in a candy shop, before pulling out his phone to take a photo. You giggled as you watched him and sipped your drink, before asking his opinion on the cake as you’d heard its a new recipe (and of course, nut free.) The two of you talked as if you’d been friends for a lifetime, and to top it all off, the cake was delicious. 

Fallout, the most detailed post-apocalyptic universe ever written where everything was wiped away to create an anarchist’s dream. Oh look, the NCR. Oh look, Ceaser’s Legion. Oh look, Gizmo’s Junktown. Oh look, the Brotherhood of Steel. Oh look, the Commonwealth Minutemen.

The literal point of almost all of these factions (and it could be argued the entire series as a whole), are that they’re relfections of failed 20th century American politics that eventually led into the destruction of the Old World.

The NCR is a ‘soft, democratic’ imperialism who, despite their pretensions at holding up the rule of law and democracy, nevertheless invade and absord regions without regard for how the populace feels. The fact that they don’t do it the same way The Legion does, doesn’t make it any less imperialistic. The Legion is straight up just an autocratic, theocratic fascist empire, Hell bent on creating a slave empire.

Gizmo is a literal organised crime boss who will lie, cheat and kill to attain complete control over Junktown. And the Brotherhood of Steel is a technocratic, isolationist, semi-religious organisation who spend their time hoarding old world weaponry and becoming aliens on their own plan, refusing to make life easier for anyone outside of their circle (and even THEN they treat their own with great authoritarianism).  

Even New Vegas gaining independence (which is in a way (though not really) portrayed as the positive outcome as it allows New Vegas’ citizens to decide their own future on their own terms) is more than likely going to result in it becoming a mercantile city state ruled over by a robotic security force. It also enters a period of chaos and rioting as a result. Hardly an ‘anarchist’ ideal.

The point of all of these and most of the series, is that people are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The actual anarchists in Fallout: NV, The Followers of the Apocalypse, are portrayed as a unambigously positive influence who are breaking away repeating the same mistakes of the old world.

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Rick and Morty/Gravity Falls crossover idea: At the end of an R&M episode, Rick gets hit with some kind of ray/ingests something/whatever that makes him unable to curse/drink/whatever/ for 24-48 hours. They end up in Gravity Falls during one of their Adventures. Toward the end Rick realizes he can curse again and he opens his mouth to say something obscene and the GFalls episode ends abruptly. (I desperately need more gravity falls/rick and morty episodes). bonus: grumpy old men trio

Oh man! I’d love to see them play something like that for laughs (gonna casually ignore that Stan basically confirmed in NWHS that “real” cursing exists)

Something goes wrong on a transdimensional voyage. Rick and Morty crashland near the Mystery Shack. Rick goes about pulling out a bunch of probes and detectors as Morty just looks around.

“So uh…R-rick, where are we? I mean is it bad? Where we are? I-I-I don’t think we’ve ever been here, Rick. I mean I haven’t. It looks…normal? I mean mostly. Are there monsters o-or”

And Rick starts tearing through more gizmos “Oh, dang! Dangit no… Morty this is bad. Morty I’ve seen this before Mor*URP*ty. This is bad this is really…hecked up. I really…flimmed the flam on this one, whole ton of Belgian waffles on my plate!”

“I-I-I-I don’t understand, Rick. What happened? Where are we?”

“We’re in a dimension where profanity doesn’t exist, Morty! Or just really on the low-down for the adults to maybe catch. Same goes for–! T-things I can’t even say Mooorty! All those gross adult things that make life fun! They’re gone Morty!” *pulls out flask* “Look! It’s a soda can now! What’m I supposed to do with soda MORTY?!”

“Uhhhh …uh drink it, I-I guess?”

“No Morty you useless piece of– Morty you worthless— If I weren’t your grandpa I’d– With a shotgun just— AAaaghhhhhHHHHHHH I need a DRINK Morty I can’t live like this!”

“…Of soda?”