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The Characters of Hannibal According to my Nan
  • Hannibal: That naughty boy.
  • Alana: The Nice Lady Doctor.
  • Will: That Man.
  • Abigail: The Poor Girl.
  • Gideon: Oh no ... no no no!
  • Freddie: She's very witty.
  • Zeller & Price: *heavy sigh*
  • Beverly: I like her.
  • Nicholas Boyle: Who's that? I fell asleep.
  • Chilton: *tutting* He needs to stop that.

AHHHHH thank you @primaryconclusion for this lovely ask! sorry it took me so long!! It wasn’t vague at all - trust me! :) 

I thought a lot about how this scene could’ve gone down, and i settled on it taking place during the twins’ party, after Stan gave Soos the Mystery Shack. The perfect time for shocking truths and emotional apologies! TBH I really wanted a scene where Mabel and Gideon resolved their issues and hinted at a friendship, but alas - the finale could only be so long ;-;

  • Liliana: Two bottles of vodka! Is this gonna be the weekend we finally meet six-drink Gideon?
  • Gideon: Six-drink Gideon? What does that mean?
  • Liliana: It's the pinnacle of the Jura drunkenness scale. One drink, Gideon is a little spacey. Two drinks: loud Gideon. Three drinks: Gideon dance pants. Four-drink Gideon is a bit of a pervert. And five-drink Gideon is weirdly confident. But I've never seen six-drink Gideon. Maybe he's the one I could actually be friends with.
  • (later that night)
  • Gideon: Six drink Gideon is... so alone!(starts crying)
  • Liliana: Oh no! Six-drink Gideon isn't fun, he's just sad! Damn it!

Chapter 2 and 3 doodles for The Lost Sketchbooks of Stanford Pines (an Ib/Gravity Falls crossover).

Collab work with the greatest @impishnature! :D 

icedvulpix  asked:

ok so how the junk would gideon fit into the college au hypothetically bc im not cramming human gideon into it now but imagine if we did

i really want her to be rip’s ta who like, is very concerned about his well being all the time, and since theyre really not that far apart in age (she’s like 3-4 years older) they start falling for each other? but theyre both too english to do anything about it, but one time rip was sick and gideon was like i know ill go check up on him and she shows up and the entire floor FREAKS THE FLIP OUT like in a good way but they are RIOTING and rip is like oh gideon? i’ve died. i’m dead now. hello