oh gideon

its still the 31st where i am (ahh its late) but i made a little montage over our favorite precious mystery twins - in honor of their 17th birthday today.

happy birthday dipper and mabel!

The Characters of Hannibal According to my Nan
  • Hannibal: That naughty boy.
  • Alana: The Nice Lady Doctor.
  • Will: That Man.
  • Abigail: The Poor Girl.
  • Gideon: Oh no ... no no no!
  • Freddie: She's very witty.
  • Zeller & Price: *heavy sigh*
  • Beverly: I like her.
  • Nicholas Boyle: Who's that? I fell asleep.
  • Chilton: *tutting* He needs to stop that.

sorry for dropping off the face of the earth y'all, Criminal Minds is addicting and an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish i can’t even

shesthemuscle  asked:

Jax + Music

He lets Gideon choose the music sometimes, when he’s working on the engine. He’s always mildly surprised at her choices. He knows she chooses a lot of it because she knows what he likes and what he listens to when he picks the music. 

Still, there are times when she’ll pick things that are wildly outside his normal selection. He doesn’t protest right away, usually, just lets it wash over him. After a little while, he’ll find himself tapping his foot to the beat, a smile on his face. 

She especially knows what he needs when he’s upset, or annoyed, or just needs to get out of his own head (or away from Gray inside his head) for a bit. Even if he doesn’t say anything, she knows. 

It’s a little weird, how well she knows and understands him, and the rest of the team. But, then again, he’s used to having someone in his head. It’s no weirder than that. 

Well, maybe a little.

But he doesn’t let it get to him as he dances through the engine room, mimicking banging drums and strumming air guitars to the heavy metal that Gideon decided he needed that day. 

For a while, he’s not the mechanic on a futuristic time ship, or a superhero psychically linked to another person, he’s just Jax. He’s just a 21 year old, surrounded by metal and chrome, moving to the beat. 

A whole week of no work

These past few days there wasn’t much project to work on in the office

So to kill off boredom I tried making Reverse Stan Pines using Illustrator

aaaaand he actually looks decent...I mean great. Voila!

then to Evil Reverse Stan

to the point that it kinda escalated to these…..

oh god even the title…..

….my obssesion with this AU is taking over me