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Sweet Revenge

Request by anonymous: Can I have a Fred Weasley imagine where the reader gets pranked by the twins and plans to get them back. She succeeds and Fred falls for her. Love you!
Pairing: Fred Weasley/Reader
Warnings: none
Words: 727

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Another year, another re-watch of The Prisoner

#1: Arrival

For official purposes, everyone has a number. Yours is Number Six.

The Beatles, with Pete Best, screen capped from The Beatles Anthology

“For Freda [Kelly], as for so many others, it was love at first sight.
‘They were messing about on stage and that’s what I liked, the fun side of it. Initially, I liked Paul the most, for his looks, but then George spoke to me and I liked him. He was thoughtful, and while the other two were always larking about, George would just say something dry…’” - The Beatles - All These Years: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn [x]

Scan - John, George and Paul changing in a dressing room prior to going onstage, somewhere in the UK, 1963

“Like John, George detests star treatment. When dressing room visitors are about to leave through politeness as The Beatles undress, it is often Harrison who says something like: ‘Stay where you are - unless you mind seeing four naked men. You don’t mind that, do you?’ The slow smile, the dry wit and the pure down-to-earth behaviour of The Beatles’ lead guitarist conceals an agile, clear-thinking mind.” - From Melody Maker, 7 November 1964


George Harrison’s animated guest appearance on The Simpsons, season 5 episode 1, “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet,” a spoof on The Beatles. It first aired in the U.S. on 30 September 1993, and in the U.K. on 3 October 1993. (Photos: Fox, unspecified)

Homer: “Then came the greatest thrill of my life.”
George Harrison: “Hello Homer, I’m George Harrison.”
Homer: “Oh my god. Oh my god! Where did you get that brownie?”
George: “Over there, there’s a big pile of ’em.”
[Homer makes gleeful noises and eats brownies]
Homer: “Oh man…”
George: “Well, what a nice fellow.”
* * *
[George seeing The Be Sharps performing on the roof]: “It’s been done.”
* * *
“Over the years, guest appearances by musical superstars - from Tony Bennett to Elton John to three of The Beatles - have left the producers star-struck.
‘We met George Harrison. We were recording it from the outside and we went in the room to shake his hand. And he goes, “You just want to get in the room to shake my hand.”'” - USA Today, 10 September 2014
* * *

“When you meet them and you don’t talk about the Beatles, they get really happy. We did talk about the Beatles, but I also mentioned one of [George Harrison’s] solo albums [Wonderwall Music], and his eyes lit up.” - Matt Groening, Paley Festival, 15 March 2007

* * *
According to the episode commentary on the season 5 DVDs, George arrived at the recording studio in L.A. by himself without any entourage or bodyguards, and seemed - according to Matt Groening - “pretty glum” and unenthusiastic regarding questions about The Beatles. But after Groening asked George about Wonderwall Music, he “perked up,” since the album wasn’t particularly one he was often asked about. Groening ranks George’s guest appearance as one of his favorites because George was “super nice” and “very sweet” to the staff.

Some clips of George’s appearance are on YouTube:
Clip 1 (Courtesy of user kcjones1025)
Clip 2 (Courtesy of Victor Hugo Ortiz Hernández)

Watched my Fury Road Blu-ray last night.  The specials were pretty good, I think my favorite one was the one about the cars.  I don’t know I also really loved the one about the Wives.  I loved all of it.  Everyone worked SO damned hard on that film.  I have so much admiration for them all.

Couple things that stood out to me:

Charlize and Tom saying that Max and Furiosa didn’t really want to be stuck together, but they were and so by necessity they work together because that was the only way they were going to make it through.  She said that translated to their interactions on some days, where neither of them wanted to be around the other but they had to be there and do the work.  Everyone had very trying days on set.  It was hard on every single person.

There was no real intimate connection (i.e. romance) between Max and Furiosa because they wanted it to be authentic to that world.  In the reality of it, people wouldn’t have had the chance to find that deep of a connection. 

Tom heaping praise on Charlize. <3

Nick Hoult being enthralled by the cars while still having to maintain and be Nux and do his job as an actor.

GMiller talking about Furiosa, saying he imagined her as this amazingly statuesque woman who, in any other time, would be considered a great beauty, but in this world she’s in there is no allowance for it. 

Charlize talking about coming off of a press junket and being so fed up with hair and makeup, it really brought her to the idea of shaving her head for Furiosa’s role.  (applause)  

Rosie Huntington-W saying how she got very used to wearing the heavy belly prosthetic, even thought it made her incredibly tired.  She would prop her lunch on her belly to eat.

Riley K. talking about how the silence of the desert environment began to weigh heavily on them all.  There were days when they were very emotional because of the nothingness that surrounded them constantly.  She said there were times of tears, along with times of fun.

The costume designer being worried that Immortan Joe would look comical.  She felt he turned out fine, but she was worried in the beginning.

Tom Hardy saying how Max just wants to go home, but he has no home.  He’s a man with immense trauma and horror in his life.

Tom doing the “It was scawy” five-year old voice describing his polecat scene. 

The Imperator hissing at Furiosa in the final chase was to show how angry he was that Furiosa betrayed the other Imperators.  Originally the Imperator was going to headbutt Furiosa, but they switched it around, saying it was so in-character for her to do that move to defend herself.

Charlize saying the last day of filming was extremely emotional.  She hugged more people on the set than she had on any other project she’s been on.  Everyone became very attached to each other because it was such a long project.

GMiller saying Tom Hardy had this great charisma and masculinity that is important for Max, but also the capability for softness, gentleness. (destroy my heart some more please)