oh gawd the puns

Really good smut blogs- for anon.

These are all some of my faves…. I may leave a few off because it’s like 4 am but you know….

@codeychristian and @dominantraeken they’re the same person (Dev) but one account focuses on dd/lg

@yesimaginethefun- my wifey. I love her smut they’re pretty concise and to the point (no pun intended)

@badboytheo- Oh my Gawd…. I love her so much. She’s perf and we’re both trash.

@teenwolves-ahead- I really could go on for hours

@teenwolfarelittleshits- more trash.

@geminioriginalsimagines- I will forever reblog her masterlist. Like utter perfection.

@justabloodyglader- I will binge read all day.

@oh-thecalamity- Just amazing.

@obrienhoe- Like you can tell from the name.

@fuckraeken- the name really showcases all my desires so….

And to cover all the stuff I’ve missed, these blogs reblog some really good stuff.

@reblogsmut- well duh

@lacylowe99- lots of JB